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Current issue : #45 | Release date : 1994-03-30 | Editor : Erik Bloodaxe
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Phrack Loopback Part II / EditorialPhrack Staff
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Title : Phrack Loopback Part II / Editorial
Author : Phrack Staff
                              ==Phrack Magazine==

                 Volume Five, Issue Forty-Five, File 3 of 28


                           Phrack Loopback Part II

How sad the state of affairs is.  Companies do _not_ care about
security.  My father would be the last one to think about ways
into the "systems" that are out there.  We had a good talk tonite
about the lack of security in the corporate world.  I told him
about PGP public key encryption software, and it's political
gibberish etc.  Then he hits me with this outstanding story of
the stupidity displayed at his credit union (AEA, yes he works in
the silicon valley).  He went to get some $$ at the branch office
near his work, and he notices they have upgraded their computer
systems.  It was apparent that it was no 'internal' updating of
the tellers' equipment, but a major overhaul of the entire
structure at AEA credit union.  This was obvious when every teller
was reading manuals as they helped customers.  The greatest part
of his story (which made him laugh out loud) was that on the tellers'
computer screens were taped up pieces of paper detailing how to
access the computers at AEA.  As the teller was in the back room,
my dad leaned over and saw what it was, and memorized the things.
Its the things like that which make me want to trust my money to
fabulous behemoths like credit unions.

[That's typical.  You should have gone straight to that bank and taken notes.
 You never know...you could have ended up with SWIFT access.  Let's face it,
 if the BND's Project Rahab can, so can we.]


     TO:  The Hack/Phreak Community
   From:  Amitech USA
Subject:  Explaining About What Amitech USA IS!

     Amitech is a group that teaches and learns... What I mean by this is
The Hack/Phreak community should teach the inexperienced more than put them
down, especially if they want to learn but no one is willing to teach
them.. This is were we come in... The definition of Hacking is learning the
holes in different telephone equipment and different computer equipment.
People these days don't use there knowledge correctly... They abuse what
they get and sometimes even harass people because of hatred and
reasons of revenge.. The H/P community isn't about this... We are releasing
this to invite anyone in the H/P community with a lot or little experience
to join us, to learn and to teach us..

     Amitech USA does not condone any board crashing, harassing,
Underground Board password stealing etc. We will not be responsible or
accept anyone who condones such activity....

     Amitech has two levels of members.. 1. Trial members 2. Regular
members. The trial members are on a basis of two weeks which in such time
they have to show us that they are willing to learn and is not into the
group just to use the groups name in there signature. Members decide who
is acceptable for a group and who is not. Each member will get the users
application except their real name and phone #. We will decide and will
contact you within a week of when the application comes to me...

     We are going to be mostly underground for the simple fact that the
group does not need recognition. Are members may stand out but for the
most part we will not be shown and or do not want to be shown for the
simple fact that underground is better for the newer user as will as the
older users.

     Please send all applications to Either burntkid@spiff.gnu.ai.mit.edu
or The Crime Scene 516-873-8903...Anyone who wants information may send a
message. Anyone interested in joining please fill out the application below.

First Name:               Handle:

Phone #:                  How many years experience:

Specialties:             Boards you're on:


Please Spread This Message Around...

[Good luck with your group.  And remember, when you're a group, you're
 subject to prosecution under RICO.  God Bless America.]


Dear Phrack:

        I know you guys take an interest in what happens at 2600
meetings, so I thought you might like to hear about a mainstay of the
Washington D.C. meeting.   BTW, I am also submitting to 2600.  (They
should have a PGP key)

------ Cut ----
        For the past few meetings a guy from MCI has showed up.  He
works at some sort of Pentagon City mall branch of MCI and on the Fridays
he sticks around and gets drunk.  He is usually a great source of
entertainment and this time he was undoubtedly the best part of the 2600
meeting.  That was the highest form of entertainment (except for the
threats on The Monk's life).  At a meeting before this he was saying
(I'm not sure how many beers he had had) how he was going to bomb
(physically) all the hackers computers by using the system batteries.
And he also said something like "We didn't have time for this kind of
stuff in Vietnam."  Anyway, I was listening to his drunken ramblings and
I was thinking "I should be writing his wisdom down."  So I did, and
Maverick later started to type it down.  The hardest part of all of this
was not laughing in his face.   Here is where I started the notes:

MCI Guy:  I mean it's really small, it's only like 1 microliter long.
Vance:    Yeah, that's pretty short.
MCI Guy:  I work on computers and they go in nanoseconds.
Vance:    Nanoseconds are really short.
MCI Guy:  A nanosecond is about this long.
          < Denotes with his fingers a length of about 6 inches >
Vance:    That's great if you can visualize it.
MCI Guy:  Yeah, it's short.  Most of the instructions that I do take
          less than 3 nanoseconds, and that's short.  But it's still too

---  Ok, from here it somehow jumped to a discussion of Rebel Lion's
     modem that was sitting out:

MCI Guy:  That's a good modem, it has memory because of it's external
          capacitance.  The capacitor can store the memory since it's
Vance:    Yeah, it must have a lot of memory.  How much would you say?
MCI Guy:  A lot, gigabytes of it.  The computer can talk directly to it.
Vance:    You need software to access that, that's where the
          intelligence is, in 2 gigabyte capacitor technology software.
MCI Guy:  It's because it's outside and it has it's memory.
Vance:    Gigaboobs of memory.  Megamammaries.   It must have
          Megamammaries in it's external capacitance.

--  At this point, everybody is cracking up, I can't believe Vance kept
    a straight face.

MCI Guy:  Yeah.  < Looking confused. >

-- After this, I was really laughing and wasn't sure of exactly what was
   said.  But in just a few minutes, the MCI guy left to get some more
   beer.  He didn't come back to our table, he went to another one.  We
   ignored him for awhile.  But as he was sitting there, a woman sat down
   next to him.  She was undoubtedly a prostitute, and there were many
   cracks about her gigaboobs and megamammaries.  She must have spotted
   the fact that he was wasted and was trying to make some easy cash.
   After a while, the MCI guy didn't bite, and her pimp came along and
   picked her up.   (There is no other logical explanation that I can
   think of.)  After a few minutes, we went back to the table for the
   final round, but Vance had left, so I conducted the search for
   knowledge.  It starts as I was approaching the table and trying to get
   him to talk to me.

GD:       When you were talking Rebel Lion's modem, I wasn't quite sure
          of what you said, could you explain it to me?
          < I get out my pencil and paper, like I'm taking notes on his
          every word. (Actually I was) >
MCI Guy:  < He is giving me a look of utter contempt, like I'm just a
          stupid kid who is not worthy to partake in his knowledge >
          Well you see it's external.
GD:       What do you mean?  It's obviously external, but what does that
          mean?  < Gives me another look >
--- Maverick accidentally spills some of Mr. MCI's beer.
MCI Guy:  What was that?  What are you doing?!?
Maverick: I didn't do anything, you spilled it!
MCI Guy:  < Just forgets about it in his drunken stupor >
          It has it's own memory, it doesn't have to take up the core
          like an internal.
GD:       Core?
MCI Guy:  Or something like that, you know.  It's outside the main
GD:       Right, so it saves memory.
MCI Guy:  Hmmph, I work with so much memory.  I throw out tapes.
GD:       Tapes?  You mean tape backups.
MCI Guy:  Yeah.
GD:       Why?  Don't you want the memory?
MCI Guy:  I have too much memory.
GD:       Yeah, I guess you're right, if you have too much memory, it is
          hard to get rid of.
MCI Guy:  I even use records.
GD:       You mean like the spinning kind of records?  On a turntable?
MCI Guy:  Yeah, they hold a lot of memory.
GD:       Why don't you use CD's?  They hold a lot more you know.
MCI Guy:  No they don't, you don't even know.
GD:       So you are saying that records hold more than CD's?
MCI Guy:  Yeah, and I can save space on records, I use "shrinker".  It
          shrinks the space on a record.
GD:       You mean shrink the space on one of those spinning records?
          < I was trying too hard to keep from laughing to speak
          articulately >
MCI Guy:  It saves space by shrinking everything, and I can fit
          more on it.
GD:       Yeah, I guess that is a good idea.
MCI Guy:  < Incredulous at my stupidity >
          Do you even know about comp?
GD:       Comp?  Sorry, I've never heard of "comp".  What is it?
MCI Guy:  It's bits and bytes.
GD:       Keep on going, I want to learn about this.
          < And boy did I >
MCI Guy:  4 bytes make a bit, 2 bytes make a double word, 2 words make a
          double word.
GD:       2 words make a double word?   Isn't that obvious since 2 means
MCI Guy:  < Ignoring me >
          It's called 32 bits.  Above that you have to deal with 36 bits.
GD:       Ok, I get it.  That's pretty cool.
MCI Guy:  That's called the IBM logo.
GD:       The IBM logo?   It's made up of bits and bytes and comp?
MCI Guy:  Yeah, if you go above or below the line.

---  Ok, at this point I was reeling from the bit-byte-word conversions
and I didn't even want to try pursuing the "line" question since I had
to leave.  I really wish I could have stayed, but I also don't know how
long he would have been benign; this guy was drunk and still had 2
large beers in front of him.

        All through this time, people were cracking up and laughing
in his face.  It wasn't that hard for the guy currently talking to him
to not laugh, but when you thought for a second about this guy's slurred
speech and his look of superiority, it was damn hard not to laugh.  And
how sad is this guys life?  He comes to a mall to get drunk!  It
must cost him $15 for those beers.  Oh well, maybe we will spring for
some grain alcohol next time so we can get him to say even more.

        Last thing, if you are talking to a guy like this.  Don't do
what I did, don't confront him.  You won't get as much out of him.  Do
what Vance did; agree with everything he says.  This will get him more
comfortable and he will talk more.  Then give a summary of everything he
said, while inserting things like "megamammaries" and "gigaboobs".

-- Disclaimer:  I tried to be as accurate as possible but there were
some small changes made because I couldn't remember the exact wording.
But overall this is fairly true to life.

[I've noticed that everyone I've ever met involved with LE or security
 at corporations drinks and drinks and drinks and drinks.  And drinks.
 What's with that?  Jesus...no wonder they are so slow to react.  They
 are fucking hammered all the time.  They need to invest in some
 stimulants.  Swap that Gin & Tonic for a handful of Ephedrine or something.
 (Notice I said Ephedrine...gotta stay legal, eh?) ]


 Dear Phrack,

  I am Knightkrawler.  About a month ago Mephisto, a fellow hacker friend of
 mine, discovered a dialup for a Taco Bell computer while scanning some
 numbers.  Just for the hell of it, I called up the Taco Bell manager and
 posed as the Sys Admin.  THE PHUCKER FELL FOR IT!!!!!!


 me: Hi, I'm the SYS Admin for The Taco Bell Login.  My staff and I will be
 running some routine diagnostics for the next week.  I'll need a passwd and
 login name to enter the system.

 Corey (the manager): Sure! My passwd is 1A2B3C, and my login name is Corey.

 me: Thank you. If you need anything, you know where to reach me.


 WHAT A DUMBASS!!! I was able to log on and Change fuckin' payrolls!!!!
 First thing I did was to change the price of tacos to 5 cents a piece!

  What I want to know is, have any of you out there had any similar
 experiences with bastards like these? Are all restaurant managers so


[The Taco Bell SCO's have been a source of amusement for some time.
 It would appear that all restaurants in the PepsiCo chain have
 SCO's in-house.  Something to keep in mind.

 And, uh, I've never seen anything that you could do like "change prices"
 without special terminal emulation.  So, uh, don't bullshit a bullshitter.
 But, hey, it's a funny hack, and there are several in every city to
 play with, if you are so inclined.]


 Hello there, I was wondering if you could help me (wait, wait,
hear me out!).  I am looking for some up-to-date info on COSMOS.  I've read
all of the Phrack articles, yours in ish 31 was particularly good, and I was
wondering if there have been any developments lately that I should be aware
 Basically, I am looking for a manual that will show me how to use
COSMOS.  Kind of like a DOS reference guide or something similar.  Your
article was dated 1990, almost 4 years ago, and I'm sure there have been
some new things introduced since then.
 I was thinking that if you had the raw info, you could pass it
along to me and I could whip up a readable format for the next issue of
Phrack.  Believe me, I've got far too much time on my hands.  I love Phrack
and would do anything to help out!  Anyway, I'll cut this off here before I
waste too much of your time.

Mr. Wizard

[COSMOS is being phased out.  I would suggest you look for info on
 SWITCH.  There have been some articles on it in 2600, so you may want
 to check some back issues.  Otherwise, I'll see if I can't get some
 more detailed articles on its use for future Phrack issues.

 But as far as COSMOS goes, I think my article from a few years back ended
 up as the most complete ever done, so I doubt there are any others that
 covered things I didn't.]



What is Virtual Reality?

Virtual Reality (VR) is a computer generated, interactive 3D environment in
which the computer serves as a window to an alternate reality.  Once immersed in
this environment, the players interact with each other as well as the computer.

Each VR system includes a head mounted display which provides a 3D graphical
image along with full stereo sound.  By placing the display over your eyes, you
are "virtually" transported to a computer-generated world that you control.
Wherever you move, the computer tracks the movement of your body and displays
the appropriate image to your eyes.  (If you looked up you would see the sky.
If you looked down you would see your "feet.")  The unlimited choices you can
make in these virtual worlds make the experience one-of-a-kind.

Development of Virtual Reality: Past and Future

Early VR was confined to multi-million dollar systems in research labs and
military simulations.  However, the decreasing cost of computing power and
display technology, VR now has more widespread applications: entertainment,
education, worker training, telerobotics, medicine, teledildonics (virtual sex)
and communication, among others.

In the future, VR technology will allow you to travel, shake hands with people
in other countries, walk on the moon or go shopping -- all without actually
leaving the home or office.

What is CyberMind?

CyberMind is San Francisco's first location-based virtual reality entertainment
center.  CyberMind center features eight interactive virtual reality machines
that allow the general public to experience and learn about 3D virtual reality
technology by playing imaginative, roleplaying games such as Dactyl Nightmare,
Legend Quest, Flying Aces and ExoRex II.

CyberMind Virtual Reality Center

WHAT: Out of this world entertainment for families, couples, singles and groups.

WHERE: One Embarcadero, Lobby Level (second floor).  At the top of the

WHEN:  Normal Center Hours are 10:00 am to Midnight, seven days a week.

HOW MUCH: Normal Pricing is $5.00 per play per person for a six minute

      20% discount for groups over 12 persons.

      CYBERMIND CENTER RENTALS: For catered parties and receptions, contact
Chris Figge at 415.693.0861

WHY: It will blow your mind

CyberMind Corp: Telephone 415.693.0861.  FAX: 415.693.0171.
737 Pine Street, Suite 65, San Francisco, CA  94108

[Uh, yeah.  And Stand in line with Beavis & Butthead.  Huh Huh, Cyber Stuff
 is cool.  Heh heh.  Cool.  Yeah, I'm a Cyberpunk with $5 dollars.  Let's set
 it on fire and throw it in the street.  No, Ass Munch, you can get stuff
 with money.   Oh yeah, heh heh heh.]


        Sorry to inconvenience you and PGP this message, but I fail to trust
the people in charge of the server in which this message is being sent from.
        Approximately six months ago I was playing around with the idea for a
crypto-chat program.  In short:  You and the other people in the chat area,
(IRC for example), would pick the same password or random seed number.  This
would tell the chat program what algorithms to use, etc.  Hence forth whatever
you type is encrypted and whatever is displayed remotely is automatically
        My only problem is that I do not know enough regarding cryptology to
write a very secure encryption routine.  I have tried a few times to contact
Cypherpunks, but to no avail, I have not received any letters back from them
even regarding my request to be put on their mailing list.  I write to you,
Phrack, in hopes that you can set me in the correct direction for making my
crypto-chat program a reality.  I feel it would be an asset to the hack/phreak
community and its struggle for more privacy.

-----------------------------------------guerilla AnArchy---------------------

[Actually, it wouldn't be that hard to do, but you'd probably want to do
 it as a DCC chat type thing, rather than going through a server at all.

 I may be wrong, but I think someone may have worked on such a beast.
 You may want to try again to contact the cypherpunks list
 (cypherpunks@toad.com) (or to get added, cypherpunks-request@toad.com)
 and ask around.  Otherwise, use the existing DCC Chat source, but
 just change it to incorporate a public key exchange, and use those
 exchanged keys to encrypt messages.  It would be harder for more than
 one to one chat, but hell...no pain, no gain.

 Notice, I didn't volunteer to do it.  Much too much work for me.]


Dear Phrack,

Just finished reading Issue #42 (so I'm a little behind).  Must say,
it was very kewl.  I have a little addition to the "Car Light Hack"
in the Loopback section.  When coming up to an intersection with the
pressure sensitive panels in the tar, pump the brakes hard so the
car rocks back and forth.  This will fool the panel into thinking
there's more weight (more cars) sitting on it and it will change the
light faster.  This also works great with intersections where there
are two panels--one at the light, and one six or seven car lengths
back.  Either way, the light is guaranteed to change green quickly!

[Yes.  Pressure pads are quiet common.  Probably much more so than the
 light sensors.  Whatever works.]


        Hi there !

        Last week I got in contact with your magazine (#44) and a soft
called Bluebeep, because I wanted to call BBSs all over the world.
Reading Phrack, I got more interested is hacking stuff, which I do since
I first touched a computer when I was 9 (now I'm 20).

        So, since you offered in the magazine :), I'd like to get some
info about the subject, specially about free callings. Here is the

        Here in Brazil most of the computers have been IBM mainframes
for a long time, only now changing to UNIX & LANs. Phone lines were a
shit too, I could say that batter than most since my father works for
the Brazilian phone co. (Embratel) And that's my point. Brazilian phone
co. is (still) owned by the federal government. NEC and AT&T are trying
to end the monopoly. But I think it's much easier to hack it since there
aren't many hackers here and they don't do a big mess. What should I do
and have to try this. See, I'm very rookie, so would like some
guidelines... People here is very afraid to talk about. BTW, could a
AT&T guy bust me (here, in Rio de Janeiro) for using Bluebeep in the
000-8010 ?!?

        Are there other means of doing free calls ? Embratel has it's
own Calling Card...

        Wish I can have your help... I'm a RPG-fanatic and would like to
connect to Illuminati BBS and others, so I could get more info.


        []s  CAD

[I wouldn't worry as much about the AT&T guy busting you, as I would
 the Brazilian Secret Police shooting you for boxing.  I mean, if the
 government still owns the phone company, they are the ones to watch out for.

 To contact Steve Jackson Games and the Illuminati BBS, you should think
 about signing on to io.com.  That is their Internet site.  It's very
 cool, and has a huge MUD, (if you are into those sort of things.)

 Good luck in Brazil, and please consider doing a file for our International
 Scene section on your Country!]


- Translation by MIND-NRG (Rome, Italy)

[All words between [] are additional comments made by the translator]

Speciale Cyber                                                  September, 1993
by Sergio Stingo (King) [ A good italian magazine ]  (P. 131)

CyberPunk: everbody is talking about it, but only few people really know what
it really is. Electronic Books ? A disturbing view of the next future ?
Electronical conferences ? A new sort of fashion-wears ? The biggest
democratic revolution of our age ? A silent and creeping revolution ?
Our Stingo [perhaps a male journalist ?], always curious about everything
that is <<new>>, is travelling around Italy to investigate about this

It was like taking the lid off a brewing pot. The more He met <<cyber>>
the more He understood that there was much more to be discovered;
from the supporter of the <<brain machine>>, who is testing the mysterious
machine into  discos and  universities, to the first art gallery where
hackers' work of art are exhibited; from the cyber magazines, as <<Decoder>>,
to the bands that are discovering a new style of music. Not mentioning sex,
that, thanks to technology, is trying to increase the range of possible
sensations. So, the trip beyond the borders of the universe was so rich and
adventurous, that We have had to divide this articles into two issues.
In this issue We introduce you to the first one. And, as cybernauts are used
to say, have a good navigation.

[ This is the translation for you boys interested into this article. Have a
good time with it <g>.CyberPunks are unknown in Italy. It's possible to find
poor articles on them, but no serious issues.]

                                                      - MIND-NRG -

[Hey Man!  Thanks for the translation!  I was wondering what that King
 Magazine article was saying.  Hehe, I ought to get you to translate the
 whole article!  Haha...Spanish I could do myself, but Italian is a
 little too different.

 BTW: We don't have an article on the Italian Hacking scene either.
 Obviously you guys have developed quite a subculture.  We'd really
 like to hear more!]


This message is in regard to the following article in Phrack #42.
I was just wondering if there was a way to convert the newer
sportsters.  My modem does have 4.1 roms, at least that is what
ati6 displays.  however my modem has problems with the second line
of command:

               "Turning your USR Sportster w/ 4.1 roms
                    into a 16.8K HST Dual Standard"


                      The Sausage with The Mallet

If you have a USRobotics Sportster FAX modem, Ver 4.1, you can issue
the following commands to it to turn it into an HST 16.8K dual standard.
In effect, you add HST 16.8K to its V32.bis 14.4k capability.


I would appreciate it if you could somehow forward the message to
either the authors.  I realize that this is an old article, but
I would really appreciate any reply to this question.

     Sam F.

[Wow.  I have no idea.  I do know that later versions of the modem
 took out that, uh, "Feature."  But keep in mind, as modems progress
 they big feature that everyone wants is flash eprom for the
 software, so that you can upgrade the modem through software.

 The future holds a lot of fun for the person who gets his or her hands
 upon the reprogramming tool and rom images of upgrades for faster



I would like first to express all my gratitude to you, the Phrack
editor, and to all of its contributors. You are doing a great job and
should get credit for it. What really kills me are those wanna-be
hackers writing you in an often offensive manner, requesting for
information that no real hacker would expect to see in Phrack. Or
those sending the /etc/passwd file of their local University and
thinking they've achieved the hack of the century.

I've been reading Phrack for quite long time now and was wondering how
to contribute to it, considering that almost every hackable subject has
been covered in one of the 44 Phrack issues.
I saw in issue 42 that you were sort of interested to collect H/P field
information from countries other than United States. And I thought it
might be an opportunity for me to send you something that was uncovered
before. I'm quite sure that you can easily find foreign contributors for
European countries so I will probably not bother you with H/P-related
data in France and Sweden (where I used to live). Few months ago, I
settled in the Asian country you'll identify from my e-mail address and
have started investigating, in a relaxed mode, hacking and phreaking
areas. This country is a virgin territory and maybe my researches and
experiments would provide guidelines for H/P-ers in the same lonely

I was wondering though if you had any kind of recommendations for such
reports (style, length, depth of details to be given, etc...)
If anybody in the Far-East area is interested to participate in the
writing of the report, or just willing to share knowledge with me,
please feel free to forward my e-mail address to such people.

Even if I really have the intention to write such a report, no warranty
should be made upon the delivery time of it. My job is time-consuming
and leave me very few time for investigations. Apart from that, life in
this country is also highly entertaining and week-ends are mostly spent
on parties with nice, nice people.

~~ Long live Phrack and its famous skilled contributors. ~~

                                             -- Otto Sync --

[Thanks for the letter of appreciation!  As far as contributions go,
 we are interested in anything and everything.  For your scene file,
 just use some of the files on other countries as examples, and I'm sure
 yours will be fine.

 Don't worry about getting it to me in any hurry.  Phrack 46 is 3 months
 away.  :)  ]


Hey, guyz!

What happened to the magazine, I haven't seen any number after 43... In any
case, send the stuff to me, as soon as possible. Preferably in some kind of
compressed format.

I have got here a small question. Firstly, I noticed that a number of
hackers have E-Mail addresses such as *@phantom.com. Is it possible to get
one just like this, or you've gotta be some kind of a masquotte?

I myself am a god-fearing character, not hacking outside my own domain. I
prefer to produce than to steal. However, I lack chatting and I lack money,
but I wouldn't steal it. Just to get a different view - for you. Not every
curious person has to be a criminal.

  Verdura (aka Vegetable)

[Phantom Access is a public access unix that you can get access to just
 by telnetting to phantom.com and applying as a new user.

 Yes, indeed, there are a lot of hackers on phantom.com.  In fact, a large
 number of us ancient LOD types are on there.  More than you would
 imagine, really.  But it is open to the public, and anyone who cares to
 pay the usage fees can hang out.

 As far as back issues, I don't send them out to anyone.  They are available
 for ftp from ftp.netsys.com in /pub/phrack as .zip files.

 I do make exceptions for people without ftp access, and will mail
 (US Mail) disks to whoever sends me postage to:

 Phrack Magazine
 603 W. 13th #1A-278
 Austin, TX 78701  ]


Dear phrack type person:

  I am working on a carding scheme involving stripe-writers.  I have looked
into getting one but it seems impossible to find someone to sell me one!
I know publishing information like that is VERY stupid seeing as many
government officials read phrack without paying for it. And many lamer
asswipes read it to. That company would stop selling faster than a lamer
on IRC gets kicked! I need any information on acquiring such a PERFECTLY
LEGAL device because of the places I tried I could not find one that would
sell me one!  I also need any tips on magstipe encoding and atm machines
available. I am adept in the circles of phreekdom and can call Boards if
need be.  And by the way this board I am mailing from has a dickhead for a
sysop. I would mail from the public access internet site here, but
They found my uid shells and kicked me off. They called the cops but being
the most advanced police force in the nation they haven't a clue how to
contact me. (the system only asks for you name to get an account) But now
they require picture ID to get an account. It's a bitch but I have to get
a fake ID and a fake parent.  I was also attempting to DL cracker jack
when They kicked me off and I would like to know were I could gopher for it
or ftp if need be. I lost most internet access except gopher and mail from
this crap board. ENCRYPT EVERYTHING cause the sysop sux.  I would like to
subscribe to phrack but this bastard would delete 1 meg of mail quite quickly
unless it is small, zipped and uuencoded I guess. Well anyway I hope to hear
from you.

The government can have my encryption keys when they pry them from my cold
dead hands.

-Phiber Phreak

[It's pretty hard to get such a magstripe writer, but the keyword here is
 MONEY.  If you have money, they will sell you damn near anything.  You may
 want to check Bank Technology News (800-835-8403 for subscription) as they
 have periodic vendor lists.  Additionally you can ask them for a copy of
 their Card Industry Directory which will have all the info on suppliers that
 you could ever dream of.  It has a 15 day trial period too, so read it,
 get what you need and return it (for a full refund).

 As far as Cracker Jack goes, get on #hack sometime and ask.  I don't have
 a copy, but i imagine someone online will be able to DCC it to you.]


                              ==Phrack Magazine==

                 Volume Five, Issue Forty-Five, File 3a of 28


I try my best to keep Phrack unbiased.  For those of you who know me,
you know that I am not the most soft-spoken individual in the world, and
not being able to totally flame everyone and everything puts a great deal
of stress on me.  This editorial space is my one saving grace.  In this
I can spew out incredible amounts of crap and everyone should know that
it is MY OPINION only.

If anyone else wants to write a "guest" editorial, feel free to email
it to phrack@well.com.


This issue I'm going to rant and rave about assholes on the net.

You know who you are.

You break into sites without any purpose, you delete files, you harass
and annoy, you attempt blackmail, you fake mail, you fake news, you
sling racial insults and you generally have nothing to offer the

You are a disgrace to the hacker community.


There have always been confrontations online.  It's unavoidable on
the net, as it is in life, to avoid unpleasantness.  However, on the net
the behavior is far more pronounced since it effects a much greater
response from the limited online environments than it would in the real
world.  People behind such behavior in the real world can be dealt with or
avoided, but online they cannot.

In the real world, annoying people don't impersonate you in national
forums.  In the real world, annoying people don't walk into your room
and go through your desk and run through the town showing everyone your
private papers or possessions.  In the real world, people can't readily
imitate your handwriting or voice and insult your friends and family by
letter or telephone.  In the real world people don't rob or vandalize
and leave your fingerprints behind.

The Internet is not the real world.

All of the above continually happens on the Internet, and there is
little anyone can do to stop it.  The perpetrators know full well how
impervious they are to retribution, since the only people who can put
their activities to a complete halt are reluctant to open cases against
computer criminals due to the complex nature of the crimes.

The Internet still clings to the anarchy of the Arpanet that spawned it,
and many people would love for the status quo to remain.  However, the
actions of a few miscreants will force lasting changes on the net as a
whole.  The wanton destruction of sites, the petty forgeries, the
needless breakins and the poor blackmail attempts do not go unnoticed
by the authorities.

I personally could care less what people do on the net.  I know it is
fantasyland.  I know it exists only in our minds, and should not
have any long lasting effect in the real world.  Unfortunately, as the
net's presence grows larger and larger, and the world begins to accept
it as an entity in and of itself, it will be harder to convince
those inexperienced users that the net is not real.

I have always played by certain rules and they have worked well for me
in the nearly 15 years I've been online.  These rules can best be
summed up by the following quote, "We are taught to love all our
neighbors.  Be courteous.  Be peaceful.  But if someone lays his hands
on you, send them to the cemetery."

The moment someone crosses the line, and interferes with my
well-being in any setting (even one that is arguably unreal such as the
Internet) I will do whatever necessary to ensure that I can once again
go about minding my own business unmolested.  I am not alone in this
feeling.  There are hundreds of net-loving anarchists who don't want the
extra attention and bad press brought to our little fantasyland by
people who never learned how to play well as children.  Even these
diehard anti-authoritatians are finding themselves caught in a serious
quandary:  do they do nothing and suffer attacks, or do they make the
phone call to Washington and try to get the situation resolved?

Many people cannot afford the risk of striking back electronically,
as some people may suggest.  Other people do not have the skill set needed
to orchestrate an all out electronic assault against an unknown, even
if they pay no heed to the legal risk.  Even so, should anyone attempt
such retribution electronically, the assailant will merely move to a new
site and begin anew.

People do not like to deal with police.  No one LOVES to
call up their local law enforcement office and have a nice chat.
Almost everyone feels somewhat nervous dealing with these figures
knowing that they may just as well decide to turn their focus on you
rather than the people causing problems.  Even if you live your life
crime-free, there is always that underlying nervousness; even in the
real world.

However, begin an assault directed against any individual, and I
guarantee he or she will overcome such feelings and make the needed
phone call.  It isn't the "hacking" per se that will cause anyone's
downfall nor bring about governmental regulation of the net, but the
unchecked attitudes and gross disregard for human dignity that runs
rampant online.

What good can come from any of this?  Surely people will regain the
freedom to go about their business, but what of the added governmental

Electronic Anti-Stalking Laws?
Electronic Trespass?
Electronic Forgery?
False Electronic Indentification?
Electronic Shoplifting?
Electronic Burglary?
Electronic Assault?
Electronic Loitering?
Illegal Packet Sniffing equated as Illegal Wiretaps?

The potential for new legislation is immense.  As the networks
further permeate our real lives, the continual unacceptable behavior
and following public outcry in that setting will force the ruling
bodies to draft such laws.  And who will enforce these laws?  And who
will watch the watchmen?  Oftimes these issues are left to resolve
themselves after the laws have passed.

Is this the future we want?  One of increased legislation and
governmental regulation?  With the development of the supposed
National Information Super-Highway, the tools will be in place for a new
body to continually monitor traffic for suspect activity and uphold
any newly passed legislation.  Do not think that the ruling forces have
not considered that potential.

We are all in a serious Catch-22, brought about by a handful of
sociopaths.  When an unwanted future arises as a direct, or indirect,
result of their actions, REMEMBER.
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