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Current issue : #45 | Release date : 1994-03-30 | Editor : Erik Bloodaxe
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Title : Phrack Prophile on Control C
Author : Control C
                              ==Phrack Magazine==

                 Volume Five, Issue Forty-Five, File 7 of 28


                            -:[ Phrack Pro-Phile ]:-

This issue our prophile introduces you to one of the all-around coolest
people ever to show up in the computer underground.  Someone I'm happy
to have had the good fortune to meet and force to ingest excessive quantities
of intoxicating liquids and other unmentionables.  Someone who very
recently showed up on tabloid television amazingly for something other than
computer hacking.  Someone we know as:

                                   Control C

Personal Info:

                Handle  :  Control C
                Call Me :  A Cab
                   DOB  :  1969
                   AGE  :  I Would Hope You Can Figure It Out..
                Height  :  6'0"
                Weight  :  160
Groups Affiliated With  :  Legion of Doom/Hackers!
    Other Past Handles  :  Phase Jitter, Master of Impact, Dual Capstan,
                           Richo Sloppy, Cosmos Dumpster Driver, Poster Boy,
                           Whacky Wally (Sysop Whacky Wally's Wonderful World
                           of Warez, as some of you may remember..  It Was a
                           Hack/Phreak Board)

Computers Owned:

1st Computer-Texas Instruments T-1000
Once I expanded the memory (4K plug in Module, for a total of
8k), I was unstoppable in BASIC.

Commodore Vic-20
What can you say about a Vic-20?

Commodore 64
Now I was big time.  1541 Disk drive was an unbelievable upgrade
from my Vic-20 and T-1000 mass storage devices (Cassette

Apple //C
I was now a \/\/Arez d00d.  What else could you be if you had an
Apple?  Everyone was!

This was a real step up from CP/M (hahaha).  I had incredible CGA
Graphics. Actually it was not a bad system.  My dad got a modem
with it.  Bad mistake eh?  I was flying at 300 baud.  This is the
system all my BBSes were run on.

AT&T 3B1
Lame, Lame, Lame...  That about covers it.

Commodore AMIGA 500
A real computer at last.  Real graphics.  Real Sound.  Real
Multi-Tasking. A Real Operating System.  And again...I was a
\/\/ArEz D00D.  But this time I was running 14.4K Baud. If you
want a real computer BUY AMIGA!!!

IBM 486DX2/66
Desk Top Video is really cool.  But when you put you computers in
the car people steal them and AAA Insurance gives you a hard
time.  Still fighting with them.

Commodore AMIGA 3000
I'm a \/\/arez Dood.  And the KING of Desk Top Video.  BUT don't
put all your computers in the same car.  Oops...

Commodore AMIGA 500
Now I'm back to a 500 Until I get my Insurance company to pay me.


General Questions:

Q: How did you get your Handle?

A: If you cant figure this out...you should not be reading this.

Q: How did you get started?

A: Dad bought me an IBM XT with a 300 Baud Modem.  I saw War
   Games...and off I went.

Q: What are some of your other interests?

A: Women... Women... Women... Everybody knows about my high
   level of hormonal activity.  Also, Cars.  If you don't have a
   Mitusubishi 3000GT:  U R Lame.  If you have a Stealth, I bet you
   wish you bought a 3000GT--after you have dealt with the FUCKING
   ASSHOLES at the Chrysler DealerShit.   Everybody says buy
   American.  Well, you buy a FUCKING brand new American car and it
   brakes down 32 times.  The Chrysler dealer treats you like shit.
   The manufacturer treats you like shit.  And your car runs like
   shit.  The problem is that the American auto workers have
   absolutely no pride in their workmanship; and the manufacturers
   and dealers don't give a shit about you or your car after they
   have made the sale.  Then they wonder why their sales are down
   and people are buying foreign cars.  Well, if I go into the
   Mitusubishi Dealership they treat me like a king and I bought the
   car 6 months ago.  If your gonna by a car, don't buy a Chrysler.
   They Suck!  I bought a brand new Jeep.  It broke down 32 Times.
   Chrysler treated me like shit.  Maybe you could tell.

Q: What were some of your most memorable experiences?

A: The First SummerCon.  Disk Jockey and LOKI came to my house
   the day before.  This is the first time we had met.  On the way
   to my house they got lost and came across a street called
   'Summerton.'  So at about 0200 in the morning we were on the corner
   of Summerton Street and all the sudden the Summerton sign fell of
   the post and landed in the car owned by Disk Jockey.  Well we
   changed the T to a C and all the suddenly we had a SummerCon
   street sign.

   The trip down was a story in it self,  as many of you have
   heard. It was really neat to meet all the people from the
   boards.  I met Bill From RNOC who was my mentor and idol, but doesn't
   call me anymore.. (Thanks Bill).  Lex Luthor who is one of the
   funniest guys, we will get into this later.  Taran King, Knight
   Lightning (Scoop!), Lucifer 666...it was ELITE!

   SummerCon 87' -  This is when I got it LOD/H.  I remember sitting
   at the pool with Mentor being really drunk and both of us going
   "WOW!!! We're in LOD!"

   My Bust -  In 1987 I was going to school in Chicago.  I was on an
   Michigan Bell UNIX sharpening up my C programming skills, which,
   buy the way still need sharpening.  I was on the system for 4+
   hours.  Well the system administrator had noticed me and called
   MBT security.  They traced the call back to Chicago.  The strange
   part of this was that the next morning I was quitting school and
   moving back to Detroit.  When I got home to Detroit their was a
   message from MBT Security to call them or they would "Call On
   Me!".  Well I thought it would be in my best interest to give
   them a ring.   We met for lunch.

   At lunch they told me since I had been in their systems for years
   and not destroyed or changed anything...in fact they had never
   noticed me there...They  would not press charges if I helped them
   secure there systems.  I said "Ok!".

   The next thing I know I have an office.  k-Rad elite computer.
   Craft Access terminals.  Manuals for every phone company computer
   on the planet and they are paying me $30,000 a year to do what I
   love.  I was a professional Computer Hacker.  I broke into
   Michigan Bell computers, networks, switches, went trashing
   etc...while being paid.  It was great.  I would see what I could
   do once I was into their systems, then write a report on what
   needed to be changed or fixed.  I was great for them, and me.

   Then I get fired - my boss at Michigan Bell loves me!  Her boss
   loves me!  The Vice President of Michigan Bell loves me!  Then
   Michigan Bell has a retirement incentive. The Vice President and
   my bosses boss retire.  The New manager of computer security is
   closed-minded, and fires me because I am "A criminal".

   Well, those guys at corporate security at Michigan Bell are
   totally out of touch. Their knowledge of computer security
   is...how shall I say it..."lacking," I think, covers it.  In
   fact, the code for the front door at the Michigan Bell Corporate
   Security Building is the equivalent to leaving the code on your
   luggage 000 and wondering how the airport baggage guy figure out
   your code and stole all your stuff.   They should have kept
   me on like the old guys wanted to do.

   It is my understanding,  and I don't know because I don't do
   ANYTHING ILLEGAL (like the disclaimer?), but I hear that a lot of
   hackers are in Michigan Bell Systems.  Michigan Bell Security is
   probably convinced that their systems are airtight.  If you guys
   at Michigan Bell are reading this,  You need help..  Look through
   some of my old reports and implement some of that stuff.


Some BBS's To Mention:

Planet 10/Librarians of Doom - (810)683-9722.  I'm Co-Sysop.  It
is the only BBS I call. All the Old LOD Guys are on it.  It's
pretty 3l33t.  If you can't hack the  New User Password--U R
really lame!  We got 0 day AMIGA Warez.  Running on a USR HST.
Leave a good New User Feedback message because the users on the
system read the New User Feedback and vote whether or not you
will be allowed access to the system based on that message.

ShadowSpawn BBS - Well, this was before I was in LOD.  Our claim
to fame was that we wouldn't let anyone on the BBS unless they
gave us a valid phone number.  We voice verified EVERYONE.  And
talked to them before we gave them an account.  Most of the
people from LOD were not on because they would not give a valid
phone number.  It was not my idea it was Psychic Warlord's idea.
I could not believe we turned Lex Luthor down--we got in quite a
fight about that.

Phantasy Realm - My first BBS.  I always thought It was LAME,
but people always tell me how cool it was.  I guess when you
login 15 times a day, it seems like the posting is slow.

The Coalition - I was co-sysop on this board as well.  Run by Bad
Subscript, one of my best friends.  Another board I never thought
was cool but everyone says it was great.  Guess maybe I called it
too much as well.

Metal Shop Private - I thought I was the Elite of the Elite when
I got on there.  There were guys from LOD posting and everything.
I really was a cool system.

Catch 22 - Well I think I was the last user before the system
went down.  I think I was on for about 3 days before it went off
line.  I think it was good.  As least I used it for a reference
on other BBS (That was when I was just becoming well known.)

Whacky Wally's Wonderful World Of Warez - Some of you may
remember it.  It was an H/P board that I ran for a while before
Phantasy Realm.  It was mostly done for a joke, but it ended up
being pretty cool.


People to mention:

Erreth Akbe -  One of my best friends.  Helped me write this
profile.  Sysop of Planet 10/Librarians of Doom. The MASTER
NOVELL guy.  If you want to  know anything about NOVELL...Talk to
him.  (He's a CNE!!)  Without him you would have all sorts of
spelling errors and this profile would really look like shit.
Plus, the BBS would have crashed long ago.  He's my official

Carol - Erreth Akbe's Wife.  Love ya babe!  Got me a great deal
on my 3000GT.  I still owe you dinner!

Bad Subscript - My best friend.  What a great guy.  We hit
Industry (the coolest nightclub in Pontiac) every Tuesday night.
He's the biggest LEEEECH in the world, though.  At this point he
has 192 Downloads @ 94 Megs and 9 Uploads @ 2 Megs.  Great ratio, eh?

Lucifer 666 - What a great guy.  Still talk to him daily after
all these years.  Comes to Detroit a lot and I go to Illinois to
see him a lot. I have a great story about L666.  His family owns a
real estate company in Illinois where he lives.   Well, they sold
a house to Virgil Ramsey, a Vietnam Vet.  Well, Mr. Ramsey's new
house has termite damage.  L666 went to the house and verified
the damage.  He told Mr. Ramsey that he would call an
exterminator the next day.  Well I guess Mr. Ramsey didn't like
the exterminator idea, because the next day he went to L666's
office with a bolt-action rifle.  Took L666 outside into the
street, with the gun to his head, and told him he was going to
kill him.  L666 swung around and hit the gun barrel upwards just
as Ramsey pulled the trigger.  They fought over the gun and L666
tossed the gun into the street.  Ramsey went after the gun and
L666 ran into the real estate building and locked the back door.
Ramsey ran in the front door with gun in hand.  L666 went into
his office and locked the door.  Ramsey kicked in his office
door.  L666 was under his desk.  Ramsey said "Stand Up (L666's
First Name) and take it like a Man!" L666 jumped up and they
fought over the gun again.  (I was at his office and saw the
footprints on his door).  The bolt action opened and the bullet
in the chamber fell to the ground.  Ramsey put the gun to L666's
head and pulled the trigger, but the action was open.  The cops
finally came in and arrested Ramsey.  They say it is some type of
stress related to Vietnam.

Laurie (L666's Girlfriend) - She's Cool.  Hi Hoochie!  Well I
have a good story about her.  BTW If you talk to L666 ask him why
I call his girlfriend "Baldie".  Anyway.  L666 and Laurie came to
Detroit in October.  The first night we went to this bar that I
always go to, called Industry.  Well Laurie was worried about the
crime in Detroit.  I had just got done telling her that nothing
ever happens Besides, we were in Pontiac!  L666, Bad Subscript,
Erreth Akbe DarkStar, Laurie and I were all in the car.  We
pulled into the Industry parking lot.  Some guy was laying on the
ground and 3 guys were kicking him.  Then they picked him up.
Through him into the back of a panel van and drove off. L666,
DarkStar and Laurie had been in Detroit for all of an hour and
this is the first thing we see when we go to the bar.  Needless
to say, she was freaking out.  The rest of the weekend went
smoothly, though--except for DarkStar and L666 flashing deuce
gang signs at Club X in Detroit.  Not a smart move.

DarkStar - Hay bud.  He's really fun.  We party together a lot
in Detroit and Illinois, but I wouldn't take him to Las Vegas
with me.  He did really shitty on the river boat we gambled on in
the Mississippi river last November.

Prime Suspect - Fellow LOD member.  One of the smartest hackers I
have ever met.  In fact PR1ME Computers call him to help program
there kernels when they can't figure it out.  No lie!  He also is
Mr. Packet Radio.  I really had fun with the cellular phone
interception.  I talk to him 3-4 times a week. He and Bad
Subscript talk more, though.  Finally after 6 or 7 years he came
to Detroit to see us last November.  We had a great time.  I'm
sure he'll be back.

Bill From RNOC - Fellow LOD Member. My Mentor.  He taught me
about UNIX and Phone Company Computer and Networks.  Taught me
how to engineer.  Was a great friend.  We talked 3-4 times a day
for a yea or so.  Haven't talked to him much lately.  Hope
everything is going well for you, Bill...

Lex Luthor - Mr. LOD!  U R Out of Control!  Lex is a great guy.
There have been rumors about him floating around for years.  Let
me tell you.  They are all false.  He is the greatest guy.  At
SummerCon he was pretty mellow.  He stayed at my house for a week
or two.  He was a blast.  I have pictures of Him, Bad Subscript
and me sitting on a dumpster outside EDS, and painted on the
dumpster it says "Computer Papers Only".  Also have picture of
him and I outside a funeral home with the address "2600" in BIG
letters.  Now he has been denying this outside in his underwear
story for years.  Here it is.  Lex stayed at my house for a few
weeks.  I hooked him up with this girl (she was HOT.. And he was
tearing it up with her every night).  Well we went to Motel Sex
(Motel 6) one night and were drinking pretty heavy.  At about
0100 in the morning he went out of his room in his underwear.
Now the doors to the rooms are outside.  And was kicking my door
yelling "We need more Beer!".  I think it was blown a little out
of proportion.  I hear a story that he was running around the
parking lot or something.  But that is the story...anyway he's a
great guy.

Phantom Phreaker - Fellow LOD Member. FUN FUN FUN.  He is one of
the friendliest people I have ever meet.  He is a blast to party
with.  Love the hair!  He has good things to say about everyone.
I have never meet anyone that knows more about Switching System
and such than him.  He is a walking phone company manual.  BTW:
How's your balls? (Private Joke)

Doom Prophet - Fellow LOD Member. Phantom Phreaker's Twin Brother.
Haven't seen much of him the last few years.  Another walking
manual.  Hope you're doing good.

The Marauder - Fellow LOD Member.  I really got along great with
him.. Didn't see much of him the second night.  He and Phantom
Phreaker were hiding...but he was really a great guy!

Taran King/Knight Lightning - Got me into the "Elite" Scene.  I
really like you guys.  Always a lot of fun.  Don't see much of
you anymore at the SummerCons.  Train King is off with this
woman, now wife.  Congratulations.. Hope you are happy forever
And Knight Lightning is on the run from the Hotel manager who is
running around asking everyone  "Are you Craig Nedordorf?".

Erik Bloodaxe - Fellow LOD Member.  We have been completely "Out
of Control" together. He is a blast.  We have had our
differences, and I don't really know why.  But I really like him.
He is BIG fun!  I didn't see much of you at the last SummerCon.
Hope to talk to you more in the Future!

Forest Ranger - JT.  What a great and fun guy.  In the past we
didn't hang out too much, but last year at SummerCon we really
had a great time together. What a ladies' man!  Hope to see you
soon.  Give me a call...maybe you can come to Detroit with L666
and go to the Gran Prix.  I'm getting us all pit passes!

The Mentor - Fellow LOD Member.  Great guy.  We got into LOD/H
together.  Haven't heard much from him lately.  Hope all is

The Prophet/The UrVile/The Leftist - Fellow LOD Members.  The
three of us really got along great.  We were always together at
the SummerCons.  We talked 5000000 times a day on the phone.  I
really liked them.  They were really cool.. Then............ What
the FUCK!  The government flew them to Detroit to testify in front
of the grand jury against me.  No problem--you do what you gotta
do.  But if you're in town you could at least give me a call
after all we have been through together.  That was really weak.
And don't return my calls 3 years later... Whatever!

Dispater - All around fun guy.  Didn't go to SummerCon last year.
I know Erreth Akbe was bummed.  He was really looking forward to
seeing you.  I'm not going this year, but if I *WAS*, I would
really like to see ya.

High Evolutionary - We have never met,  but in the mid 80's we
talked daily.  Haven't heard anything about him in years.  He was
really a smart guy. Hope all is well.

Psychic Warlord - Great guy.  Sysop of ShadowSpawn.  We hung
around A LOT in the old days. I understand you are getting
married.  Congratulations.  Hope I'm invited.

Mitch Kapor (Programmer of LOTUS) - You know why Mitch.  I thank
you much.  If you ever need anything.  You have my phone number!

Jim F - He helped me out of a LOT of problems.. Thanks Jim!

(Please Note: These are in no special order.  If you are on the
top of the list or the bottom it has no relation to your
importance on the list.)


What I think of the Future of the Underground:

Ahahaha.. LAME, LAME, LAME..   In the old days we were the first
to do things.  We would get on a system and play with it for
hours.  It was a quest for knowledge. That was what LOD/H was all
about. Today's new "hackers" are really assholes.  They don't do
it to learn.  They want to mess things up.  I really can't stand
the new anarchy thing that is going around.  We have kids logging
onto the BBS that say "I have 400+ viruses".  Well.. That's not

The purpose of hacking is to learn.  Learn the way a computer
system runs.  Learn how the telephone switching systems work.
Learn how a packet switching network works.  It's not to destroy
things or make other peoples lives a mess by deleting all the
work they did for the past week.  The reason the  Department of Justice
has crackdowns on computer hackers is because so many of them are
destructive.  That's just stupid criminal behavior and I hope they
all get busted.  They shouldn't be around.  You give real
hackers a bad name.


Other Things to Mention:

The "NEW Legion of Doom" -  Beyond Lame.  It is my understanding
that some lame kid from Canada (eh!) was starting a "New LOD".
Well those kids couldn't hack their way into, let alone out of a
Cracker Jack box.  If they are on you BBS.. Delete them!  They
have absolutely no affiliation with the real Legion of Doom!

DrunkFux - Jessie, I have been trying to get a hold of you for a
year now.  If you could get my number and call me.  Or call our
board (810)683-9722 and leave me your phone number.  I would like
to get Dena's phone number from you.


In the late 80's someone call forwarded my home phone to a Voice
Mail Box.. I heard it was SuperNigger, but he says not.. I
thought you guys might get a kick out of the message left on it.

     My name's Control C.. AKA Phase Jitter of LOD!

     Elite as can be...  I thought that was Me!

     Until they forwarded my number to a V.M.B.


Well that's about it.. My final words of wisdom... Call our
board.. It's 3l33t!

Control C
Legion of Doom/Hackers
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