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Current issue : #43 | Release date : 1993-07-01 | Editor : Erik Bloodaxe
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Title : Acronyms Part V
Author : Firm G.R.A.S.P.
                              ==Phrack Magazine==

                 Volume Four, Issue Forty-Three, File 25 of 27

                               {Acronyms Part V}

S            Date and time report received.
S            Seconds
S            Send toscreener
S            Sleeve
S            Start dial signal
S&E          Service & equipment
S-           Supervisory (S-frames)
S-N          Signal-to-noise ratio
S/R          Send/receive key
S1DN         Stage one distribution network
S96          SLC 96
SA           Sattelite trunk INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
SA01         Call store memory audit results - 1AESS software
SAA          System applications architecture (for ps/2)
SABME        Set asynchronous balanced mode (ABM) extended (LAP-D command)
SAC          Service access connector (-> sipb)
SAC          Service area computer
SAC          Special area code
SAC          Switch activation
SAD          System access delay
SAG          Street address guide
SAI          S activity indicator (in EOC)
SAI          Serving area interface
SAI          Summary of action items
SALI         Standalone automatic location identification
SAM          Subsequent address msg. (SS7: in ISUP)
SAMA         Step by step automatic message accounting
SAMEM        Stand-alone billing memory
SANE         Signaling area/network code (SS7)
SAP          Service access point
SAPI         Service access point identifier
SAR          Store address register
SARTS        Switch access tremote test system
SARTS        Switched access remote test system
SAS          Switched access service
SASWF        Save all seems well failure flip flop
SAT          Special access termination
SAT          Supervisory audio tone
SAT          System access terminal
SAW          Surface acoustic wafe (filter)
SB           Switched access-standard-service code for LATA access
SBC          S bus interface circuit
SBCX         SBC extended
SBI          Synchronous backplane interconnect
SBLN         Standby line
SBMS         Southwestern bell mobile service
SBS          Skyline business systems
SBUC         S bus connector
SC           Scanner controller
SC           Sectional center
SC           System controller
SC/SD        Scan and signal distributor
SCA          Service order completion-automatic
SCANS        Software change administration and notification system
SCAT         Stromberg-carlson assistance team
SCC          Specialized common carrier
SCC          Station cluster controller
SCC          Switching control center
SCC          Switching control center.
SCCP         Signaling ccp (SS7: q.71x)
SCCP         Signaling connection control part
SCCS         Specialized common carrier service
SCCS         Switching control center system
SCF          Selective call forwarding
SCF          Simple completion for mdf
SCH          Test scheduale (command)
SCHED        Scheduled
SCI          Spare cable pair inquiry
SCL          Station clock
SCLK         Slave clock
SCM          Scramble coder multiplexer
SCM          Standard completion by mdf
SCM          Subscriber carrier module
SCM          Subscriber carrier module (DMS-1 digital pair gain system NTI)
SCO          Serving central office
SCOT         Stepper central office tester
SCOTS        Surveillance & control of transmissions system
SCP          Service control point
SCP          Service order completion by LAC
SCP          Signal control point
SCP          Signal conversion point
SCP          System control program
SCPC         Signal channel per carrier
SCPD         Supplementary central pulse distributor
SCR          Selective call rejection
SCR          Signaling configuration register
SCR          Standard completion by rcmac
SCRC         Send corrected reference equivalent
SCRN         Screening translations
SCS          SCM-10S Shelf (SLC-96)
SCS          SCM-10S shelf (SLC-96)
SCSDH        Scanner and signal distributor handler
SCU          Selector control unit
SCX          Specialized communications exchange
SD           Slip detected
SD           Switched access-improved-service code for LATA access
SD&D         Specific development & design
SDACS        Serving digital accessed and cross-connect system
SDC          Sales development center
SDD          Site dependent data
SDDF         Subscriber digital distributing frame
SDE          Submission/delivery entity (x.400)
SDIS         Switched digital integrated service
SDL          Specification and description language
SDLC         Synchronous DLC
SDLC         Synchronous data link control
SDLH         Synchronous data link handler
SDM          Space division multiplex
SDN          Software defined network
SDN          Software-defined network
SDNBAS       Call failed due to the query's being blocked at the switch
SDNBN        Call failed due to the query's being blocked in the CCS network
SDNGTCAP     Garbled TCAP message received
SDNNCANI     CAMA call failed due to CAMA trunk's not providing ANI for
SDNNCFA      Call failed while the transaction with the NCP was active
SDNNCFI      Call failed while the transaction with the NCP was inactive
SDNNOCANI    CAMA call failed due to CAMA trunk's not providing ANI
               through ONI for query
SDNRER       Call failed because to the conversation with the NCP
               resulted in a return error
SDNRER       Call failed because to the conversation with the NCP
               resulting in a return error
SDNRR        Call failed because to the conversation with the NCP
               resulted in a reject respon
SDNRR        Call failed because to the conversation with the NCP
               resulting in a reject respo
SDNTIM       Call failed due to the query's not being answered in
               time by the NCP
SDNTRF       Call failed due to the NCP's answering with a terminate request
SDOC         Selective dynamic overload controls
SDP          Service delivery point
SDP          Submission and delivery protocol (x.411)
SDPT         Signal distribution points
SDR          Store data register
SDR          Switch data report
SDS          Switched data service
SDS          Synchronous data set
SDSC         Synchronous data set controller
SDT          Software development tools
SE           Special access wats-access-std-service code for LATA access
SE           Special service equipment number
SEAS         Signaling engineering and administration system
SEAS         Signalling engineering and administration systems
SEC          Second
SEC          Signal level behind the echo canceller (C/I channel code)
SEE          Systems equipment engineering
SEG          Segment
SEL          Digital selector (in TMS)
SEL          Selecting lines for an exchange class of service study
SER#         Seral number
SES          Service evaluation system
SES          Unk    (administrative system)
SET          Statistics on equipment and telephone numbers
SET          Strategy execution table
SF           Service field
SF           Signal format
SF           Single frequency.
SF           Special access- WATS access line improved-service code for LATA
SF           Status field (SS7)
SFB          Set next febe to zero
SFD          Superframe detected (C/I channel code)
SFG          Simulated facilities
SFG          Simulated facilities group
SFG          Simulated facility group
SFG          Simulated facility group (SFG) measures.
SFMC         Satellite facility management center
SFN          Simulated facility number
SFV          Signal format verification
SFV          Signaling format verification (SARTS command)
SG           Control/remote metering signal grade INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
SG           Supergroup
SG           Switch group (SG) (also known as half-grid)
SGC          Switching group control
SGD          Failure to receive station group designator (SGD)
SGH          Select graphic rendition (teletex)
SGH          Supply relays for groups of 5xb hunts
SGL          Single
SGML         Standard generic markup language
SGMP         Simple gateway management protocol
SGN          Common language segment number
SHI          Select horizontal spacing (teletex)
SI           Sequenced information
SI           Service indicator
SI           Shift in (ascii control)
SI           Status indicator
SI           Synchronous interface
SIC          Silicon integrated circuit
SICOFI       Signal processing codec filter
SICOFI2      2 channel sicofi
SID          System identification
SIDB         Session information data base
SIDES        Siemens ISDN software development and evaluation system
SIF          Signaling information field (SS7)
SIG          Signaling
SIG          Signaling equipment (in a trunk)
SIGI         Sigi
SIGS         Signaling strobe
SILC         Selective incoming load control
SILC         Selective incoming load controls messages.
SIM          System integrity monitor
SIN          Status indication normal alignment
SIO          Service information octet (SS7)
SIP          Serial interface port
SIPB         Siemens ISDN pc user board
SIPB 5XXX    SIPB modules
SIPB 7XXX    SIPB configurations
SIPMOS       Siemens PMOS
SIPO 6XXX    Siemens ISDN pc software object code
SIPS 6XXX    Siemens ISDN pc software source code
SIR          Sorting inquiry by range
SIS          Special identifying telephone number supplement
SIT          Special identifying telephone number
SIT          Special information tones
SITAC        Siemens isolated thyristor AC
SITE         Site assignments
SITEST       Siemens ISDN protocol software test tools
SIU          Subscriber line interface unit
SJ           Limited switched access line-service code for LATA access
SK           Skip
SK           Skip option
SL           Secretarial line INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
SL           Subscriber line
SLA          Subscriber line adress
SLB          Subscriber line busy
SLC          Signaling link code (SS7)
SLC          Subicer loop carrier
SLC          Subscriber line counts for custom calling features
SLC          Subscriber loop carrier
SLD          Subscriber line data (bus)
SLE          Screen list editing
SLE          Screening line editor
SLEN         SLC line equipment number
SLIC         Subscriber line interface circuit
SLIM         Subscriber line interface module
SLIM         Subscriber loop interface module
SLK          Signaling link
SLM          Subscriber line module
SLMA         SLM analog
SLMD         SLM digital
SLPK         SLC-96 pack
SLRF         Systemiletterntenance results feature (eadas)
SLS          Signaling link selection (SS7)
SLSN         Unk  COSMOS
SLU          Special studies
SM           Same
SM           Sampling INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
SM           Service module
SM           Speech memory
SM           Switch module
SM           Switching modual
SM           Switching module
SM           Synchronous multiplexor
SMAC         Service and maintance administration center
SMAS         Switched maintance access system
SMAS         Switched maintance access system (provides access to the
              RMS-M and RTS)
SMASF        SMAS frame
SMASPU       SMAS power unit
SMD          Surface mounted device
SMDF         Subscriber main distributing frame
SMDI         Subscriber message desk interface
SMDR         Station message detail record
SMDR         Station message detail recording
SMDR         Station message detailed recording
SMDS         Switched multi-megabit data service
SMF          Sub multi frame
SMG          Supermastergroup
SMM          SARTS maintence manager (VAX 1/780)
SMP          SARTS maintance position (TP 52a)
SMPU         Switch Module Processor Unit
SMS          Service management system
SMS          Station management systems
SMS          Switching Module System
SMSA         Standard metropolitan statistical area
SMTP         Simple mail transfer protocol
SMU          Subscriber module urban
SMU          System master unit
SN           Sequence number
SN           Special access termination INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
SNA          System network architecture (IBM)
SNA          Systems network architecture
SNADS        System network architecture distribution service
SNET         Southern new england telephone
SNF          Serial number format
SNL          Signaling link  (CCS7)
SNLS         Signaling link set (CCS7)
SNRS         Signaling network route set (CCS7)
SNS          Service network system
SO           Service order
SO           Shift out
SOAC         Service order analysis and control
SOB          Service observing assignments
SOB          Service observing tag
SOC          Service order cancel
SOC          Service oversight center
SOCC         Standard optical cable code
SOCC         Switching operation control center
SODC         Service order delayed completion
SOE          Service order establishment
SOE          Standrard operating environment
SOF          Service order fix
SOH          Service order history
SOH          Service order withheld
SOH          Start of header
SOI          Service order assignment inquiry
SOI          Service order image
SOL          Service order listing
SOM          Modify a pending service order
SONAR        Service order negotiation and retrieval
SONDS        Small office network data system
SONET        Synchronous optical network
SORD         Service order dispach
SOW          Service order withdrawal
SP           Signal p
SP           Signal point (switching office in SS7)
SP           Signal processing
SP           Signal processor
SP           Signaling point
SP           Stimulus protocol
SPA          Special access
SPACE        Service provisioning and creation environment
SPAN         Space physics analysis network
SPAN         System performance analyzer
SPARED       Line involved in ISLU sparing configuration.
SPC          Signaling poiny code (SS7)
SPC          Southern pacific communications
SPC          Stored program control
SPC          Stored program controlled
SPCR         Serial port control register
SPCS         Stored program control system
SPCS         Stored programacontrolnsystem
SPCS COER    Stored-program control system/central office equipment
SPCSS        Stored program control switching system
SPD          Speed
SPDA         Supplier data program
SPFC         Special purpose function code
SPH          Session protocol handler
SPI          Serial peripheral interface
SPINT        Signal processor interrupt
SPL          Split
SPM          Split and monitor
SPM          Split and monitor (SARTS command)
SPOC         Single point of contact
SPS          Split and supervise
SPS          Split and supervise (SARTS command)
SPUC/DL      Serial peripheral unit controller/data link
SQ           Equipment only-customer premises INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
SQA          Simulated facility group (SFG) announcement (SAQ)
SQD          Signal quality detector
SQL/DS       Structured query language/data system
SRA          Selective routing arrangement
SRAM         Static ram
SRCF         Single line remote call forward
SRDC         Subrate data cross connect
SRDM         Subrate data multiplexer
SRI          Subscriber Remote Interface (RLCM)
SRI          Subscriber Remote Interface pack
SRL          Singing return loss
SRV          Service
SRVT         SCCP Routing Verification Test
SS           Dataphone select-a-station INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
SS           Signaling system
SS           Special services
SS7          Signaling system #7 (ccitt)
SSA          Special service automation
SSAS         Station signaling and announcement subsystem
SSB          Single-sideband
SSB          Switched services bureau
SSBAM        Single-sideband amplitude modulation
SSC          Specal service center
SSC          Special service center
SSC          Special services center
SSC          Standard speech circuit     psb4500/-1
SSCP         Subsystem services control point
SSD          No second start dial wink
SSD          No second start dial wink (MDII)
SSDAC        Specal services dispach administration centers
SSF          Sub service field
SSI          Serial signal interface
SSN          Subsystem number
SSN          Switched service network
SSO          Satellite switching office
SSO          Satellite switching office assignments
SSP          Send single pulses (C/I channel code for test mode)
SSP          Service switching point
SSP          Service switching points
SSP          Signal switching point
SSP          Sponsor selective pricing
SSP          Switching service points
SSP          System status panel
SSPC         Ssp controller
SSPRU        Ssp relay unit
SSTR         Selective service trunk reservation (SSTR).
SSTR         Service selective trunk reservation
SSTTSS       Space-space-time-time-space-space network
SSWAP        Switching services work allocation precedures (GTE)
ST           A signal that indicates the end of mf pulses (stop)
ST           Present status of telephone number
ST           Self test request nt (IOM2 monitor message)
ST           Start
ST           Subscriber terminal
STA          Station sset
STAB         Station abbreviation file
STARS        Sampled traffic analysis and repo ts systems
STATMUX      Statistical multiplexer
STB          Standby
STC          Service test center
STC          Serving test center
STC          Switching technical center
STCR         Syncron transfer control register
STD          Standard
STD          Subscriber trunk dialing
STDM         Statistical time division multiplexing
STEP         Services testing evolution platfoem
STEP         Sides static test of IOS and mf on board (in sitest)
STKE         Stack protect error
STLWS        Supplementary trunk and line work station
STM          Synchronous transfer mode
STN          Station definition
STN          Summarize telephone numbers
STOR         Memory storage
STORY        Screening tool for report files (IOS)
STP          Self test pass (IOM2 monitor message)
STP          Signal transfer point
STP          Signal transfer point (SS7)
STP          Stop
STRAT        Strategy
STS          Shared tenant service
STS          Space-time-space network
STS          Space-time-space switch (TMS-TSI-TMS)
STS          Station signaling
STS          Station signaling test (SARTS command)
STS          Steered tenant service
STS          Synchronous transport signal
STS 2060     Sicofi software
STT          Telephone number status
STTP         Supplementalstrunkntest panel
STTP         Supplementary trunk test panel - trunk testing position (1ess)
STU 2000     Stand alone ISDN user board
STU 2040     Stand alone MTS user board
STU 2050     Stand alone PBC user board
STU 2060     Stand alone SICOF user board
STUDIALO     PC software for STU 2xxx
STX          Start of test
STX          Start of text
SU           Signaling unit
SU           Syndes units (syncronizers-dessyncronizers)
SU5IN        Subunit 5 interrupt
SU6IN        Subunit 6 interrupt
SU7IN        Subunit 7 interrupt
SUB          Sub switch
SUB          Sub-addressing (i.251)
SUB          Substitute character (teletex)
SUBL         Sublet service
SUERM        Su error rate monitor
SUFX         Sufix
SUM1         Summary screen
SUP          Supervision
SUS          Suspend (SS7: in ISUP)
SUSP         Suspend (i.451)
SV           Slave
SV           Switched voice
SVB          Serving bureau
SVC          Critical service circuits
SVC          Switched virtual circuit
SVC          Switched virtual circuits
SVL          Service observing loops
SVP          Surge voltage protector  various
SVS          Select vertical spacing (teletex)
SVS          Switched voice service
SW           Switch name
SW           Switched
SWB          Southwestern bell
SWC          Same wire center
SWC          Set work code
SWEQF        Switch equipment failure.
SWFC         Sliding-window flow control
SWFN         Switch function file
SWG          Sub working group
SWS          Switch work station
SWS          Switched signaling
SWS          Switching signal test (SARTS command)
SWST         Switch signature table
SX           Simplex (mode is a PT TR connected togeather)
SX           Simplex signaling
SXS          Step by (X) step
SYC          System control
SYN          Synchronous idle
SYNDES       Synchonizer/dessynchonizer
SYP          Synchronisation pulse
SYS          Machine number
SYS          System
SYS          System manager
SYSGEN       System generation
SZD          Seized
SxS          Step-by-step or strowger switch
T            Double wire pair
T            Intials of person receiving report.
T            Terminaltion
T            Tip
T&A          Toll and assistance
T&L          Termination
T&M          Talk-and-monitor
T&R          Tip and ring
T&R          Two wire phone connection
T-           Transportfunction-
T-BERD       T-carrier Bit Error Rate Tester
T-GRND       Tip-ground
T1/OS        T1 carrier outstate
T1FE         T1 carrier front end
TA           Tandem tie-trunk INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
TA           Terminal adaption
TA           Terminal adaptor
TA           Transfer allowed
TA           Transfer assembly
TAB          Telephone ability battery
TAC          Technical assistance center
TAC          Tei assignment control (IOS)
TAC          Terminal access circuit
TAC          Test and access circuit
TACD         Telephone area code directory
TAD          Test access digroup
TAG          Translation administration group
TAI          Tie pair assignment inquiry
TAN          Technation access network
TAN          Test access network
TAP          Telephone assistance plan
TAP          Teletex access protocol (x.430: p5)
TAP          Test access path
TAP          Touchtone assignment priority number
TARE         Tariff table (AMA NTI)
TAS          Telephone answering service
TASC         Technical assistance service center
TASC         Telecommunications alarm and surveillance control
TASC         Telecommunications alarm surveillance and control system
TASI         Time assignment speech interpolartion
TASI         Time assignment speech interpolation system
TAT          Test access trunk
TAT          Test alignment of frame terminal
TAT          Transatlantic telephone
TATS         Trouble analysis of transmission and signaling
TAU          Time assignment unit
TBL          Trouble
TC           Control/remote metering-telegraph grade INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
TC           Timing counter
TC           To cable
TC           Toll center
TC           Transaction capabilities
TC15         Reports overall traffic condition - 1AESS traffic condition
TCA          Telephone company administration
TCAP         Telecommunications alarm surveillance
TCAP         Transaction (ie sdngtcap)
TCAP         Transaction capabilities application part
TCAP         Transaction capabilities applications port
TCAS         T-carrier administration system
TCAS         T-carrier administration system)
TCAS         T-carrier administrative system
TCC          Toll control center
TCC          Trunk class code
TCG          Test call generation
TCIF         Telecommunications industry forum
TCM          Time compression multiplexer
TCM          Trellis coded modulation
TCP          Transport control protocol (DOD)
TCR          Transient call record
TCS          Terminating code screening
TCSP         Tandem cross section program
TCU          Timing control unit
TD           Test direction
TD           Tone decoders
TDAS         Traffic data administration system
TDAS         Translation data assemblern system
TDC          Tape data controller
TDC          Telex destination code (ISO 7498)
TDC          Terrestrial data circuit
TDD          Telecommunications device for deaf
TDF          Trunk distributing frame
TDM          Time division multiplex
TDMA         Tdm access
TDRS         Traffic datatrecorderasystem
TE           Terminal equipment
TE           Transit exchange (contains PSF)
TE           Transverse electric
TED          Text editor
TEHO         Tail end hop off
TEI          Terminal endpoint identifier
TELEX        Teleprinter exchange
TELNET       Virtual terminal protocol
TELSAM       Telephone service attitude measurement
TEN          Trunk equipment number
TER          Terminal
TERM         Terminate
TERM         Terminating
TEST         In test mode.
TET          Display or change band filter file
TF           Telephoto/facsimile INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
TFC          Transfer frame changes
TFLAP        T-carrier fault-locating application program
TFS          Trunk forecasting system
TFTP         Television facility test position
TG           Tip-to-ground
TG           Translation guide
TGC          Manual trunk group controls messages.
TGC          Terminal group controller
TGID         Trunk group id
TGMEAS       Basic trunk group measurements
TGN          Trunk group number
TH           Trouble history
THGP         Thousands groups
THL          Trans hybrid loss
TI           Test indication
TIA          Telephone information access
TIC          Telecom ic (IOM-bus)
TICOM        Treated interface common circuit.
TIDE         Traffic information distributor & editor
TIG          Dial transfer input generator
TIM          Timing
TIMEREL      Time release
TINTF        The T interface is down.
TIP          The installation practices
TIRKS        Trunk integrated record keeping system
TK           Local PBX trunk INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
TK           Trunk cable and pair number
TKT          Trouble ticket file
TL           Non-tandem tie trunk INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
TL           Test line
TL02         Reason test position test was denied - 1AESS traffic
TLC          Tail COSMOS
TLC          Translate lanavar/CPS
TLI          Telephone line identifier
TLK          Talk
TLM          Trouble locating manual
TLN          Trunk line network
TLP          Transmission level point
TLPU         Telecommunications line processor unit
TLS          Tail switch
TLTP         Trunk line and test panel
TLTP         Trunk line testrpanelng frame
TLWS         Trunk and line work station
TM           Testmode
TM           Transverse magnetic
TM           Trasfer modus
TM           Trunk mantance
TM1          Terminal 1 (IOS)
TMA          Trunk module analog
TMAS         Transport maintance and administration systems
TMC          Timeslot management channel
TMD          Trunk module digital
TMDF         Trunk main distributing frame
TME          Trunk module equipment
TMMS         Telephone message management system
TMPS         Trunk maintenanceaposition
TMR          Transient memory record
TMRS         Traffic MeasuRment (GTE)
TMRS         Traffic measurement and recording system
TMRS         Traffic metering remote system
TMS          Time mutiplexed switch
TMS          Time-multiplexed switch
TMS          Time-multiplexed switching
TMT          Traffic management.
TMX          Trunk module with x-interface
TN           Telephone number
TN           Tone (C/I channel code: wake up signal)
TN           Transaction number
TN01         Trunk diagnostic found trouble - 1AESS trunk network
TN02         Dial tone delay alarm failure - 1AESS trunk network
TN04         Trunk diag request from test panel - 1AESS trunk network
TN05         Trunk test procedural report or denials - 1AESS trunk network
TN06         Trunk state change - 1AESS trunk network
TN07         Response to a trunk type and status request - 1AESS trunk network
TN08         Failed incoming or outgoing call - 1AESS trunk network
TN09         Network relay failures - 1AESS trunk network
TN10         Response to trk-list input usually a request from test position
TN11         Hourly status of trunk undergoing tests - 1AESS trunk network
TN16         Daily summary of precut trunk groups - 1AESS trunk network
TNC          Terminal node controller
TNDS         Total network data system
TNF          Telephone number format
TNN          Trunk network number
TNOP         Total network operation plan
TNOP         Total network operations plan
TNPC         Traffic network planning center
TNS          Telephone number swap
TO           Toll office
TOC          Television operating center
TOC          Transfer order completion
TOC0         Reports status of less serious overload conditions -
               1AESS traffic
TOC0         Serious traffic condition - 1AESS traffic overload
TOE          Transfer order establishment
TOF          Mass oe transfer order frame listings
TOI          Dial transfer order inquiry
TOL          Transfer order lists
TOO          Transfer order omissions
TOP          Task-oriented practices
TOP          Technical office protocol
TOPQ         Top of queue (Quasi SDL)
TOPS         Timesharing operating system
TOPS         Traffic operator position system
TOS          Trunk orderf-service (list)
TOSS/MP      Traffic operator sequence simulator/mult purpose
TOW          Transfer order withdrawal
TP           Dacs test port or test position
TP           Test position
TP           Tie pair
TP           Toll point
TP 52A       SARTS test position 52A
TPC          TOPS (DMS) position controllers
TPH          Transport protocol handler
TPMP         Tnds performance measurement plan
TPMP         Total network data system performance measurement plan
TPR          Taper code
TPU          Tie pair usage report
TQ           Television grade customized-service code for LATA access
TQ           Trunk query
TQA          Trunk group queuing announcements
TR           Test register
TR           Toll regions
TR           Transfer register
TR           Trunk reservation controls messages.
TR           Turret or automatic call distributor (ACD) trunk INTER/TRA blocal
TR01         Translation information - 1AESS
TRAC         Call tracing
TRANS        Transmit
TRB          Periodic trouble status reporting
TRBL         Unspecified trouble.
TRBLORG      Origination trouble.
TRC          Transfer order recent change report
TRCC         T-carrier restoration and control centers
TRCO         Trouble reporting control office
TRE          Transmission equipment
TREAT        Trouble report evaluation analysis tool
TREAT        Trouble reporteandsanalysisstool
TREQF        Transmission equipment failure.
TRFC15       Fifteen minute traffic report
TRG          Trouble reference guide
TRI          Tone ringer          psb652x
TRI          Transmission equipment assignment inquiry
TRK          Analog or digital recorded announcement trunks
TRK          Trunks
TRKBD        Trunk board.
TRKCT        Trunk circuit.
TRM          Two mile optically remote switching module
TRM          Two-mile remote switching module
TRMG         Terminal group
TRMSN        Transmission
TRMTR        Tramsmitter
TRMTR        Transmitter
TRNS         Translations
TRR          Tip-ring reversal
TRR          Tip-ring reversal (MDII)
TRR          Tip-ring reverse
TRU          Transmit/receive unit
TRVR         Translation verification
TRW          Total reservation order withdrawal
TS           Test number
TS           Time slot
TSA          Time slot assignment
TSC          Test system controller
TSC          Tristate control
TSC/RTU      Test systems controller/remote test unit
TSCPF        Time switch and call processor frame
TSCPF        Time switch and central processor frame
TSG          Timing signal generator
TSI          Time slot interchanger
TSI          Time slot interchangers
TSI          Time-slot interchange
TSIIN        Time-slot interchange interrupt
TSIU         Time slot interchange Unit
TSL          Line equipment summary report
TSMS         Traffic seperation measurment system
TSN          Test session number
TSN          Traffic statistics on telephone numbers
TSO          Time sharing option
TSORT        Transmission system optimum relief tool
TSP          Test supervisor
TSP          Traffic service position
TSPS         Traffic service position system
TSS          Trunk servicing system
TSS          Trunk servicing systems
TSST         Time-space-space-time network
TST          Test
TST          Time-space-time network
TST          Time-space-time switch (TSI-TMS-TSI)
TST          Transmission test
TST          Traveling-wave tube
TSTS         Time-space-time-space network
TSV          Test ststus verification (monitor)
TSW          Total service order withdrawal
TT           Teletypewriter channel INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
TT           Trunk type
TTA          Terminating traffic area
TTAA         Transmission theory and applacations
TTC          Terminating toll center
TTE          Trunk trafic engineering
TTFCOM       Test transmission facility common
TTFCOM       Transmission test facility common
TTL          Transistor-transistor logic
TTMI         Trunkytransmission maintenance index
TTP          Trunk test panel
TTR          Operator trunk trouble reports
TTR          Operator trunk trouble reports (MDII)
TTS          Trunk time switch
TTSI         Transmit time slot interchanger
TTTN         Tandem tie trunk network
TTU          Trasnslation Table Update (GTE)
TTY          Get tty name  - COSMOS command
TTY          Teletypewriter
TTYC         Tty controller
TU           Transmit unit
TU           Trunk unit
TU           Turret or automatic call distributor (acd) line INTER/TRA blocal
TUCHBD       Trunk unit channel board
TUP          Telephone user part (SS7: q.72x)
TUR          Traffic usage recording
TUR          Trunk utilization report
TUT          Trunk under test
TV           TV channel one way 15khz audio-service code for LATA access
TW           TV channel one way 5khz audio-service code for LATA access
TW           Twist
TW02         Dump of octal contents of memory - 1AESS translation
TWX          Teletype writer exchange
TWX          Teletypewriter exchange
TX           Dedicated facility INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
TX           Tone transceivers
TXC          Text checker
TXM          Transfer centrex management
TYP          Switch type
TYP          Type
Talkoff      Take off
Trunk        Trunk
TxSD         Transmit serial data
U            Single wire pair
U(k0)        (ger) u0 echo cancellation interface
U(p0)        (ger) u0 burst mode interface
U-           Unnumbered (u-frames)
U-DSL        U-interface digital subscriber line
UA           Unnumbered ack (LAP-D response)
UA           User agent (x.400)
UAE          User application entity  or  user agent entity (x.400)
UAF          Unblocking acknowledgment failure
UAI          U activation indication (C/I channel code)
UBA          Unblocking acknowledgement
UBL          Unblocling (SS7: in ISUP)
UCA          Unauthorized centralized automatic message accountin (MDII)
UCD          Uniform call distribution
UCL          Unconditional
UCONF        Universal conference
UCS          User control string
UDC          Universal digital channel
UDLC         Universal dlc
UDP          Update dip parameters
UDP          User datagram protocol
UDR          User data rate
UDT          Unidata (SS7: in SCCP)
UDTS         Unidata servive (SS7: in SCCP)
UDVM         Universal data voice multiplexer
UES          Update the entity summary table
UFD          Microfarad
UFO          Unprinted frame orders
UFT          Unitized facility terminals
UI           Unnumbered information  (LAP-D command)
UIC          U-interface unit
UIC          User identification code
UID          User id
UINTF        The ANSI standard U interface is down.
UITP         Universal information transport plan
ULCU         User level control/command unit
UMC          Unassigned multiplexer code
UNDRN        Underrange
UNISTAR      Universal single call telecommunications answering & repair
UNKN         Unknown
UOA          U interface only activation (in EOC)
UP           User part
UPC          Update ccs vs. class of service table
UPDT         Update
UPS          Uninterruptable power systems
UQL          Unequipped label received (outgoing)
US           USOC
US           Unit separator
USART        Universal synchrounous/asynchrounous receiver/transmitter
USB          Upper side band
USITA        United states independent telephone association
USL          List USOC (us) file data
USO          Univeral service order
USO          Universal service order
USOC         Universal service order code
USP          Universal sampling plan
USR          User-to-user information (SS7: in ISUP)
UTC          Unable to comply ack (in eoc)
UTC          Unacknowledged (unnumbered) information transfer control (IOS)
UTC          Update table for concentrator redesign
UTD          Universal tone decoder
UTG          Universal tone generator
UTM          Universal transaction monitor
UTS          Umbilical time slot
UUCICO       Unix to unix copy incoming copy outgoing
UUCP         Unix to unix copy program
UUCP         Unix-system to unix-system copy
UUID         Universal user identification
UUS          User-to-user signaling (i.257 a)
UUT          User to user signaling
UVC          Universal voice channel
UWAL         Universal wats (wide area telephone service) access line
UXS          Unexpected stop
UXS          Unexpected stop (MDII)
V            Volts
V(R)         Receive sequence counter
V(S)         Transmit sequence counter
VAC          Vacuumschmelze (produces cores and transformers)
VAL          Minimum valid hours for entity data
VAN          Value added network
VANS         Value added network service
VAP          Value added process
VAP          Videotext access point
VAR          Value added retailer
VC           Virtual call
VC           Virtual circuit
VCA          Vacant code
VCB          Virtual circuit bearer
VCS          Virtual circuit switch (as in Datakit)
VCS          Virtual circuit switching
VCS          Virtual circuit system
VDC          Unk? (On service order)
VDT          Video display terminal
VERS         Version
VF           Commercial television (full time) INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
VF           Voice frequency
VFAC         Verified and forced account codes
VFD          Verify display
VFG          Virtual facility group
VFN          Vendor feature node
VFS          Verify status
VFY          Verfy
VFY          Verify
VG           Voice grade
VGB          Voice grade budget
VGF          Voice grade facility
VGT          Boltage test
VGT          Voltage test (SARTS command)
VH           Commercial television (part time) INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
VHDL         Very high scale ic description language (DOD)
VHF          Very high frequency
VINES        Virtual network software
VIU          Voiceband interface unit
VL           (Ger) connecting cable
VLD          Validity
VLSI         Very large-scale integrated circuitry
VLT          Voltage
VM           Control/remote metering-voice grade INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
VM/SP        Virtual machine/system product
VMC          Vender marketing center
VMCF         Virtual machine communications facility
VMR          Volt-meter reverse
VMRS         Voice message relay system
VMS          Virtual memory operating system
VMS          Voice mail system
VMS          Voice management system
VMS          Voltage Monitor error Summary
VNF          Virtual network feature
VNL          Via net loss plan
VNLF         Via net loss factor
VO           International overseas television INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
VODAS        Voice over data access station
VPA          Voice path assurance timeout (outgoing)
VPN          Virtual private network
VR           Non-commercial television
VRMS         Voltage remote mean square
VRS          Voice response system
VSAM         Virtual storage access method
VSAT         Very small aperature terminal
VSAT         Very small aperture terminal (for satellite communication)
VSB          Vestigial sideband modulation
VSC          Vendor service center
VSE          Virtual storage extended
VSP          (ger) full frame storage
VSR          Voice storage and retrieval
VSRTP        Voice service remote test port
VSS          Voice storage system
VSSP         Voice switch signaling point
VSt          (ger) exchange unit
VT           Vertical tabulator
VT           Virtual terminal
VTAM         Virtual telecom access method
VTAM         Virtual telecommunications access method
VTI          Virtual terminal interface
VTOC         Volume table of contents
VTS          Video teleconferencing system
VUA          Virtual user agent
W            Date and time this ticket is closed.
W            With
WADS         Wide area data service
WAN          Wide area network
WATS         Wide area telecommunications service
WATS         Wide area telephone service
WB           Wideband digital 19.2 kb/s-service code for LATA access
WC           Special 800 surface trunk INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
WC           Wire center
WCC          Change wire center  - COSMOS command
WCI          Write controller interface (IOM2 monitor command)
WCPC         Wire center planning center
WCT          Worksheet for cable throw orders
WD           Special wats trunk (out) INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
WDCS         Wideband digital cross-connect system
WDFHP        Recursive high pass filter + decimation filter
WDFLP        Recursive low pass filter + decimation filter
WDM          Wavelength division multiplex
WDM          Wavelength division multiplexing
WDT          Watch dog timer
WE           Wideband digital 50 kb/s-service code for LATA access
WEBS         Wells electronic banking system
WF           Wideband digital 230.4 kb/s-service code for LATA access
WFA          Work and force administration
WFA-CMSA     Work and force administration - common module for
              systems administration
WFA/DO       Work and force administration/dispatch out
WFL          Working frame location
WG           Switch group
WH           Wideband digital 56 kb/s-service code for LATA access
WI           800 surface trunk INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
WI           Wink start
WIP          Workcenter information package
WJ           Wideband analog 60-108 khz-service code for LATA access
WL           Wideband analog 312-552 khz-service code for LATA access
WM           Work manager
WN           Wideband analog 10hz-20 khz-service code for LATA access
WO           Wats line (out) INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
WOI          Work order inquiry
WOL          Work order listing
WORD         Work order and record detail
WORD         Work order record and details
WP           Wideband analog 29-44 khz-service code for LATA access
WPN          Work package number
WPT          Work package table
WPT          Work package type
WR           Wideband analog 564-3064 khz-service code for LATA access
WS           Wats trunk (out) INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
WSL          Work status list
WSO          Wats service office
WUL          Work unit report for subscriber line
WX           800 service line INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
WY           Wats trunk (2-way) INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
WZ           Wats line (2-way) INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
X            Check t for trouble
X-bar        Crossbar
XA           Dedicated digital 2.4 kb/s-service code for LATA access
XAD          Transmit adress
XB           Dedicated digital 4.8 kb/s-service code for LATA access
XB           X-bar
XBT          X-bar tandem
XFE          X-front end
XFIFO        Transmit fifo
XG           Dedicated digital 9.6 kb/s-service code for LATA access
XH           Dedecated digital 56. kb/s-service code for LATA access
XID          Exchange identification (LAP-D command/response)
XMS          Extended multiprocessor operating system
XN           X
XN           X number
XOFF         Transmission off (dc1)
XON          Transmission on  (dc3)
XPL          Cross reference protocol listing (PCT)
XST          Expected stop time-out
XTC          Extended test controller
XTC          Extended test controllers
XTC          Extened test controller
Y            Initials of person to whom ticket is dispatched
Z            Redispatch information.
Z            Transmit level point z
ZA           Alarm circuts INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
ZC           Call and talk circuts INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
ZCS          Zero code suppression
ZCS          Zero code suppression encoding (ds-1)
ZE           Emergency patching circuts INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
ZF           Order circuts- facility INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
ZM           Measurement and recording circuts INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
ZN           Zone location
ZP           Test circut- plant service center INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
ZQ           Quality and management circuts INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
ZS           Switching- control and transfer circuts INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
ZT           Test circuts- central office INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
ZV           Order circuts- service INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
kHz          Kilohertz-one thoughand hertz


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