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Current issue : #43 | Release date : 1993-07-01 | Editor : Erik Bloodaxe
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Title : Acronyms Part III
Author : Firm G.R.A.S.P.
                              ==Phrack Magazine==

                 Volume Four, Issue Forty-Three, File 23 of 27

                              {Acronyms Part III}

J            Enter centrex (CTX) or multiline hunt group (MLHG) number
JAD          Joint application design
JAM          Jumper activity management
JCL          Job control language
JDC          Japan digital cellular
JDC          Job duties code
JDI          Job disposition indicator
JDIP         Jmos/dopac interface process (comptroller system)
JE           Job evaluation
JEC          Journal entity code
JES          Job entry subsystem (IBM)
JES          Job entry system
JES 2        Job entry system 2 (IBM)
JES 3        Job entry system 3 (IBM)
JET          BTL TIRKS jumper evaluation technique
JFC          Job function code
JGF          Junctor grouping frame
JIB          Job information block (VMS)
JIM          Job information memorandum
JIS          Jurisdictional interstate services
JK           Jack
JKLAP        Jack/key/and lamp access panel
JL           Jumper length
JMOS         Job management operations system
JMOS/PT      JMOS/pricer-tracker
JMOS/RPTS    JMOS reports
JMOSCA       Jmos contract administration
JMX          Jumbogroup multiplex
JOSS         Job order status system (distribution services system)
JOSSVM       Job order status system/VM
JOVIAL       Jule's own version of the international algebraic language
JP71         Joint practice 71
JP80         Joint practice 80
JPH          Jumper placement history
JSC          Job status code
JSN          Junction switch number
JSW          Junctor switch
JTR          Jitter
JTRS         JMOS trouble reporting system (distribution services system)
JUICE        JMOS user input card entry (distribution services system)
K            DACS-SRDC
K            Equipment frame designation
K            Kilobit
KBPS         Kilobits per second
KCA          Key contributor award
KCO          Keep cost order
KD           Keyboard display
KDROP        Key display receive only printer
KDT          Keyboard display terminal
KERMIT       Kermit
KEY          Stop hunt or random make busy hunting
KFT          Kilofeet
KHZ          Kilo-hertz
KHZ          Kilohertz
KITSKOTS     Kansas inward toll service/Kansas outward toll service
KOHM         Kilohms
KOP          Thousands of operations per second
KP           Key pulse
KPR          Killer pair report
KSDS         Key sequence data set (IBM)
KSM          Create a transaction mask
KSR          Keyboard send-receive
KSU          Key service unit
KTA          Korea telecommunication authority (ROK)
KTS          Key telephone set
KTS          Key telephone system
KW           Keyword
L            Shift preference (if any) for this work to be performed.
L/AOS        Legal/advanced office system
L2DOWN       Level 2 is inoperable.
L2QLTY       Poor level 2 transmission quality.
L3-ERC       Layer 3 error control (IOS)
L3M          Layer 3 mgr. (IOS)
LA           Local area data channel INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
LA           Loop assignment
LAC          LAN application controller
LAC          Loop assignment center
LAD          Label definition
LAD          Loop activity data
LADS         Local area data service
LADT         Local access data transport
LADT         Local area data transport
LAI          Line equipment assignment inquiry
LAIS         Local automatic intercept system
LAJMS        Ledger and journal maintenance system
LAMA         Local automatic message accounting
LAMA-C       Computerized local AMA for No. 5 crossbar
LAN          Local area network
LANMS        Light amplified by stimulated emission of radiation
LAP          Link access protocol
LAPB         (LAP-B) link access procedure of balanced mode
LAPD         (LAP-D) link access procedure of D-channels
LAPD         Link access procedure on the D channel
LAPM         (LAP-M) link access protocol for modems
LAPX         Lapb extended (t.71)
LARG         Lidb access routing guide
LASS         Local alarm scanning system
LASS         Local area signaling service
LAT          Local access termianl (RMS-D1)
LATA         Local access and transport area
LATA         Local access and transport areas
LATA         Local access transport area
LATIS        Loop activity tracking information system
LATIS I/F    Loop activity tracking information system interface
LATIS/INPUT  Locally developed program used to input to the latis system
LB           Voice-non switched line-service code for LATA access
LBBD         Loopback B1
LBI          Load balance index
LBK          Loop test (SARTS command)
LBK          Loopback
LBL          Online tape label printing
LBNCGI       LIDB BNS message with call gapping indicator present
LBNGM        LIDB BNS garbled message
LBNMGM       LIDB BNS return value missing group or misrouted
LBNNAN       LIDB BNS return value no translation for an address of such
LBNNCG       LIDB BNS return value network congestion
LBNNFL       LIDB BNS return value network failure
LBNNPG       LIDB BNS return value nonparticipating group
LBNNSA       LIDB BNS return value no translation for this specific address
LBNREJ       LIDB BNS reject message received
LBNSCG       LIDB BNS return value subsystem congestion
LBNSFL       LIDB BNS return value subsystem failure
LBNTO        LIDB BNS message missed because of timeout
LBNUP        LIDB BNS message with unexpected reply
LBNUUR       LIDB BNS return value unequipped user
LBO          Line buildout
LBP          Load balance parameters
LBR          Large business remote
LBRV         Low bit rate voice
LBS          Land and building system
LBS          Load balance system
LBS          Load balance system (BTL) module of tnds
LBST         Loopback device signature table
LBU          Loopback devices signature table
LBU          Loopback unit
LBn          Loopback channel bn request (command in IOM2 monitor and EOC)
LC           Line card
LC           Line count
LC           Output line count
LC           Pending service order count
LC           Voice-switched line-service code for LATA access
LCAMOS       Loop cable administration and maintenance operations system
LCC          Line class code
LCCIS        Local common channel interoffice signaling
LCCL         Line card cable
LCCLN        Line card cable narrative
LCD          List cable summary
LCDCGI       LIDB CCRD message with call gapping indicator present
LCDGM        LIDB CCRD garbled message
LCDMGM       LIDB CCRD return value missing group or misrouted
LCDN         Last called directory number
LCDNAN       LIDB CCRD return value no translation for an address of such nature
LCDNCG       LIDB CCRD return value network congestion
LCDNFL       LIDB CCRD return value network failure
LCDNPG       LIDB CCRD return value nonparticipating group
LCDNSA       LIDB CCRD return value no translation for this specific address
LCDR         Local call detail recording
LCDREJ       LIDB CCRD reject message received
LCDSCG       LIDB CCRD return value subsystem congestion
LCDSFL       LIDB CCRD return value subsystem failure
LCDTO        LIDB CCRD message missed because of timeout
LCDUP        LIDB CCRD message with unexpected reply
LCDUUR       LIDB CCRD return value unequipped user
LCE          Line concentrating equipment frame
LCEN         Line card equipment number
LCI          LAN CPU interface
LCIE         Lightguide cable interconnection equipment
LCLOC        Line card location
LCM          Line concentrating module
LCMC         Line concentrating controller module
LCN          Logical channel number
LCN          Logical channel numbers
LCOS         Line Class of service (GTE)
LCP          Language conversion program
LCP          List cable pairs
LCR          Least cost routing
LCR          Line concentration ratio
LCRMKR       Line card remarks
LCS.MIT.EDU  Telecomm digest archive site on the Internet
LCS7         Link controller for signaling system No.7
LCSE         Line card service and equipment
LCSEN        Line card service and equipment narrative
LD           Load
LD           Loading division
LD           Long distance
LD           Voice switched trunk-service code for LATA access
LDBM         Listing data base maintenance
LDES         Long distance experimental schedule
LDM          Logical data model
LDMTS        Long distance message telecommunications service
LDN          Listed directory number
LDS          Local digital switch
LDSU2        Local digital service unit - model 2
LDT          Local display terminal
LDU          Long distance usage analysis
LE           Leading edge (bsp)
LE           Line equipment
LE           Local exchange (contains D-CTL)
LE           Voice and tone-radio landline-service code for LATA access
LEAD         Loop engineering assignment data
LEAP         System testing tool to simulate multiple 3270 users
LEAS         Lata equal access system
LEC          Local exchange carrier
LED          Last entry data
LED          Light emitting diode
LED          Light-emitting diode
LEE          Nac related line equipment transfer order establishment
LEFTS        Loop electronic forecasting and tracking system
LEG          Customer training file
LEIM         Loop electronic inventory module
LEIM         Loop electronics inventory module
LEIS         Loop engineering information system (applications)
LEN          Line equipment number
LENCL        Line equipment number class
LENG         Length
LERG         Local exchange routing guide
LET          Line equipment transfers
LETS         Law enforcement teletypewriter service
LEV          Level
LEW          Line equipment transfer withdrawal
LF           Data low-speed-service code for LATA access
LF           Lease file
LF           Line Finder
LF           Line feed
LF           Line finder
LF           Load factor
LF           Low frequance
LFACS        Loop facilities assignment and control system
LFACS        Loop facility assignment and control system
LFC          Load factor calculation
LFR          Line failure report
LFRC         Local field reporting code
LG           Basic data-service code for LATA access
LGC          Line group controller
LGN          List hunt groups
LH           Line hunting (i.252 f)
LH           Voice and data-psn access trunk-service code for LATA access
LI           Length indicator (SS7)
LI           Link interface
LIB          Line interface board
LIDB         Line information data base
LIDB         Line information database
LIE          Left in equipment
LIFECOST     Life cycle cost system
LIFO         Last in
LIJ          Left In Jumper
LIM          Less than the specified number of pairs
LIN          Line
LIN          Transmit alit data to COSMOS
LINCS        Lan integrated network communications system
LINIS        Line and number inventory system
LINK         Loop interface network
LINK1        The basic rate interface transmission extension (BRITE)
              link one is down
LINK2        The BRITE link two is down.
LINK3        The BRITE link three is down.
LINK4        The BRITE link four is down.
LINK5        The BRITE link five is down.
LINK6        The BRITE link six is down.
LIS          Library information system
LIST         Listen
LIT          Line insulation test
LIT          Line insulation testing parameters
LIU          Lats interface unit
LIU          Line interface unit
LIU          Line user interface
LJ           Voice and data ssn access-service code for LATA access
LK           Voice and data-ssn-intermachine trunk-service code for LATA
LKNODE       Link node
LL           Logical link
LL           Long distance terminal line INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
LL           Long lines
LLC          Line load control
LLC          Low level controller    sipx6100
LLD          Low level device drivers (IOS)
LLDB         Location life data base
LLF          Line link frame
LLID         Ll identifier
LLL          Last look logic
LLN          Line link network
LLN          Line link network (ess)
LLP          Link layer protocol (lapd)
LLS          Local Line Switch (GTE)
LME          Line module equipment
LMMS         Local message metering system
LMOS         Loop maintenance operations system
LMOS         Loop maintenance operations systemr
LMOS F/E     Loop maintenance operations system front end
LMOS HOST    Loop maintenance operations system host
LMOS I/F     Loop maintenance operating system interface
LMS          Litigation management system
LMS          Loop maintenance system
LMS/TUM      Local measuring system/temporary usage measurement
LMT          Local maintance operations system
LMTS         Limits
LMU          Line multiplexer unit
LMX          L-multiplex
LN           Data extension
LN           Leased network
LN           Loop normal (on-hook normal)
LNA          Line and number administration
LNA          Low noise amplifier
LNBAS        Call failed due to the query being blocked at the switch
LNBN         Call failed due to the query being blocked in the CCS network
LNG          Longitudinal
LNS          Line number status
LO           Low threshold
LOA          Limit operator attempts
LOAD         Listing of acronym definition
LOC          Local
LOC          Local operating company
LOC          Location of cable on frame
LOCAP        Low capacitance
LOCN         Location
LOE          List originating line equipment
LOE          Location operating entity
LOES         Lajms online entry system
LOF          Lock off-line
LOF          Loss of frame
LOGIC        Logistics integrated control system
LOGU         Logical units assignments
LOMS         Loop assignment center operations management system
LON          Lock on-line
LONALS       Local off-net access lines
LP           Telephoto/facsimile-service code for LATA access
LPA          Link pack area
LPBK         Looped back
LPCDF        Low profile combined distributing frame
LPCDF        Low profile conventional distributing frame
LPIE         Loop plant improvement evaluator
LPIE2        Loop plant improvement evaluator 2
LPK          Line concentrating equipment line packs
LPM          Lines per minute
LPM          Logistic planning module
LPS          Log/print status
LPT          Loop test
LQ           Voice grade customized-service code for LATA access
LR           Loop reverse (off-hook normal)
LR           Protection relay-voice grade-service code for LATA access
LRAP         Long route analysis program
LRC          Longitudal redundancy check
LRC          Longitudinal redundancy check
LRIA1        Long run incremental analysis i
LRISP        Long range information systems planning organization
LRM          Line resource monitor-ims (BMC)
LRN          Local reference number
LROPP        Long-rangeoutside plant planning
LROT OR LRH  Local rotary
LRP          Long rang planning
LRS          Lease record system
LRS          Line repeater station
LRSS         Long range switching studies
LS           Local service INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
LS           Loop start signaling
LS&E         Local service and equipment
LSA          Local security administrator
LSA          Local subaccount
LSB          Lower side band
LSBS         Location specific bypass system
LSD&F        Local switching demand & facility data base system
LSDB         Listing service data base
LSDF         Local switching demand and facility data base system
LSDN         Local switched digital network
LSE          Line and station transfer order establishment
LSEC         Loss of sec (C/I channel code)
LSHF         Message LAN shelf
LSI          Large-scale integrated circuitry
LSL          Loss of signal level (C/I channel code)
LSM          Load synchronization mechanization
LSM          Local switching module
LSN          Logical session number
LSO          Local service office
LSO          Local storage option-ims (IBM)
LSRP         Local switching replacement planning
LSRP         Local switching replacement planning system
LSS          Lata switching systems
LSS          Listing service system
LSS          Listing services system
LSS          Loop switching system
LSSGR        Lata switching systems generic requirements
LSSI         Local special service inventory
LSSR         Local special service results
LSSU         Link state signal unit (SS7)
LSSU         Link status signal unit
LST          Line and station transfer
LSU          Line switch unit
LSU          Local storage unit
LSU          Loss of signal level of u interface (C/I channel code)
LSUE         Lsu error condition (C/I channel code)
LSV          Latch switch verification
LSV          Line status verifier
LSW          Line and station transfer withdrawal
LT           Lata tandem
LT           Line termination
LT           Local terminal
LT           Long distance terminal trunk INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
LT-S         Lt on s bus
LT-T         Lt on t interface
LTAB         Line test access bus
LTB          Last trunk busy
LTC          Line trunk controler
LTC          Local test cabinet
LTD          Local test desk
LTD          Local test desk (#16
LTD          Long term disability
LTD          Lt disable (C/I channel code)
LTERM        Logical terminal-ims (IBM)
LTF          Light terminal frame
LTF          Lightwave terminal frame
LTF          Lightwave terminating frame
LTF          Line trunk frame
LTG          Line translation group
LTG          Line trunk group
LTI          Loop termination identifier
LTMA         Lightwave terminal multiplex assembly
LTMA         Lightwave terminating multiplexing assembly
LTN          List telephone numbers
LTOP         Long term disability plan
LTP          Line and trunk peripherals
LTP          Local test port
LTP          Loop technology planning
LTS          Loss test set
LTU          Line trunk unit
LTUC         Ltu control
LU           Line unit
LU 6.2       Protocol for appc
LU2          Line unit model 2
LUA          Link up america tracking
LUCHBD       Line unit channel board
LUCOMC       Line unit common control
LUHLSC       Line unit high level service circuit
LUIF         Living unit interface file
LUM          Line utilization monitor-ims (BMC)
LUPEX        Line unit path exerciser
LURR         Large user reproduced records system
LV           Sdlv
LVL1ERR      Level 1 protocol error.
LVL2ERR      Level 2 protocol error.
LVL3ERR      Level 3 protocol error.
LVM          Line verification module
LW-SSS       Lightwave system support services by weco
LWC          Leave word calling
LX 2         Local originating
LX 2         Local terminating
LXE          Lightguide express entry
LZ           Dedicated facility-service code for LATA access
M            Latest date that this ticket can be loaded.
M            M(transmit) signal lead
M            Maintance
M            Minutes
M LETTER     Methods letter
M O          Master office
M S          Main station
M S          Mark sense
M&P          Methods and procedures
M-MONEY      Maintenance money
M-STARS      Measurement and statistics tracking and reporting system
M/ATR        Maritime/aviation tracking reports
M/W          Microwave
M5           Five-minute
MA           Cellular access trunk 2-way INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
MA           Maintenance administrator
MA           Multiple access (primary)
MA02         Status requested
MA03         Hourly report of system circuits and units in trouble
MA04         Reports condition of system - 1AESS maintenance
MA05         Maintenance interrupt count for last hour - 1AESS maintenance
MA06         Scanners
MA07         Successful switch of duplicated unit (program store etc.)
              - 1AESS
MA08         Excessive error rate of named unit -1AESS maintenance
MA09         Power should not be removed from named unit - 1AESS maintenance
MA10         Ok to remove paper - 1AESS maintenance
MA11         Power manually removed from unit - 1AESS maintenance
MA12         Power restored to unit - 1AESS maintenance
MA13         Indicates central control active - 1AESS maintenance
MA15         Hourly report of # of times interrupt recovery program acted - ma
MA17         Centrex data link power removed - 1AESS maintenance
MA21         Reports action taken on mac-rex command -1AESS maintenance msg
MA23         4 minute report- emergency action phase triggers are inhibited
MAB          Metallic access bus
MAC          Machine administration center
MAC          Major accounting center
MAC          Mechanized assignment control (BTL)
MAC          Missed appointment code
MAC          Monitor analysis & control of fa standard values
MACBS        Multi-access cable billing system
MACS         Major apparatus and cable system
MACS         Mechanized analysis of customer systems
MACS(DS)     Major apparatus control system (dist. svcs)
MADN         Multiple access directory numbers
MADPE        Address parity error
MAEC         Media access error counter
MAI          Multiple access interface (univac)
MAILLOG      Manager electronic mail logging system
MAINT        Maintenance
MAINT        Maintenance handler
MAL          Maintance action limits
MAL          Manual assignment list
MALRU        Mechanized automatic line record update
MALT         Maintence transmission action limit table
MAMA         Mechanized automatic message accounting
MAMA         Mobile automatic message accounting
MAN          Manual
MAN          Metropolitan area network
MAN          Miscellaneous account number
MAP          Maintance and administration position
MAP          Maintenance and administration position
MAP          Maintenance and administrative position (NTI)
MAP          Management assessment program
MAP          Manual assignment parameters
MAP          Manufacturing automation protocol
MAP          Mobile application part
MAPCI        Map command interpreter (NTI)
MAPPER       Maintain and prepare executive reports
MAPS         Mechanized accounts payable system
MAPS         Modeling and planning system (BTL)
MAPSS        Maintenance & analysis plan for special services
MAPSS        Maintenance and analysis plan for special services
MAQ          Manual assignment file inquiry
MAR          Market analysis report (BTL)
MAR          Microprogram address register
MAR          Multi-alternate route
MARC         Market analysis of revenue and customers system
MARC         Market analysis of revenues and customers
MARC/CAPS    Market analysis of personnel and customer analysis profile
MARCH        A computer system
MARG         Margin Parameter
MARK         Mechnized Assiment Record Keeping System (GTE COSMOS)
MARK IV      General purpose information storage and retrieval system
MARS         Mechanized automative repair system
MARS         Multiple access repair system
MAS          Interfacesmessage analysis sampling plan
MAS          Main store
MAS          Mass announcement system (900 service)
MAS          Memory administration system
MASB         Mas bus
MASC         Mas controller
MASM         Mas memory
MAST         Mail analysis and sales tracking
MAT          Manual assistance tag
MAT          Metropolitan area trunk
MATFAP       Metropolitan area transmission facility analysis program
MATR         Maritime/aviation tracking system
MATR         Modified answering time recorder
MATS         Marketing access tracking system
MATS         Mechanized analysis of traffic studies system
MAVIS        McDonnel Douglas automatic voice information system (model 1018t)
MAX          Maximum
MAX          Maximum messages
MAX          Maximum percentage value of entity fill or maximum ccs value
MAXS         Metallic automatic cross-connected system
MAY          Modify an assembly
MB           Make busy
MB           Make-busy or made-busy
MB/S         Megabits per second.
MBO          Management by objectives
MBP          Metallic bypass pair
MBPS         Megabits per second
MBX          Measured branch exchange
MBYTE        Megabyte
MC           Machine congestion
MC           Maintance connector
MC           Maintenance center
MC           Maintenance circuit
MC           Marker class of service
MC           Memory controller
MCA          Misrouted centralized automatic message accounting (MDII)
MCAS         Material cable administrative system
MCB          Message control bank (sperry)
MCC          Maintance control center
MCC          Maintenance control center
MCC          Manual camera control
MCC          Master control center
MCC          Minicuster controller
MCCI         Mechanized customer contact index
MCCRAP       Master control center trouble report analysis plan
MCCS         Mechanized calling card service
MCE          Establish a maintenance change ticket
MCH          Maintenance channel
MCH          Manually change hunt
MCHB         Maintenance channel buffer
MCI          Malicious call identification (i.251 g)
MCI          Microwave communications incorporated
MCIAS        Multi-channel intelligent announcement system
MCIAS        Multi-channel intercept announcement system
MCINT        Mate control interrupt
MCL          Maintenance change list
MCN          Machine congestion level # where MCI=machine congestion level
MCN          Master control number
MCN          Metropolitan campus network
MCOS         Multiplexer out of synchronization
MCP          Mechanized credit provisioning system
MCR          Establish a maintenance change repair
MCR          Mass call register
MCS          Master cpu subsystem
MCS          Meeting communications service
MCS          Multiple console support
MCTAP        Mechanized cable transfer administration plan
MCTRAP       Mechanized customer trouble report analysis plan
MCTSI        Module controller/time slot interchange
MCTSI        Module controller/time-slot interchange unit
MCW          Maintenance change ticket withdrawal
MD           SS7fe message distributor
MD/RS        Mechanized denial/restoral system
MDACS        Modular digital access control system
MDC          Manually disconnect a working circuit
MDC          Marker distributor control
MDC          Materials distribution center
MDC          Meridian digital centrex
MDCMES       Management development center mechanized enrollment system
MDF          Main distributing frame
MDF          Main distribution frame
MDII         Machine detected interoffice irregularities
MDII         Machine-detected interoffice irregularity
MDIS         Marketing data interface system
MDLIE        DLI interface error
MDOG         Mechanized disbursement of gasoline
MDP          SS7 fe message distribution protocol
MDR          Mechanized draft reconciliation
MDR          Message detail record
MDS          Message design systems
MDT          Management development/training
MDU          Marker decoder unit
MDX          Modular digital exchange
ME           Management employment
ME & ASSM    Management employment & assessment
ME CORP      Corporation management employment
MEANS        Model for economic analysis of network service
MEAS         Measure
MEASMT       Measurement
MEC          Maintenance engineer center
MEC          Manually establish a circuit
MEC          Mobile equipment console
MECA         Mechanization of engineering & circuit provisioning
MECAB        Multi exchange carrier access billing
MECCRRF      Mechanized credit reference system
MECH         More efficient call handling
MECOD        Multiple exchange carrier ordering and design
MED          Medium threshold
MED          Multipoint end-link data
MEDPLUS      Medicare part b reimbursement payments
MEDS         Mechanized expense distribution system
MEF          Master employee file
MELD         Mechanized engineering and layout for distributing frames
MEP          Medical expense plan
MERITS       Measurement of exchange records integrity through sampling
MERP         Mechanization of estimate results plan
MERS         Most economic route selection
MERT         Master employee record tape
MESA         Mechanized edits of street address
MESS         Message
MET          Multibuton electronic telephone
MET          Multibutton electronic telephone
METASX       Metallic access
MF           Mainboard firmware (IOS)
MF           Multi frame
MF           Multi frequency
MF           Multifrequency
MF           Multiplexer frame
MFAS         Mechanized forecasting and analysis system
MFC          Master file directory (VMS-catalog of UFDS)
MFC          Modular feature construction
MFC          Multiple frame operation control (IOS)
MFENET       Magnetic fusion energy network
MFFAN        Miscellaneous frame (CM2 offices only)
MFJ          Modification of final judgement
MFJ          Modification of final judgment
MFJ          Modified final judgment (consent decree)
MFR          Discmanufacture discontinued
MFR          Mechanized force report
MFR          Multi-frequency receivers
MFRS         Management force reporting system
MFS          Message formatting service-ims (IBM)
MFT          Metallic facility terminal
MFT          Multiprogramming with a fixed number of tasks
MG           Marker group
MG           Marker group number
MG           Mastergroup
MGB          Main ground bus
MGB          Master ground bar
MGBAF        Maintenance group blocking acknowledgment failure
MGR          Manager
MGSC         Message service customer counts
MGSG         Message service multi-line hunt
MGT          Mastergroup translator
MGUAF        Maintenance group unblocking acknowledgment failure
MH           Modified huffman code (fax)
MHD          Moving head disk
MHD          Moving head disk drive(s) used in the am.
MHDC         Moving head disk control
MHDDC        Moving head disk data/clock
MHS          Message handling service
MHS          Message handling system
MHZ          Megahertz
MI           Machine interface
MI           Message interface  on the
MI           Swbt minimal input
MIAS         Marketing information analysis system
MICA         Mechanized intercompany contract administration
MICC         Minicluster controller
MICE         Modular integrated communications environment
MICI         Mechanized independent company input
MICR         Minimal input customer records
MICRO/TEL    Micro/tel force analyzer
MICS         BTL maintenance space inventory control system
MICU         Message interface and clock unit
MICU         Message interface clock unit
MID          Master interim design
MIFM         Mechanized installation force management
MIG          Mechanized interval guide system
MIIS         Management inventory information system
MIMIC        Mts-wats intrastate model for incremental cost
MIN          Minimum
MIN          Minimum percentage value of entity fill or minimum CCS value
MIN          Mobile identification number
MINX         Multimedia information network exchange
MIOIO        I/O invalid operation error
MIOLE        I/O lock error
MIOPE        I/O bus parity error
MIOTO        I/O timer time out error
MIOUE        I/O unlock error
MIP          Microprocessor interface port
MIPP         Management surplus income protection plan
MIPS         Million instructions per second
MIR          Micro-instruction register
MIRA         Maintenance input request administrator .
MIRA         Mark iv information retrieval aid
MIS          Management information system
MIS          Mechanized intercepting system
MIS/C        Management information system/computer
MISC         Miscellaneous
MISCF        Miscellaneous frame
MISS         Management information staffing system
MITS         Microcomputer interactive test system
MIU          Metallic interdace unit
MIZAR        Management job evaluation
MJEC         Multiple job function codes
MJF          Modified final judgement
MJU          Multipoint junction unit
MKBUSY       Make busy.
MKR          Marker
MKTG         Marketing
ML           Matching loss
MLAC         Manual loop assignment center
MLC          Miniline card
MLC          Monitor level code
MLCD         Multi-line call detail
MLH          Multiline hunt
MLHG         Multi-line hung group
MLHG         Multiline hunt group
MLI          Message link interface
MLIIBLNG     Microlink II billing
MLNC         Failure to match and no circuit
MLPA         Modifiable link pack area (IBM)
MLSS         Machine load service summary
MLT          Mechanized loop test
MLT          Mechanized loop testing system
MLT-1        Mechanized loop testing system-1
MLT-2        Mechanized loop testing - the second generation of equipment
MLT-2        Mechanized loop testing system-2
MMA          Multi-module access unit (Univac)
MMC          Manually modify a circuit
MMC          Minicomputer maintenance center
MMEME        Memory system error
MMG          Minicomputer maintenance group
MMGT         Multimastergroup translator
MMI          Man-machine interface
MML          Man machine language
MMM          Message mile minute
MMOC         Minicomputer maintance operation center
MMOC         Minicomputer maintenance operations center
MMOCS        Minicomputer maintenance and operations center system
MMP          Module message processor
MMPP         Mechanized market programming procedures (BTL)
MMRCS        Minicomputer maintenance and repair center system
MMS          Main memory status
MMS          Memory management system
MMS/SSII     Marketing measurement system/support system II
MMS43        Modified monitoring state 43 code
MMSU         Modular metallic service unit
MMT          Multiple message threshold
MMU          Memory management unit (IOS)
MMX          Mastergroup multiplex
MN02         List of circuits in trouble in memory
MNP          Microcom networking protocol
MOC          Machine operations center
MOC          Maintenance and operations console
MOC          Maintenance operation console
MOC          Ministery of communication
MOC          Moe order completion
MOD          Ministery of defense
MOD          Modifier
MOD          Modulated
MOD          Module number
MOD1         Miscellaneous per SM measurements (MOD1)
MODCOES      Modified central office cost
MODEM        Modulator-demodulator
MOE          Mass oe transfers
MOF          Mass oe frame transfer listings
MOG          Minicomputer operations group
MOI          Maintenance and operation interface
MOI          Mizar order inquiry
MOMS         Missouri marketing system
MON          Monitor
MON          Monitor channel (i.e. IOM2)
MON          Mouth
MOOSA        Mechanized out of service adjustment system
MOOSE        Macs online organization system entry (distribution services)
MOS          Maintenance and operations subsystem
MOS          Metal oxide semiconductor
MOSOP        Mechanized operator services occupational payroll
MOST         Managing operations systems in transition
MOSTED       Motor vehicle/special tools expense distribution
MOT&R        Master office test and release circuit
MOTS         Mechanized operations tracking system
MOU          Minutes of use
MOU-AS       The annual study module of DRP/MOU
MOU-DA       The data accumulation module of DRP/MOU
MOVE         Move remote line Concentrating module
MOW          Moe order withdrawal
MP           Maintance POSITION
MP           Message processing program
MP           Microprocessor
MP           Multi-processor
MPAP         Management potential appraisal plan
MPC          Marker pulse conversion
MPC          Messages per customer
MPC          Mp command
MPCG         Message processing clerical guide
MPCH         Main parallel channel
MPDB-OS      Outside plant-pair gain
MPDBCOAR     MPDB-central office equipment and repair services
MPDBSRVC     Office supplies computers and other services
MPDU         Message protocpl data units (x.411)
MPES         Message processing entry system
MPFRS        Mechanized project force requirement system
MPI          Mechanized project impact system
MPK          Modify work package
MPLR         Mechanized plant location records system
MPLUM        Mechanized plant utilization management
MPN          Master work package number
MPOOS        Modem pool line out of service.
MPOW         Multiple purpose operator workstation
MPPD         Multi-purpose peripheral device
MPRIN        Mate peripheral interrupt
MPS          Mechanized pension system
MPS          Misplaced start pulse
MPS          Misplaced start pulse (MDII)
MPT          Message transfer part
MPTS         Market planning and tracking system
MQ           Metalic customized-service code for LATA access
MQH          Marker queue high
MQL          Marker queue low
MR           Maintenance request (BTL)
MR           Measured rate
MR           Message rate (BSP)
MR           Message register
MR           Message register COSMOS command
MR           Modified read (relative element address designate
MR           Monitor read (flow control bit in IOM2)
MR/IBPS      Management report/integrated budget and planning system
MRAA         Meter reading access arrangement
MRCS         Modification request control system
MRDB         Memory resident data base
MRDYT        Ready time out
MRF          Maintenance reset function
MRF          Message refusal received (outgoing)
MRF          Message retention file
MRFA         Mechanized repair force administration
MRFF         Master reference frequency frame
MRFIS        Mechanized request for information systems
MRO          Message register option
MRP          Mechanized revenue planning system
MRPS         Mobile radio priority system
MRR          Mandatory review reporting
MRS          Management reporting system (TNDS)
MRSELS       Microwave radio & satellite eng. & lic
MRTI         Message-rate treatment index  (AMA NTI)
MRTS         Mechanized real time tracking system
MRTTA        Message recording trunk trouble analysis
MRWPE        Read or write parity error
MS           Machine screw (BSP)
MS           Maintenance state
MS           Measured service
MS           Mechanized scheduling
MS           Memory subsystem
MS           Menue software (sipb.exe)
MS           Microseconds
MS6E         Message switching #6 equipment
MS7E         Message switching #7 equipment
MSA          Management science america
MSAG         Master street address guide
MSC          Media stimulated calling
MSC          Minimum service charge
MSCP         Mass storage control protocol
MSCS         Management scheduling and control system
MSCU         Message switch control unit
MSCU         Message switch controller unit
MSDS         Material safety data sheet system
MSFDB        Market share forecast data base
MSGBUF       Message buffer
MSGCLS       Message class
MSGLOCK      Message lock
MSGNO        Message number
MSGP         Microcomputer support group programming
MSGS         Message switch
MSK          Output a transaction mask
MSKMR        Mate reset
MSM          Multi-state marketing system
MSMTCH       Mismatch.
MSN          Multiple subscriber number (i.251 b)
MSORS        Mechanized sales office record system (BTL)
MSP          Management salary plan
MSP          Metropolitan service plan
MSPR         Message switch peripheral unit
MSR          Marketing surveys and reports
MSR          Mechanized sales results system (mbt directory sales)
MSR          Mechanized service record
MSR          Mizar status report
MSR/DIS      Mechanized service record/disability subsystem
MSS          Mass storage system
MSS          Mss is a dialup for... database of 1800 numbers...
MSSS         Mechanized supply stock system
MSTIC        Mechanized standard time increments (we/eplans)
MSTS         Measured service tracking system
MSU          Message signal unit
MSU          Metallic service unit
MSU          Msg. signal unit (SS7)
MSUCOM       Metallic service unit common
MSUS         Measured service usage studies
MSUSM        Subunit select mismatch
MT           Master record tape unit number or tape drive to write
MT           Wired music INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
MTA          Message transfer agent (x.400)
MTAE         Message transfer agent entity (x.400)
MTB          Magnetic tape billing
MTB          Metallic test bus
MTC          Facs maintenance transaction
MTCE         Maintenance (default).
MTCE         Maintenance parameters
MTD          Magnetic tape drive
MTD          Mutilated digit
MTD          Mutilated digit (MDII)
MTECS        Iimechanized toll error correction system phase ii
MTECS        Mechanized toll error correction system
MTEL         Main telephone
MTF          Master test frame
MTH          Magnetic tape handler
MTIB         Metallic test interconnect bus
MTIBAX       Metallic test interconnect bus access
MTINT        Miscellaneous timer interrupt
MTL          Maximum termination liability
MTLR         Mechanized trouble log report
MTLT         Maintance transmission action limit table
MTM          Maintenance trunk module (NTI)
MTO          Master terminal operator
MTP          Management transitional program
MTP          Message transfer part (SS7: q.701-q.710)
MTP          Message transfer part.
MTP          Message transfer protocol (x.411: p1)
MTR          Manually test a response
MTR          Mechanized time reporting
MTR          Tape drive to read
MTRS         Marketing or management time reporting system
MTRS         Mechanized training records system
MTRS/FCC     Management time reporting system/fcc report
MTRT         Mate ready time out
MTS          Manual test system
MTS          Memory time swich     peb2040
MTS          Message telecommunications service
MTS          Message telecommunications system
MTS          Message telephone service
MTS          Message teleprocessing system
MTS          Message toll service
MTS          Mobile telephone service
MTSC         MTS CMOS    (512 incoming channels)
MTSDB        Message telecommunications services data base
MTSI         Msg telecommunications ser price index
MTSL         MTS large  (1024 incoming channels)
MTSO         Mobile telephone switching office
MTSS         MTS small   (256 incoming channels)
MTTP         Master trunk test panel
MTU          Magnetic tape unit parameters
MTU          Maintenence termination unit
MTU          Media tech unit
MTW          Tape drive to write
MTX          Mobile telephone exchange
MU           Maintenance usage
MU           Message unit
MUC          Material usage code
MULDEM       Multiplexer-demultiplexer
MULT         Multiple
MUM          Measured unit message
MUNICH       Multichannel (32) network interface controller
MUPH         Multiple position hunt
MUSAC        Multipoint switching and conferencing unit
MUSIC        Modeling for usage sensitive incremental costs
MUT          Miniaturized universal trunk frame
MUT          Multi-unit-test
MUX          Multiplex
MUX          Multiplexer
MVAS         Motor vehicle accident summary
MVCCW        Commstar ii call waiting USOC
MVP          Multiline variety package
MVS          Multiple virtual storage
MVS          Multiple virtual storage operating
MVS/MODS     TSO display operator messages from programs running under
MVS/SP       Multiple virtual storages/system product operating system
MVS/SPA      Multiple virtual storages/system product assist operating
MVS/XA       Mutliple virtual storage/extended architecture
MVT          Multiprogramming with a variable number of tasks
MVTC         Motor vehicle type code
MW           (ger) service word
MW           Mandatory work
MW           Multiwink
MWCP         Mechanized wire centering program (BTL)
MWI          Message waiting indicator
MWPER        Write protect error
MX           Monitor transmit (flow control bit in IOM2)
MXU          Multiplex units
MXU          Multiplexer unit
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