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Current issue : #43 | Release date : 1993-07-01 | Editor : Erik Bloodaxe
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Title : Acronyms Part I
Author : Firm G.R.A.S.P.
                              ==Phrack Magazine==

                 Volume Four, Issue Forty-Three, File 21 of 27

    +                                                             +
    +                                                             +
    +   The Telephony Acronyms and Abbreviations List from Hell   +
    +                                                             +
    +                                                             +
    +            by                                               +
    +                      Crisp GRASP                            +
    +                                                             +

 Well, here it is, the list from hell. Sure beats the old lists of 100
or so three letter acronyms. The whole reason for this list is so that
you  can  crack almost ANY bell document.  This list came from  a  few
lists  (one in Phrack a while back)  and a few other Telephony  lists
here and there. Though it must be noted (and i want to take credit for
it)  that  well over half of the acronyms and abbreviations were typed
in by me,  inputed into my database (of course I am not about to give
out my database).
    It is always a good idea to start a database, one will learn a lot
faster.   It  is  doing  things scientific like,  and for  someone  as
compulsive as I,  solving the puzzle of the telephone company was easy
as pie. I must say that all the hackers I have meet, and talked to are
all compulsive as hell <G>.  I think it is just what it comes down to,
who is willing to learn.   Any ways here is two fields in my database,
one small part,  but worth it.   Though i do not think it will be able
to  help most of you out,  just gets into too much,  and understanding
which  acronym goes where,  and understanding what goes where is hard.
Well good luck!

Greets to Bell Northern Labs, never see too much from you press wise!
and to SRI, should have come to Cal. hah  (Don knows what I am talking
about, his funding is short)


15M          Fifteen minutes
15S          Fifteen seconds
1CF          Singal party coing first pay phone
1FAC         Interface packs
1FB          One party flat business rate
1OF          One party official (telco) business line
2SPDT        Partial dial timeout in the second stage of a traditional
              2-stage international
2SPST        Permanent signal timeout in the second stage of a traditional
              2-stage international
2SVCA        Vacant code in the second stage of a traditional 2-stage
              international outbound
2W           Two wire (pair) (circuit)
2WAY         Two-way trunk groups
300          Log command menu (SARTS command)
376          Log clear (SARTS command)
384          Write log (SARTS command)
385          Read log (SARTS command)
399          Log print (SARTS command)
3KHZ         Three kilohertz
3RNGR        Three ringer
3WO          Third wire open
4W           Four wire (pair) (circuit)
600          Test menu (SARTS command)
600B         600-ohm briged connection
611          Detail tests (SARTS command)
621          Macro command menu (SARTS command)
631          Automatic test command (SARTS command)
735T         735-ohm compromise termination
?A           Action field contains an error
?D           Data field contains an error
?E           Error exist in the message but can ot be resolved to the
              proper field
?I           Identification field contains an error
?T           Time-out has occured on channel
?W           Warning message
A            A side (lead) (pair)
A            Area
A            Telephone number or trunk group and member number from trouble
A/B          Two wire phone connection (T&R)
AA           Automatic answer
AA           Packet analog access line INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
AABS         Automatic alternate billing service
AAE          Auxiliary access equipment
AAR          Automatic alternate routing
AAX          Automated attendant exchange
AB           Packet switch trunk INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
ABATS        Automatic bit access test system
ABATS        Automatic bit access test system (DDS service)
ABC          Automatic bill calling (TSPS)
ABF          Abandon failure
ABF          Abandon failure (MDII)
ABHC         Average busy hour calls
ABL          Auxiliary Buffer oder word Left half
ABM          Asynchronous balanced mode ( -> SABME)
ABME         ABM extended
ABR          Auxiliary Buffer order word Right half
ABS          Alternate billing service
ABS          Alternative billing service
ABSBH        Average busy season busy hour
ABT          Abort
ABV          Above
AC           Administrative computer
AC           Alternating current
AC           Assembly code
ACA          Asynchronous communication adapter
ACB          Annoyance call bureau
ACB          Automatic call-back
ACC          Audio communications controller
ACCS         Automated calling card service
ACD          Automatic call distribution
ACD          Automatic call distributor
ACDA         Automatic call disposition analyzer
ACDN         Access Directory Number
ACDN         Access directory number
ACE          Assignment change establish
ACE          Automatic calling equipment
ACES         Aris cabs entry system
ACF          Advanced communications functions
ACFA         Advanced CMOS frame aligner peb2030
ACG          Automatic call gap
ACH          Attempt per circuit per hour
ACI          Answer controller interface (IOM2 monitor command)
ACIA         Asynchronous communications interface adapter
ACK          Acknowledge
ACK          No acknowledgement wink
ACK          No acknowledgement wink (MDII)
ACKDB        Acknowledgement database
ACM          Address complete msg. (SS7: in ISUP)
ACOF         Attendant control of facilities
ACP          Action point
ACSE         Association control service element
ACSNET       Acedemic computing services network
ACSR         Automatic customer station rearrangement
ACSU         Advanced T-1 channel service unit
ACT          AC Testing definition
ACT          AC testing definition
ACT          Activate
ACT          Active
ACT          Auto or automatic circuit transactions
ACTS         Automated coin toll service
ACTV         Acticated
ACTVD        Activated
ACU          Alarm control unit
ACU          Automatic calling unit
AD           Attendant INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
ADAP         Audix data acquisition package
ADAS         Advanced directory assistance system
ADC          American digital cellular
ADC          Analog to digital converter
ADCCP        Advanced data communication controll procedure
ADCCP        Advanced data communications control procedure
ADCI         Automatic display call indicator
ADD EXP      Address expander
ADDL         Additional
ADDR         Address translations
ADJ          Ajust
ADM          Add-drop multiplex
ADMA         Advanced DMA controller SAB82258
ADN          Abbreviated dialing number
ADP          Automatic diagnostic process.
ADPCM        Adaptive PCM
ADS          Administration of designed services
ADS          Administration of designed services review
ADS          Advanced digital system
ADS          Audio distribution system
ADS          Auxilary data system
ADSL         Asymmetrical digital subscriber line
ADTS         Automated digital terminal system
ADTS         Automatic data test system
ADTS         Automatic digital terminal system
ADU          Automatic dialing unit
AERM         Alignment error rate monitor
AF           Commercial audio fulltime INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
AFACTS       Automatic facilities test system
AFADS        Automatic force adjustment data system
AFE          Analog front end
AFI          Authority and format identifier (ISO 7498)
AFSC         Advanced features service center
AFSK         Automatic frequency shift keying
AG/EEE       Above ground electronic equipment enclosures
AGC          Automatic gain control
AGM          Normal aging months
AGND         Analog ground
AGT          Accelerated aging type
AI           Activate indication (C/I channel code)
AI           Artificial intelligence
AI           Assigner's initials
AI           Automatic identified outward dialing INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
AIC          Automatic intercept center
AICC         Automatic intercept communications controller
AIN          Advanced intelligent network
AIOD         Automatic id of outward dialing
AIOD         Automatic identifaction of outward dialing
AIS          Alarm indication signal
AIS          Alarm indication signals
AIS          Automatic intercept system
AIT          Analit initialization of tables
AIU          AI upstream
AL           Alternate services INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
ALATS        Automatic loop access system system (DDS service)
ALBO         Automatic line buildout
ALE          Address latch enable
ALE          Automatic line evaluation
ALFE         Analog line front end
ALGOL        Algorhythmic computer language
ALI          Automatic location indentification
ALIT         Automatic line insulation testing
ALL          All events
ALL          All module controller maintenance interrupts
ALL          Turns on all IDs
ALPT         Alarm scan points
ALRM         Alarms
ALRU         Automatic line record update
ALS          Automated list service
AM           Administrative module
AM           Amplitude modulation
AM           Asynchronous multiplexer
AM           Packet
AMA          Automatic Message Accounting
AMA          Automatic message accounting
AMACS        AMA collection system
AMAIRR       Automatic message accounting irregularity
AMALOST      Lost automatic message accounting
AMARC        AMA recent change
AMARC        AMA recording center
AMASE        AMA standard entry
AMAT         Automatic message accounting transmitter
AMATPS       Automatic message accounting teleprocessing system
AMATPS       Automatic message accounting transmitter teleprocessing system
AMC          Add-on module connector (-> sipb)
AMERITECH    American information technologies
AMI          Alternate mark inversion code
AML          Automatic maintenance limit.
AMP          Advance measurement processor
AMP          Amplifier
AMPS         Advanced mobile phone service
AMR          Automatic meter reading
AMWI         Active message waiting indicator
AN           Announcement service INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
AN           Associated number
ANA          Automatic number announcement
ANC          All number calling
ANCT         Analysis control table
ANI          Automatic number identification
ANIF         Automatic number identification failure
ANM          Answer msg. (SS7: in ISUP)
ANS          Answer
ANS          Answer On Bus
ANS          Answer msg.
ANSER        AT&T Network Servicing System (i.e.  via EADAS link )
ANSI         American national standards institute
AO           Allocation order
AO           International/overseas audio (full time) INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
AOC          Advice of charge (i.256 B)
AOSS         Auxilliary operator service system
AP           Access point
AP           Application (OSI layer 7)
AP           Application processor
AP           Attached processor
AP           Auciliary processor
AP           Automatic position
AP           Commercial audio (part time) INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
AP-PG        Access point page
APC          Alarm processor circuit
APC          Amarc protocol converter
APD          Access point data
APD          Avalanche photo diode
APDB         Access point data base
APDL         Application processor data link
APH          Application protocol handler
API          Application interface
APM          Application processor modules
APPC         Advanced program to program communication (IBM)
APPL1-APPL5  Reserved for application handlers
APS          Automatic position system
APS          Automatic protection switch
APS          Automatic protection switching system
AQ           Autoquote problem.
AR           Activation request (C/I channel code)
AR           Alarm report
AR01         Office alarm - 1AESS alarm message -
AR02         Alarm retired or transferred - 1AESS alarm message -
AR03         Fuse blown - 1AESS alarm message -
AR04         Unknown alarm scan point activated - 1AESS alarm message -
AR05         Commercial power failure - 1AESS alarm message -
AR06         Switchroom alarm via alarm grid - 1AESS alarm message -
AR07         Power plant alarm - 1AESS alarm message -
AR08         Alarm circuit battery loss - 1AESS alarm message -
AR09         AMA bus fuse blown - 1AESS alarm message -
AR10         Alarm configuration has been changed (retired inhibited) - 1AESS
AR11         Power converter trouble - 1AESS alarm message -
AR13         Carrier group alarm - 1AESS alarm message -
AR15         Hourly report on building and power alarms - 1AESS alarm message
ARA          Automatic reservation adjustment
ARC          Administrative responsibility code
ARC          Alternate route cancellation
ARC          Alternate route cancellation control
ARC          Audio response controller
ARCOFI       Audio ringing codec filter
ARCOFI-SP    ARCOFI + speakerphone function
ARCOS        ARCOFI coefficient support program
ARCOTI       SIPB telephone module
ARD          AR downstream
ARG          Alarm reference guide
ARG          Assemble and run a given master file
ARIS         Audichron recorded information system
ARL          Activation request local loop (C/I channel code)
ARM          Activation request maintenance (C/I channel code)
ARM          Asynchronous response mode
ARM          Automatic R(emote test system) maintance
ARMAR        Automatic request for manual assistance resolution
ARN          Activation request
ARQ          Automatic repeat request
ARR          Automatic ring recovery.
ARS          Alternate route selection
ARS          Automatic route selection
ARSB         Automated repair service bureau
ARSB         Automatic repair service bureau
ARSSI        Automatic rought selection screening index
ART          Audible ringing tone
ARU          Activation request upstream
ARU          Audio response unit
ASAP         As soon as possible
ASC          Alarm and status circuit
ASC          Alarm and status circuit .
ASC          Alarm surveillance  and control
ASCC2        Advanced serial communication controller
ASCII        American standard code for information interchange
ASCII        American standard code for information interexchange
ASD          Automated SMAS diagnostics
ASDPE        Synchronous data link controller (SDLC) A reset
ASE          Application service element
ASEC         Assignment section
ASGN         Assign
ASGNMTS      Assignments
ASIC         Application specific integrated circuit
ASM          Analog subscriber module
ASOC         Administrative service oversight center
ASP          Advanced service platform
ASP          Arcofi signal processor
ASPACGCOMP   ASP SCP response message with an ACG component received at the
ASPBADRESP   ASP SCP response message received with invalid data
ASPEN        Automatic system for performance evaluation of the network
ASPNORTEMSG  ASP reject message ret err and a play announc recei at the
              switch from the SCP
ASPSNCOMP    ASP SCP response message with a send notifi component received
               at the switch
ASPTNMSG     ASP termination notification message sent from the switch to
               the SCP
ASR          Access service request
ASSN         Assignment
AST          Position acknowledge seizure signal time-out (MDII)
ASYNC        Asynchronous
AT           Access tandem
AT           International/overseas audio (part time) INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
AT&T         American telephone and telegraph
AT-1         Auto test-1
AT-2         Auto test-2
AT01         Results of trunk test - 1AESS automatic trunk test
ATA          Automatic trunk analysis
ATAB         Area trunk assignment bureau
ATAI         Automatic troubler analysis interface
ATB          All Trunks Busy
ATB          All trunks busy
ATC          Automated testing control
ATC          Automatic transmission control
ATD          Accept date
ATD          Async. TDM
ATH          Abbreviated trouble history
ATI          Automatic test inhibit
ATI          Awake TI
ATICS        Automated toll integrity checking system
ATIS         Automatic transmitter identification system
ATM          Analog trunk module
ATM          Asynchronous transfer mode
ATM          Automatic teller machine
ATMS         Automated trunk measurement system
ATN          Assigner's telephone number
ATO          Time-out waiting for address complete signal
ATP          All tests pass
ATR          Alternate trunk routing
ATRS         Automated trouble reporting system
ATTC         Automatic transmission test and control circuit
ATTCOM       AT&T communications
ATTG         Attendant group
ATTIS        AT&T information system
AU           Access unit
AU           Autoscript INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
AU           Auxiliary
AUD          Assignment list audit
AUD          Audits
AUDIT        Audit detected problem.
AUDIX        Audio information exchange
AUP          Access unit port
AUTO         Automaitc
AUTODIN      Automatic digital network
AUTOSEVCOM   Automatic secure voice communications
AUTOVON      Automatic voice network
AUXF         Auxillary frame
AVD          Alternate voice data
AVD          Alternate voice-data
AWI          Awake indication
AZD          All zeros data
B            B side (pair) (lead)
B            Bridged connection
B            Equipment number
B6ZS         Bipolar with 6 zero subsitution
B8ZS         Bipolar eight zero suppression encoding (DS-1)
B8ZS         Bipolar with 8 zeros substitution (T1 pri)
B911         Basic 911
BA           Basic access
BA           Protective alarm (CD) INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
BAF          Blocking acknowledgment failure
BAI          Bridge lifter assignment inquiry
BAL          Balance
BAMAF        Bellcore AMA format
BANCS        Bell administrative network communications system
BANKS        Bell adminastration network systems
BAPCO        Bellsouth advertising & publishing company
BAS          Basic activity subset
BAT          Battery (-48v)
BAx          Business address x (x = number of line)
BB           Blue box
BBD0/1       Binary 0s or 1s detected in b and d channels
BCC          Bellcore client companies
BCC          Block check character
BCC          Blocked call cleared
BCCP         Bearer ccp
BCD          Binary coded decimal
BCD          Blocked call delayed
BCFE         Busy call forwarding extened
BCID         Business customer identifier
BCLID        Bulk calling line identification
BCMS         Basic call management system
BCS          Batch change supplement (NTI) (DMS-100)
BDCA         Unk
BDCS         Broadband digital cross-connect system
BDS          Basic data service
BDT          Billing data transmitter
BEF          Band elimination filter
BEL          Bell
BELLCORE     Bell communications research
BER          Bit error rate
BERT         Bit error rate test
BETRS        Basic exchange telecommunications radio service
BG           Battery and ground signaling
BG/EEE       Below ground electronic equipment enclosures
BHC          Busy hour call
BHC          Busy hour calls
BIB          Backward indicator bit (SS7)
BICU         Bus interface control unit
BIFIFO       Bidirectional fifo
BIR          Bit receiver
BIR          Bus interface register
BISDN        Broadband ISDN
BISP         Business information system program
BISYNC       Binary synchronous communications
BIT          Bit
BIT          Bit transmitter
BITNET       Because-it's-time network
BITR         Bit transceiver
BIX          Building internal cross-connects
BK           Back
BKUP         Backup
BKUP         Requests a backup
BL           Bell & lights INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
BL           Bridge lifter
BL           Bridge lifters - COSMOS command
BL/DS        Busy line/don't answer
BLA          Blocking acknowledgement (SS7: in ISUP)
BLF          Busy line field
BLFCA        Blocking a fully coded addressed international outbound call
              routed to a non-common channel signaling trunk
BLK          Block
BLKD         Blocked
BLO          Blocking (SS7: in ISUP)
BLS          Bridge lifter status
BLS          Business listing service
BLV          Busy line verification
BMC          Billing media coverage
BMD          Batch mode display
BMI          Batch mode input - TIMEREL and DEMAND
BMOSS        Building maintance operations service system
BMR          Batch mode release
BMU          Basic measurement unit (dip)
BND          Band number
BNS          Billed number screening
BNSDBOV      BVA BNS message received indicating data base overload
BNSDBUN      BVA BNS message returned because data base unable to process
BNSGMSG      BVA BNS message received garbled
BNSNBLK      BVA BNS message returned because of network blockage
BNSNCON      BVA BNS message returned because of network congestion
BNSNRTE      BVA BNS message returned because of no routing data
BNSTOUT      BVA BNS message returned because of timeout
BNSUNEQ      BVA BNS message returned because of unequipped destination
BNSURPY      BVA BNS message received with an unexpected reply
BNx          Business name x (x = number of line)
BOC          Bell operating companies
BOC          Bell operating company
BOCC         Building operations control center
BOP          Byte oriented protocol
BOR          Basic output report
BORSCHT      Battery
BOS          Bit oriented signaling
BOS          Business office supervisor
BOSS         Billing and order support system
BOSS         Business office service system (NYNEX)
BOT          Beginning of tape
BOT          Bottom
BPI          Bits per inch
BPOC         Bell point of contact
BPS          Bits per second
BPSK         Binary psk
BPSS         Basic packet-switching service
BPUMP        Backup pump
BR           Bit robbing (CAS-BR)
BRAT         Business residence account tracking system
BRCF         Business and residential customer service feature
BRCS         Business and residential customer services
BRCS         Business residence custom service
BRDCST       Broadcase
BRDG         Bridge
BRDGD        Bridged
BREVC        Brevity control
BRG          Baud rate generator
BRI          Basic rate interface
BRITE        Basic rate interface transmission extension (5ESS)
BRK          Break
BRM          Basic remote module
BRM          Bell communications research practice
BRST         Bridge signature table
BS           Backspace
BS           Banded signaling
BS           Bias battery (-19.1v)
BS           Siren control INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
BSA          Basic serving arrangements
BSBH         Busy season busy hour
BSC          Business service center
BSC/RSC      Business/residence service center
BSCM         Bisynchronous communications module
BSDPE        SDLC B reset
BSE          Basic service elements
BSF          Bell shock force
BSI          British standards institution
BSN          Backward sequence number (SS7)
BSOC         Bell systems operating company
BSP          Bell system practice
BSRF         Basic standard reference frequency
BSRFS        Bell system reference frequency standard
BST          Basic services terminal
BSTJ         Bell system technical journal
BT           British telecom
BTAM         Basic telecommunications access message
BTH          Both
BTL          Bell telephone laboratories
BTN          Billing telephone number
BTSR         Bootstrapper board
BTU          British thermal unit
BUFF         System buffers (NTI)
BVA          Billing validation application
BVAPP        Billing verification and authorization for payment process
BVC          Billing validation center
BVS          Basic voice service
BWM          Broadcast warning message
BWT          Broadcast warning twx
BWTS         Bandwidth test set
BYF          Display the bypass file
BYP          Change the contents of the bypass file
C            Counting rate
C            Current supervision
C            Scan point (SP)
C&A          Centrifugal and absorption
C-ACD        Commercial-automatic call distributor (OSPS)
C-NCH        C-notch
C/I          Command/indicate
C/S UNIT     Combiner and splitter
C1           Circuit system
CA           Cable
CA           Cable number
CA           Collision avoidance
CA           SSN access INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
CABS         Carrier access billing system
CAC          Calling-card authorization center
CAC          Carrier access code
CAC          Circuit administration center
CAC          Customer administration center
CACHE        Cache errors
CAD          Computer-aided dispatch
CAD          Critical alarm display
CADN         Circuit administration.
CADV         Combined alternate data/voice
CAF          Circuit reset acknowledgment failure
CAFD         Comptrollers' automatic message accounting format description
CAFD         Controllers automatic message accounting format description
CAI          Address incomplete received
CAI          Call assembly index
CAIS         Colocated automatic intercept system
CALRS        Centralized automatic loop reporting system
CAM          Communication access method
CAM          Computer aided manufacturing
CAM          Content adressable memory
CAM          Control administration module
CAMA         Central automatic message accounting.
CAMA         Centralized auto message accounting
CAMA         Centralized automatic message accounting
CAN          Cancel
CANC         Cancel (i.451)
CANF         Clear the cancel from
CANT         Clear the cancel to
CAP          Capacitance
CARL         Computerized administrative route layout
CAROT        Centralized automatic reporting on trunks
CAROT        Centralized automatic reporting on trunks.
CAS          Cannel associated signaling
CAS          Circuit associated signaling
CAS          Computerized autodial system
CAS          Craft access system (SARTS)
CAS          Customer account service
CAS7ABM      CAS common channel signaling 7 (CCS7) abort message received
CAS7ACG      CAS CCS7 ACG invoke component received
CAS7GMG      CAS CCS7 received with invalid format reply
CAS7GWE      CAS CCS7 error
CAS7NCG      CAS CCS7 message returned because of network congestion
CAS7NFL      CAS CCS7 message returned because of network failure
CAS7RCR      CAS CCS7 reject component received
CAS7SCG      CAS CCS7 message returned because of subsystem congestion
CAS7SFL      CAS CCS7 message returned because of subsystem failure
CAS7TAN      CAS CCS7 message returned
CAS7TOT      CAS CCS7 query which timed out before reply received
CASDBOV      CAS message received indicating data base overload
CASDBOV      Customer account services (CAS) message received indicating data base overload
CASDBOV      Customer account services (CAS) message received indicating database overload
CASDBUN      CAS message returned
CASGMSG      CAS message received garbled
CASNBLK      CAS message returned because of network blockage
CASNCON      CAS message returned because of network congestion
CASNRTE      CAS message returned because of no routing data
CASTOUT      CAS message returned because of timeout
CASUNEQ      CAS message returned because of unequipped destination
CASURPY      CAS message received with an unexpected reply
CAT          Centrex access treatment
CAT          Craft access terminal
CATLAS       Centralized automatic trouble locating and analysis system
CAY          Create an assembly
CB           OCC audio facilitys INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
CBA          Change back acknowledgement (SS7: in mtp)
CBD          Change back declaration (SS7: in mtp)
CBEMA        Computer and business equipment manufacturers' assc.
CBERR        Correctable bit error
CBS          Crossbar switching
CBX          Computerized branch exchange
CC           Call count
CC           Central control
CC           Central controller
CC           Common channel (CAS-CC)
CC           Common control
CC           Connection confirm
CC           Country code
CC           Country code (ISO 7498)
CC           Initials of person closing report out to catlas.
CC           OCC digital facility-medium speed INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
CC1          Call control 1 (IOS)
CCA          Change customer attributes
CCA          Computer content architecture (ISO 8637/2)
CCBS         Completion of call to busy subscribers (i.253 c)
CCC          Centeral control complex
CCC          Central control complex
CCC          Clear channel capability
CCC          Computer control center
CCD          Change due date - COSMOS command
CCDDBOV      BVA calling card (CCRD) message received indicating data base
CCDDBUN      BVA CCRD message returned because data base unable to process
CCDGMSG      BVA CCRD message received garbled
CCDNBLK      BVA CCRD message returned because of network blockage
CCDNCON      BVA CCRD message returned because of network congestion
CCDNRTE      BVA CCRD message returned because of no routing data
CCDR         Calling card
CCDTOUT      BVA CCRD message returned because of timeout
CCDUNEQ      BVA CCRD message returned because of unequipped destination
CCDURPY      BVA CCRD message received with an unexpected reply
CCF          Custom calling features
CCH          Connections per circuit per hour
CCIR         Comite' consultatif international des radio communications
CCIR         Consultative committee for radiocomunication (international radio
CCIS         Common channel interoffice signaling
CCITT        Comite' consultatif international telegraphique et telephonique
CCITT        Consultative committee for internat. telephone and telegraph
CCM          Customer control management
CCNC         CCS network control
CCNC         Common channel network controller
CCNC         Computer/communications network center
CCOA         Cabinet control and office alarm
CCP          Call control part
CCR          Clock configuration register
CCR          Continuity check request (SS7: in ISUP)
CCR          Customer-controlled reconfiguration
CCRC         Corrupt crc (IOM2 monitor command)
CCRD         Calling card (5E)
CCRS         Centrex customers ... system
CCS          Centum Call Seconds
CCS          Cluster support system
CCS          Common channel signaling
CCS          Custom calling services  (NTI)
CCS          Hundred (C) call seconds
CCS          Hundred call seconds
CCSA         Common control switching arrangement
CCT          Central control terminal
CCT          Initialize and update the contractor-transducer file
CCTAC        Computer communications trouble analysis center
CCU          Colt computer unit
CCU          Combined channel units
CCU          Communication control unit
CCV          Calling card validation
CD           Call deflection (i.252 e)
CD           Collision detection (->csma/)
CDA          Call data accumulator
CDA          Change distribution attributes
CDA          Coin detection and announcement
CDACS        Concentrating DACS
CDAR         Customer dialed account recording
CDC          Central distrubtion center
CDCF         Cumulative discounted cash flow
CDD          Change due date
CDF          Combined distributing frame
CDF          DTF coin
CDFI         Communication link digital facilities interface
CDI          Circle digit identification
CDI          Connected line identification (i.251 C/E)
CDI          Control and data interface.
CDI          Control data interface
CDIG         Circle digit translation  (NTI)
CDM          Coax data module
CDMA         Code division ma
CDO          Community dial office
CDPR         Customer dial pulse receiver
CDQ1         Custom calling services discount quote
CDR          Call detail record
CDR          Call dial rerouting
CDR          Collision detect input line
CDR          Cut thru dip report
CDRR         Call detail recording and reporting
CDS          Circuit design system
CDS          Codes
CDS          Craft dispatch system
CE           Collision elimination (->CSMA/)
CE           Common equipment data  (NTI)
CE           Conducted emission (EME)
CE           SSN station line INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
CEF          Cable entrance facility
CEI          Comparable efficient interconnection
CEI          Comparably efficient interconnection
CEN          European committee of standards
CENELEC      European committee of standards (electrotechnics)
CEP          Connection endpoint
CEPT         European conference of post/telecom administrations
CES          CC error summary
CEU          CCS estimated usage
CEV          Control environmental vault
CEV          Controlled environment vault
CF           Coin first
CF           OCC special facility INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
CFA          Carrir failure alarms
CFA          Change facility attributes
CFC          Cost function code
CFCA         Communications fraud control association
CFD          Coinless ANI7 charge-a-call
CFGN         Configuration
CFI          Configurable interface (SIPB)
CFINIT       Custom calling feature table
CFN          Call forward number
CFND         Call forward number don't answer
CFNR         Call forwarding no reply (i.252 c)
CFP          Call forwarding busy (i.252 b)
CFP          Print the class of service/features for an electromechanical
CFR          Code of federal regulations
CFT          Craft
CFU          Call forwarding unconditional (i.252 d)
CFU          Change facility usage
CG           Control group number
CG           OCC telegraph facility INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
CG01         Carrier group in alarm  - 1AESS carrier group
CG03         Reason for above - 1AESS carrier group
CGA          Carrier group alarm
CGA          Carrier group assignment
CGAP         Call gapping
CGAP         Call gapping code controls messages.
CGB          Circuit group blocking (SS7: in ISUP)
CGBA         CGB acknowledgement
CGM          Computer graphics metafile (ISO DIS 8632)
CGN          Concentrator group number
CGNC         Connector group network controller
CGU          Circuit group unblocking (SS7: in ISUP)
CGUA         CGU acknowledgement
CH           Change
CH           OCC digital facility high-speed INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
CHAN         Channel
CHAPS        UNK - a known AT&T System - def. unknown
CHAR         Character
CHG LASG     Change loop assignment
CHK          Check
CHR          Chronical
CI           Concentrator identifier trunk INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
CI0IN        Control interface 0 interrupt
CI1IN        Control interface 1 interrupt
CIB          Centralized intercept bureau
CIC          Carrier identification codes
CIC          Circuit identification code
CIC          Customer Information Center (AT&T)
CICS         Customer information control system
CID          Connection identification
CIE          Company establish company initiated change
CIF          Common intermediate format (for ISDN high end video)
CIH          Craft interface handler
CII          Call identity index
CII          Initial address message (IAM) irregularity (incoming)
CIMAP        Circuit installation and maintance assistance program
CIMAP/CC     Circuit installation and maintenance assistance/control
CIP          Control interface port
CIRR         C/I receive register
CIS          Crimeline information systems
CIS          Customized intercept service
CIXR         C/I transmit register
CJ           OCC control facility INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
CK           Checkbits
CK           OCC overseas connecting facility wide-band INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
CKF          Continuity check failure (incoming)
CKID         Circuit identification
CKL          Circuit location
CKS          Clock select bit
CKT          Circuit
CKT          Circuit.
CKTRY        Cuicuitry
CL           Centrex CO line INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
CLASS        Centralized local area selective signaling
CLASS        Custom local area signaling service
CLC          Common language code for an entity
CLCI         Common language circuit identification
CLCT         Network management control counts
CLDIR        Call direction
CLDN         Calling line directory number
CLEI         Common language equipment identifier
CLF          Creating dips upper bound load factor
CLFI         Common lang facilities identication
CLI          COSMOS processed alit reports
CLI          Calling line ident
CLID         Calling line identification
CLIP         Calling line identification presentation (i.251 c)
CLIR         Calling line identification restriction (i.251 d)
CLK          Clock
CLL          Creating dips lower bound load factor
CLLI         Common-language location identification
CLNK         Communication link
CLNKs        Communication links
CLNORM       Communication link normalization
CLR          Circuit layout record
CLR          Clear
CLRC         Circuit layout record card
CLS          CLCI in serial number format
CLS          Connectless-mode service
CLSD         Closed
CLSV         Class of service
CLT          CLCI telephone number format
CLT          Communications line terminal
CLUS         Cluster data   (NTI)
CM           C-message frequency weighting
CM           Communication module
CM           Connection memory
CM           OCC video facility INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
CMAC         Centralized maintenance and administration center
CMAP         Centralized maintance and administration position
CMC          Call modification completed (SS7: in ISUP)
CMC          Cellular mobile carrier
CMC          Cellular modile carrier
CMC          Construction maintenance center
CMD          Command
CMDF         Combined main distributing frame
CMDS         Centralized message data system
CMF          Capacity main station fill
CMP          Communication module processor
CMP          Communications module processor
CMP          Companion board
CMP          Corrective maintenancean practices
CMPR         Compares
CMR          Call modification request (SS7: in ISUP)
CMR          Cellular mobile radio
CMRJ         CMR reject (SS7: in ISUP)
CMS          Call management system
CMS          Circuit maintance system
CMS          Circuit maintance system 1C
CMS          Circuit maintenance system
CMS          Communications management subsystem
CMS          Conversational monitoring system
CMT          Cellular mobile telephone
CMT          Combined miscellaneous trunk frame
CMU          CCS measured usage
CMU          Colt measurement unit
CN           C-notch frequancy weighting
CN           Change notice
CN           Changel noticee
CN           Connection
CN           SSN network trunk INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
CN/A         Customer name/address
CN02         List of pay phones with coin disposal problems - 1AESS coin
CN03         Possible trouble - 1AESS coin phone
CN04         Phone taken out of restored service because of possible coin
CNA          Communications network application
CNAB         Customer name/address bureau
CNCC         Customer network control center
CNI          Common network interface
CNMS         Cylink network management system
CNS          Complimentary network service
CNS          Concentrating network system
CNT          Count
CNTS         Counts
CNVT         Converted
CO           Central office
CO           Continuous (SARTS)
CO           OCC overseas connecting facility INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
CO UN        Central office unit code
COA          Change over acknowledgement (SS7 in MTE)
COAM         Centralized operation
COAM         Customer owned and maintained
COC          Circuit order control
COCOT        Customer-owned coin-operated telephone
COD          Code
CODCF        Central office data connecting facility
CODEC        Coder/decoder
COE          Central office entity
COE          Central office equipment
COEES        COE engineering system
COEES        Central office equipment engineering system
COER         Central office equipment record
COEST        Central office equipment signature table
COF          Confusion received (outgoing)
COFA         Change of frame alignment (DS-1)
COG          Centralized operations group
COGRDG       Central office grounding
COLP         Connected line identification presentation
COLR         Connected line identification restriction
COLT         Central office limit table
COLT         Central office line tester
COM          Common controller
COM          Communication
COM          Complement size
COM          Computer output microfilm
COM/EXP      PCM-compander/expander
COMM         Comunication
COMMS        Central office maintenance management system
COMMS-PM     Central office maintenance management system-preventive
COMP         Computed
COMPNY       Company
COMPS        Central Office Managenment Program (GTE)
COMSAT       Communications satellite
CON          Concentrator - COSMOS command
COND         Conditions
CONF         Conference calling (i.254 a)
CONFIG       Configutation
CONN         Connect msg. (i.451)
CONN         Connector
CONN         Nailed-up connections
CONT         Control
CONTAC       Central office network access
CONUS        Continental united states
COO          Change over order (SS7: in MTP)
COP          Call offering procedure
COPY         Data copied from one address to another - 1AESS copy
CORC         Commands and responses definition and compressing program (IOS)
CORC         Customer riginated recent change
CORCs        Customer-originated recent changes
CORNET       Corperate network
COS          Connection-mode service
COSIB        Central office platform operator service interface board
COSMIC       Common systems main interconnection frame system (frame)
COSMOS       Computer system for mainframe operations
COT          Centeral office terminal
COT          Central office technician
COT          Central office terminal
COT          Central office terminal (opposite to RT)
COT          Continuity (SS7: in ISUP)
COTM         Central office overload call timing (NTI)
CP           Cable pair
CP           Call processing parameters  (NTI)
CP           Communication processor (SARTS)
CP           Concentrator identifier signaling link INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
CP           Control program
CPA          Centralized/bulk power architecture
CPC          Cellular phone company
CPC          Circuit provision center
CPC          Circuit provisioning center
CPC          Circuit provisioning center (special services design group)
CPCE         Common peripheral controller equipment
CPD          Central pulse distributor
CPD          Common packet data channels
CPE          Customer premise equipment
CPE          Customer premises equipment
CPG          Call progress (SS7: in ISUP)
CPH          Cost per hour
CPI          COSMOS-premis interface
CPI          Computer private branch exchange interface
CPIE         CP or AM intervention interrupt error
CPM          COSMOS performance monitor
CPM          Citcuit pack module
CPM          Cost per minute
CPMP         Carrier performance measurement plan
CPS          Cycles per second
CPU          CCS capacity usage
CPU          Call pick up
CPU          Call pickup group
CPU          Central processing unit
CQM          Circuit group query (SS7: in ISUP)
CQR          CQM response
CR           Carriage return
CR           Control Record
CR           Control response
CR           OCC backup facility INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
CRAS         Cable repair administrative system
CRC          Customer record center
CRC          Cyclic redundancy check
CRCOK        CRC ok!  (C/I channel code)
CRE          Create
CRED         Credit card calling (i.256 a)
CREF         Connection refused
CREG         Concentrated range extension with gain
CRF          Continuity recheck failure (outgoing)
CRFMP        Cable repair force management plan
CRG          Creg tag
CRIS         Customer records information system
CROT         Centralized automatic reporting of trunks  (NTI)
CRR          Reset received (incoming)
CRS          Centralized results system
CRSAB        Centralized repair service answering bureau
CRST         Specific carrier restricted
CRT          Cathode ray tube
CRT          Cathode-ray tube
CRTM         Central office regular call processing timing  (NTI)
CS           Cable switching
CS           Call Store
CS           Channel service INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
CS           Conducted susceptibility (EMS)
CS           Customer class of service
CSA          Carrier serving area
CSACC        Customer service administration control center
CSAR         Centralized system for analysis and reporting
CSAR         Centralized system for analysis reporting
CSC          Cell site controller
CSD          Circuit specific data
CSDC         Circuit switched digital capability
CSDN         Circuit-switched data network (t.70)
CSF          Critical short form
CSMA/        Carrier sense multiple access
CSMCC        Complex services maintenance control center
CSNET        Computer science network
CSO          Central services organization
CSO          Cold start only (in eoc)
CSP          Coin sent paid
CSP          Coin set paid
CSPDN        Circuit-switched public data network
CSR          Clock shift register
CSR          Customer service records
CSS          Computer sub-system
CSS          Computer subsystem
CSS          Customer service system
CSSC         Customer service system center
CST          Call state  or  current state   or  change state (QUASI SDL)
CST          Combined services terminal
CSU          Channel service unit
CSUS         Centralized automatic message accounting suspension (NTI)
CT           Call transfer (i.252 a)
CT           Control terminal
CT           SSN tie trunk INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
CT01         Manually requested trace line to line information
              follows - 1AESS
CT02         Manually requested trace line to trunk information
              follows - 1AESS
CT03         Intraoffice call placed to a number with CLID - 1AESS call trace
CT04         Interoffice call placed to a number with CLID - 1AESS call trace
CT05         Call placed to number on the ci list - 1AESS call trace
CT06         Contents of the CI list - 1AESS call trace
CT07         ACD related trace - 1AESS call trace
CTC          Central test center
CTC          Centralized test center (DDS)
CTC          Centralized testing center
CTC          Complete a cable transfer or complete a cable throw
CTD          Circuit test data
CTE          Cable throw order establishment
CTF          Display the contacter-transducer file
CTI          Circuit termination identification
CTL          Cable throw with line equipment assignment
CTL          Central operator control
CTM          Cable throw modification
CTM          Contac trunk module
CTMC         Communications terminal module controller
CTMS         Carrier transmission measuring system
CTO          Call transfer outside
CTO          Continuity timeout (incoming)
CTP          Print cable transfer frame work
CTR          Cable throw replacement
CTS          Cable throw summary
CTS          Call through simulator
CTS          Clear to send
CTSS         Cray time sharing system
CTT          Cartridge tape transport
CTT          Cut through tag
CTTC         Cartridge tape transport controller
CTTN         Cable trunk ticket number
CTTU         Central trunk testing unit.
CTU          Channel test unit
CTW          Withdraw a cable transfer or a cable throw
CTX          Centrex group number
CTX          Various centrix verifies
CU           Channel  unit
CU           Channel unit
CU           Control unit
CU           Customer unit
CU/EQ        Common update/equipment system
CU/TK        Common update/trunking system
CUCRIT       Capital utilization criteria
CUG          Closed user group (i.255 a)
CUP          Common update processor
CUSTAT       Control unit hardware status
CUT          Circuit under test
CUTOVER      Cutover (pre-cut) inactive state.
CV           OCC voice grade facility INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
CVN          Vacant national number received (outgoing)
CVR          Compass voice response
CW           Call waiting (i.253 a)
CW           OCC wire pair facility INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
CWC          City-wide centrex
CWD          Call waiting deluxe
CXC          Complex service order input checker
CXM          Centrex table management
CXT          Complex order inquiry for nac review
CZ           OCC access facility INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
CorNet       Corporate network protocol (ECMA and CCITT q.930/931 oriented)
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