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Current issue : #43 | Release date : 1993-07-01 | Editor : Erik Bloodaxe
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Title : Acronyms Part II
Author : Firm G.R.A.S.P.
                              ==Phrack Magazine==

                 Volume Four, Issue Forty-Three, File 22 of 27

                               {Acronyms Part II}

D            Data
D            Default supervision
D            Digits
D            Dispach
D            Hotel/motel equipment from trouble report (TSPS only)
D-CTL        D channel controller (IDEC)
D/A          Digital to analog
D1PK         DS-1 interface pack  (SCM-10S NTI)
D1PK         DS-1 interface pack (SCM-10S MUX  NTI)
DA           Digital data off-net extention INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
DA           Directory assistance
DAC          Digital to analog converter
DAC          Dispatch Administration Center
DACC         Directort assistance call completion
DACK         Direct memory access acknowledge
DACOM        Data communictions corp. of korea (ROK)
DACS         Digital access cross-connect system
DACS         Digital accessed and cross-connected system
DACS         Directory assistance charging system
DACTVTD      Deactivated
DAEDR        Delimitation
DAIS         Distributed automatic intercept system
DAML         Digital added main line (pair gain)
DAMT         Direct access mechanize testing
DAP          Display administration process
DAP          Document application profile
DARC         Division alarm recording center
DART         Distribution area rehabilitation
DARU         Distributed automatic intercept system audio response unit
DAS          Data auxiliary set
DAS          Directory assistance system
DAS          Distributor and scanner
DAS-WDT      Distributor and scanner-watch dog timer
DAS/C        Directory assistance system/computer
DASD         Direct access storage device
DASS2        Digital access signaling system 2 (BT)
DAU          Digital access unit
DAV          Data above voice
DAY          Delete an assembly
DB           DSSDS 1.5 mb/s access line INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
DB           Decibel
DBA          Data base administrator
DBAC         Data base administration center
DBAS         Data base administration system
DBCS         Data bank control system
DBL          Data base load
DBM          Database manager
DBMS         Data base management system
DBOS         Data bank organization system
DBS          Duplex bus selector
DBSS         Data bank security system
DC           Device cinfirmation (C/I channel code)
DC           Dial code
DC           Direct current
DCC          Data collection computer
DCC          Data country code (ISO 7498)
DCC          Destination code cancellation
DCC          Destination code cancellation control
DCC          Digroup core controller
DCCS         Discontiguous shared segments
DCD          Data collection device
DCE          Data circuit terminal equipment
DCE          Data circuit-terminating equipment
DCE          Data communications equipment
DCE          Digital carrier equipment
DCG          Default cell group
DCH          D channel handler
DCH          D-channel handling bit
DCH          Discharge
DCHOOS       D-channel is out of service.
DCL          Data clock (i.e. IOM2)
DCL          Dec control language
DCLU         Digital carrier line uint
DCLU         Digital carrier line unit
DCM          Digital carrier module
DCME         Digital circuit multiplexing equipment
DCMS         Distributed call measurement system
DCMU         Digital concentrator measurement unit
DCN          List disconnected and changed numbers
DCP          D channel processor
DCP          Duplex central processor
DCPR         Detailed contuing property record (pics/dcpr)
DCPSK        Differential coherent phase-shift keying
DCS          Data communications subsystem
DCS          Digital crosconnect system
DCS          Digital cross-connect system
DCS          Direct current signaling
DCSO         Display compleated service order (lmos command)
DCT          Digital carrier trunk
DCTB         Dct bank
DCTEXT       DCT extended
DCTN         Defense commercial telecommunications network
DCTS         Dimension custom telephone service
DCTUCOM      Directly connected test unit common board
DCTUPORT     Directly connected test unit port circuit
DCn          Device control n
DD           Data downstream (i.e. IOM2)
DD           Delay dial
DD           Disk drives
DD           Due date
DD           Total switching control center (SCC) and field work time.
DDC          Direct department calling
DDCMP        Daily display conversation mode and printer
DDD          Direct distance dialing
DDGT         Digital data group terminal
DDI          Direct dialing-in (i.251 A)
DDN          Defense data network
DDOV         Digital data over voice
DDS          DDS loopback test (SARTS command)
DDS          Dataphone digital service
DDS          Digital data service
DDS          Digital data system
DDS          Digital data system (the network) dataphone  digital
DDS          Digital dataphone service
DDS          Display the DS table
DDX          Digital data exchange
DDX          Distributed data exchange
DEAC         Deactivation (C/I channel code)
DEACT        Deactivate
DEC          Digital equipment corporation
DECT         Digital european cellular phone
DEL          Delete
DEN          Digital equipment number
DERP         Defective equipment replacement program
DES          Data encryption standard
DES          Destination
DEST         Destinations
DET          Detatch MSG. (i.451)
DEV          Deviation
DEV          Device
DEW          Distant early warning (line)
DF           Distributing frame
DF           Distribution frame
DF           HSSDS 1.5 mb/s hub to hub INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
DFC          Disk file controller
DFI          Digital facility interface
DFI          Digital facility interface.
DFI          Digital family interface
DFIH         Digital facility interface circuit pair
DFMS         Digital facility management system
DFTAC        Distributing frame test access circuit
DG           HSSDS 1.5 mb/s hub to earth station INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
DGCT         Diagnostic control table
DGN          Diagnose
DGN          Memory failure in CS/PS diagnostic program - 1AESS mem diag
DH           Digital service INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
DI           Deactivation indication (C/I channel code)
DI           Direct-in dial INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
DI           Unk division?
DIA          Document interchange architecture
DIAG         Diagnostic
DIC          Digital concentrator
DIC          Digital interface controller
DID          DI downstream
DID          Direct inward dialing
DIF          Digital frame interface
DIF          Digital interface
DIF          Digital interface frame
DIFF         Difference
DILEP        Digital line engineering program
DIM          Data in the middle
DIP          Dedicated inside plant  COSMOS command
DIP          Dip creation option
DIP          Document interchange protocol (lower sublayer of OSI layer 6)
DIP          Dual in-line package
DIR          Direction
DIR          Directory
DIR          Standard dip report
DIS          Disconnect
DIS          Display
DISA         Direct inward system access
DISABL       Disable
DISC         Disconnect (LAP-D command)
DISD         Direct inward subscriber access
DIST         Distribute point board
DIU          Deactivate indication
DIU          Digital interface unit
DIU          Digroup interface unit (DACS)
DIV          (Ger) Digital exchange
DIVF         (Ger) Div for long distance service
DIVO         (Ger) Div for local service
DJ           Digit trunk INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
DK           Data link INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
DL           Dial
DL           Dictation line INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
DL1PE        DLI 1 parity error
DL5MDA       Someone who collects each ISDN abbrevation crossing his way
DLAB         Divisor latch access bit
DLC          Data link control
DLC          Data link controller assignment for clusters
DLC          Digital loop carrier
DLCI         Data link connection identifier (i.440: SAPI+TEI)
DLCU         Digital line carrier unit
DLE          Data link escape (ascii control)
DLI          Data link interface
DLI0I        Data link 0 interrupt
DLI1I        Data link 1 interrupt
DLISW        DLI switch error
DLL          Dial long lines
DLM          Data link module
DLN          Direct link node
DLNORSP      Init response not received from data link.
DLOPE        Dual link interface (DLI) 0 parity error
DLP          Data level point
DLS          Digital line section
DLS          Digital link service
DLTHA        Display trouble history all (LMOS command)
DLTU         Digital line trunk unit
DLTU         Digital line/trunk unit
DLU-PG       Digital line unit-pair gain
DLUC         Digital line unit control
DLYR         Delayed readiness
DM           DMR
DM           Delta modulation
DM           Disconnected mode (LAP-D response)
DMA          Direct memory access
DMB          Digital multipoint bridge
DMERT        Duplex multiple environment real time
DMI          Digital multiplexed interface
DML          Data manipulation logic
DMQ          Deferred maintenance queue
DMS          Data management system
DMS          Digital multiplex system  (i.e. DMS 10, DMS 100)
DMS          Digital multiplexed system
DMU          Data manipulation unit
DN           Directory number
DN           Directory numbers
DN           Distribution network panel
DN           Down
DN           Mail distribution frame - COSMOS defult
DNC          Dynamic network controller
DNH          Directory Number Hunting
DNHR         Dynamic non hierarchical routing
DNHR         Dynamic nonhierarchical routing
DNI          Digital network interconnecting
DNIC         Data network identification code
DNIC         Data network identification code (ISO 7498)
DNR          Detaled number record
DNR          Dialed number recorder
DNX          Dynamic network X-connect
DO           Direct-out dial INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
DOC          Dynamic overload control
DOC          Dynamic overload controls messages.
DOCS         Display operator console system
DOD          (USA) Dept. of defense
DOJ          Department of justice
DOM          Data on master group
DOTS         Digital office timing supply
DOV          Data over voice
DP           Demarcation point
DP           Dial pulse
DP           Digital data-2 4 kb/s INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
DPA          Different premises address
DPA          Dispatch
DPA          Distributed power architecture
DPAC         Dedicated plant assignment card
DPAC         Dedicated plant assignment center
DPC          Destination point code (SSY)
DPCM         Differential PCM
DPE          Data path extender
DPGS         Digital pair gain systems
DPIDB        Direct PIDB
DPIDB        Directly connected peripheral interface data bus
DPLL         Digital phase locked loop
DPN          Dip purge number
DPN-PH       Data packet network-packet handler
DPNSS        Digital private network signaling system (BT)
DPP          Discounted payback period
DPP          Distributed processing peripheral
DPR          Dip report and removal
DPSK         Differential phase shift keying
DPSK         Differential phased-shift keying
DPT          Data parameter testing
DPT          Department name
DPU          Digital patch unit
DQ           Digital data-4 8 kb/s INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
DQR          Design quota system report
DQS          Design quota system
DR           Data ready
DR           Data receive
DR           Deactivate request (C/I channel code)
DR           Deactivation request
DR           Digital data-9.6 kb/s INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
DRAM         Digital record announcement machine
DRAM         Dynamic ram
DRCS         Dynamically redefinable character sets
DRHR         Division of revenue hourly
DRMU         Digital remote measurement unit
DRTLRT       Dial repe tie lindal repeatie t
DRU          DACS remote unit
DS           Data set
DS           Digital carrier span
DS           Digital signal
DS           Direct signal
DS-0         Digital signal 0 (one channel at 64 kb/s)
DS-0A        Digital signal at a subrate level on DS-0 for one customer
DS-0B        Digital signals at a subrate level on DS-0 facility for one
              or more CU
DS-1         Digital signal level one
DS0          Digital signal zer0
DSBAM        Double-sideband amplitude module
DSBLD        Disabled (default).
DSC          Digital cross-connection systems
DSC          Digital subscriber controller AM79C3A
DSCT         Digital service copper transport
DSDC         Direct service dial capability
DSI          Digital speech interpolation
DSIG         Direct signaling
DSK          Disk
DSL          Digital subscriber line
DSL          Digital suscriber line
DSLG         digital subscriber line group (DSLG)
DSLINIT      DSL initialization.
DSM          Digital switching module
DSMX         (Ger) Digital signal multiplexer
DSN          Defense switched network/automatic voice network
DSN          Digital signal (level) n
DSNE         Double shelf network equipment frame
DSNOFC       DSN/AUTOVON office totals
DSNTG        DSN/AUTOVON trunk group
DSP          Digital signal processing
DSP          Digital signal processing or digital signal processor
DSP          Digital signal processor
DSP          Domain specific part (ISO 7498)
DSR          Data set ready
DSR          Display results
DSR          Dynamic service register
DSRTP        Digital service remote test port
DSS          Data station selector
DST          Destination of order response
DSU          Data service unit
DSU          Data servicing unit
DSU          Digital service unit
DSU2         Diditalservice unit
DSX          Digital cross-connect
DSX          Digital signal cross-connect
DT           DI-group terminal
DT           Data through (C/I channel code in test mode)
DT           Data transmit
DT           Detect dial tone
DT           Due time
DT1          Data form class 1
DTAC         Digital access connector
DTAC         Digital test access connector
DTAC         Digital test access connector (links SMAS and SLC-96)
DTAM         Document transfer access and manipulation
DTAS         Digital test access system
DTAU         Digital test access unit
DTC          Data test center
DTC          Di-group terminal controller
DTC          Digital telephone controller (ARCOFI + IBC + ICC)
DTC          Digital trunk controller
DTE          Data terminal equipment
DTE          Print current date
DTF          Dial tone first (pay phone)
DTG          Direct trunk group
DTIF         Digital transmission interface frame
DTM          Data test module
DTM          Digital trunk module
DTMF         Dual-tone multifrequency
DTR          Data terminal ready
DTRK         Digital Trunks
DTRK         Digital trunks (line and trunk)
DTU          Di-group terminal unit
DTU          Digital test unit
DU           Data upstream (i.e. IOM2)
DU           Deactivation request upstream (C/I channel code)
DUIH         Direct user interface handler
DUP          Data user part
DUP          Duplicate
DUR          Duration
DUV          Data under voice
DVA          Design verified and assigned
DVX          Digital voice exchange
DW           Digital data-56  kb/s INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
DX           Duplex
DY           Digital service (under 1 mb/s) INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
DYRECT       Sides dynamic real time communication tester (in sitest)
E            E (receive) signal lead (moreover Ear part of E&M)
E            Equipment direction
E            Remote trunk arrangement position subsystem (rta/pss) from troubl
E&M          Receive & transmit/ear & mouth signaling
E-COM        Electronic computer originated mail
E1           Equipment system
E800         Enhanced 800 Service
E911         Enhanced 911
EA           Equal access end office
EA           Expedited data acknowledgement (SS7: in SCCP)
EA           Extended adress
EA           Switched acess INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
EAAT         Equal access alternative technologies
EADAS        Engineering and administration data acquisition system
EADAS/NM     EADAS/network management
EAEO         Equial access end office
EAI          Emergency action interface
EAP          Equal access plan
EARN         European academic research network
EAS          Extended announcement system
EAS          Extended area service
EASD         Equal access service date
EB           Enfia ii end office trunk INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
EBAC         Equipmentc billing accuracy control
EBCDIC       Extended binary coded decimal interexchange code
EBSP         EBS prefix translations
EBSP         Enhanced business services prefix translations
EC           ESS entity and control group number
EC           Echo canceller
EC           Enfia ii tandem trunk INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
EC           Environment code
EC           European community
EC           Exchange carriers
ECAP         Electronic customer access program
ECC          Enter cable change
ECCS         Economic c (hundred) call seconds
ECD          Equipment configuration database
ECDMAN       Equipment configuration database manager
ECF          Enhanced connectivity facility
ECL          Emitter coupled logic
ECMA         European computer manufactueres association
ECPT         Electronic coin public telephone
ECR          Exchange carrier relations
ECS          Electronic crosconnect system
ECS          Equipment class of service
ED           Enter date
EDAC         Electromechanical digital adapter circuit
EDD          Envelope delay distortion
EDI          Electronic data interchange
EDP          Electronic data processing
EDSC         Electronic directory customer counts (ISDN BRCS)
EDSX         Electronic digital signal x-connect
EDZ          Facility emergency assignment list
EE           Combined access INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
EE           Initials of supervisor reviewing this ticket.
EEC          Electronic equipment cabinet
EECT         End-to-end call trace
EEDP         Expanded electronic tandem switching dialing plan
EEE          Electronic equipment enclosures
EEHO         Either end hop off
EEI          Equipment-to-equipment interface
EEPROM       Electrically erasable programmable read only memory
EF           Entrance facility-voice grade INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
EFCTS        Electronic custom telephone service
EFRAP        Exchange feeder route analysis program
EG           Type #2 telegraph INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
EIA          Electronic industries association
EIS          Expanded inband signaling
EISS         Economic impact study system
EIU          Extended interface unit
EIn          Error indication n (C/I channel code)
EKTS         Electonic key telephone service
EKTS         Electronic key telephone sets
EL           Emergency reporting line INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
ELA          Entity load analysis
ELDS         Exchange line data service
ELECL        Electrical
ELEMNTS      Elements
ELI          Electrical line interface
EM           Emergency reporting center trunk INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
EM           Encription module
EM           End of medium (ASCII control)
EMC          Electromagnetic capability
EMC          Electromagnetic compatibility
EME          Electromagnetic emission
EMI          Electromagnetic interference
EML          Expected measured loss
EMM          Expandable mos memory
EMS          Electromagnetic susceptibility
EMS          Expanded memory specification
EMSCC        Electromechanical switching control center
EMV          EMC (german)
EN           Entity
EN           Entity number
EN           Exchange network acess facility INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
ENABL        Enable
ENFIA        Exchange network facility for interstate access
ENHMT        Enhancement
ENQ          Enquiry
ENTDT        Entered date and/or time
EO           End office
EOC          Embedded operation channel
EOE          Electronic order exchange
EOM          End of message
EOS          Extended operating system
EOTT         End office toll trunking
EP           Entrance facility-program grade INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
EP           Expedited data (SS7: in SCCP)
EPIC         Extended PIC
EPL          Electronic switching system program language
EPROM        Erasable programmable read-only memory
EPSCS        Enhanced private switched communication service
EQ           Equalizer
EQ           Equipment only-(network only) assignment INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
EQPT         Equipment
ER           Enhancement request
ER           Error register
ER           Exception report
ERAR         Error return address register
ERC          Error control (IOS)
EREP         Environmental recording editing and printing
ERF          Emergency restoration facility
ERL          Echo return loss
ERP          Effective radiated power
ERPMP        Exception report pumper
ERR          Error
ERRS         Errors
ERTS         Error rate test set
ERTS         Error rate test sets
ERU          Error return address update
ES           Extension service-voice grade INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
ESAC         Electronic systems assistance center
ESAP         Emergency Stand-Alone prefix
ESAP         Emergency stand-alone prefix
ESB          Emergency service bureau
ESC          Enhanced speech circuit
ESC          Escape (ASCII control)
ESC          Three way calling USOC
ESCC2        Extended high level serial communication controller
ESCC8        Like ESCC2
ESD          Electrostatic discharge
ESD          Extened super framing
ESF          Extended super frame
ESF          Speed calling USOC
ESFF         Extended superframe format
ESL          Emergency stand-alone
ESL          Essental service
ESL          Speed calling 8 code USOC
ESM          Call forwarding USOC
ESM          Economic study module
ESMTC        Electronic system maintance
ESN          Electronic serial number (Cell)
ESN          Electronic switched network
ESN          Emergency service number
ESP          Enhanced service procider
ESP          Enhanced service providers
ESP          Essential service protection
ESP          Print entire summary table
ESS          Electronic switching system
ESSX         Electronic switching systen exchange
EST          Established
ESTAB        Establish
ESX          Call waiting USOC
ET           Entrance facility-telegraph grade INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
ET           Exchange termination
ETAS         Emergency technical assistance
ETB          End of transmission block
ETC          Estimated trunk ccs value
ETF          Electronic toll fraud
ETL          Equipment test list
ETN          Electronic tandem network
ETRI         Electronics and telecommunications research institute (ROK)
ETS          Electronic tandem switching
ETS          Electronic translation systems
ETSACI       Electronic tandem switching adminstration channel interface
ETSSP        ETS status panel
ETX          End of text
EU           End user
EU           Extension service-telegrasph grade INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
EUPOT        End user-point of termination
EV           Enhanced emergency reporting trunk INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
EV           Expected value
EVB          Busy call forward USOC
EVC          Bust call forward extended USOC
EVD          Delayed call forward USOC
EVD          Delayed call forwarding
EVST         (Ger) End exchange
EW           Off network MTS/WATS equivalent service INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
EWSD         (Ger) Electronic dialing system (digital)
EX           Exercise
EXD          ECS crossloading option
EXD          Extra digit
EXD          Extra digit (MDII)
EXP          Extra pulse
EXP          Extra pulse (MDII)
EXT          Extension
EXTC         Expenditure type code
F            Facility direction
F            Fault (indicator)
F            Office or base unit from trouble report.
F1           Facility system
FA           Frame aligner
FA           Fuse alarm
FAA          Facility accepted (SS7 in ISUP)
FAC          Facility
FAC          Facility Assiment Center
FACD         Facility changed msg.
FACS         Facilities assignment and control system
FADS         Dorce administration
FANALM       Fan alarm
FAP          Facilities analysis plan
FAR          Facility request (SS7: in ISUP)
FAR          Federal acquisition regulation
FAS          Frame alignment signal
FAST         First application system test
FAT          File allocation table
FAX          Faximile
FC           Feature control
FC           Frame control
FC           From cable
FC/EC        Function code and environment code
FCA          Final closure abandon (MDII)
FCAP         Facility capacity
FCC          Federal communications commission
FCC          Forward command channel
FCC          Frame control center
FCD          Frame comtinuity date
FCG          False cross or ground
FCS          File control systemction
FCS          Frame check sequence
FD           Private line-data INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
FDD          Frame due date
FDDI         Fiber distributed data interface (x3t9.5)
FDI          Feeder/distribution interfaces
FDM          Frequency division multiplex
FDM          Frequency-division multiplexing
FDMA         FDM access
FDP          Field development program
FDT          Frame due time
FDX          Full duplex
FDY          Set fiscal day for LAC
FEA          Custom calling feature/PIC
FEA          Customer feature
FEAT         Feature
FEAT         Features
FEBE         Far end block error (IOM2 monitor message)
FEC          Forward error correction
FECC         Front end communication computer
FED          Far end data
FELP         Far end loop process
FEMF         Foreign electro-motive force
FEPS         Facility and equipment planning system
FEV          Far end voice
FF           Check appropriate space where trouble is located
FF           Form feed
FG           Group-supergroup spectrum INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
FGA          Feature group A
FGB          Feature group B
FGC          Feature group C
FGD          Feature group D
FGE          Feature group E
FGK          Feature group K (ISDN Q.931)
FIB          Forward indication bit (SS7)
FID          Field indentifiers
FIFO         First in
FIFO         First in first out (storage)
FIL          Filter
FIN          Facility information msg.
FIOC         Frame input/output controller
FIP          Facility interface processor
FIPS         Federal information processing standards
FISU         Fill in signal unit (SS7)
FITL         Fiber in the loop
FJ           Frame jump (C/I channel code)
FKP          False key pulse
FKP          False key pulse (MDII)
FL           Fault locate
FL           Fault location
FLA          Flag
FLD          Field
FLEXCOM      Fiber optic communication
FLR          Frame layout report
FLT          Flat
FM           Frequency modulation
FM01         DCT alarm activated or retired - 1AESS
FM02         Possible failure of entire bank not just frame - 1A
FM03         Error rate of specified digroup - 1AESS
FM04         Digroup out of frame more than indicated - 1AESS
FM05         Operation or release of the loop terminal relay-1AESS
FM06         Result of digroup circuit diagnostics -1AESS
FM07         Carrier group alarm status of specific group - 1AESS
FM08         Carrier group alarm count for digroup - 1AESS
FM09         Hourly report of carrier group alarms - 1AESS
FM10         Public switched digital capacity failure - 1AESS
FM11         PUC counts of carrier group errors - 1AESS
FMAC         Facility maintance administration center
FMAC         Facility maintenance and control
FMC          Force management center
FMM          Finite message machine
FN           Feature number
FN           File name
FNBE         Far and near end block error (IOM2 monitor message)
FNPA         Foreign numbering plan area
FOA          First office application
FOC          Fiber optic communications
FON          Fiber optics network
FOR          Frame order report
FORPOT       Foreign potential.
FOS          Frame operations summary
FOS-ALC      Fiber optic systems maintance - Alcatel
FOS-ROCK     Fiber optic system maintance - Rockwell
FOT          Forward transfer (SS7: in ISUP)
FP           Functional protocol
FPC          Foundation peripheral controller
FPC          Frequency comparison pilots
FPS          Fast packet switching
FR           Fire dispatch INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
FR           Fixed resistance
FR           Flat rate
FRAC         Frame aligner circuit
FRC          Forced request configuration
FREQ         Frequency
FRJ          Facility rejected msg. (SS7 in ISUP)
FRMR         Frame reject (LAP-D response)
FRPS         Field reliability performance studies
FRQ          Facility request message
FRS          Flexible route selection
FS           File separator
FS/SYM       Function Schematic/Symbol Numbers (1AESS Test access)
FSA          False start abandon
FSA          False start abandon on incoming trunk
FSC          Frame synchronization clock (i.e. IOM2)
FSK          Frequency shift keying
FSN          Forward sequence number
FT           Foreign exchange trunk INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
FT           Frame time
FTA          Frame transfer analysis
FTC          Frame transfer completion
FTE          Frame transfer establishment
FTG          Final trunk group
FTL          Frame transfer lets
FTP          File transfer protocol
FTR          Frame transfer reprint
FTS          Federal telecommunications system
FTW          Frame transfer withdrawal
FUNCS        Functions
FV           Voice grade facility INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
FW           Wideband channel INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
FWD          Forward
FWM          Frame work management
FWS          Frame work station
FX           Foreign exchange
FX           Foreign exchange INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
FXO          Foreign exchange circuit office direction
FXS          Foreign exchange circuit station direction
G            Spare box.  use for special studies.
GAP          (Ec) group of analysis and provision (for ONP)
GB           Great britain
GBS          Group bridging service
GC           Group card
GCE          Gated Oscillator Error
GCI          General circuit interface (IOM/u(k0)-interface)
GCON         Generic conditions
GCP          Generate Control pulse
GCR          General configuration register
GCS          Group control system
GDSUCOM      Global DSU common
GDSUCOM      Global digital service unit common
GDX          Gated diode crosspoint
GDXACC       Gated diode crosspoint access
GDXC         Gated diode crosspoint compensator
GDXCON       Gated diode crosspoint control circuit
GEISCO       General electric information services company
GFR          General facility report
GG           Getails of reported trouble.
GH           Gain hit
GHZ          Gigahertz
GID          Group ID
GKCCR        Generated key collection and compression routine
GLA          Generate lists for assignment
GND          Ground
GNS          Gainslope
GNS          Gainslope test (SARTS command)
GOC          General order control (TIRKS)
GOS          Grade of service
GP           Group processor
GPA          Gas pressure alarm
GPIB         General purpose interface bus
GPPC         General purpose power controller
GPS          Global positioning system
GR           General requirments (BellCoRe)
GRA          GRS acknowledgement
GRASP        Generic access package
GRD          Ground fault.
GRD          Ground.
GRID         Line unit grid.
GRP          Group
GRP MOD      Group modulator
GRS          Circuit group reset (SS7: in ISUP)
GS           Ground start (on-hook normal)
GS           Group separator
GSA          General services administration
GSAT         General telephone and electronics satellite corporation
GST          Ground start signaling
GSZ          Group size
GTC          General telephone company
GTE          General telephone electronics
GTEI         Global tei
GTS          Gamma transfer service
GTT          Global title transmission
GWY          Gateway
Ger          German
H            Hold state (in EOC)
H            Hours
H            Trouble ticket number.  subparagraph 5.6.4.
H&D          High and dry (trunk test)
H-           High-
H-RAP        Hardware reliability assurance program
HAC          Hands-free add-on circuit (for speakerphone)
HBS          Hunt group blocks of spares
HC           High capacity 1.544 mb/ps-service code for LATA access
HC           Hunt count
HCDS         High capacity digital service
HCDS         High-capacity digital services
HCFE         High-capacity front end
HCSDS        High-capacity satellite digital service
HCTDS        High-capacity terrestrial digital service
HD           High capacity 3.152 mb/ps-service code for LATA access
HDB3         High-density bipolar 3 (cept PRI)
HDFI         HSM digital facilities interface
HDLC         High level DLC
HDLC         High-level data link control
HDSL         High bit-rate digital subscriber line
HDTV         High definition television  (soon to be the new buzz word!!)
HDW          Hardware
HDX          Half duplex
HE           High capacity 6.312 mb/ps-service code for LATA access
HEAP         Home energy assistance program
HEHO         High end hop off
HF           High capacity 6.312-service code for LATA access
HF           Hunt-from telephone number
HFCC         High capacity facility control center
HFR          Hardwara failure rate
HG           High capacity 274.176 mb/s-service code for LATA access
HGBAF        Hardware group blocking acknowledgment failure
HGR          Hunt group report
HGS          Hunt group summary
HGUAF        Hardware group unblocking acknowledgment failure
HH           History header
HH           Record of repair activity.
HI           High
HI           High impedance (C/I channel code)
HI           Highway interrupt
HIC          Hybrid integrated circuit
HIM          Host interface module
HIS          Hunting ISH
HK           Hook
HL IT        Siemens semiconductors (hl)
HLC          Highest lead factor group count
HLDG         Holding
HLLAPI       High level language application program interface
HLSC         High-level service circuits
HM1          Intercom plus  USOC
HMCL         Host message class assignment
HMP          Intercom plus
HNPA         Home numbering plan area
HNS          Hospitality network service
HOBIC        Hotel billing information center
HOBIS        Hotel billing information system
HOLD         Call hold (i.253 b)
HP           Hewlett-packard
HP           Non-DDS digital data 2.4 kb/s INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
HPO          High performance option
HQ           Non-DDS digital data 4.8 kb/s INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
HR           Hour
HR           Non-DDS digital data 9.6 kb/s INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
HRS          Hours prefix
HS           High capacity subrate-service code for LATA access
HSCC         High level serial communication controller   sab82520
HSCX         Extended hscc     sab82525
HSM          Host switching module
HSSDS        High-speed switched digital service
HT           Horizontal tabulator
HT           Hunt-to telephone number
HTI          Highway transfer interrupt
HU           High usage
HU           High-usage trunk
HUNT         Hunting
HUTG         High usage trunk group
HW           High and wet.
HW           High-and-wet
HW           Non-DDS digital data 56  kb/s INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
HW           Pcm highway
HZ           Hertz
I            Cable and pair or associated equipment
I            Information (LAP-D command)
I            Installation
I            Invalid
I&I          Investment and inventory
I&M          Customer services installation and maintenance
I&M          Installation & maintenance
I-           Information (numbered i-frames)
I/O          Ineffective other
I/O          Input/output devices
I/O          Tnput/output
I0           Feature removed
I1           Added feature
IA           Immediate action
IA           Ineffective attempts
IAA          Ineffective attempt analysis.
IAAN         Immediatel action report
IAC0         DLI 0 access error
IAC1         DLI 1 access error
IACS         Intergrated access cross-connected system
IAD          Incomplete address detected (incoming)
IAM          Initial address msg. (SS7: in ISUP)
IB           Instruction buffer
IBC          ISDN burst transceiver circuit
IBN          Integrated business network
IBROFC       ISDN BRCS and Analog Office totals
IC           Incoming call (x.25)
IC           Independent carrier
IC           Installation centers
IC           Inter-LATA carrier
IC           Inter-exchange carrier
IC           Interexchange carriers
IC/MC        Installation and maintence centers
ICA          Incoming advance
ICA          Incoming advance (MDII)
ICAN         Individual circuit analysis
ICAO         International civil aviation organization
ICC          ISDN communications controller
ICC          Interstate commerce commission
ICCU         Inmate call control unit
ICD          Interactive call distribution
ICL          Intra-RSM communication link
ICLID        Individual calling line id
ICM          Integrated call management
ICN          Interconnecting network
ICOM         (taiwan) integrated communication
ICOT         Intercity and outstate trunk
ICP          Intercept
ICPOT        Interexchange carrier-point of termination
ICSC         Inter-LATA customer service center
ICSC         Interexchange carrier service center
ICSC         Interexchange customer service center
ICUG         International closed user groups
ICUP         Individual circuit usage and peg count
ICUR         Individual circuit usage recorder
ID           Idle control code
IDA          (gb) interated digital access (b64+b8+d8)
IDC          Information distribution companies
IDCI         Interim defined central office interface
IDCU         Integrated digital carrier unit
IDCU         Integrated digital carrier unit .
IDCU         Integrated digital carrier unit i.e. AT&T Series 5 RT FP 303G
IDDD         International direct distance dialing
IDEC         ISDN d-channel exchange controller
IDF          Intermediate distributing frame
IDI          Initial domain identifier (ISO 7498)
IDLC         Integrated digital loop carrier
IDLC         Intergrated digital loop carrier
IDP          Individual dialing plan
IDPC         Integrated data protocol controller
IDS          Internal directory system
IDVC         Integrated data/voice channel
IEC          ISDN echo cancellation circuit
IEC          Interexchange carrier
IEC          International electrotechnical comission
IEC-P        (old name of iec-q3)
IEC-Q1       Iec for 2b1q  peb2091
IEC-Q2       Iec-q specially for lt and NT1 (without microprocessor)
IEC-Q3       Iec-q with parallel processor interface (i.e. for daml)
IEC-T        Iec for 4b3t  peb2090
IEEE         Institute of electrical and electronics engineers
IEPC         ISDN exchange power controller
IF           Intermediate frequency
IFAC         Integrated digital carrier unit facility
IFRB         International frecuency registration board
IFRPS        Intercity facility relief planning system
IFS          (switzerland) integrated telecom service
IGS          Idenitfy graphic subrepertoire (teletex)
IIN          Integrated information network
IJR          Input a jeopardy reason
ILC          ISDN link controller
ILINE        IDCU line counts.
IM           Input mux
IM           Interface module
IMA          Additional ineffective machine attempts
IMAS         Integrated mass announcement system
IMC          IOS mailbox control
IMCAT        Input message catalog
IMCF         Interoffice multiple call forwarding
IMD          Intermodulation distortion
IMM          Input message manual
IMMU         IOS memory management unit
IMP          Impedance
IMP          Impules per minute
IMP          Interpersonal messaging protocol (x.420: p2)
IMS          Interprocessor message switch
IMT          Inter-machine trunk
IMTS         Improved mobile telephone service
IMU          Input measured ccs usage data
IN           Intelligent network
IN/1         Intelligent network/1
INA          Intergrated network access
INAP         Intelligent network access point
INC          Incoming trunk groups
INC          International calling
INC          International carrier
INC SEL      Incoming selector
INCAS-A      Integrated network cost analysis - access
INCAS-LT     Integrated network cost analysis - local and toll
INCAS-S      Integrated network cost analysis - shared
INCAS/E      Integrated network cost analysis system
INCAS/I      Integrated network cost analysis system - embedded
INCIS        Integrated network cost information system
INCP         Incomplete
IND          Individual
INF          Information
INF          Information (SS7: in ISUP)
INIT         Allocation table initalization
INL          Inter node link
INN          Inter node network
INQ          Complete circuit inquiry
INR          Information request (SS7: in ISUP)
INS          (japan) information network system (b64+b16+d8)
INT          Interrupt (i.e. C/I channel code)
INTCCTRL     International code control (NTI)
INTCHG       Interexchange
INTEGRIS     Integrated results information service
INTELSAT     International telecommunications satellite consortium
INTR         Interrupt
INW          INWATS [code 258(8000-8299)]
INWATS       Inward wide area telecommunications system
INWATS       Inward wide area telephone service
INWBLKD      INWATS returned blocked
INWBLKD      Inward wide area telecommunications service (INWATS) returned
INWBUSY      INWATS all lines busy
INWCCBL      INWATS code control blocked
INWDBOV      INWATS data base overload
INWDBTO      INWATS data base timeout
INWDSBL      INWATS direct signaling blocked
INWNNPA      INWATS nonpurchased NPA
INWNNPA      INWATS nonpurchased numbering plan area (NPA)
INWNOXL      INWATS returned no translation
INWONPA      INWATS invalid originating numbering plan area (ONPA)
INWOVLD      INWATS returned overload
INWUNEQ      INWATS returned unequipped
INWVLIN      INWATS vacant line number
IO           Inward operator
IOAU         Input/output access unit (univac)
IOC          Independent operating company
IOC          Input/output controler (shelf)
IOC          Integrated optical circuit
IOC          International overseas center
IOCC         International overseas completion center
IOCP         Input/output configuration process
IOCS         Input/output control system
IODB         IDCU on-demand B-channel
IOI          Secondary input/output interface pack(s)
IOM          ISDN-oriented modular (architecture and interfaces)
IOM2         Extended iom
IOMI         Input/output microprocessor interface
IOP          Input-output processor
IOP          Input/output Processor
IOP          Input/output driver
IOP          Input/output processor
IOS          ISDN operational software
IOS          Input/output supervisor (IBM)
IOS          Inventory order system
IOSF         Input/output shelf assignment
IOT          Inter-office trunk
IOT          Interoffice test command (SARTS command)
IOT          Interoffice testing
IOTC         International originating toll center
IP           Information provider
IP           Inprogress
IP           Intermediate point
IP           Internet protocol
IPABX        ISDN pabx
IPAC         ISDN pc adapter circuit
IPACS        Interactive planning & control system
IPAT         ISDN primary access transceiver
IPB          Sipb
IPBC         IOM2 PBC (old name for EPIC)
IPC          Inter-process communication
IPC          Interprocess communication
IPCS         IOS process control system
IPCS         Installation product costing system
IPCS         Interactive problem control system
IPIB         Intelligent personal computer interface board
IPIDB        IDCU peripheral interface data bus
IPL          Initial program load
IPL          Interoffice private line signaling
IPL          Interoffice private line signaling test (SARTS command)
IPLAN        Integrated planning and analysis system
IPLS         InterLATA private line services
IPM          Impulse per minute
IPM          Impulses per minute
IPM          Interruptions per minute
IPP          IOS protocol part
IPP          Integrated planning process
IPPC         Interdepartmental project planning committee
IPR          Installation performance results system
IPS          Installation performance results
IPS          Integrated Provisioning System
IPS          Integrated provisions system
IPX          Integrated packet exchange
IQS          Instant request system
IR           Incoming register
IRBR         Integrated resource billing report system
IRC          International record carrier
IRIS         Industry relations information system
IRLF         Incoming register link frame
IRM          Information resource management
IRMC         Incoming register marker connector
IRO          Industry relations operations
IROR         Internal rate of return
IRP          Integrated revenue planning
IRPC         ISDN remote power control   psb2120
IRR          Internal rate of return system
IRRS         Interactive request and retrieval system
IRS          Industrial revenue summary
IRT          IDCU remote digital terminal
IRU          Integrated recovery utility (sperry)
IS           Interrupt set
IS/SADQ      Interstate special access demand quantification
ISA          Indicate status application
ISAC-P       ISDN subscriber access controller
ISAC-S       ISDN subscriber access controller
ISAM         Indexed sequential access method
ISC          Intelligent serial controller
ISC          International switching center
ISC          Planintercompany services coordination plan
ISC/TE       Information systems center for technical education
ISCAR        Information systems costs analysis reports
ISCOM        SWBT intercompany service coordination (ISC) order monitor
ISCP         Integrated service control point
ISCP/MSAP    ISCP/multi-service application platform
ISCP/SPOCK   ISCP/service provisioning and on-line creation tool kit software
ISDN         Integrated services digital network
ISF          Inquire on a single facility
ISG          Isolated system grounding
ISH          Complete circuit inquiry short
ISI          Industry support layout
ISIS         Interstate settlements information system
ISLM         Integrated services line module
ISLU         Integrated services line unit
ISLUCC       Integrated services line unit common controller
ISLUCD       Integrated services line unit common data
ISLUHLSC     Integrated services line unit high level service circuit
ISLUMAN      Integrated services line unit metallic access network
ISLURG       Integrated services line unit ringing generator
ISM          ISDN switching module
ISM          Interactive synchronous mode
ISMP         Industry specific measurement plan
ISMS         Integrated service management system
ISMTL        Information systems management training
ISN          Information systems network
ISN          Integrated systems network
ISNET        Interim solution network (Kansas city only)
ISO          Information systems organization
ISO          International organization for standardization
ISOFC        ISDN office totals
ISOPDB       Information systems organization planning data base
ISOSS        Intercompany service order switching system
ISP          Intermediate service part
ISPBX        Integrated systems PBX
ISPC         International signaling point code (SS7)
ISPF         Interactive system productivity facility
ISPI         ISDN packet interface
ISRP         Information systems rules panel
ISS          Integrated switching system
ISS          Issue
ISSANRC      Interstate special access non-recurring
ISSC         Interfunction special service coordination
ISSCO        Intertoll
ISSN         Integrated special services network
ISSN         Intergrated specal services network
ISSS         ISDN supporting system
ISTA         Interrupt status register
ISUP         ISDN user part
ISUP         ISDN user part (SS7: q.76x)
ISUP         Integrated services user part
IT           Inactivity test (SS7: in SCCP)
IT           Intertandem tie trunk INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
ITAC         ISDN terminal adaptor circuit
ITC          Independent telephone company
ITC          Interdepartmental training center at dallas-texas for
ITD          Intertoll dial
ITEA         Interoffice trunks engineering and administration
ITF          Integrated test facility
ITG          Intergrated traffic generator
ITIMS        Integrated transportation information management system
ITIMS/IE     Itims/information expert
ITM          Cable pair item number
ITNA         Improves thrid number acceptance
ITNO         Item number
ITS          Institute of telecommunication science
ITS          Integrated test system
ITS          Interactive training system
ITSE         Incoming trunk service evaluation
ITSO         Incoming trunk service observation
ITSTC        Information technology steering committee (cen
ITT          Idle trunk test
ITU          International telecommunication union
ITU          International telecommunications union
ITVSE        Intermediary transport vendor service center
ITW          Instructional technology workshop
IU           Network/port interface unit
IUP          Installed user program (IBM)
IVD          Integrated voice data
IVP          Installation verification procedures
IVP          Installation verification program
IVTS         International video teleconferencing service
IWF          Interworking facility (gateway)
IWU          Interworking unit (gateway)
IX           Interactive executive
IXC          Or icinterexchange carrier
IXM          Interexchange mileage
IZ           Interzone
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