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Current issue : #43 | Release date : 1993-07-01 | Editor : Erik Bloodaxe
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Title : Acronyms Part IV
Author : Firm G.R.A.S.P.
                              ==Phrack Magazine==

                 Volume Four, Issue Forty-Three, File 24 of 27

                              {Acronyms Part IV}

N            Estimated time to complete this ticket.
N            No corrective action
N(R)         (NR) receive sequence number
N(S)         (NS) transmit sequence number
NA           CSACC link (EPSCS) INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
NA           Next address
NA           Normal alignment
NAAP         New affirmative action program
NAB          Network analysis bureau
NAC          Network administration center
NAC          Network application center
NAC          Non-area code
NACK         No ground acknowledgment received on a ground start private facility (FX) trunk
NAFMAP       Network administration force management and productivity
NAG          Network architecture group
NAI          Telephone number assignment inquiry
NAK          Negative acknowledge
NAM          Number assignment module
NAND         Not-and gate
NANP         North american numbering plan
NAP          Network access pricing
NAP          Network analysis program (BTL)
NAR          Nac assignment review
NARS         National yellow pages services accounts receivable system
NAS          Network analysis system
NAS          Numerical and atmospheric sciences network
NAS/CARS     Network analysis system/central analysis report system
NAS/SRS      Network analysis system/subscriber recording system (MBT)
NASS         Network adminstration support system
NATL         National code (NTI)
NAUG         Network administration user group
NB           Narrow band
NBSY         Number of busy (trunks) (NTI)
NC           CNCC link (SPSCS) INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
NC           Network channel
NC           No circuit
NCA          No circuit announcement
NCAT         Network cost analysis tool
NCC          National coordinating center (national emergency)
NCC          Network control center
NCC          Notify corrupted CRC (in EOC)
NCCF         Network communication control facility (IBM vtam/mcp option)
NCCF         Network communications control facility
NCD          Network call denial
NCDAFTA      NCD denied after answer
NCDAFTA      Network call denial (NCD) denied after answer
NCDBEFA      NCD denied before answer
NCDBLKD      NCD returned blocked
NCDCCBL      NCD code control blocked
NCDDBOV      NCD data base overload
NCDDBOV      NCD database overload
NCDDENY      NCD deny received
NCDDSBL      NCD direct signaling blocked
NCDNOXL      NCD returned no translation
NCDOVLD      NCD returned overload
NCDUNEQ      NCD returned unequipped
NCH          Noch
NCI          Network channel interface
NCI          No card issue
NCLK         Network clock
NCLS         Non-capitalized lease system
NCMASTER     No circuit master
NCOO         Network central office operations
NCOS         Dms 100 class of service
NCOSC        Network clock 2 oscillator
NCOSS        Network communication and operations support system
NCP          National control point
NCP          Network control point
NCP          Network control point (in a SDN)
NCP          Network control program (IBM3725 software)
NCR-         Sclrnetwork completion report-system called line report system
NCRPAB       Network cost results plan
NCS          National communications system
NCS          National communicatons system
NCSPC        Non-conforming stored program control
NCT          Network control and timing
NCT (CP)     Network control and timing call processing
NCT LINKS    Network control and timing links
NCTE         Digital network channel equipment
NCTE         Network channel terminating equipment
NCTE         Network channel terminating equipment (FCC NT1)
NCTLNK       Network control and timing link
NCU          Network control unit
ND           Network data line INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
NDA          Network data analyzer
NDA          Network delivery access
NDBS         Network data base system
NDC          National destination code (i.e. area code)
NDC          Network data collection
NDC          Node data collection
NDCC         Network data collection center
NDIS         National dial-it services
NDPCC        Network data processing coordination center
NDRAS        Network distribution resource administration system
NDS          Network data system
NDS          Network distribution services
NDS-TIDE     Network data system-traffic information distributor and
NDS/ANN      Announcement system - System/36
NDS/BMR      Bmrbudget morning report - System 36
NDS/CONAD    Conadcontract administration system - System 36
NDS/FLEXNDS  Flexible reporting
NDS/FORMS    Mechanized forms - System 36
NDS/MT       Mechanized tool interface - System 36
NDS/PDB      Personnel database - System 36
NDU          Network data unit
NE           Near end
NE           Network element
NE           Network elements
NEAS         Non-optional extended area service
NEBE         Near end block error (IOM2 monitor message)
NEBS         Network equipment-building system
NEBS         Network equlpment-building system
NEBS         New equipment-building system
NECA         National exchange carrier association
NECC         National emergency coordination center (bellcore)
NEG          Negative
NEON         Nonmanagement employee opportunity network
NERC         National emergency relocation center
NESAC        National electronic switching assistance center
NESC         National electric safety code
NET          (ec) european standards of telecommunication
NETPARS      Network performance analysis reporting system (IBM Vtam)
NETPRT       Netprt
NETS         Nationwide emergency telecommunications system
NETTIMS      Nettims
NETWORK      Sidethe segment of the time slot interchanger (TSI) that is
NEXT         Near end cross (x) talk
NEXT         Near end crosstalk
NEXT         Node exhaust tool system
NFID         Non-fielded id
NFM          Network force management
NFS          Network file system
NFT          Network file transfer
NG           No good
NGF          Number group frame
NGF          Number group frame for 5 Cross Bar
NHLS         Next higher level support
NHR          Non hierarchial routing
NHR          Not hard to reach
NI           Network interface
NI/NC        Network interface/network channel
NID          Network in dialing
NID          Network information database
NIP          Nucleus initialization program
NIPA         Net income and productivity analysis
NIRS         National yellow pages services invoice receiving system
NIS          Operation system-intelligent network elements
NIS(FLEXCOM) Network interface system - OPS/INE
NKP          No key pulse
NKP          No key pulse (MDII)
NL-PG        Line number page
NLD          Nonlinear distortion
NLD-SN       Nonlinear distortion signal/noise
NLDM         Network logical data manager (IBM VTAM option)
NLP          Network layer protocol
NM           Network maintenance
NM           Network management
NM           Network management.
NM           Network module
NMA          Network management applique
NMA          Network monitoring and analysis
NMAT         Nonmanagement attendance tracking system
NMB          Network management busy (NTI)
NMC          Network management center
NMC          Network mondule controller (NTI)
NMDT         Network management display terminal (AT&T)
NMMPEN       Network maintenance management planing
NMOS         Network management operations support
NMPR         Network management printer (AT&T)
NMS          Network management services
NMS          Network management system
NN           Two digit number
NNN          Three digit number
NNNN         Four digit number
NNX          Central office code designating the customer exchange
NNX          Network numbering exchange
NNX          Telephone exchange code
NO           Number
NOC          National operations center at Bedminister N.J.
NOC          Network operations center
NOC          Normalized office code
NOCS         Network operations center system
NOD          Network out dialing
NODAL        Network operations forum
NOE          Number of oes to be assigned
NOL          Nac service order listing
NOMAD        No-op instruction
NOPS         Network operations plan system
NOR/TADS     North region/testing and development system
NORAD        North american air defense command
NORGEN       Network operation report generating
NORGEN       Network operations report generator
NORGEN       Network operations report generator system
NORM         Normal
NORM         Return to normal (IOM2 monitor command/message)
NOS          Network operating system
NOTIS        Network operations trouble information system
NOW          Network optical warehouse
NP           Non-published
NPA          Area code and exchange number
NPA          Network peformance analyzer (IBM)
NPA          No power alarm
NPA          Numbering plan area (area code)
NPAP         Nonmangement performance appraisal plan
NPC          Network processor circuit
NPC          No parameter choices
NPDA         Network problem determination applicator (IBM)
NPH          Network protocol handler
NPM          Network performance monitoring system
NPS          Network planning system
NPSI         Ncp packet switching interface
NPUMP        Normal pump
NPV          Net present value
NQ           Telegraph customized-service code for LATA access
NR           No response.
NRAS         Nova/rider awards system
NRC          Non-recurring charge
NRG          Number of rings
NRM          Normal response mode (hscx)
NRM          Normalizing ccs value
NRODD        Non-redundant ODD
NRRI         National regulatory research institute data
NRRT         Non-reroutable traffic
NRS          Network routing system (MBT)
NRT          No response while in test mode.
NRZ          Non return to zero
NRZC         Nrz change
NRZI         Nrz inverted
NRZM         Nrz mark
NSA          National security agency
NSAC         Network service administration center
NSBADRESP    NS SCP response message with invalid data
NSC          Network service center
NSCMP        Network service center multi (dddcservice bureau)
NSCS         Network service center system
NSD          No start dial
NSD          Number summary display
NSDB/IA      Network and service data base/interface administration
NSE          Network switching engineering
NSE          Noise
NSEC         Network switching engineering center
NSEP         National security emergency preparedness
NSFNET       National science foundation network
NSN          Network services node
NSNONRTEMSG  NS reject message
NSP          Network service part (SS7: SCCP+MTP)
NSP          Non sent paid (coin)
NSPEC        Node spec file
NSPMP        Network service performance measurement plan
NSPMP        Network switching performance measurement plan
NSPRR        Network switching performance results report
NSQRYFAIL    NS query fail
NSS          Network support system
NSSD         Network switched services district
NSSNCOMP     NS SCP response message with a send notification
NSSNCOMP     NS SCP response message with a send notification received at the switch
NSTAC        National security telecommunications advisory committee
NSTNMSG      NS termination notification message sent from the switch to the SCP
NSTS         Network services test system
NSU          Network support utilities
NSs          Network system (i.e. DACS; SDACSL CDACSL OSU; CSU... etc)
NStA         (Ger) PBX
NT           Network termination
NT           Northern telecom
NT           Protection alarm-metalic-service code for LATA access
NT/S         NT simulator     SIPB7020
NT01         Network frame unable to switch off line after fault detection
NT02         Network path trouble trunk to line - 1AESS network trouble
NT03         Network path trouble line to line - 1AESS network trouble
NT04         Network path trouble trunk to trunk - 1AESS network trouble
NT06         Hourly report of network frames made busy - 1AESS network trouble
NT1          NT serving layer 1 (NCTE)
NT10         Network path failed to restore -1AESS network trouble
NT2          NT serving layer 1 to 3 (subscriber interface of nt
NTC          National trunk congestion
NTD          Normal direction
NTDACT       Network termination (NT) is deactivated.
NTE          Network terminal equipment
NTE          Network terminating equipment
NTEC         Network technical equipment center
NTEC         Network terminal equipment center
NTEC         Networkbterminal equipment center
NTI          Northern telcom inc.
NTIA         National telecommunications and information agency
NTM          Nt test mode (IOM2 monitor message)
NTN          Number of tns to be assigned
NTO          Network terminal option (IBM)
NTOFN        NT off normal.
NTP          Northern telecom practice (NTI)
NTPWR        NT lost power.
NTRAP        Network trouble analysis plan
NTS          Network technical support
NTS          Network test system
NTT          No test trunk
NTTMP        Network trunk transmission measurement plan
NTWRK        Network
NU           Protection alarm-service code for LATA access
NUA          (international) network user address
NUA          Network user address
NUA          Network utilization analysis
NUC          Nailed-up connection
NUI          Network user identification
NUL          Null
NUP          National user part
NV           Protective relaying/telegraph grade-service code for LATA access
NVM          Non volatile memory (eeprom)
NW           Telegraph grade facility-75 baud-service code for LATA access
NWB          Network-busy (NTI)
NWK          Adminnetwork administration budgets system
NWM          Network management (NTI)
NWPK         Network packs
NXX          Refers to the central office designation of the telephone
NY           Telegraph grade facility- 150 baud-service code for LATA access
NYNEX        NYNEX corporation
NYNEX        New york
NYPS         National yellow pages services
NYPSA        National yellow pages services association
O            Priority.
O+I          Originating plus incoming calls to a switching module.
O-LTM        Optical line terminating multiplexer
O/S          Operating system
OA           Line equipment assignment option
OA           Out of alignment
OA&M         Operations
OA&M         Operations administration and maintance
OAM          Office data administration system
OAP          Operator services position system administrative processor
OASIS        Office automation strategy for information systems
OASIS        Overseas accounting settlement and information
OASYS        Office automation system
OATQ         OSPS ANSI TCAP query and reply
OATS         Operator assistance tracking system
OBA          Out of band announcement
OBF          Ordering and billing forum
OBH          Office busy hour
OBS          Observed data rate
OC           Office communication
OC           Operating company
OC           Operator centralization
OC&C         Other charges and credits
OCAS         OSPS customer account services
OCAS7        OSPS customer account services CCSS7/international CC validation
OCC          Other common carrier
OCC          Other common carriers
OCC          Usage occupancy
OCCH         Outgoing connections per circuit per hour
OCCS         OSPS common channel signaling
OCCS         Order control and coordination system (BTL)
OCE          Other common carrier channel equipment
OCN          Operating company number
OCOIN        OSPS coin
OCP          Optional calling plan
OCP          Origination point code (SS7)
OCPDG        Ocp data gathering
OCR          Optical character reader (auerbach computer technology report)
OCR          Optical character recognition (IBM)
OCRS         Optical character recognition system
OCS          Offical communication services
OCS          Old class of service
OCS/CTS      Official communications services installation and
OCS/CTS      Official communications services installation and maintenance cos
OCSDSELR     OCS data station equipment location report
OCSOLRM      Official communications services (OCS) on-line reference
OCTD         OSPS centralized automatic message accounting tone decoder
OCU          Office channel unit
ODA          Office data administration
ODA          Office data assembler
ODA          Office document architecture
ODAC         Operations distribution administration center
ODACCIN      OSPS directory assistance (DA) call completion and intercept
ODB          On-demand B-channel counts.
ODB          Operations divestiture board
ODCS         Official data communications service
ODD          Office dependent data
ODD          Operator distance dialing
ODDBU        Office dependent data backup
ODDD         Operator direct distance dialing
ODDS         Order data distribution system
ODIN         Online data integrity system
ODP          Office dialing plan
ODP          Organization development program
ODP          Organizational design program
ODS          Overhead data stream
ODS          Tnds on-line demand servicing
OE           Office equipment
OE           Office equipment / office equipment number
OE           Office equpiment number
OEC          Other exchange carrier
OEC          Outside plant equivalence codes
OEIC         Optoelectronic integrated circiut
OEIS         OSPS external information system
OEM          Original equipment manufacture
OEM          Original equipment manufacturer
OF           Official (telco owned)
OF           Overflow
OFA          OSPS facility administration
OFC          Office
OFF          OSPS fast features
OFF HK       Off hook
OFFN         Off-normal
OFL          Overflow(s)
OFNPS        Outstate facility network planning system
OFRD         Offered (calls [peg count])(NTI)
OFRT         Office route (NTI)
OFT          Optical fiber tube
OGO          Outgoing only trunk
OGT          Outgoing trunk
OI           Off premises intercommunication station line INTER/TRA blocal 1-2
OI           Optical interface
OIJ          Orders in jeopardy
OINTA        OSPS interflow listing services/C-ACD measures
OIRCV        OSPS interflow T&A calls received
OISNT        OSPS interflow T&A calls sent
OKMDT        Oklahoma management development training
OKP          Operational kernel process
OKRA         Operator keyed trouble report
OLCP         Optional local calling plan
OLIDB        OSPS line information data base
OLIPD        Online invoice payment data
OLRM         Online reference material
OLS          Originating line screening
OLTEP        Online test executive program
OLTS         Optical loss test set
OM           Operational measurement (NTI)
OM           Operational measurements
OM           Output mux
OMAP         Operations and maintanance application part
OMAT         Operations maintenance and administration team
OMC          Operating and maintainance center
OMD          Out messages - day
OMDB         Output message data base
OMDB         Output message database
OMISC        OSPS miscellaneous call
OML          Outgoing matching loss
OMM          Output message manual
OMNI         Online marketing networked information system
OMP          SS7 fe operation management protocol
OMPF         Operation and maintenance processor frame
ON           Off network access line INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
ON HK        On hook
ONA          Open network architecture
ONA          Open network architecture (FCC computer inquiry iii)
ONAC         Operations network administration center in K.C. (AT&T)
ONAL         Off network access line
ONALS        Off-net access lines
ONC          On line COSMOS
ONDDBOV      OSPS NCD message received indicating database overload
ONDDBUN      OSPS NCD message returned data base unable to process
ONDGMSG      OSPS NCD message received garbled
ONDIRPY      OSPS NCD message received with an inconsistent reply
ONDNBLK      OSPS NCD message returned because of network blockage
ONDNCON      OSPS NCD message returned because of network congestion
ONDNRTE      OSPS NCD message returned because of no routing data
ONDTOUT      OSPS NCD message returned because of timeout
ONDUNEQ      OSPS NCD message returned
ONDURPY      OSPS NCD message received with an unexpected reply
ONI          Operator number identification
ONP          Open network provision
ONPA         Originating numbering plan area
ONS          On line switch
ONSITE       Urban decisions system
ONTC         Office network and timing complex
ONTC         Office network and timing complex (CM2 offices only)
ONTCCOM      Office network and timing common units
OOB          Out-of-band
OOC          Originating office code
OOC          Out-of-chain
OOF          Out-of-frame
OP           Off premises extension INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
OP           Operation
OP           Outside plant
OP ALL       Option all
OPC          Originating point code
OPC          Originating point codes
OPCDB        Operations common database
OPDU         Operations protocol data unit (x.411: p3)
OPEOS        Outside plant planning
OPH          Operator handled
OPM          Outage performance monitoring
OPM          Outside plant module
OPN          Open-of-day report
OPNOXL3      OSPS position no level 3 protocol.
OPR          Operator
OPS          Off-premises station
OPS          Outside plant study system
OPSM         Outside plant subscriber module
OPT          Optional
OPU          Outside plant cable usage
OPX          Off-premises extension
OR           Originating register
OR & RG      Operating rate and route guide
ORB          Office repeater bay
ORBIT        Osp rehabilitation budget information tracker
ORC          Originating rate center
ORD          Service or work order
ORD          Work order
ORD#         Order number
ORDN         Order number.
ORDNO        Service order number
ORE          Order edit
ORE-G        Order edit global
ORI          Order input
ORIG         Allows originating
ORLF         Originating register link frame
ORLMF        Originating register line memory frame
ORM          Optical remote module
ORM          Optical remote switching module
ORM          Optically remote switching module
ORMC         Originating register marker connector
ORP          Operational review plan
ORR          Overflow reroute
ORRS         Online records and reporting system (TNDS)
ORS          Order send
ORTN         Orientation
ORTR         OSPS real-time rating
OS           Off premises PBX station line INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
OS           Operations systems (operations support systems) (OSS)
OS           Operator service
OS           Origination scanning
OS           Out of service
OS           Out sender
OS           Outstate
OS/D         Operator services/deaf
OSAC         Operator services assistance center
OSAC         Operator services of answer consistency
OSAM         Overflow sequential access method (IBM)
OSAP         Operations systems architecture plan
OSC          Operator services center
OSC          Oscillator
OSCAS        Operator service control access system
OSDS         Operating system for distributed switching
OSDS-C       Operating system for distributed switching in the conection
OSDS-M       Operating system for distributed in the switching module.
OSE          Oscillator error flip-flop
OSI          Open system interconnection
OSI          Open systems interconnection
OSLF         Out sender link frame
OSM1         Optional services menu screen number 1
OSN          Operations systems network
OSO          Originating screening office
OSO          Originating signaling office
OSPE         Outside plant engineer
OSPI         Operator services planning information
OSPRE/CON    Outside plant reconciliation
OSPS         Operator service position system
OSPS         Operator services position system
OSPS         Outside plant studies
OSPS-DL      OSPSystem data links
OSR          Ongoing support request
OSS          Operation support system
OSS          Operations support system
OSS          Operations support system (BTL)
OSS          Operator service signalling
OSS          Operator services system
OSSGR        Operator services system generic requirements
OSSP         Operations systems strategic plan
OSSS         Operator services support system
OSTC         Operations systems technical center
OT           Originating traffic
OT           Other type
OT           Overtime
OTA          OSPS toll and assistance
OTC          Operating telephone company (in bell system)
OTDR         Optical time domain reflectometers
OTER         Operator team efficiency ratio
OTG          Outgoing trunk group
OTH          Other
OTO          Office-to-office
OTR          Operational trouble report
OTSS         Off the shelf system
OTTS         Outgoing trunk transmission system
OUC          Orgination unit code
OUT          Outgoing trunk groups
OUTWATS      Outward wats
OUTWATS      Outward wide area telecommunications service
OVF          Overflow (NTI)
OVLT         Overvoltage protection
OVLY         Overlay scheduling
OVOEQ        OSPS call volume and equipment usage
OVRLD        Overload or congestion control
OVRRNG       Overrange
OVS          Overseas
OVW          Equipment class overwrite
OW           Over-write
OWG          Optical wave guide
OWT          Outwats [code 024(5500-5600)]
OXPRESS      Zero express
P            Commitment time for having this trouble repaired.
P-tone       Pseudo tone
P/AR         Peak-to-average ratio
P/F          Poll/final bit
PA           Power allarm
PA           Program address
PA           Program application
PA           Protective alarm (AC) INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
PABX         Private automatic branch echange
PABX         Private automatic branch exchange
PAC          Percent access chargeable
PACE         Program for arrangement of cables and equipment
PACK         Peripheral equipment packs
PACT         Prefix access code translator
PAD          Packet assembler/dissasembler
PADDLE       Program for administering data bases in the lfacs
PADS         Planning analysis and decision support
PADSX        Partially automated digital signal cross-connect
PAK          Work packages
PAL          Pre-service action limit
PAL          Price analysis list
PAL          Pricing and loading (mcauto)
PAL          Purchasing authorization letter
PAM          Pass along method (SS7: in ISUP)
PAM          Primary access method
PAM          Pulse amplitude modulation
PAN          Panel
PAN          Personal account number
PANDS        Purchase & sales
PANS         Pretty advanced new stuff
PAP          Publications' accounts payable
PAQS-10      Provisioning and quotation system
PARMS        Parameters
PARTS        Tvcom electronic parts inventory
PAS          Protocol architecture specification for IOS (PCT)
PAS          Public announcement service
PAT          Position attached signal time-out
PAT          Position attached signal time-out (MDII)
PAT          Power alarm test
PATROL       Old version of 'esscoer'
PAX          Private automatic exchange
PAYRO1IC     Payroll-information center
PB           Lajga
PB           Placement bureau
PB           Sdga
PBC          Peripheral board controller
PBC          Peripheral bus computer
PBC          Peripheral bus. computer
PBC          Processor bus controller
PBD          Pacific bell directory
PBG          Packet business group
PBHC         Peak busy hour calls
PBM          LTG = 0 ho/mo msg reg (no ANI)
PBO          Paperless business office
PBOD         Pac bell order dist.
PBVS         Pacific bell verification system
PBX          Private branch exchange
PBXC         Private branch exchange center
PBXWL        Private branch exchange wiring list
PC           Peg count
PC           Peripheral control (software)
PC           Power controller
PC           Primary center
PC           Process controller
PC           Switched digital-access line INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
PCA          Philip crosby associates
PCB          Program communications block-IMS (IBM)
PCC          Peg count converters
PCDA         Program controlled data acquisition
PCF-II       Programming control facility-II (IBM)
PCH          Parallel channel
PCI          Panel call indicator
PCID         Primary circuit identification
PCL          Payroll change list
PCL          Pcm data clock
PCM          Program control module
PCM          Pulse code modulation
PCN          Personal communication network (UK)
PCN          Product change notices
PCO          Peg count and overflow
PCO          Plant control office
PCP          Primary control program
PCR          Preventive cyclic retransmission (SS7 in MTP)
PCSN         Public circuit switched network
PCT          IOS program coding tools (SDL oriented)
PCTF         Per-call test failure
PCTF         Per-call test failure.
PCTV         Program controlled transverters
PD           Peripheral decoder
PDA          Parameteredatanassembler
PDA          Partial dial abandon
PDA          Partial dial abandon (MDII)
PDC          Primary digital carrier
PDF          Power distribution frame
PDI          Power and data interface
PDIT         Prefix/feature digit interpreter
PDM          Power down mode
PDN          Public data network
PDSP         Peripheral data storage processor
PDT          Partial dial time-out
PDT          Partial dial time-out (MDII)
PDU          Protocol data unit (x.400)
PE           Peripheral equipment
PE           Program audio 200-3500 hz-service code for LATA access
PECC         Product engineering control center
PEP          Position establishment for parties
PER          For each.. or according to
PER          Protocol error record
PF           Printout follows
PF           Program audio 100-5000 hz-service code for LATA access
PFM          Pulse frequency modulation
PFOFF        Power feed off (C/I channel code)
PFPU         Processor frame power unit
PFR          Party line fill report
PFR          Polarity failure
PFR          Polarity failure (MDII)
PFS          Page format selection (teletex)
PFS          Pcm frame synchronisation signal
PG           Page
PG           Paging INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
PG           Program document index
PG           Program frequency weighting
PGTC         Pair gain test controller
PH           Packet handler
PH           Parity high bit
PH           Pending header
PH           Protocol handler
PH JTR       Phase jitter
PH-          Physical-
PHY          Physical
PIA          Plug-in administrator
PIC          PCM interface controller
PIC          Plastic-insulated cable (plant)
PIC          Polyolefin insulated cables (plant)
PIC          Primary independent carrier (switching)
PICB         Peripheral interface control bus
PICS         Plug-in inventory control system
PICS         Plug-in inventory control system (PICS/DCPR)
PICS/DCPR    PICS/detailed continuing property records
PID          Personal ID
PIDB         Peripheral interface data bus
PIINT        Allow packet interface interrupt
PIN          Personal identification number
PIOCS        Physical i/o system
PIP          PCM interface port
PIP          Packet interface port
PIU          PCM interface unit
PJ           Program audio 50-8000 hz-service code for LATA access
PK           Program audio 50-15000 hz-service code for LATA access
PKC          Package category
PKT          Package type
PL           Parity low bit
PL           Private line
PL           Private line circuit number
PL           Private line-voice INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
PLAR         Private line automatic ringdown
PLC          Physical link control (IOS)
PLD          Partial line down (teletex)
PLGUP        Plug-up (currently no affect).
PLIC         Pcm line interface
PLL          Phase locked loop
PLU          Partial line up (teletex)
PM           Peripheral module
PM           Peripheral modules
PM           Phase modulation
PM           Plant management
PM           Preventive maintenance
PM           Protective monitoring INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
PM01         Daily report - 1AESS plant measurments
PM02         Monthly report - 1AESS plant measurments
PM03         Response to a request for a specific section of report - 1AESS
PM04         Daily summary of iC/Iec irregularities - 1AESS plant measurments
PMAC         Peripheral module access controller
PMB          LTG = 1 ho/mo regular ANI6
PMI          Plant managementninstruction
PMS          Peripheral maintenance system pack
PMS          Peripheral maintenance system packs
PMS          Plant measurements system
PMS HUB      Picture phone meeting service hub
PMU          Precision measurement unit
PN           Pseudo noise (code)
PNB          Pacific northwest bell
PNL          Premis number list for TN
PNP          Private numbering plan (i.255 b)
PNPN         Positive-negative-positive-negative devices
POB          Periphal order buffer
POF          Programmable operator facility
POP          Point of presence
PORT         Remote access test ports
POS          Centralized automatic message accounting positions (NTI)
POS          Position
POS          TOPS (DMS) position (NTI)
POSN-P       Posn-p
POSNOB       OSPS position no B-channel.
POSNRSP      OSPS position no response.
POT          Point of termination
POTS         Plain old telephone service
POVT         Provisioning on-site verification testing
PP           Post pay
PPC          Pump peripheral controller
PPD          Peripheral pulse distributor
PPG          Precedence and preemption group
PPM          Periodic pulse metering.
PPN          Public packet switching
PPS          Product performance surveys
PPS          Public packet switching network
PPS          Pulse per second
PPSN         Public packet switched network
PPSRV        Pre-post service.
PPU          Power providing unit
PP_D_M       Point-to-point data maintenance
PQ           Program grade customized-service code for LATA access
PR           Cable pair id
PR           Pair normally tip and ring
PR           Protective relaying-voice grade INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
PRA          Primary rate access
PRCA         Puerto rico communications authority
PRE          Previous
PREMIS       Premises information system
PRFX         Prefix
PRFX         Prefix translations
PRI          Frame priority
PRI          Primary rate interface
PROC         Processor
PROG         Program
PROM         Programmable read-only memory
PROMATS      Programmable magnetic tape system
PROT         Protection
PROTEL       Procedure oriented type enforcing language
PROTO        Protocol circuit
PRP          Periodic purging of remarks
PRP          Permanent cable pair remarks
PRS          Personal response system
PRT          Print
PRTC         Puerto rico telephone company
PRZ          Preferred rate zone
PS           Msc constructed spare facility INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
PS           Packet switching
PS           Previously published/non-published facility indicator
PS           Program store
PSAP         Public safety answering point
PSC          Prime service contractor
PSC          Public safety calling system
PSC          Public service commission
PSD          Programmable scanner distribution
PSDC         Public switched digital capability
PSDN         Packed-switched data network (t.70)
PSDS         Public switched digital service
PSE          Packet switch exchange
PSF          Packet switching facility
PSGRP        Packet switching groups
PSHF         Peripheral equipment shelf
PSIU         Packet switch interface unit
PSK          Phase shift keying
PSK          Phase-shift keying
PSL          IOS protocol source library
PSM          Packet service module
PSM          Position switching module
PSN          Packet switched network
PSN          Public switched network
PSO          Pending service order
PSODB        Packet switching on-demand B-channel
PSOFC        Packet switching office (ISDN)
PSPDN        Packed-switched public data network
PSPH         Packet switching PH/DSLG (ISDN)
PSPORT       packet switching protocol handler (PH) port (ISDN)
PSR          Phase shift register
PSS          Packet switch stream
PSS          Packet switched services
PSSM         Packet switching per switching module (ISDN)
PST          Permanent signal time-out
PST          Permanent signal time-out (MDII)
PST          Pre-service testing
PST          Sides protocol software development
PSTG         Packet switching trunk group
PSTLT        Pre-service transmission action limit table
PSTN         Public switched telephone network
PSTN         Public switched telephone network (t.70)
PSU          Packet switch unit
PSU          Packet switch unit.
PSU          Program storage unit
PSUPH        Packet switch unit protocol handler
PSW          Program status word
PSWD         Password access
PT           Package time
PT           Point
PT           Program timer
PTAT         Private trans atlantic telecommunications
PTCL         Protocol
PTD          Plant test date
PTR          Printer
PTT          Postal telephone and telegraph
PTW          Primary translation word
PTY          Party indicator
PTY          Party number or position
PU           Power units
PU           Power up (C/I channel code)
PUC          Peripheral unit controller
PUC          Public utilities commission
PULS         Message-rate pulsing table (AMA NTI)
PULS         Pulse
PULSG        Pulsing
PUM          Pu mode
PUMPHW       Pump hardware errors
PV           Protective relaying-telegraph grade INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
PVC          Permanent virtual circuit
PVC          Permanent virtual circuit (x.25 network)
PVC          Permanent virtual circuits
PVN          Private virtual network
PVT          Private
PW           Protective relaying-signal grade INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
PWC          Premis wire center
PX           Pbx station line INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
PX           Power cross.
PZ           Msc constructed circut INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
Q            Report class.  see table 5-1.
Q-CIF        Quarter cif (for ISDN low end video)
QAM          Quadrature-amplitude modulation
QANN         Announcements for queuing (MLHG)
QAS          Quasi-associated signaling
QEX          Question an execution
QMLHG        Queuing for multi-line hunt group
QMP          Quality measurement plan
QPA          Quality program analysis
QRSS         Quasi random signal source
QS           Packet synchronous access line INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
QSC          Quad s interface circuit     peb2084
QSF          Queuing for simulated facility
QSS          Quality surveillance system
QTAM         Queued telecom access method
QTG          Queuing for trunk groups
QU           Packet asyncronous access line INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
QUE          Queue
R            Initials and location of person reporting this trouble.
R            Review pending dispatch
R            Ring
R&R          Rate & route
R&SE         Research & systems engineering
R-GRD        Ring-to-ground
R-T          Ring-to-tip
R/O          Read/only
R/W          Read write
R/WM         Read/write memory
R1           Regional signaling system 1 (based on CCITT SS5 (2600))
R2           Regional signaling system 2 (based on CCITT SS4 (2400))
RA           Rate adaption
RA           Ready access
RA           Remote attendant INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
RACF         Remote activated call forwarding
RAD          Receive adress
RAF          Recorded announcement facility
RAF          Recorded announcement function
RAF          Recorded announcement function (DSU2)
RAL          Relay assignment list
RAM          Random access memory
RAM          Random-access memory
RAND         Rural area network design
RAO          Regional accounting office
RAO          Revenue account office
RAO          Revenue accounting office
RAP          Recorded announcement port.
RAP          Relay assignment parameters
RAP          Rotary assignment priority
RAR          Return address register
RAS          Release sequence number lists and related TN/OE
RAS          Remote access services
RASC         Residence account service center
RAT          Rating
RATDBOV      RATE message received indicating data base overload
RATDBUN      RATE message returned because data base unable to process
RATGMSG      RATE message received garbled
RATNBLK      RATE message returned because of network blockage
RATNCON      RATE message returned because of network congestion
RATNRTE      RATE message returned because of no routing data
RATTOUT      RATE message returned because of timeout
RATUNEQ      RATE message returned because of unequipped destination
RATURPY      RATE message received with an unexpected reply
RAU          RSM alarm
RBEF         Read block error counter for far end (IOM2 monitor command)
RBEN         Read block error counter for near end (IOM2 monitor command)
RBHC         Regional bell holding company
RBOC         Regional bell operating company
RBOC         Regional boc
RBOR         Request basic output report
RBS          Print tbs relays assignment record
RC           Rate center  (NTI)
RC           Recent change
RC           Regional center
RC           Resistance-capacitance
RC/V         Recent change and verify
RC18         Rc message response - 1AESS RC
RCC          Radio common carrier
RCC          Remote cluster controller
RCC          Request corrupted CRC (in EOC)
RCC          Reverse command channel
RCD          Received
RCE          Ring Counter Error
RCF          Remote call forward
RCF          Remote call forwarding
RCFA         Remote call forwarding appearance (NTI)
RCI          Read controller interface (IOM2 monitor command)
RCL          Route clock
RCLDN        Retrieval of calling line directory number
RCLK         Remote clock
RCM          Remote carrier module
RCMAC        Recent change memory administration center
RCMG         Recent change message generator
RCOSC        Remote clock oscillator
RCOXC        Remote clock oscillator cross couple
RCP          Recent change packager
RCP          Remote copy
RCR          Recent change report
RCRE         Receive corrected reference equivalent
RCREF        Remote clock reference
RCS          Recent change summary
RCSC         Remote spooling communications subsystem
RCT          Remote concentrator terminal
RCU          Radio channel unit
RCU          Repeater control unit (i.e. ASIC between two IEC-q2s)
RCV          Receive
RCVR         Receiver
RCW          Recent change keyword
RCXC         Remote clock cross couple
RDATE        Release date (update database date)
RDB/RDR      Recent Disconnect bussiness/resid.
RDBM         Relational data base management
RDES         Remote data entry system
RDFI         RSM digital facilities interface
RDG          Message register reading
RDS          Radio digital system
RDS          Reference distribution system
RDS          Running digital sum
RDSN         Region digital switched network
RDT          Radio digital terminal
RDT          Remote digital terminal
RDY          Resynchonisation indication after loss of framing (C/I channel CO)
RE           Lajrr
RE           Radiated emission (EME)
REACC        Reaccess
REC          Record
REC          Recreate (display)
REC          Regional engineering center
RED          Recent change message text editor
REH          Recovered history
REJ          Reject (LAP-D command/response)
REL          Release (i.451)
REL          Release non-intercepted numbers by release date
REM          Remote equipment module
REM          Remove frame locations
REMOBS       Remote observation system
REMSH        Remote shell
REN          Ring equivalence number
REOC         Real estate operations center
REP          Reprint option
REPT#        Report number
REQ          Required
RES          Reset (C/I channel code)
RES          Resistance
RES          Resume (i.451)
RES          Send a solicited response
RES1         Reset receiver (C/I channel code)
RET          Retermination of frame locations
REV          Reverse charging (i.256 c)
REV          Reversed
REW          Rework status
REX          Reexecute a service order
REX          Routine exercise.
REX          Routine exerciser.
REXX         Restructred extended executer language
RF           Radio frequency
RFI          Radio frequency interference
RID          Read identification (IOM2 monitor command)
RID          Remote isolation device
RISLU        Remote integrated services line unit
RJ           Reject
RJDT         Reject date
RJR          Remove jeopardy reason codes
RJR          Valid reject reasons
RKW          (ger pcm30) fas
RL           Repeat later
RL           Resistance lamp
RL           Retry later
RL           Return loss
RLC          Release complete msg. (SS7: in SCCP)
RLCM         Remote line concentrating module
RLDT         Release date
RLF          Re-using dips upper bound load factor
RLG          Release guard on unstable call (outgoing)
RLI          Remote link interface
RLM          Remote line module
RLO          Automatic relay assignment present
RLOGIN       Remote login
RLS          Release
RLSD         Released msg. (SS7: in SCCP)
RLST         Release status
RLT          Remote line test
RLT          Remote loop test
RLY          Miscellaneous relay
RM           Remark
RMA          Request for manual assistance
RMAC         Remote memory administration center
RMAS         Recent message automatic system
RMAS         Remote memory administration
RMAS         Remote memory administration system
RMK          Hunt group remarks
RMK          Remarks
RMK          Remarks on cable pair
RMK          Remarks on office equipment
RMK          Remarks on orders
RMK          Remarks on telephone number
RMM          Remote maintenance module
RMP          Recent change punctuation table
RMPK         Remote shelf
RMR          Remote message registers
RMS          Remote mean square
RMS          Root-mean-square
RMS-D        Remote measurment system-digital
RMS-D1       Remote measurment system-digital signal level one
RMS-D1A      Remote measurment system-digital signal level one access
RMS-M        Remote measurment system-metallic (through SMAS)
RMS-MS       Remote measurment system-metallic small (through SMAS)
RMV          Remove
RMV          Removed from service - 1AESS remove
RN           Reference noise
RN           Ring node
RNA          Release telephone numbers for assignment
RNG          Ringing
RNGS         Rings
RNMC         Remote network management center
RNO          Rss subentity number
RNOC         Regional network operations center
RNR          Receive not ready (LAP-D command/response)
RO           Receive only
RO           Routine other.
ROB          Remote order buffer
ROC          Regional operating company
RODD         Redundant ODD
ROE          Reservation order establishment
ROE          Rss's office equipment
ROH          Receiver off hook
ROI          Reservation order inquiry
ROK          Republic of korea
ROM          Read-only memory
ROOT         System manager for some unix os and COSMOS
ROP          Receive-only printer
ROSE         Remote operation service element (TCAP subset)
ROTF         Operational trouble.
ROTL         Remote office test line
ROTLS        Remote office testline system
ROUT         Routes
ROW          Reservation order withdrawal
RP           Repeater
RPFC         Read power feed current value (IOM2 monitor command)
RPM          Recent change parameters
RPO          Regional procurement organization
RPOA         Recognized private operating agency
RPT          Repeated
RPT          Report
RQ           Rpntr
RQS          Rate/quote system
RQSM         Regional quality service management
RQST         Request
RR           Receive ready (LAP-D command/response)
RRCLK        Remote clock circuit pack
RRO          Reports receiving office
RS           Radiated susceptibiltiy (EMS)
RS           Record separator (ascii control)
RS           Repair service
RS           Reset
RSA          Repair service attendant
RSAT         Reliability and system architecture testing
RSB          Repair service bureau
RSB          Repair servicenbureauem
RSC          Remote switching center
RSC          Reset confirm (SS7: in SCCP and ISUP)
RSC          Residence service center
RSCS         Remote source control system
RSE          Remote service equipment
RSHF         Remote concentration line shelf
RSIT         Remote site
RSLC         Remote subscriber line module controller
RSLE         Remote subscriber line equipment
RSLM         Remote subscriber line module
RSM          Remote switching module
RSS          Remote switching system
RST          Reset received (outgoing)
RST          Resistance test
RST          Resistance test (SARTS command)
RST          Restore
RST          Restored to service status - 1AESS restore
RSTS/E       Resource system time sharing/enhanced
RSU          Remote switching unit
RSY          Resynchronizing (C/I channel code)
RSYD         Rsy downstream
RSYU         Rsy upstream
RT           Radio landline INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
RT           Remote terminal
RT           Remote terminal (opposite to cot)
RT04         Status of monitors - ringing and tone plant-1AESS
RTA          Remote trunk arrangement
RTA          Remote trunking arrangement
RTAC         Regonal Technical Assitance Center
RTAC         Remote a trunk assembler center
RTB          Retransmission buffer
RTCA         Radio technical commission of aeronautics
RTEST        Tops remote test
RTF          Release timeout failure
RTH          Report transaction to count spare and diped line equipment
RTI          Route index
RTIME        Release time (update database time)
RTL          Resistor-transistor logic
RTM          Regional telecommunications management
RTM          Remote test module
RTN          Return to normal (in EOC)
RTOC         Resident telephone order center
RTP          Rate treatment package
RTP          Remote test point (RTS-5A)
RTPP         Remote test port panel
RTR          Route TReatment (GTE)
RTRV         Retrieve
RTS          Relay and telephone number status report
RTS          Remote test unit
RTS          Remote testing system
RTS          Request to send
RTS          SMAS remote test system located in central offices
RTSE         Reliable transfer service element
RTSI         Receive time slot interchanger
RTU          Remote trunking unit
RTU          Right to use
RTZ          Rate zone
RU           Receive unit
RUM          Remote user multiplex
RUP          Request unsolicited processing
RV           Review
RVDT         Review date and time
RVPT         Revertive pulsing transceiver
RVPT         Revertive pulsing transceivers
RW           Read/write permission
RWC          Remote work center
RX           Remote exchange
RZ           Resistance zone
RZ           Return to zero
RxSD         Receive serial data
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