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Current issue : #43 | Release date : 1993-07-01 | Editor : Erik Bloodaxe
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Phrack World NewsDatastream Cowboy
Title : Conference News Part I
Author : various
                              ==Phrack Magazine==

                 Volume Four, Issue Forty-Three, File 7 of 27

                                CONFERENCE NEWS
                                    PART I


            The Missouri Programmers' Convention Transcripts

                      Compiled by Synapse 403

For those of you who were at the con, or moreover were at the con
and can remember it (Sir Lance?), these transcripts are for you.
They are not absolute in their accuracy and are most likely full
of holes, however please keep in mind they are the transcribed
product of a hacker who is suffering from a hangover of heroic
proportions, and is typing to keep his mind off the mutiny
happening in his stomach.

Please note that within the transcripts you will find parts of
the speaker's words paraphrased, this is not intended to
misrepresent them, this is simply an easy way to cut to the chase
and get this job done.  Another note to make is that with in this
transcript, several people have been labeled unknown, this is
either due to I could not see their face while they were speaking
or they wished to remain anonymous.  These folks will be labeled
"unknown" keep in mind that this is for the above reasons and not
any slight, or K-RaD At|T|_|D3.


Introductions on camera were the essential beginning of the
meeting, with Drunkfux wandering counter clockwise through the
room, pointing the camera (that he was clinically joined with),
in your face and asking your name and to say a bit about yourself.

Surprisingly enough there was little adverse reaction to this
aside from a few quiet jokes in relation to people wondering how
much $ Drunkfux would be getting from SRI for the tape <G>

Stuart Hauser from SRI, Stanford Research Inst. was the first
speaker of the day, he was (or is) a older looking man who looked
relaxed and confident.  He was here to tell us about SRI and their
goals (or he was here to milk the crowd for info, depends who you
talk to I suppose).

SRI is an international corporation, employing over 3000
people, that claims no ties to the Feds, NSA , CIA or any other
government arm interested in harming, persecuting or even
prosecuting the hacker community.

Their main concern is major network security, on a corporate
level.  However there was talk of SRI having contract work for
military related arms producers this was not brought up at the

He started by talking about himself and SRI, he mentioned their
policy and their feelings towards dealing with the hacker
community on a productive level.  He went on to confirm, that
someone we all know or know of that works for the same company is an
asshole, and we are not the only community to realize this.  I
will leave his name out for reasons of privacy, however a good
hint for those who were not at scon and are reading this his first
name starts with DON.

After allowing us all to laugh this over he went to tell us of
the finding of his teams research form SRI.  His team consisted of
himself, Doug Web, and Mudhead, they were tasked to compile a
report on the computer underground in some nebulous fashion, he
was of course (at least to me and everyone I was sitting with)
not very clear with this.  To the best of our knowledge the report
was like a damage potential report, ie:  How much can the hackers
really do, and HOW much will the hackers do?

Stu conceded that the networks and companies had more to fear
from corporate espionage at the hands of employees and
mismanagement then they did from hackers.  However he fears a
new breed of hackers he says are becoming a reality on the nets,
the hacker for cash, digital criminals.  He felt that this new
breed of hacker will be counterproductive for the both the PD
world and the underground on the basis that if they destroy it
for the corps, we cannot use it either.

In the way of security Stuart felt the Social engineering was
the biggest weakness of any system, and the most difficult to
defend against.  Also he felt too much info about machines and
security of them was public info, also public info was available
for use in social engineering.  He felt that the only way to
combat this is to make the employees and owners of companies more
aware of these threats.  Beyond the social engineering he feels
that physical measure are too weak at most facilities and do not
protect there hardcopy data well enough he meant this both for
Trashing and actual b&e situations again he felt the situation
was to spread awareness.

While conducting the interviews to for this report Stuart formed
his own opinion of the hacker which he shared with us.  He feels
that hackers for the most part are not malicious at all, and are
actually decent members of cyberspace.  Moreover he feels that
hackers should be put to work as opposed to put to jail.
Something we all feel strongly about.  Stuart finished his speech with
brief allusions to scholarships and upcoming programs, at this point he
left the floor open to questions.  The are as follows:

Emmanuel Goldstien:  "Earlier you (Stuart) mentioned the existence
of 'malicious hackers', where are they?"

Stu:  "Holland, Scandinavia, the UK poses a great threat,
Israel, Australia.  The bloc countries for virii and piracy are very
busy right now, We have to wonder what will happen when they get full
access to our nets.  What happens when the eastern bloc catches

Unknown:  "Who finances this".

Stuart: "Really that's none of your business" (paraphrased <G>)

Unknown:  "Where is the evidence of these so called malicious
hackers, I think the whole malicious hacker idea is spawned by the
media to justify the persecution of hackers".

Stuart:  [Has no chance to reply]

Control-C:  (interjects) "Punk kids are all over the place doing it

KL:  "its common knowledge that it is happening there."

Stu:  (offers example) Was told that at three companies have tried
to hire tiger teams, for corporate breaches however he has no proof
of this.   Yet he feels the sources were reliable.

Unknown:  "I have heard rumors that SRI is writing software to
catch hackers.  is this true?"

Stu:  Says he hasn't heard about this.  However if they are more
interested in what SRI is doing he will be  sticking around until
this afternoon or evening.  And has about 15 copies of the report that
are available to the public.

                      Next speaker

[I was out of the room for this speaker and asked Black Kat to
type this in, so your guess is as good as mine.]

Someone showed a DES encryption laptop, 8 months old, with a built in
chip to encrypt everything in and out (modem, disk, etc).  Didn't have
an overhead projector but was giving personal demos.  Made by BCC
(Beaver Computing Company) out of California.  Doesn't advertise, but
will give sales brochures etc, if you call the 800 number.
Thinks the govt is discouraging wide scale distribution.

                     Count Zero & RDT

Count Zero announced he would be talking on a unique telco
feature they found and about packet radio.  Stickers and
board adds from RDT and cDc were handed out at this time.

White Knight and Count0 started by introducing a bizarre
telco feature they came across, and played a tape recording to
demonstrate some of its features to the crowd.  After some chatter with
the rest of the con, nothing definite was concluded, however, some
good ideas are brought out.  (As well as some insight by folks who have
discovered similar systems.)

Next came some comic relief from Count0 and White Knight in the
way of the termination papers of an employee from a telco, the
employees case report was read to the crowd and essentially painted the
picture of a really disgruntled and ornery operator.  Specifics were read,
and people laughed at the shit this guy had gotten away with, end of

Following this Count0 spoke for Brian Oblivion who could not be
there about an American Database/social program called America 2000.
Brian came across this information by the way of a group in Penn state,
the program is meant to monitor the attitudes of students, and how
they behave with within state standards..

Furthermore the Database is compiled without the knowledge or
permission of parents, beyond this the file can stay with a man
or woman for life, in the hands of the state.

                      Count0 on Packet Radio
                     Self-empowering Technology

Next came the actual Packet radio discussion, Count0 displayed
his hardware and talked at great length on a whole spectrum of issues
related to the radio packet switching, and some points while straying,
even the morality of the FCC.  This went on for quite some time.
Count0 instructed the crowd on the principle behind packet switch
radio as well as explaining which licenses to get and to apply.

                  Drunkfux, Merchandising


Drunkfux started by, Merchandising a shitload of ho-ho con
shirts, 15$ a piece as well as mthreat his tonloc shirts, also selling the
mods for the Mistubishi 800, mthreat also had a chip preprogrammed for
the Mits 800 avail.  Those who could not get the mod were told to get it
from cypher.com in /pub/vind.  He told us of the new Metal Land revival and
said a bit about it.

Next and most interesting was the discussion of the fate of
Louis Cypher, and his companions in the recent bust.  It seems Cypher
and ALLEGED accomplices Doc and JP have been charged with numerous
felonies not which the least of is Treasury Fraud and b&e of a federal
post office.  Drunkfux went into detail on how they had been turned
on, and essentially entraped into the situation.  Also how the media as
per usual had made a witch hunt out of it by connecting Doc to the a
remote relation to the Kennedys etc, etc.

                    Eric Neilson with CPSR

Eric Nielson started by telling the crowd what had drawn him to
the CPSR, by the way of reading a discussion in congress about a
congressman defending the strength of a Starwars network by stating that the
gov had an excellent example for security: the phone networks in the
USA.  Needless to say Eric had little faith in this analogy <G>.

He went on to describe what the CPSR covers and what they have
done recently in the of the clipper debate, Sundevil and other 1st
Amend. issues.  He discussed the internal workings of CPSR and its
funding police as well as telling Conf Members how to go about joining.

                         Erik Bloodaxe

Erik started out with explaining why Phrack 43 is not yet out.
This is due to the fact that Stormking.com will not allow it to be mailed
from it, seeing as the owner does telco consulting and feels it would
be a conflict of interest.  Furthermore he won't give the listserve to
the Phrack Staff, making it somewhat difficult to distribute.  However KL
is acting as a mediator and hopefully this will be settled soon.
Mindvox was considered but rejected as a choice, for fear of people
getting a hold of the list..

On the issue of Phrack and the copyright, Erik had only ONE fed
register out of all those who collect it.  However Phrack has
obtained logs of both CERT forwarding Phrack by mail, as well as Tymnet
obtaining the mag.

Beyond this Agent Steel was discussed in an "I told you so
fashion" it turns out that him being accused of being a narc in the past
were valid, seeing it was proved by way of documentation that Agent
ratted out Kevin Poulsen (Dark Dante) resulting in his current 19

And of Course the new LOD issue was broached, however very
little was discussed on it and it was simply agreed to a large degree that
Cameron (lord Havoc) must have been seriously abused as a child to
display the type of obvious brain damage he is afflicted with now.

                       Emmanuel Goldstein 2600

Emmanuel Goldstein in his purple Bellcore shirt discussed with us
his appearance before a Congressional hearing on a panel with Don
Delaney and how the hostility shown towards him by the house
representatives in session.  Beyond this he went on to describe several
nasty letter letters sent to him by telcos for PUBLIC info he had posted
in the winter issue of 2600.  This is a very brief summary of what he had to
say, mainly due to the fact that I was too busy listening to him to
concentrate my apologies go to those who were interested in
reading the whole thing.

Next up was a lengthy discussion on Novel Software and its
weaknesses, By Erreth Akbe however the speaker he wished me to leave
this out of the transcripts so I will respect his wishes in this.

                ********End Of Transcript***********

I would like to thank the following for making the Con an
experience for me that I will not soon forget:

Arist0tle, Black Kat, Butler, Control-C, Erreth Akbe, Tommydcat,
the Public and theNot.   Thx guys.

Please send all responses to Besaville@acdm.sait.ab.ca


Presenting :::

      SummerCon 1993 in Review !!!

Hacking Tales and Exploits by the SotMESC

Additional Activities by the GCMS MechWarriors


     The weather was right, too right.  Something was foul in the
air.  It was akin to that mythical 'Calm before the Storm' scenario
that is dreaded by so many.  But, Scribbles and I boarded the
Techno-Laden SotMESC compact and took off down the Highway to our
ultimate goal . . . Hacker Heaven in Summertime Fun - SummerCon !!!

     Instantly, weather was seen brewing in the Caribbean.  Hints
of Hurricanes echoed through the towns we drifted through.  To
alleviate any anxieties, massive quantities of Jolt! were obtained
in the infamous town of Hatties-Gulch, a small town taken over by
the virulent filth called College Students.

     The trip continued, over hill and over dale.  Dale was quite
considerate not to press charges.  Colleges were passed in a blink
of the eye.  Nothing was going to stop us.  We were on a mission
from the Church.  But, that's another story.

     After locating that famous arch, a beeline was made at speeds
over 100 MPH through St. Louis until our destination came into
view: The St. Louis Executive International (800-325-4850).  We
came to meet our nemesis and friends at the fest hosted by the
Missouri Programming Institute.  Brakes were quickly applied
as the car appeared to be going off the off-ramp and into the ditch.

     From the lobby it was obvious, there were unusual people here.
These were the kind of people that you fear your daughters would
never meet.  The kind of people that kicked themselves into
caffeine frenzies and would become infatuated with virtual lands.
Yes, these were my kind of people.

     Now, the adventure may start . . .

     Oh, and in response to A-Gal on pg 30 of 2600, Scribbles
says she's the sexiest hacker on the nets.  Hmmmmm, I'm inclined
to agree with that.  I'm sure Control-C will agree too, especially
after he trailed her for half of SCon.

     Now, we all know that Friday is the warm-up day on what we can
expect to see at SCon during the main Saturday drag.  It was no
surprise to find the main junction box rewired, pay-phones providing
free services, rooms rerouted and computers running rampant down the
hallways.  But, the traditional trashing of Control-C's room this
early signaled that more would be needed to top the night.  The
maid was definitely not pleased.

     For a list of those that attended, maybe KL can provide us
with that information.  There were too many faces for my fingers
to lap into.  And, there were quite a few new faces.  I believe
that Weevil was the youngest hacker at 16, and Emmanuel was the
oldest, although he didn't give his age.


                         THE CONFERENCE


     Let's get to the meat of the matter.  The conference had
a nice spacious central area with tables neatly lining alongside
the wall.  Between the tables and the walls were many hacks packed
as tightly as they could get.  Why didn't we think of moving the tables
closer together ???

     KL took control and ran the conference smoothly.  dFx panned
everyone on his digital camcorder.  Several cameras were around
to provide us with gifs later.  And the conference took off . . .

     First up was Stuart from SRI (Stanford Research Institute).
He elaborated on SRI's being involved in research, engineering and
design.  From studies done around the world with hackers and those
associated, malicious hacking can not be stopped.  There is no
evidence, though, that the current hackers are interested in
bringing the networks down at all.  Concern was given to new
hackers that may be emerging with financial gain and maliciousness
occurring.  The top security hole with system was noted as
being the infamous social engineering technique.  SRI did note
that many places did not utilize the security that they even had
in place.  It was also noted that laws against malicious hackers,
and probably any hacker, should be fair and just.  The most
malicious hacks that are turning up have been spotted in the
following named countries: Holland, Scandinavia countries,
very possibly soon in the UK, Australia, Israel, the former USSR,
and Bulgaria ( noted for virii writers ).

     A voice made mention of Operation Rahab, hackers in German Intelligence.

     Next up was Count Zero from cDc/RDT to talk about packet
radio.  His talk included information about the IESS and handed
out a flyer on America 2000 ( school under 1984 regimes ).
Maybe someone will provide us with a copy of this.  A packet
radio modem at 1200 can be obtained easily for $50.  TCP/IP
packets are already being send over the bandwidth along with
other network protocols.  The usefulness of all this is that
the information is broadcast and it is virgin territory.  The
baud limitation is due only based upon the bandwidth you are
operating at and the number of collisions occurring.  On a
band you can see every packet that is being transmitted if
you wish.  All this is located on a 2 meter band.  Currently
the FCC forbids encryptions on the airwaves, although this is
noted as being virtually impossible to enforce.   It also takes
5 months to get an amateur radio license, and your personal info
is recorded in a book easily obtained at libraries.  The problem
with going around the FCC is that there exist vigilante HAMs that
monitor the bands and have nothing better to do than filter
info and whine to the FCC.  Bandwidths are decreasing though.
This is due to an increased interest overall by communications
in these areas.  Unless you do something major the FCC will
not give you much interest.  The book on preparing yourself for
a Tech Class can be obtained from Radio Shack for $9.

     Next up was dFx.  He was promoting the HCon and Tone-Loc
t-shirts that were for sale.  Merchandising was getting pretty
high.  He also gave out a few Mitsubishi 800 disks.  He was
also recognized as the ONLY and LAST member of the Neon Knights,
a club that had a wide range of comedy names generated.  The
word was put out the HCon '93 will be in December 17-19 with
a hint that it could also wind up being in Austin.  Then the
conversation turned to Lord Byron's bust, which we should here
more information on any day this week.  The conversation
reiterated the government narc that was at the AA meeting
that was pressuring Byron.  Byron was also noted as having
rejected a plea bargain the courts offered him.  And lastly,
it is going to happen soon so get them while you can.  The
FTP site at eff.org will be dropping its CuD directory due
to a conflict of interest with EFFs major contributors, mainly
the RBOCs and other interest groups that don't like us.

     Erik Bloodaxe took the table next to talk about what
was happening with his involvement with Phrack and some
interesting info about Agent Steel.  As for Phrack, the
Email list is being with-held by Tuc.  The mailing list
has been refused at Mindvox due to files missing mysteriously
at that site.  And, no organization registered for Phrack #42
since it was copyrighted with a nice and lengthy preamble,
except for one company from Mitre.  Currently Phrack #43 is
in limbo and is estimated at 1 Meg long.  Going onto the
info about Agent Steel, basically he's a narc.  Lord Havok from
Canada is trying to restart the LOD under some unknown
logical rationale that since LOD is defunct, anyone can
reclaim the name.  Lord Havoc, aka Cameron, has been going
around trying to get documentation to put together an LOD
technical journal #5.  Supposedly there is a skin-head group
in Canada that in now tracking Cameron down.

     Someone came up next [Minor Threat] and gave us an update on
Codec.  Two weeks after the last SCon, Codec was pulled over while
on the run from the law for speeding and then arrested for
burglary, resisting arrest, etc . . .  He is estimated to
be out of jail in 1995 and still has time to serve in a few
other states.  Mail can be sent to him at this address:
codec@cypher.com.  Maybe Crunch can give Codec some hints on
how to get by in prison?

       From the CPSR, Eric Nielson took the table.  He elaborated
on the CPSR and ran a Q&A period.  Basically, the CPSR files many
FOIA requests and sues the government.  Their focus is on the
workplace computing.  Elaboration was given on the Clipper Chip
and computer ship security.  The CPSR is staffed with lawyers
and takes their funding from dues and grants.  They are not
sponsored by any corporations.

     From the far side of the table came the infamous Emmanuel
Goldstein from 2600.  He stated how he had testified at congress and
gave them a live demonstration of bandwidth scanning and redboxing.
While he was there, the inquisition started against him on the
issue of 2600.  Emmanuel then tried to explain the culture to
our representative that it is bad to classify all hackers as
criminals.  Goldstein then went on to talk about the DC 2600 bust
and how it has resulted in 2600 meetings springing up all across
the country.  A review of several films on software piracy at
the office, disaster recovery and viruses from Commonwealth
Films was given.  And, to highlight everything, 2600 has purchased
an AT&T van that they plan to take to assorted conventions and
start a fleet of these up.

     Pst, BTW, on pg 43 of 2600 the intersection should be a jump =:)

     Last up was Erreth Akby, a Certified Netware Engineer.  He
explained that the only upgrade in Novell 4.0 is the disk compression.
He also informed us that the supervisor and guest accounts generally
have default passwords.  TO hack into this Net, you should use a PC
with full alt and functions keys.  The supervisor p/w is on the
RConsole in a file called autoexec.mcf on version 3.11.  Netcrack
will not work on a system with Intruder Lock-Out.  Non-dedicated
netware must boot from a floppy.  Best of all, you can dial out
by using cubix-quarts, which are PC with modems on the system.

     Below is a quick reprint of a paper that was recovered
from Control-C's trashed room.

Mrs Jasnagan,

     I would like to set up a meeting
to discuss Kevin's progress in Social
Studies and English.  Please let
me know when it would be

                 Thank you

                      ( Scribble , scribble )

Dear Mr + Mrs Gormby,

     We would be happy
to meet with you at
9:30 on Thursday, April
1st in Room 104


     Now, could this be Kevin Poulson ???  Naaa, no way.
Amazing what technical data trashing will uncover.  I guess
I should throw this away now . . .

     After the convention, there was much rejoicing.  The reasons
would become fairly obvious as a 'swingers party' sign was soon
located outside one of the hotel wings.  Yes, it would be a very
good convention.

     Several people made their way to the vehicles for a long
night of trashing and raiding of the various FedEx, UPS and
other assorted boxes around town.  Other groups made their
way to computers that were trying to connect with anything
they could out in town.  There were also those that reluctantly
went to the mall to take advantage of the local population.

     What did not happen ???  Control-C did not get laid, but
it was rumored that there were a few 12-year olds wandering
around the hotel looking for this legendary hacker.  No deaths
had occured, the fires were kept to a minimum and nothing major
was noted as being broken.

     One thing was for sure, there were a lot of alcoholic
beverages going around, walkie-talkies, scanners, and wild
tales.  Several area buildings were broken into, but nothing
major was done.

     Then the shit hit the fan.  It seems several hackers had riled
the swingers into a frenzy.  I guess the swingers couldn't swing
with it.  What happened ???  Phones went ringing room to room and
radios blared to life that the cops were here !!!  At count, there
were 6 cops, 1 sheriff and 4 hotel employees that started patrolling
the hallways.  Yes, we were under room arrest at our own convention
in our own wing.  Anyone that left there room was told to stay there
or they would be arrested.  The cops were very insistent that no
pictures were to be taken.  The swingers had broken our balls.

     But, this would not stop us.  Soon, there was a phone network
going on with radio interfaces.  The windows opened and a few migrated
to other locations of the hotel.  After a while, the authorities left
feeling satisfied that they had intimidated us.  They didn't.

     After they left, the hallways erupted again.  In the SotMESC
room a gathering turned out to watch several techno-infested
videos.  At the cDc room were others viewing the HoHoCon '92 film
that dFx brought down with him.  At one point, the microwave
around the lobby was detonated and a mysterious stack of Credit
Card carbons was found.  The liberated phones were being
utilized to their full international extent, and several of the
soda machines decided to give out a few free drinks.

     But, we couldn't leave well enough alone.  Sir Lance went
to the lobby and took a picture of the hotel Asst. Manager.
I guess this guy didn't like his photo being taken, since he
turned around and called the cops on Sir Lance.  Down the hallway
the cops came, dragging Sir Lance back with them.  In the end,
the cops explained to the Asst. Manager that it was not a crime
in the US to take pictures of people.

     In another related story, Kaos Wizard wound up calling the
SotMESC room with a wild plea for help.  It seemed he was with
a large group of trashers that included Albatross, Intrepid,
Forced Entry, Zippy, The Public and more.  Kaos was at a Central
Office close to the hotel on Woodson and needed help.  He had
taken off to take a piss and noticed that the trashers were
surrounded by cops when he returned.  There was no way he was going
back with all those cops there ( and, might I mention, there was
also a police dog ).  Mystic Moos gathered up a few people and
went to rescue Kaos Wizard as the rest of the trashers returned
to the hotel.  It seems they had eluded the cops by telling them
that they were waiting for their friend to return from taking
a bathroom break ( Kaos Wizard ).  Unfortunately, he never
returned.  The cops let them go eventually.  Mystic Moos rescued
Kaos Wizard, and the hotel was aglow in activity again.

     Control-C came down the hall at one point to make a startling
discovery.  It seems that at a local club there was a band playing
that featured 'Lex Luthor'.  The elusive X-LOD founder had been
located.  AFter some thought, it was decided he could stay there
and sing the blues while the rest of us partied the night away.

     For those interested, the hotel fax is 314-731-3752.

     One of the police officers detaining us was S.M. Gibbons.

     IBM will send a 36 page fax to the number you give them.
To activate, call 1-800-IBM-4FAX.  As you can imagine, it wasn't
long before the hotels fax ran out of thermal paper.

     Below is a gathering of Flyers . . .

HoHoCon '92 Product Ordering Information

If you are interested in obtaining either HoHoCon shirts or videos,
              please contact us at any of the following:

             359@7354 (WWIV Net)

               1310 Tulane, Box #2
                 Houston, Tx

                713-468-5802 (data)

The shirts are $15 plus $3 shipping ($4 for two shirts).  At this
time, they only come in extra large.  We may add additional sizes if
there is a demand for them.  The front of the shirt has the following
in a white strip across the chest:

                   I LOVE FEDS

( Where LOVE = a red heart, very similar to the I LOVE NY logo )

                 And this on the back:

                   dFx & cDc Present

                    HoHoCon '92

                  December   18-20
                  Allen Park Inn
                  Houston, Texas

There is another version of the shirt available with the following:

                  I LOVE WAREZ

The video includes footage from all three days, is six hours long and
costs $18 plus $3 shipping ($4 if purchasing another item also).
Please note that if you are purchasing multiple items, you only need
to pay one shipping charge of $4, not a charge for each item.  If
you wish to send an order in now, make all checks or money orders
payable to O.I.S., include your phone number and mail it to the street
address listed above.  Allow a few weeks for arrival.

Thanks to everyone who attended and supported HoHoCon '92.  Mail us if
you wish to be an early addition to the HoHoCon '93 (December 17-19)
mailing list.

       Calvary                         Black Crawling Systems
       617-267-2732                    617-482-6356

                     ATDT EAST

         DemOnseed sez: "Call ATDT East or I'll crush your skull"

                                       Home of -= RDT...

Trailings to follow . . .  Slug, slug, slugfest . . .

Join the ranks of the Cons: HoHoCon, MardiCon, SummerCon !!!


            Top 25 Things I Learned at SummerCon '93
                          By Darkangel

     SummerCon is a place where many hackers from all over the
world meet to discuss the current state of hacking today, and to
drink themselves under the table.  Every year, pages and pages of
useful information is passed and traded among the participants.
In this brief summery, I will attempt to point out the things
that I learned and I thought were the most helpful to the whole
hacker community. I hope you enjoy it.

     #1)  DON'T let Control-C within 15 feet of any person that
     does not have a penis.

     #2)  Knight Lightning will have a stroke before the age of

     #3)  French Canadians ALWAYS sound drunk.

     #4)  Loops do not make good pickup lines.

     #5)  The Zenith is outside the window.  Just look up.

     #6)  Smoking certain herbs is still illegal in St. Louis.

     #7)  If you see a taxi and think it might be a cop, it
     probably is.

     #8)  Hotel Security is worse than Mall Security.

     #9)  The payphones in the lobby are not meant to be free.

     #10)  Do not climb through the ceiling to get to the room
     with the PBX in it.

     #11)  Do not glue the locks shut on an entire floor of the
     hotel. (especially when people are in them)

     #12)  This machine is broken.

     #13)  Do not dump bags you got trashing on the floor of
     someone else's room.

     #14)  St. Louis police do not appreciate the finer points of
     Simplex lock hacking.

     #15)  VaxBuster should never be allowed to drink Everclear.

     #16)  Scribbles has a very nice ass.

     #17)  Do not photograph Pakistani hotel security guards.

     #18)  Do not try to bring a six pack through customs.

     #19)  Loki is the Fakemail God.

     #20)  Do not rip the phone boxes out of the walls and cut
     the wires.

     #21)  Barbie Doll pornos can be cool.

     #22)  Frosty can do weird things with techno and movies.

     #23)  Always remove the mirrors from the walls to check for
     hidden cameras.

     #24)  Do not threaten or harass other people staying at the
     same hotel.  This can be bad.

     #25)  I really don't think the hotel will let us come back.

     That wraps it up!  See you at HoHoCon!



                             Hack-Tic Presents

                               H A C K I N G

                          at the   E N D   of the

                              U N I V E R S E

                   1993 SUMMER CONGRESS, THE NETHERLANDS



Remember the Galactic Hacker Party back in 1989? Ever wondered what
happened to the people behind it? We sold out to big business, you
think. Think again, we're back!

That's right. On august 4th, 5th and 6th 1993, we're organizing a
three-day summer congress for hackers, phone phreaks, programmers,
computer haters, data travellers, electro-wizards, networkers, hardware
freaks, techno-anarchists, communications junkies, cyberpunks, system
managers, stupid users, paranoid androids, Unix gurus, whizz kids, warez
dudes, law enforcement officers (appropriate undercover dress required),
guerilla heating engineers and other assorted bald, long-haired and/or
unshaven scum. And all this in the middle of nowhere (well, the middle
of Holland, actually, but that's the same thing) at the Larserbos
campground four meters below sea level.

The three days will be filled with lectures, discussions and workshops
on hacking, phreaking, people's networks, Unix security risks, virtual
reality, semafun, social engineering, magstrips, lockpicking,
viruses, paranoia, legal sanctions against hacking in Holland and
elsewhere and much, much more. English will be the lingua franca for
this event, although one or two workshops may take place in Dutch.
There will be an Internet connection, an intertent ethernet and social
interaction (both electronic and live). Included in the price are four
nights in your own tent. Also included are inspiration, transpiration, a
shortage of showers (but a lake to swim in), good weather (guaranteed by
god), campfires and plenty of wide open space and fresh air. All of this
for only 100 dutch guilders (currently around US$70).

We will also arrange for the availability of food, drink and smokes of
assorted types, but this is not included in the price. Our bar will be
open 24 hours a day, as well as a guarded depository for valuables
(like laptops, cameras etc.). You may even get your stuff back! For
people with no tent or air mattress: you can buy a tent through us for
100 guilders, a mattress costs 10 guilders. You can arrive from 17:00
(that's five p.m. for analogue types) on August 3rd. We don't have to
vacate the premises until 12:00 noon on Saturday, August 7 so you can
even try to sleep through the devastating Party at the End of Time
(PET) on the closing night (live music provided). We will arrange for
shuttle buses to and from train stations in the vicinity.


Payment: in advance please. Un-organized, poor techno-freaks like us
would like to get to the Bahamas at least once. We can only guarantee
you a place if you pay before Friday June 25th, 1993. If you live in
Holland, just transfer fl. 100 to giro 6065765 (Hack-Tic) and mention
'HEU' and your name. If you're in Germany, pay DM 100,- to Hack-Tic,
Konto 2136638, Sparkasse Bielefeld, BLZ 48050161. If you live elsewhere:
call, fax or e-mail us for the best way to get the money to us from your
country. We accept American Express, we do NOT cash ANY foreign cheques.


Very Important: Bring many guitars and laptops.


Yes, you! Busloads of alternative techno-freaks from all over the
planet will descend on this event. You wouldn't want to miss that,
now, would you?

Maybe you are part of that select group that has something special to
offer! Participating in 'Hacking at the End of the Universe' is
exciting, but organizing your very own part of it is even more fun. We
already have a load of interesting workshops and lectures scheduled,
but we're always on the lookout for more. We're also still in the
market for people who want to help us organize during the congress.

In whatever way you wish to participate, call, write, e-mail or fax us
soon, and make sure your money gets here on time. Space is limited.


- 4th, 5th and 6th of August

- Hacking at the End of the Universe
  (a hacker summer congress)

- ANWB groepsterrein Larserbos
  Zeebiesweg 47
  8219 PT  Lelystad
  The Netherlands

- Cost: fl. 100,- (+/- 70 US$) per person
  (including 4 nights in your own tent)


Postbus 22953
1100 DL  Amsterdam
The Netherlands

tel     : +31 20 6001480
fax     : +31 20 6900968
E-mail  : heu@hacktic.nl


If you know a forum or network that you feel this message belongs on,
by all means slip it in. Echo-areas, your favorite bbs, /etc/motd, IRC,
WP.BAT, you name it. Spread the worm, uh, word.


day 0       August 3rd, 1993
16:00       You are welcome to set up your tent
19:00       Improvised Dinner

day 1       August 4th, 1993
11:00-12:00 Opening ceremony
12:00-13:30 Workshops
14:00-15:30 Workshops
15:30-19:00 'Networking for the Masses'     16:00-18:00 Workshops
19:00-21:00 Dinner
21:30-23:00 Workshops

day 2       August 5th, 1993
11:30-13:00 Workshops
14:00-17:00 Phreaking the Phone             14:00-17:00 Workshops
17:30-19:00 Workshops
19:00-21:00 Dinner

day 3       August 6th, 1993
11:30-13:00 Workshops
14:00-18:00 Hacking (and) The Law           14:00-17:00 Workshops
18:00-19:00 Closing ceremony
19:00-21:00 Barbeque
21:00-??:?? Party at the End of Time (Live Music)

day 4       August 7th, 1993
12:00       All good things come to an end


'Networking for the masses',   Wednesday August 4th 1993, 15:30

One of the main discussions at the 1989 Galactic Hacker Party focused on
whether or not the alternative community should use computer networking.
Many people felt a resentment against using a 'tool of oppression' for
their own purposes. Computer technology was, in the eyes of many,
something to be smashed rather than used.

Times have changed. Many who were violently opposed to using computers
in 1989 have since discovered word-processing and desktop publishing.
Even the most radical groups have replaced typewriters with PCs. The
'computer networking revolution' has begun to affect the alternative

Not all is well: many obstacles stand in the way of the 'free flow of
information.' Groups with access to information pay such high prices for
it that they are forced to sell information they'd prefer to pass on for
free. Some low-cost alternative networks have completely lost their
democratic structure. Is this the era of the digital dictator, or are we
moving towards digital democracy?

To discuss these and other issues, we've invited the following people
who are active in the field of computer networking: [Electronic mail
addresses for each of the participants are shown in brackets.]

Ted Lindgreen (ted@nluug.nl) is managing director of nlnet. Nlnet is the
largest commercial TCP/IP and UUCP network provider in the Netherlands.

Peter van der Pouw Kraan (peter@hacktic.nl) was actively involved in the
squat-movement newsletters 'Bluf!' and 'NN' and has outspoken ideas
about technology and its relation to society. Had a PC all the way back
in 1985!

Maja van der Velden (maja@agenda.hacktic.nl) is from the Agenda
Foundation which sets up and supports communication and information

Joost Flint (joost@aps.hacktic.nl) is from the Activist Press Service.
APS has a bbs and works to get alternative-media and pressure groups

Felipe Rodriquez (nonsenso@utopia.hacktic.nl) is from the Hack-Tic
Network which grew out of the Dutch computer underground and currently
connects thousands of people to the global Internet.

Andre Blum (zabkar@roana.hacktic.nl), is an expert in the field of
wireless communications.

Eelco de Graaff (Eelco.de.Graaff@p5.f1.n281.z2.fidonet.org) is the
nethost of net 281 of FidoNet, EchoMail troubleshooter, and one of the
founders of the Dutch Fidonet Foundation.

Michael Polman (michael@antenna.nl) of the Antenna foundation is a
consultant in the field of international networking. He specialises in
non-governmental networks in the South.

Alfred Heitink (alfred@antenna.nl) is a social scientist specializing in
the field of computer-mediated communication as well as system manager at
the Dutch Antenna host.

Rena Tangens (rena@bionic.zer.de), was involved in the creation of the
Bionic Mailbox in Bielefeld (Germany) and the Zerberus mailbox network.
She is an artist and wants to combine art and technology.

The discussion will be led by freelance radiomaker and science
journalist Herbert Blankesteyn. He was involved in the 'Archie'
children's bbs of the Dutch VPRO broadcasting corporation.

'Phreaking the Phone',   Thursday August 5th 1993, 14:00

Your own telephone may have possibilities you never dreamed possible.
Many years ago people discovered that one could fool the telephone
network into thinking you were part of the network and not just a
customer. As a result, one could make strange and sometimes free
phonecalls to anywhere on the planet. A subculture quickly formed.

The phone companies got wise and made a lot of things (nearly)
impossible. What is still possible today? What is still legal today?
What can they do about it? What are they doing about it?

Billsf (bill@tech.hacktic.nl) and M. Tillman, a few of the worlds best
phreaks, will introduce the audience to this new world. Phone phreaks
from many different countries will exchange stories of success and
defeat. Your life may never be the same.

'Hacking (and) The Law',   Friday August 6th, 14:00

You can use your own computer and modem to access some big computer
system at a university without the people owning that computer knowing
about it. For years this activity was more or less legal in Holland: if
you were just looking around on the Internet and didn't break anything
nobody really cared too much...

That is, until shortly before the new computer crime law went into
effect. Suddenly computer hackers were portrayed as evil 'crashers'
intent on destroying systems or, at least, looking into everyone's

The supporters of the new law said that it was about time something was
done about it. Critics of the law say it's like hunting mosquitoes with
a machine-gun. They claim the aforementioned type of hacking is not the
real problem and that the law is excessively harsh.

To discuss these issues we've invited a panel of experts, some of whom
are, or have been, in touch with the law in one way or another.

Harry Onderwater (fridge@cri.hacktic.nl), is technical EDP auditor at the
Dutch National Criminal Intelligence Service (CRI) and is responsible for
combatting computer crime in the Netherlands. He says he's willing to
arrest hackers if that is what it takes to make computer systems secure.

Prof. Dr. I.S. (Bob) Herschberg (herschbe@dutiws.twi.tudelft.nl), gained
a hacker's control over his first system 21 years ago and never ceased
the good work. Now lecturing, teaching and publishing on computer
insecurity and imprivacy at the technical university in Delft. His
thesis: 'penetrating a system is not perpetrating a crime'.

Ronald 'RGB' O. (rgb@utopia.hacktic.nl) has the distinction of being the
only Dutch hacker arrested before and after the new law went into effect.
He is a self-taught UNIX security expert and a writer for Hack-Tic

Ruud Wiggers (ruudw@cs.vu.nl), system manager at the Free University
(VU) in Amsterdam, has for 10 years been trying to plug holes in system
security. He was involved in the RGB arrest.

Andy Mueller-Maguhn (andy@cccbln.ccc.de) is from the Chaos Computer Club
in Germany.

Eric Corley (emmanuel@eff.org) a.k.a. Emmanuel Goldstein is editor
of the hacker publication '2600 magazine'. The first person to realize
the huge implications of the government crackdown on hackers in the US.

Winn Schwartau (wschwartau@mcimail.com) is a commercial computer
security advisor as well as the author of the book 'Terminal
Compromise'. His new book entitled 'Information Warfare' has just been

Ray Kaplan (kaplan@bpa.arizona.edu) is a computer security consultant.
He is constantly trying to bridge the gap between hackers and the
computer industry. He organizes 'meet the enemy' sessions where system
managers can teleconference with hackers.

Wietse Venema (wietse@wzv.win.tue.nl) is a systems expert at the
Technical University in Eindhoven. He is the author of some very well
known utilities to monitor hacking on unix systems. He has a healthy
suspicion of anything technical.

Peter Klerks (klerks@rulfsw.leidenuniv.nl) is a scientist at the centre
for the study of social antagonism at the Leiden University. He has
studied the Dutch police force extensively, and is author of the book
'Counterterrorism in the Netherlands.'

Don Stikvoort (stikvoort@surfnet.nl), one of the computer security
experts for the Dutch Academic Society and chairman of CERT-NL (Computer
Emergency Response Team). He is also actively involved in SURFnet
network management.

Rop Gonggrijp (rop@hacktic.nl) was involved in some of the first
computer break-ins in the Netherlands during the 80's and is now editor
of Hack-Tic Magazine.

The discussion will be led by Francisco van Jole (fvjole@hacktic.nl),
journalist for 'De Volkskrant'.


HEUnet introduction
   an introduction to the Hacking at the End of the Universe network.

Jumpstart to VR, 3D world-building on PC's
   Marc Bennett, editor of Black Ice magazine, will explain how to
   design worlds on your own PC which can be used in Virtual Reality

Replacing MS/DOS, Running UNIX on your own PC
   People who are already running unix on their PCs will tell you what
   unix has to offer and they'll talk about the different flavours in
   cheap or free unix software available.

Unix security
   RGB and fidelio have probably created more jobs in the unix security
   business than the rest of the world put together. They'll talk about
   some of the ins and outs of unix security.

E-mail networking
   Should we destroy X400 or shall we let it destroy itself?

'User Authorization Failure'
   A quick introduction to the VAX/VMS Operating System for those that
   consider a career in VMS security.

'The right to keep a secret'
   Encryption offers you the chance to really keep a secret, and
   governments know it. They want you to use locks that they have the
   key to. The fight is on!

'Virus about to destroy the earth!'. Don't believe the hype!
   What is the real threat of computer viruses? What technical
   possibilities are there? Are we being tricked by a fear-machine that
   runs on the money spent on anti-virus software?

'It came out of the sky'
   'Receiving pager information and what not to do with it'. Information
   to pagers is sent through the air without encryption. Rop Gonggrijp
   and Bill Squire demonstrate a receiver that picks it all up and
   present some spooky scenarios describing what one could do with all
   that information.

Cellular phones and cordless phones
   How do these systems work, what frequencies do they use, and what are
   the differences between different systems world-wide?

Zen and the art of lock-picking.
   In this workshop The Key will let you play with cylinder locks of all
   types and tell you of ingenious ways to open them.

"Doesn't mean they're not after you"
   The secret services and other paranoia.

Audio Adventures
   Steffen Wernery and Tim Pritlove talk about adventure games that you
   play using a Touch Tone telephone.

Botanical Hacking (THC++)
   Using computers, modems and other high tech to grow.

Wireless LAN (Data Radio)
   How high a data rate can you pump through the air, and what is still

Social Engineering
   The Dude, well known from his articles in Hack-Tic, will teach you
   the basics of social engineering, the skill of manipulating people
   within bureaucracies.

'Hacking Plastic'
   Tim and Billsf talk about the security risks in chip-cards, magnetic
   cards, credit cards and the like.

Antenna Host Demo
   The Antenna Foundation is setting up and supporting computer
   networks, mainly in the South. They are operating a host system in
   Nijmegen, The Netherlands, and they will demonstrate it in this
   workshop, and talk about their activities.

APS Demo
   APS (Activist Press Service) is operating a bbs in Amsterdam, The
   Netherlands. You'll see it and will be able to play with it

'Hocking the arts'
   Benten and Marc Marc are computer artists. They present some of their
   work under the motto: Hocking the arts, demystifying without losing
   its magic contents.

Public Unix Demo
   Demonstrating the Hack-Tic xs4all public unix, as well as other
   public unix systems.

Packet Radio Demo
   Showing the possibilities of existing radio amateur packet radio
   equipment to transport packets of data over the airwaves.


This will get a little technical for those who want to know what we're
going to set up. If you don't know much about computers, just bring
whatever you have and we'll see how and if we can hook it up.

We're going to have ethernet connected to Internet (TCP/IP). You can
connect by sitting down at one of our PC's or terminals, by hooking up
your own equipment (we have a depository, so don't worry about theft),
or by using one of our 'printerport <--> ethernet' adapters and
hooking up laptops and notebooks that way. There may be a small fee
involved here, we don't know what they're going to cost us. Contact us
for details, also if you have a few of these adapters lying around.
There might also be serial ports you can connect to using a nullmodem

You can log in to our UNIX system(s) and send and receive mail and
UseNet news that way. Every participant that wants one can get her/his
own IP number to use worldwide. Users of the network are urged to make
whatever files they have on their systems available to others over the
ethernet. Bring anything that has a power cord or batteries and let's
network it!

Hstorm ++31 2230 60551
Ad Timmering <north@hstorm.hacktic.nl>
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