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Current issue : #56 | Release date : 2000-01-05 | Editor : route
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Shared Library Redirection via ELF PLT InfectionSilvio
Smashing C++ VPTRsrix
Backdooring binary objectsklog
Things To Do in Cisco Land When You're Deadgaius
A Strict Anomaly Detection Model for IDSbeetle & sasha
Distributed Toolslifeline & sasha
Introduction to PAMBryan Ericson
Exploiting Non-adjacent Memory Spacestwitch
Writing MIPS/Irix shellcodescut
Phrack Magazine Extraction UtilityPhrack Staff
Title : Phrack Loopback
Author : Phrack Staff
                      - P H R A C K   M A G A Z I N E -

                            Volume 0xa Issue 0x38

|------------------------------ L O O P  B A C K -----------------------------|
|-------------------------------- phrack staff -------------------------------|

Phrack Loopback is your chance to write to the Phrack staff with your
comments, questions, or whatever.  The responses are generally written by the
editor, except where noted.  The actual letters are perhaps edited for format,
but generally not for grammar and/or spelling.  We try not to correct the
vernacular, as it often adds a colorful -even colloquial- perspective to the
letter in question.


by MiStReSS DiVA

My name is MiStReSS DiVA...and I am a hackess...

    [ Who said what now?  A hackess?  Is that some sort of delicious pastry
      treat? ]

"Girls can't hack...,"  I've heard this more times than not

    [ Hrm.  I usually hear "girls cant do such-and-such az good az guyz" or
      "women shouldn't vote", or the ever popular "YOU WANT ANOTHER BLACK

at hackers conventions and the like.  Well, I have some news for everyone;

    [ They're bringing back Perfect Strangers? ]

There are women hackers, and our numbers are rising.

    [ Oh.  Damn.  I really miss Balki. ]

Let's think about it for a moment-Women have always taken second seat to
men, especially in the computer industry and business.

    [ There'z a reason for this...  No..  Hrm.  There really isn't. ]

Over 75% of jobs in computer industries and taken by men.

    [ How do you think we feel?  Over 75% of the jobs in the baking and sewing
      industries are taken by women! ]

So, it's no surprise that there aren't many women in hacking.  There's the
issue of some hacking activities being illegal.

    [ Don't discount the major issue that hacking activities have nothing to
      do with makeup, shopping at strip mallz or gold digging! ]

Many women want to stay as far away from situations like that as possible.  I
know many girls who don't even drink or smoke illegally, no less break into a
UNIX server, let alone know what one is.

    [ I bet these are the same chickz who turn me down when I ask them out.
      Course, all chickz turn me down when I ask them out so I guess it'z a
      moot point. :( ]

Then again, maybe we don't hear about them because there ways are much more
cleaver than that of a man.

    [ Ok, I'm calling a no-way on this sentence here.  As in "no-way are you
      *this* retarded". ]

Women, and I'm applying this to myself as well, are naturally more sneaky
and watchful.

    [ If by sneaky and watchful you mean conniving and vindictive then I
      agree with you. ]

I know for a fact that women have hacked into sites and to systems,

    [ Ah yes.  Thiz bringz me back.  I remember one little minx who hacked her
      way right into my heart.  Did me up real good too, she did. ]

but why do we still get no credit in the underground community?

    [ End this suffrage of innocent hackess' now! ]

Is it because we hid ourselves behind handles

    [ Maybe it iz becuase you have love handlez? ]

and tags,

    [ Nametagz?  Like at Walgreenz? ]

or because people don't want to actually give us the credit.

    [ Well, personally, after reading this, I wouldn't give you a shred of
      credit either. ]

I have only heard of three cases where females were caught in a hack.

    [ Shit.  3?  I can remember the great `chickhack `96` when 423 girlz were
      all caught hacking.  I think their major flaw was that they all tried
      to break into bebe.com at the same time. :( ]

One girl got caught because while sending a file, she sent it to the wrong
location on a server.

    [ What like C:\windows\desktop? ]

One was caught for phreaking, and the other one for obtaining products from an
internet site by gaining root access and shipping them to her home, free of
charge.  These are the only three cases I have found.  And they were all
stupid reasons to get caught.  I know there are many people out there who hack
and don't get caught, but the majority that do get caught, are men.  We don't
do stuff like the chick from hackers, nor do we dress or act in that manner.

    [ Well, I think we've identified your problem.  Angelina Jolie pretty much
      sumz up whut everyone wantz to see in a hackess.  Mmmm.  Delicious
      hackess treats. ]

We go about our lives like most human beings, maybe even a little better.

    [ Or in your case, a little dumber. ]

We don't dress in all black, nor are we interested in only computers.  We are
intelligent and beautiful.  We are the Hackesses.

    [ Mmmmmm.  Hostess Hackesses. ]

Mistress Diva


Hi, my name is Adam and am regular guy with a home pc who is being hacked and
violated by a military freak..

    [ Military freak like Klinger on M.A.S.H. or military freak like that guy
      in Commando who wore the chain mail shirt? ]

seriously no shit. 

    [ Oh.  Ok.  I though you were pulling my leg for second.  Sorry...  Back
      on the clock now. ]

i dont know where to start to ensure my pc security

    [ Well if you didn't have a PC you wouldn't have this problem.  I say
      get rid of it.  The end justifies the means. ]

please reccomend some high level security methods and programs.

    [ Have you tried ignoring it?  That sometimes works for me.  Barring that,
      have you tried dealing with him?  I find that freaks (especially military
      freaks) are usually pretty cordial when you deal with them on their
      terms.  I say give in to his demands. ]

if you cant do that then please reccommend any links i have found your site
usefull because you provide elite items therefore i require your help please.

    [ The highest level of security I can think of is God.  I recommend you
      pray each night, and I'll forward this to him.  Together we *can* make
      a difference. ]

Adam Smith


Page 2 is hilarious ... P55-02    ... scrap the rest and just keep publishing
that page.  For issue #56 just republish one of the way older editions, it
seems they are FINDING THOSE ONES!!@!@. :)

    [ HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA.  Wait.  I don't get it. ]

P.S. I don't have a computer either, I'm sending this via DSS and I'm typing
on the Remote Control.

    [ What do you mean, `either`?  Wait, is this Adam from above?  Hey man,
      did you do what I recommended?  Did it work?  The forward to God bounced
      so I wasn't sure if anything happened.  Good for you man! ]



Hi, Let me explain what I need for the job I do. I have what we call mystery
diners which visit my restaurant each month, this is done by a firm called
MARITZ in Berkshire, what I would like is the dates when they visit my
restaurant so I can make myself available for the visit day, is this possible
in any way.

    [ If you knew then there wouldn't be any more mystery to it, now would
      there?  What fun is that? ]



Does the author of article 52-9 have a degree in literature?

    [ Definitely not.  However, I think he has a degree in money management.
      Well, maybe not.  But he's SO very good with money.  Maybe he just likes
      it alot.  Maybe it's something ingrained into his personality or
      culture... ]

If so, I think we made some sashimi together.

    [ Maybe it was bagels? ]


    [ Hrm.  Do you get around ok?  Do you have a little wheelbarrow you put
      them in? ]


Hey Route,

Just wanted to compliment you on Phrack 55. It's very well done, excellent
articles, very clean and professional, and the Loopback is hilarious, as
always. Exactly what it should be, and a lot more. Well done, keep up the
good work and spreading the info. Thank you for spending your time to bring
this to us.

    [ SEE!?  Some people actually DO like me! ]



I came to this page to see what kind of fucked up, twisted, LOSERS would run
something like this!

    [ Just your average run-of-the-mill sexier-than-cheescake losers.  The
      kind with luscious filling. ]

Phracked!  Phracked!?!  Boy, was I an ass.

    [ Was? ]

The editors comments are the funniest damn thing on the net right now.

    [ I'm slicker this year. ]

No kiddin'.  It's hilarious the number of people who think he's Percy
-fuckn'- Ross

    [ Yah.  The current count is at 384572. ]

some sorta hacker dogooder out there to free humanity (or save little boys
knee deep in there own shit).  You guys are hilarious.  I'll be back to read
some more, please, keep up the good work.

A New Fan

    [ 384573. ]


Hi -
My name is Dawn, I think your commentary on other people's articles are
absolutely hilarious and if you're not doing anything on Friday, I'd like to...


just kidding!!


Anyways! I just wanted to tell you how funny I think you are and I will now
become an avid reader of Phrack because of your comic sarcasm!

    [ How about you become an avid reader due to my irresistable charm and
      unending appeal! *wink* *wink* *puppy dog face* ]

;P love, Dawn

    [ Love??@?#!?@#?  OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG!  I'm getting butterfliez in my
      tummy! ]

Talk to you later I hope!

    [ Dawn, do you by *any* chance happen to like food or sleeping or
      procreation?  If so, I think we may have some thingz in common and we
      definitely need to get together as soon as possible.  Please write me
      back as soon as possible, only if you're hot though. ]



First off, much thanks to the Phrack staff for producing a wonderful
publication.. regardless of _WHEN_ they come out.  I have found them very
informative since the current group tookover the whole process.

    [ Group?  Paha.  I wish I had a staff.  It'z just me and my mom dude.
      She doez the writing and I do the copy and editz. ]

I read the article on "Building Bastion Routers Using Cisco IOS",

    [ (p55-10). ]

which was a decent piece and contained a lot of basic IOS information that
would apply to building a bastion router.

There was a part of a section however that I felt should've been covered a
little more accurately,


which was in the section entitled "Step 2 : Limit remote access".  The article
mentions that there have been rumors that SSH would make it into Cisco IOS
12.0, however it never made it in.  Now, I'm not certain when the actual
article was written so it may just be that the article has old information.
Nonetheless, there is SSH support included in Cisco IOS 12.05(S) and it works
like a charm.   A few things worth noting about Cisco IOS 12.05(S):

--   It is the preferred and recommended IOS release for Internet backbone
     routers as well as for service providers ( i.e. perfect candidates for
     bastion routers ).

--   It runs on enterprise class routers.  Meaning the image runs on the
     following hardware:  7200, 7500, and 12000 (GSR) series routers.

--   It was released in July of 1999.

So there are a lot of people that aren't running their operation on enterprise
class routers, however a ton of NSPs and ISPs do; thus this information about
SSH is worthy of mentioning.

Anyways, keep up the excellent work.

    [ Thankz for your input! ]




I enjoy reading your issues when you get them out and all I have to say is
keep up the good work.


    [ See, I just like to pepper a few of these babies in here so you people
      know that there are a precious few who like me and my mom. ]


Dear Sultan of Love, et al.,

    [ Huh. ]

I wanted to give some of your readers help on some of the stuff they sent in.

One, get serious help.

    [ Ok thankz! ]

Two, check out the book "PIHKAL: Phenylalanines I Have Known and Loved."
I can't remember who it's by, but it's got everything you ever wanted to know
about psychotropics, psychodelics, and more... much, much more.  Read and
practice at your discretion.

    [ You suck.  You recommend a book _you_ can't remember with some
      goofy-ass title _I_ can't remember? ]

Three, I lived in Japan and had peanut butter sent to me, because peanut
butter made in Japan is awful.

    [ It didn't use to be.  Back in the 1920's and 1930's Japanese peanut
      butter was considered to be the best in world.  Mercenary ronin were
      often paid off with jars of the stuff.  This all changed after WWII.
      Recently declassified State Department documents bring light to the fact
      that several key strategic targets during WWII bombing raids were the
      Japanese peanut butter factories.   The documents list the reason for
      the strategic importance as "creamy goodness".  Pundits charge however
      that the U.S. just couldn't live with Japan having the peanut butter
      edge.  Either way, we bombed the Japanese peanut industry back into the
      stone age. ]

The guy who talked about smuggling drugs into Japan in peanut butter has
really fubar'd.  Some poor shmuck in Japanese customs is going to be opening
up my decent edible peanut butter.  For godsakes, guys, necessity may be the
mother of invention, but sometimes it's just a mother.


Leave well enough alone.

    [ Now why on earth should our drug-loving friends in Japan be held hostage
      by your desire to eat 'Jiffy' instead 'Mister Super Happy Fun Peanut
      Butter Joy'? ]

Lastly, I actually don't have a thing to say about computers.  I'm a med
student and know next to nothing about computers.  I just wanted to let you
know that you guys are so funny you put me in tears.  Do you really have a
hard time meeting chicks?!

    [ Not meeting them, no.  Just talking to them.  I tend to drool. ]

I don't believe it.

    [ Are you coming on to me? ]


    [ Goddess? ]



I wondered if you could help me to crack userpasswords from PWL-files.

    [ Do you often submit passing musings to Underground Journalz? ]

I'm having a project about computer security at school and it would be nice to
have this as an example.

    [ I'm having a hard time caring. ]

Tom Erik Gundersen


    [ (p55-17). ]

Someone please tell our friend here that Cisco has already implemented
dynamic access control for the H.323 protocol starting with version 12.0 of
the IOS software (in the firewall extension -12.0fw-).

    [ Done! ]



I've just finished studying a copy of the K&R/ANSI C tutorial I found in my
library, and I'm very interested in moving onto writing C programs that use
the serial or parallel ports.

    [ Excellent reference book. ]

I'm trying to create my own simple electronic devices to connect to my
computer, but I am having locating a good resource or tutorial that discusses
serial/parallel port programming.  Could you give me a good site please?

    [ http://www.eng.auburn.edu/users/doug/serial.html and
      http://www.syclus.com/cscene/CS4/CS4-01.html are decent. ]

BTW, the mag is great. Keep up the good work :)

    [ Thankz.  Good luck with your programming! ]



Hey, i was browsing through the web and i came to your page, i was just
wondering what Phrack Magazine actually was about, the articles seemed really
intereting and i want to get a subscription.  The web site didn't explain a
lot for me, i'm sorry for bothering you, thanks a lot.

    [ Do you get tired putting your socks on?  Do you get lost on your way
      to the kitchen?  You may be retarded.  Check with your family doctor. ]



My name is route and I'm so elite that I have to make love to my hand three
times a day.

    [ YA-HA.  I wish!  Three times a day in some fantasy world maybe!  No, I'm
      pretty much a one timer, then it'z rite off to sleep! ]

I can't get rid of all the spots on my silly geeky face

    [ They told me the radiation burns would go away after a few months. :( ]

and I'm still a virgin.

    [ Hah!  Apparently SOMEONE hasn't been checking the #hack sexchart:
      http://www.escape.com/~max-q/sexchart.shtml)! ]

Why are all hackers such fucking losers?

    [ Why are there so many, songs about rainbows? ]

All the articles in phrack could have been written by a 12 year old.

    [ Man.  That would have to one 12 year old with ALOT of free time. ]

Do any of you faggots even have any computing qualifications?

    [ I'll have you know, mister smartguy, that I got a degree from Devry! ]

And have any of you ever even kissed a girl?

    [ Well, I've seen picturez of girlz being kissed, doez that count? ]

Dr Robert Gray <bobgray38@hotmail.com>

    [ I'm almost positive the good doctor wanted people to email him there
      with commentz to his letter. ]



I just wanted to write to tell you that I recently read the "Phrack Loopback"
in Phrack55.  I enjoyed the last letter about the McDonalds article so I
decided to read it.  I worked at Mc Donalds for a couple years back in High
School, and let me tell you that this article had me laughing so hard I was
crying.  Keep up the good work.


    [ Crying because you worked at Mc Donalds for a couple yearz or crying
      because you've only moved up to Wendy'z? ]


Hi, I know you have better things to do.

    [ Nope!  Not really! ]

But I didnt know who to turn to.

    [ Did you try the A-team?  I hear that if you have a problem, if no one
      else can help you and if you can find them, maybe you can hire: the
      A-team. ]

I had my tax documents and other stuff protected with encypted magic folders.

    [ Hrm.  Are we talking David Copperfield kinda magic or Merlin kinda
      magic? ]

I got the whole thing copied to a CD. The only thing i did wrong was that I
didnt decrypt it. After that I was having problems with my software so I
formatted my hard drive.

    [ Geeze.  Way to go moron. ]

Now the problem is that I have lost my recovery floppy.

    [ Hhahahaha!  Holy shit that sucks! ]

I dont know how to access the files. I have them on the CD but they are all
encrypted and stuff. What should I do. I really do need your help.

Please do reply,
Ali Tariq

p.s. If you want me to send a file (encryted one) I will send it so that you
can test different utilities on it.

    [ Of course!  Want me to do your taxez if I crack the file too? ]


My brother has spent the last week reading Phrack.  He's a total fucking
idiot (doesn't run in the family, maybe he's adopted...  I can only hope for
so much) and now he thinks he's a hacker.  He goes into chat rooms and
threatens to send people viruses when he can't even tie his own fucking
shoe laces!

    [ Yeah, but with the advent of velcro who needs to tie their own shoes? ]

Shame on you for letting total fucking retards read Phrack!

    [ We let you read Phrack. ]

Linux Bitch

    [ Well, "Linux Bitch", Phrack is an equal opportunity magazine.  We don't
      ostricize the retarded simply because they may drool ocassionally or
      maybe sit in their own filth.  Nay.  We encourage people of all levelz of
      retardation to bask in the wealth of knowledge that each little
      character brings.  We believe that knowledge is meant to be free, and
      sometimes knowledge seeks out the path of least resistance, and
      sometimes it takez more difficult route.  Ok, and sometimez knowledge
      just quitz half-way there and goez drinking with hiz buddiez.  I totally
      forgot my point. 


What is u?  r comments about scientists who's creating machines thinking like
humans, as well as looking as humans - so called humanoids?  Does it scares u
or do u not care?  I'm searching for people who can fight Artificial
Intelligence back.  People with H/C/P skills as well as explosives.  Please
mail me ASAP, it's urgent.  It's our future.

Q Wakee

    [ Mister Wakee, this is a problem that I have seen coming since Atari'z
      Pong first entered, nay --invaded-- our homez.  I've been waiting for a
      man of action to step forward for a long, long time.  In fact, since
      1990, I've been running my own underground resistance (it'z called HAHA
      (Humanz against hostile androidz)).  Until now, I thought I was the only
      one (my resistance has a membership of 1 (one)).  We should definitely
      team up and fight this disgusting menace together.  I'll bring the
      doughnutz and lotion, you bring the robot stopping gunz.  Do you have
      any brochurez?  I've been working on one entitled "So You Want to Stop
      Humanoid Robotz".  It'z pretty much industry standard boilerplate stuff,
      with pop-ups of me shooting robots and some scratch-and-sniff conspiracy
      theories.  Please let me know when we can have our first meeting, oh
      we'll have to use your compound because my mom doesn't let me have
      people over anymore. ]


im confused, what do u guys actually do at phrack?

    [ Phrack is a puppet company setup by the CIA to covertly gather
      intelligence on the tragically retarded.  It's been a goldmine! ]



1) Phrack's cool

    [ Like Norway! ]

2) Im makin a page on x-plosives etc.  Ive noticed a few of your ish's
contain xtracts from the Poor Man's James Bond.  If whoever of you haz it
could advise me as to were I could get a phile of this, or send me one,

    [ http://www.darwinawards.com/legends/legends1999-10.html ]

or publish more ish's with anarchy stuff, it'd be k-appreciated.

    [ You're a k-idiot. ]



Glad to have you back and many thanks.

    [ Well I'm glad to have YOU back mister toughguy! ]

Always enjoy the articles.  Nice job frying the fools too.  About had me out
of my chair.  Pardon the lame e-mail addy, but visiting the folks right now.

    [ Yah, how iz mom'z sexual-addiction treatment coming along? ]

Symbolic constant, very good, wish I'd thought of it.


Guess I'll have to renew the Phrack link on my page.


Put ya next to Fyodor.

    [ Gee, nestled between one-hit wonder Fyodor and probably antionline,
      wonerful.  I'll listen to you now and kill myself later. ]


    [ Like Norman Fell, t.v.'z Mister Roper from Three'z Company? (A poor
      man'z Don Knottz if you ask me.) ]


In my English class for school we were asked to write a persuasive essay
about anything we wanted.  At first I was going to do mine on 'Are their
really extraterrestrials?'


But I decided that was stupid

    [ Oh wait, you're right.  Idiot. ]

and found I know more about hacking then anything.

    [ Uh huh. ]

The only problem is, I have no clue what question to answer.  Got any ideas???


    [ How about `Why I'm a Retard by Anonymous Dork` or `Why I Know More
      About Hacking Than Anything (subtitle: and I really don't know anything
      about anything` or `Darwin Was Wrong: An Essay On Me`. ]


how do i get other people's IP addres??  do u know?

    [ Oh yes.  OH YES.  I know.  Absolutely I do.  I know this little arcane
      tidbit.  No way am I telling you though.  NOooooooo Way.  I can't just
      be giving away all the secretz can I? ]




just in case the folks who write to you asking for manuals for Darwin Award
Delivery Devices are not sufficiently intimidated by your usual "you will
die, I hope you understand" response, I thought I'd pass this info along:

at least Massachusetts, though probably many other states as well, has what it
calls an Infernal Device law.  This law defines an "infernal device" loosely
to cover things that will get idiots killed in their parents' basement, and
then bans it.  So it's not just the Grim Reaper who awaits people who try to
put lighter fluid in their supersoakers, but also The Man.



    [ Hrm, how are the other 21 unhandledVagrantz doing anyway?  Any of you
      found work yet?  You know, the life of a hobo, while seeming glamorous
      and sexy, isn't all the brochurez make it to be.  Come home.  Your
      mother and I miss you terribly. ]


I am really sorry to bother you with this question but I am desperate.

    [ I'm desperate too, but prolly a different kind of desperate. ]

I know that there is a folder on the PC that stores all the mail you have
ever written.  Even mail that you have deleted.  As you can see I am on
AOsmelL.  I wrote some mail at work and on Monday morning, if not sooner...
my boss is going to see it.  Where is that file?  I have to get to it so I
can get the mail out of there.

    [ If you're going to have an affair with your boss's wife at least be
      smart enough to NOT write her love letters on HIS computer.  Haha.
      Dummy.  You're gonna be unemployed. ]

Thank you in advance for any help you can give me.

    [ Move to a new town and start over. ]



    [ (p55-04). ]

> There is also another reason why W. Richard Stevens is
> featured here -- he was to be the prophile for Phrack 55.

This is just all so incredibly sad. What a loss.
Thank you for P55.

    [ Agreed.  Thankz for your support and condolences. ]

Josh Birnbaum (noOrg).


i think you should know that a well known hacker by the name of "the jolly
rodger" (the one with the cook book), is extracting philes from the archives
and putting them in his cook book with out giving the nessecery credit to the

    [ Does he include recipes for crayon sandwiches?  Coz that'z renz's
      personal recipe and he should definitely give due credit. ]

he may say that the philes were writen by him,but the fact that they
are written word for word, points to him as the cuprit.










My name is Thomas and am currently still in what you would call in America as
senior high.   I'm 15 years old and found this Phrack page while i was surfing
on the net.

    [ Well I see you've done your homework.  Nice work Thomas! ]

I've always wanted to become involved in the art of hacking and i really don't
know how to really start i've had my computer for about 2 and some years and
catch on to things preety well and was wondering where to go from here.

    [ Let'z plug that into the career calculator and see what she comes up
      with.....  Ok..  Yes..  Let'z see here...

        - 30.98% Help desk for regional fast food new hire processing office
        - 30.56% Junior copier repair engineer
        - 15.40% NO CAREER FOUND
        - 12.45% Phone support engineer for the outdoor furniture industry
        - 10.61% "Associate"

      Hrm.  Lookz bleak. ]

All i wanted to ask you if you can help me out by telling me how i can start
out,i don't intend to reach a master level even though it is an aspiration of

    [ Whoa Tommy.  Rome wasn't built in a day, and neither are superhackers.
      Start small, keep at it, and take your vitamins and say your prayers
      like a good little Hulkamaniac. ]

I'm currently using my brothers computer because it's a shit load faster
than mine and would appreciate it if you could write back and maybe give me
some good insight on how i can start out which probably would involve a lot of
reading and learning more about programing. 

    [ My first bit of advice is for you to *definitely* steal your brother's
      computer.  Survival of the fittest my boy!  And besides, one of the
      many traits of a superhacker is how fast he can run crackerjack on passwd
      files (and yes this implies you should be running DOS -- Unix is a fad).

      My second bit of advice is to read as much as possible.  Anything By
      the late W. Richard Stevens.  Check out http://www.securityfocus.com.
      Keep up to date with current eventz in the security world.  Try and make
      friends in the scene.

      My third bit of advice is to give up at the first sign of adversity or
      difficulty.  Life rewards cowards, Thomas.  Never forget that
      (persistence pays off in the long run but laziness pays off right
      away). ]

PS:thankyou for taking the time out to read my message
    [ The pleasure was all mine, Son. ]



my ingles Sux....

    [ It'z ok, so doez my Spanish. ]

it will be that you source of the accountant of its page could me seder codi?




Hi Phrack Staff.

    [ Hi Emil. ]

Before I start pleading with you i'd just like to say that you have the best
E-Zine on the Internet.

    [ Thanks :). ]

I've followed your magazine for about 2 years now. But, as i searched your
archive i've noticed that now you have almost no sections on things that go
boom (Anarchy etc) anymore.

    [ Our explosives consultant left for a higher paying job :(. ]

I have a vast knowledge of that subject and how to perform things like
pyrotechnics safely.  I do not know much about encoding (public key lock, i
think?) and hacking. But as i said, i am ELITE in pyrotechnics.

    [ Performing pyrotechnics safely?  That's like getting drunk without loaded
      guns nearby or sex with your cousin..  It may seem like a fun idea, but
      at the end of the day it'z just kind of a letdown. ]

Soooo, please could I submit to Phrack on pyrotechnics and things that go boom.

    [ Like an 808 trigger on a bass drum? ]

I might need some help on encoding, if its really necessery. I am prepared to
give up time for Phrack and it would be great if i could submit.

    [ Hrm.  I don't think we have any openingz at the moment..  Tell you what
      you get me a resume, and I PROMISE to call you when something opens up. ]



Hello, friends, I want to congratulate you and tell you gon on, your
stuff is the best.  I need some direccions of www where I can find information
about phreaking in spanish, so I can read it more easily.  Thanks you very
much, continue with your job!!


    [ http://babelfish.altavista.digital.com/.  You're on your own past that,
      hombre. ]


I would just like to say that I have been reading phrack for about 2 years
and the current issue has some really good technical articles, better than
most others.

    [ Well thank you very much! ]

Thanks for all the shit you put up with, you guys are really funny too,
loopback is better than comedy central.


    [ Awe, get out of here!  Even better than `The Man Show`?  (Which I'm
      certain will win an Emmy soon.) ]


hola .........disculpa que sea breve...pero tengo tanto sueo...y es
tan tarde.....como las 4am me llamo gabriel y vivo en panama...aqui la gente
ingora que es un hacker.... bueno deseo saber como puedo ser un hacker....
soy un prinipiante..... lo primero que deseo saber es como puedo hacer para
conseguir alguna cccclave de acceso a internet dentro de panama.....
si me pueden ayudar o no contestenme porfavor......descuiden yo soy una
persona de confiar...soy muy leal ...lo juro..... bueno me voy a dormir.....
choao y gracias anticipadamente........


    [ Ok, let'z run this baby through a translator (http://translator.go.com):

          hello........disculpa that is brief... but I have so much sue\xf1o...
          and is so late.....como 4am I am called Gabriel and alive in Panama...
          aqui the ingora people who are to hacker.... good desire to know like
          I can be to hacker.... I am a prinipiante..... first that desire to
          know is since I can make to obtain some cccclave of access to
          Internet within Panama..... if they can help me or contestenme
          porfavor good right of perpetual ownership does not.....descuiden I
          I am a person to trust...  I am very loyal... it..... I am going
          away to early sleep..... choao and thanks........

      ...It's still unreadable... *sigh*.  DON'T YOU PEOPLE GET SESAME STREET 
      ALLM!? ]


I was informed that certain clans have starcraft programs that enable users to
purge others in a multi-player game.  Are you familiar with this and if so do
you know where I can evaluate such programs.


    [ Hey, I have an idea, it's called HARD WORK AND HONEST SPORTSMANSHIP.
      Look into it dork! ]


Well i stumbled onto this web-site, i was looking into alternative reading.
Let me say this is by far the best. Dark Secrets of the underground is good,
but you have collected all your issues in an easy to read format.

    [ Yah, ASCII is pretty cool, huh? ]

Anyway i don't want to sound like some Asshole trying to kiss an ass,

    [ Whut lovely imagery you've conjured up. ]

and if i did then Fuck you.

    [ Hey eat a dick, count fagula. ]

When are you guys publishing more issues, 55 is coming soon i know...

    [ Phrack 55?  What year do you think it is? ]

but what of the rest. 

    [ Um...  If issue "55" is coming 'soon' then logic dictates 'the rest'
      will arrive 'later than soon.'  Good luck to you and don't chew gum when
      you walk. ]

It is some good shit, let me tell you.  By the way where are you guys located?
State that is.

    [ It usually variez from statez of confusion to statez of depression...
      Sometimez though we find ourselvez in statez of high hilarity.  Dependz
      on the time of the year, ya know? ]

Ash B<O>M


I have not the tiniest idea of who you are,

    [ Now we have common ground! ]

but yet I ask for your help.

    [ Now you've lost me. ]

I am interested in learning the fine art of obtaining information via
cyberspace (hacking) sounds like a Jeffrey Dahmer hobby to me.

    [ What in the Christ are you talking about? ]

Obviously you are not an idiot so this is why I ask this! Can someone or

    [ Someone or somebody? ]

recommend how to study the art of the Jeffrey Dahmer hobby (please do not give
me a I.Q -1 reply)

    [ You can't be serious. ]

I am serious!

    [ Oh. ]

There is alot of talent out here and I want to find a mentor.

    [ Ok.  Let me get this straight.  You're looking to me, Phrack Magazine
      editor and fun-loving happy-fun guy route, to find you a
      gay-massmurdering-cannibal mentor? ]

Thank you, and I think the KKK are a bunch of f...... schnooks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    [  Of course, but eating people, that's ok rite? ]

P.S- In no way am I associated with any law enforcement agency

    [ Gosh, ya think? ]


I need help digging up as much information on a guy who is having an affair
with the wife of a friend of mine - it's tearing apart his 18 year marriage
and screwing up his two young kids.

    [ Can't you just ask her? ]

I'd like someone to tell me where and/or how to get massive info and then how
to make life "interesting" for this marriage wrecker -

    [ Well, have you tried taking him on a "mystery vacation"?  You know,
      get all the boyz together, jump in the car, and not tell him where you're
      going (make it real exotic like Yemen or Oman)! ]

However you guys do that neat stuff (e-mail bombs, trojans, etc)

    [ Oh!  *That* neat stuff.  We just subcontract it all out. ]

I would appreciate ANYTHING you can do for me to help my friend.

    [ http://www.privat.katedral.se/~nv96olli/java.htm ]



To:  The Sultan of Love,

Your humor leaves me jaw agape, sides splitting and a newfound demand for
Depends Brand Adult Diapers.

    [ Grody. ]

The world needs more of you.

    [ Well, I'm kinda partial to instead of *more* of me (ala multiplicity)
      I think what the World needz, iz a GIANT me (ala The Amazing Colossal
      Man).  I dunno, I think maybe a 50 or 60 foot me would get the job
      done, and get it done right. ]

I didn't see too many letters in Phrack 55 from teenage chicks offering you
full juristiction of their bodies as tokens of their appreciation for your
overall kickassedness.

    [ Yeah I noticed that too... I'm hoping Phrack will be banned as some
      sort of intense aphrodisiac.  I'm putting perfume samples in this one
      and a section entitle "Route's people".  If this doesn't do it, I throw
      up my hands ]

Maybe you have a policy of keeping those letters out of the sight of the
general public for some reason that evades me.  Policy, or not, please let
me take this opportunity to say, baby, if you want it, it's all in me.

    [ Ahem.  Phrack Readership.  I would just like to take this opportunity
      FINALLY WORKED!  I hope you can hang 'cause baby, I gotz th' stamina! ]

Shagging Men For Their Brain Power Since 1996,
Suzy McAssmunch

    [ Assmunch as I want? ]


I need some help and can't trust friends anymore.  Refs would be great.  My
brother told my landlord some lies and now I'm getting evicted.  I have to
stay with some relatives now but my fax is out of paper and is a special
model.  I can't take this trip without the right paper.  Can you help?


    [ *speechless*
      (someone off in the background): "Hey route...  What's wrong?  Dumb
      got your tounge?" ]


I d like some info about video gambling machines..

    [ Well, they're probably some of the worst odds you'll get. ]

could you tell me where I could find some?  thanx!

    [ Las Vegas, NV, Tahoe, NV, Any Indian reservation, Atlantic City, NJ ]



Hi I'm new to this hacking an not even sure u are the right person to
ask but I was chatting to someone in a chatroom recently and we got into
an argument about something or other...next thing I know my pc crashes
an refuses to re-boot ..closer inspection reveals the motherboard has
fried....I can only assume the aformentiond person was the cause of
this...so how the hell did they do it???....is there anyway I can guard
against this kind of attack??..

Yours worried,

    [ Consider yourself lucky you got off that easy.  This one time I pissed
      off an online doctor in a chat room.  At first I only had a mild fever,
      but the next thing I know he's having me do my own amputation...  Two
      legs and an arm into it, I realize that maybe he's hacking me!  But by
      then it was too late! ]



I have this person who keeps pissing me off and going out of his/her
way to do it every time I go into various chat rooms.  I could change my
screen name I suppose, but I'm not going to do that.  I will not give in.

    [ Don't do it man!  Stand your ground...  The line must be drawn HERE! ]

Once an AOL tech told me that there is a way to bump people like that off
line, but of course he could not, would not, tell me how.  I can't say as
I blame him.  However since you guys are into things like this

    [ I try to keep myself thoroughly insulated from America Online (not to
      be confused with AntiOnline -- they are a whole different kind of dumb).
      To do this I keep what I call "the three layers of AOL abstraction".
      That means I don't use America Online, my mom doesn't use America Online,
      and not even my grandma uses America Online.  I'm not 'into things like
      this'. ]

could you PLEASE tell me how I can go about doing such a thing...
should this person start up with me again.  I had to put up with bullies
in school.  I refuse to be pushed around in the cyber world.

    [ Pent-up passive-aggressive dork alert!  Whoop!  Whoop! ]

And NO i do not want to tell AOL...that would make me out to be a tattle
tell, and that I'm not.

    [ Whoop!  Whoop!  Boy, you're really lighting up this alarm here! ]

I would appreciate would make me out to be a tattle tell, and that I'm not.

    [ Yah, I heard you the first time. ]

I would appreciate any help that you could give me.

Thank you;

    [ Well DAWG, it seems to me like you have some serious childhood issues.
      The only advice I can offer you now is to get lots of therapy, or maybe
      a swift kick to the nuts for being such a wussy. ]

I'm not sure if I am writting to the right person or if yall can even help.
I was wondering if you can tell me how i can clear/clean up my credit report.




Fuck you and your ignorant attempts at killing me. As darkness falls upon
us it is time for revenge. Lock up your windows and doors...I'm coming. I who
am Indigo. You will know only my name and not my face, for I will come as a
theif in the night. Beware for tonight is the night of reconcile, beware!

Your Foe;

    [ The night I received this letter I had a turkey pot pie for dinner.
      I then watched some TV.  Fairly boring evening except when I went down
      to the dryer to get my laundry, I noticed a sock was missing...
      Coincidence...  OR NIGHT-THIEF! ]


In this message you will not see any "welcomes", "good words about you",
and "asks".  But you will see "TRUTH" and only this!

    [ How about a "you're good at puzzles", or a "route is the best colorer in
      his ward - he alwayz stays in the lines". ]

You think that you are good because you are hackers?

    [ No, I think I'm good becuase of my daily affirmations.  And you can't
      take those away from me. ]

Well really you are nothing than lamers who asks stupid questions.

    [ Hey!  That'z not nice!  I've worked hard, and God Fucking Damn you, I'm
      good enough, smart enough, and people fucking like me! ]

Yes I know that some budies is very stupid, I understand this.

    [ NOT MY BUDDIES MAN!  They're the best buddies a guy could ask for!  I'm
      talking about you Stan!  And you Gilgamesh!  And of course you Little
      Omar! ]

But I don't understand why you flame everybody who post to you.

    [ Ya know, it just kinda workz out that way.  You think I *plan* these
      things? ]

There is some newbies who's really intelligent, and this is important to give
him info about what they want.  Is this so hard?

In the answers like: "Will you help me? [ In all likelihood, no.]"

    [ PAHAHAHAHAHAHAH.  Man.  That was me?  Shit I'm good! ]

you proof that you don't know answer!!!

    [ Man I can't fool you!  I couldn't fool you on the foolingest day of my
      life even if I had an electrified fooling machine (which I do have by
      the way). ]

You magazine is one the worst of all I've seen.

    [ Have you seen "Highlights"? (*shutter*) ]

Why do you think you don't have cash from write this magz,

    [ Maybe because Phrack Magazine iz, waz, and alwayz will be FREE OF
      CHARGE. ]

I'm sure that if 2600 may be publishing you mag surelly can be published too?
Answer: You don't publish it because nobody will buy him.

    [ Question:  Who am I selling?  Is he ugly and dumb?  Is it Gary Glitter? ]

"Blessed is he who expects nothing, for he shall not be disappointed."

    [ "Blah Blah Blah". ]

Anonymous english as second (or possibly third) language guy


at the risk of being flamed in your next issue i felt compelled to write.

    [ UH-OH! ]

reading your latest issue's loopback i noticed that several innocent inquiries
were being blasted by the editor.

    [ You noticed that eh?  How delightfully intuitive! ]

While reading these was funny,

    [ YES! ]

i felt a bit disheartened.

    [ DAMN. ]

Isn't it a major tenant of hacking to promote freedom of information?

    [ Christ.  I am so sick of people hiding behind the /tenet/ of "Information
      wants to be free, man!".  Mainly because 99% of the people who bleat this
      platitude like it'z going out of style really don't understand what
      they're saying.  I will say good day to you Fat Tony. ]

Responding to inquiries about "how do i hack?" with "piss off peon" or
whatever witty equivalent your publication provided,

    [ Geeze.  I like to think I'm a hair more clever than `piss off peon`... ]

i felt was in direct contrast to the hacker ethic.  how is the tradition ever
going to continue if no one is willing to nurture the hackers of the future?

    [ Nurture?  Shure.  Change diapers?  No. ]

is Phrack's message that accomplished hackers should horde their skills and
knowledge to the detriment of future hackers?  Maybe you should provide
newbies with avenues to learning instead of flaming them with "i'm cooler
than thou" messages.  perhaps part of the hacker communities bad image is
their aloofness, their secrecy, and their condescention.  Chew on that

    [ I'd answer that but all I want to say is: "Job Security". ]



Great e-zine, has a lot of good stuff in it.

    [ Well thankz govern'r! ]

Outta be required reading.

    [ I'm working on a proposal with the Board of Education out here to get
      Phrack in every classroom.  I *think* it's going to replace the old
      issues of '3-2-1 Contact' in the library.  I've got a similar bid in
      with PBS to get a Phrack T.V. show to replace old episodes of K.I.D.S.
      Incorporated. ]
Just a couple of stupid questions: how does one learn about network security
and protecting a LAN?

    [ Beatz the hell out of me.  School? ]

More importantly, what's the best way to go about learning how to compromise

    [ Do the exact opposite of what you learned about protecting them. ]



It's been a LOOONG time since I parsed your 'zine.  It sure isn't the same,
but it's as good in it's own right.  Unfortunately, since I was sipping my
coffee while perusing the Loopback file, I must submit the following invoice:

        1 Roll Bounty Paper Towels    .99
        1 Sample Bottle Windex        .99
       10 Minutes cleaning screen and
          draining keyboard           .99
                            Subtotal 2.97
      Credit for Causing Extreme laughter
                               Total -.02

..Just thought I'd send my own two-cents' 
Great stuff.  Nine months is NOT too long to wait.



    [ Cool thankz man!  I'll add those two cents to our operating costs fund!
      I think that'll give us enough take this baby commercial! ]

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