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Current issue : #56 | Release date : 2000-01-05 | Editor : route
IntroductionPhrack Staff
Phrack LoopbackPhrack Staff
Phrack Line Noisevarious
Phrack ProphilePhrack Staff
Bypassing StackGuard and StackShieldKil3r & Bulba
Project Area52Irib & Simple Nomad & Jitsu-Disk
Shared Library Redirection via ELF PLT InfectionSilvio
Smashing C++ VPTRsrix
Backdooring binary objectsklog
Things To Do in Cisco Land When You're Deadgaius
A Strict Anomaly Detection Model for IDSbeetle & sasha
Distributed Toolslifeline & sasha
Introduction to PAMBryan Ericson
Exploiting Non-adjacent Memory Spacestwitch
Writing MIPS/Irix shellcodescut
Phrack Magazine Extraction UtilityPhrack Staff
Title : Phrack Prophile
Author : Phrack Staff
                      - P H R A C K   M A G A Z I N E -

                            Volume 0xa Issue 0x38

|------------------------------ P R O P H I L E ------------------------------|
|----------------------------------- sw_r ------------------------------------|

The Phrack Prophile iz intended to be a short biography on the indiviual in
question.  It'z Phrackz way to recognize that this person has done something
worthy of mention in some capacity.  More or less a soap-box, The Prophile
givez the person a chance to spout off about whutever they want and aggrandize
themselvez to their heart'z content.  This iz *their* time to shine.

|------------------------------ P E R S O N A L ------------------------------|

|-Handle -------------| Shockwave Rider 
|-Previouz handlez ---| The Phelon, cpmhaqr, guest_, master blaster, s1thl0rd,
|-Handle origin ------| 1975 book by John Brunner
|-Call him -----------| Varies depending on who you are
|-Reach him ----------| Don't call me, I'll call you .. (email: swr@gti.net)
|-Date of birth ------| 5/16/80
|-Height -------------| 5'10"
|-Weight -------------| 170
|-Eye Color ----------| Brown
|-Hair Color ---------| Black
|-Cool crap owned ----| one line isn't gonna do this justice.. ;)
|-Sitez I run --------| various private systems
|-URLz ---------------| the web is gay.  but check these urls out anyway:

|----------------------------- F A V O R I T E Z -----------------------------|

|-Women --------------| 

Brunettes with class, wit, and intelligence.  hi suzie!@ 

|-Carz ---------------| 

As of this writing, I don't really drive.. once I settle into my new location,
I plan to purchase a new vehicle.  (I've always been into cars and performance
vehicles, so it'll be something FAST!@).  I have tons of 'favorite' cars, but
among the favorite of the favorites at the moment are the Porsche 911, Dodge
Viper, Porsche 959 (the only reason it doesn't win hands down is 'cuz it's
still not street-legal, which sucks) & Acura's NSX-T.  

|-Foodz --------------|

All kinds - I'm Indian, so naturally Indian's my favorite.. but I also love
Italian, Thai, Chinese, etc. My favorite foods overall are probably steak and
pizza.  If made right, I could live on both forever without tiring of either -
though I'd probably want Indian food occasionally (of course).

|-Alcohol ------------|

Wayyy too much to list here.  I like good beer, strong whiskey.. and pretty
much anything else as long as it's wet & alcoholic(!@).

|-Music --------------|

Major hip-hop fan.  I'm also into hard rock/heavy metal, classical.. pretty
much everything, except for the perennial exception that is Country.  Favorite
bands/groups off the top of my head include -

NWA, Tribe Called Quest, Eazy-E, Beastie Boys, Nirvana, Tool, Eric B+Rahkim,
Slick Rick, Metallica, Korn, Beck, Ice Cube, KRS-ONE, Public Enemy, Front 242,
Guns N Roses, Schooly D, Cypress Hill, Led Zeppelin, Wu-Tang Clan, MC Eiht,
MC Ren, Garbage (Shirley Manson r000lz), NIN, Toadies, Aerosmith, Sir Mixalot,
Me First & The Gimme Gimmes, DR Octagon, DJ Rectangle, Eminem, Weird Al,
Motley Crue, Mr. Bungle, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Gang Starr, Run-DMC..

|-Moviez -------------|

HEAT, Goodfellas - pretty much anything with DeNiro or Pacino in it, GodFather
I, Pulp Fiction, Strange Brew, Bill & Teds * (classics), South Park,
El Mariachi

|-Authorz ------------|

quick list - 

Fyodor Dostoevsky (Crime & Punishment, Brothers Karamozov)
Dave Barry (Everything) 
Joseph Heller (Catch-22)
WR Stevens (TCP/IP Illus 1-2, others)
J.D. Salinger (Catcher In the Rye)
George Orwell (1984, Animal Farm)
John Brunner (Shockwave Rider)
J.R.R. Tolkien (I loved the Lord of the Rings Trilogy when I was a kid, and 
"The Hobbit" also), 
Ray Bradbury (Something Wicked This Way Comes)
Robert Silverberg (the Pontifex Valentine and  Gilgamesh books.. part of
my fantasy fiction phase, around the same time as Tolkien)
Victor Harris (The Book of Five Rings), 
Nicholas Pileggi (WiseGuy), 
Sun Tzu (The Art of War), 
Chris Drake & Kimberley Brown (PANIC!, the most readable tech book I've
ever read - which is still incredibly useful)
Neal Stephenson (Snowcrash)
William Gibson (Everything)

|-Turn ons ------|

Tits (all shapes, sizes, colors & flavors), legs,(long and smooth), platform 
sandals, belly button piercings, long dark hair, two chicks doing it with each
other, summer dresses, and of course intelligence + sense of humor.. (those
are all in reference to women)

|-Turn offs ----|

Anal retentiveness, pedantry, miserliness, posing/pretentiousness, stupidity 
(those apply to both sexes).  

|-Passions -----|

pea!  (no, not peaboy.. schmucks)

Phones.  UNIX & VMS internals.  Learning new programming languages and
operating systems.  

Fast cars, clever & beautiful women, good music, Guinness, good food, winter,
spring, summer, fall, nights, sunsets, sunrises, good books, sleeping, ms.
pacman coffee tables, cycling, coca-cola, mountain dew, water slides, learning,
booze, sex/drugs/rocknroll, ice cream, weaponry, playing football, friends,
video games.. anything as long as it's fun  

|----------------- M E M O R A B L E   E X P E R I E N C E Z -----------------|

Buying my first modem, and installing it.  Installing QModem & calling my
first BBS.

Being introduced to the concept of hacking/phreaking by a local sysop (who
I am still the best of friends with today).  He told me I should download 
Phrack ('get phrack.. that zine rocks d00d, it has the best philes!').  So
I dl'd the latest issue at the time, which was Phrack 46.  

PBXes (System75s, SL-1s, Rolms, DataStar & all the rest..)

Setting up my first Alliance teleconference (0-700-456-1000)


Writing my first t-file

Figuring out how to spawn DCL shells from captive and guest accounts.

On a dialup UNIX machine, in a distant galaxy, a long, LONG time ago.. the
first '#' prompt I ever saw.

First NUI (it was on sprintnet)

First sniffer log (sunsniffer r0ckz)

First time on a DMS-100 

First unpublished exploit (thanks to Scott Chasin for his generous - albeit
involuntary - donation :))

Being invited to join the Phone Losers of America by el_jefe.  (Anyone other
than myself, dhate, and el_jefe who claims PLA is a poser.  Especially RBCP
and his band of gay doodleboys.)

Meeting tr0ut (by hacking a system he was using) & joining H4G1S in its

First root shell on a 5ESS.  


Two words.. Jay Dyson.  

The first (root-yielding) hole I found in UNIX. 

The first exploit I ever stole.  

The first exploit I ever wrote.

Mastering digital wiretapping.

Being woken up by FBI agents.

Monitoring a certain computer security expert from California who appeared in
Wired Magazine along with Mark Lottor as "V.T." in an article written by John
Markoff about cellular phreaking.  (Restore your honor.. come and get me, big
guy.  And get busted for eavesdropping on phonesex!@)

When dk, prym, and I forwarded a certain Phrack editor's phone line to a
bridge, and took all his calls for a weekend.  (Sorry about that, route..
water under the bridge ;))

    [ EdNote: it wasn't for a weekend fuck0!  It was for a day (I disconnected
      the number that afternoon -- and I still remember it because it was so
      elite: 2801600). ]

IRC'ing as erikb. 

Mocking "security expert" Scott Yelich while breaking into his 'secure'
machine, security.spy.org.  (He ended up pulling his cables.. lame).

Owning everyone and everything. 

c4p3b0y vs. andy 0f m4yb3rry



Backdooring the source code of several popular commercial & free operating
systems, and binary distributions of popular packages at their distro sites.
(I'll bet that gives you a warm, fuzzy feeling just thinking about it.)  

Cheating on every online game in existence for laughs (a lot of them with DK)

kibitz on beelzebub (y0y0 neal!)

Writing BoW 9 with U4EA, Lister, and DK

All the funny prank calls, especially with el_jefe, dhate, U4EA & DK. 

My first con (pumpcon).. the kind of experience that's memorable because
nobody lets you forget it ;)



our short-lived young apprentice (dead_rat of the LoD!@##$)

elastic's 'creatively edited' logs

sloppy's ass mailing list & everything associated with it - 50mb of email
a day, getting threatened with lawsuits by Captain Zap (world-class retard,
belongs in the meinel-vranesevich-shipley-brianmartin trashcan), Agent Steal's
400k ego rants, elastic's incoherent & hilarious ravings, etc etc. 


Oh yeah, and boards to mention:

The Forbidden City 
The Toll Center
Demon Roach Underground
The Station
Error 23
Realms of Valor

|-------------------------------- Q U O T E Z --------------------------------|


It's not paranoia if they're really after you.

leggo my eggo

pea *SPINS*



P4NTZ/H4G1S - GL0B4L D0M1N4Ti0N '97

P4NTZ/H4G1S - GL0B4L D0M1N4Ti0N '97 - PR1S0N '98

If you're not owned by H4G1S, you're not worth owning.
If you're not worth owning, you're probably owned by H4G1S anyway.

'$show users /full/int/givemesysprivs'

"yeah, but, uh, how are we supposed to chmod chmod?"

 - tr0ut

Welcome to OpenBSD: The proactively secure Unix-like operating system.

"The dragons breath was warm and damp, it fogged up the mirror, I wiped the
mirror with a tissue, the tissue tore, the dragon swallowed the damp tissue 
whole." (probably not exact)
 - tr0ut

"f dragons"

 - tr0ut

 y0y0y0, sl0ppy 0n the m1c
 watch my h1p tr1x 0n da bmx b1ke
 I'm whirlin' and twirlin' like a bat 0utta hell
 d00d, that stench, it's me, I smell!
 0n the payph0nez iz where I l1ke t0 be
 call1ng ppl I d0nt even kn0w in TURKEY!
 HEHEHE! I have a psychopathic streak!
 messaging st4r ab0ut drag0nz iz when I'm at my peak!
 g00d g0d r0d, that tissue is damp!
 watch th1s 360 of the handicap r4mp!
 0ff I g0, b1king int0 the sun
 tissuez and payph0nez, my life iz s0 fun!

- tr0ut freestyling on the topic of the official H4G1S BMXer

"what's a golden shower?" 
<2 minutes later> "this is waq.. you can see people peeing!"
- sloppy

"hmm, huh, hrmm, duh, drhfhfhfmasfh rhummm shoelaces?"

"Don't question my technical abilities!" 
- Agent Steal

"I hate JP more than I hate banana candy" 
 - dk

"We're so money and we don't even know it"
 - dk

"i've had a lot of practice swordfighting underwater"


"Do they live in each others basements?" 
- eubern1g

"Waaleikum Pastrami!"
 - eubern1g

"Summa Sedes Non Capit Duos"

I would like to include a lot of other things the people listed below have
said that aren't included here - most of them are often pretty witty & funny.
A lot of stupid things that people have said crossed my mind as well, but I
decided I didn't want their words showing up in my Quotes.. :)  

But, since I wrote this up from memory, and also due to space limitations,
this is not possible..

Oh well.

|--------- T H E  F U T U R E   O F   T H E   U N D E R G R O U N D ----------|

Asking this question is analogous to asking a question about the future of
8-tracks or dodo birds.

The underground is no longer underground.  Forums which once existed for the
discussion of hacking/phreaking, and the use of technology toward that end,
now exist for bands of semi-skilled programmers and self-proclaimed security
experts to yammer about their personal lives, which exist almost entirely on
the awful medium known as IRC.  The BBS, where the hack/phreak underground
grew from, is long since dead.  Any chump can buy access to the largest
network in the world for $19.95 a month, then show up on IRC or some other
equally lame forum, claiming to be a hacker because they read bugtraq and can
run exploits (or even worse, because they can utilize denial-of-service
attacks). The hacker mindset has become a nonexistent commodity in the new
corporate and media-friendly 'underground.'

And everyone who was a real part of the hacking/phreaking scene - at one point
or another decided they'd rather make money being legit than risk legal
troubles and wrecking their future for nothing.  Myself included.

The watered down underground's definition of a hacker is invariably something
like: "Someone who can code," or "Someone who can hack webpages," etc.

The motives and goals of this 'scene' are also entirely different, and it can
be safely concluded that it will continue to degenerate further, at a rapid

On the flip side, going legit is a good thing... I, for one, would rather be
on the right side of the law, and getting paid for it - it was fun while it
lasted, and I learned a lot, but we all have to grow up sometime.  

And for those just getting into it now - why hack?  All the knowledge and
information you could possibly want is available at the click of a button in
any web browser (or push of an arrow, in Lynx).  

If you instinctively and successfully refuted the last two paragraphs of
bullshit logic... then you belong.  

|---------------------------- S H O U T O U T Z  -----------------------------|

eubern1g, el_jefe, dhate, sl/tr0ut, sloppy, dk, neal, u4ea, dw, lurid, adamw,
fryguy, sarlo, sn, prym, plaguez, elastic, netw1z, route, redragon/djm, jennie,
acid phreak, number6, pea, fatalist, marauder, tabas, kwei, ratscabies..
anyone BoW MOD or H4G1S that i missed & anyone else i missed .. the el8z
know who they are :)

I'd like to give a separate shout-out to these following unnamed individuals, 
who shall be known by the arbitrary pseudonyms of: 

oraclepunk, cheez, dos_tomates, the R&D militiamen, macgyver, SAF 1 & 'iblis'

(Don't ask.)

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