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Current issue : #65 | Release date : 2008-11-04 | Editor : TCLH
Phrack Prophile on The UNIX TerroristTCLH
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Title : Phrack Prophile on The UNIX Terrorist
Author : TCLH
                             ==Phrack Inc.==

                 Volume 0xc, Issue 0x41, Phile #0x02 of 0x0f

|=------------------------=[ PHRACK PROPHILE ON ]=----------------------=|
|=------------------------=[ The UNIX Terrorist ]=----------------------=|

In this issue of Phrack, we have renewed with publishing the prophile
of an influencial underground character. The UNIX terrorist was already
prophiled two years ago but for some editorial reasons at the time, we 
were not able to get his prophile published. Now that the Phrack editorial 
staff has less open conflicts with some part of the scene represented by 
the_uT, we want to make sure everyone remember his engagement. A lot of 
people believed he was an extremist blackhat hacker proning non-disclosure
during his time of activity. That was true. But he was not just this.

I have known the UNIX Terrorist in real life seven years ago. At this time,
during his youth, the_uT was a softer hacker. Dont get me wrong, the_uT 
(or whatever he was calling himself before) always had this characteristic
personality that made him an exceptionally creative dude. Later on, after 
he started body-building (rumors mention that he followed the advices of 
his idol Mike Shifman), he got that impressive shape that certainly 
represented better his mind shift towards a more aggressive prophile. The 
UNIX terrorist is the result of this evolution from a young skilled hacker 
to a disabused philosopher of the underground.

This prophile was realized by The Paper Street Hacker in November 2007
for publication in Phrack Magazine #65 by TCLH. Remember the opinion 
reflected in this interview only engages the UNIX Terrorist and does not 
represent the opinion of the Phrack editors. 

So here it is.

|=---=[ Specifications
           Handle: the_uT
              AKA: daemon10, yu0, jungjeezy
    Handle origin: Africa
 Age of your body: 24
      Produced in: The Heart of Darkness, USA
        Living in: The Paper Street Soap Company, USA
  Height & Weight: Excessive" / 250lbs
             Urlz: http://web.textfiles.com/ezines/EL8/
        Computers: Anything with a network connection and a working ssh
                   client will do... I'd rather spend my money on clothes
                   & entertainment... less tech garbage also means my
                   bedroom doesn't scare the bitches away
       Creator of: PROJEKT MAYHEM / Phrack High Council / anti.security.is
         Admin of: Most of South Korea/China ... 
        Member of: NAMBLA (proud sponsors of TOR!) / ANONYMOUS
         Projects: M4YH3M
	    Codez: stealthrm, the first blackhat RM(1) utility, designed
	           to rm desktop computers silently. Distributed as a 
                   Linux LKM, VFS functions are hijacked so that file 
                   indexing and rm'ing can be smuggled and interleaved 
                   discretely amongst existing file operations. 
                   Additionally, keyboard I/O is monitored to determine 
                   the sysadmin's presence. Sporadic file wiping occurs 
                   either during heavy PLANNED system hard drive use, or 
                   occurs slowly and steadily, with timed delays, while 
                   the console user is absent. The primary purpose is to 
                   avoid the alarming and sickeningly unexpected HDD 
                   "crunching" sound that alerts many would-be "rm -rf /"
		   victims to their impending doom. File removal is 
                   scheduled according to a proprietary prioritization 
                   algorithm whose factors include criteria such as 
                   inode atimes and VFS type. Files are secure DOD-wiped 
                   in place, but not unlinked, preserving disk statistics.
     Active since: 1998
   Inactive since: I don't sleep... I metastasize

|=---=[ Favorites
	  Actors: Assorted government officials, "security experts,"
	          and "spiritual leaders" ... Scientologists
	   Films: Apocalypse Now Redux, Happiness, Gummo, Pi, The Big
	          Lebowski, Bad Boy Bubby, Irreversible
	 Authors: Bret Easton Ellis, Louis-Ferdinand Celine, Hunter S
	          Thompson, William S Burroughs, Will Self, Irvine Welsh,
		  H.L. Mencken, Mark Twain
	Articles: "The New Hacking Manifesto" - warez mullah, PHC Phrack
		  "lyfestylez of the owned and lamest" - r0b1nleech,
		  ~el8 3
	  Admins: hendy of team-teso, The Digital Ebola[LoU],
	   Books: The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, The Rape of
	          Nanking, The Protocols of the Elders of Zion
	   Novel: Fight Club, 120 Days of Sodom, American Psycho,
	          Journey to the End of the Night, The Picture of 
                  Dorian Gray, The Jungle, Fear and Loathing in Las 
                  Vegas, Catch 22, A Confederacy of Dunces, The Story 
                  of /b/
	 Meeting: ADMCon / France (2001)
	 Project: The Manhattan Project, The Final Solution
	     Sex: "You're dead if you're homely - my shit's for adults,
	          over eight years old only"
	   Drugs: Beta blockers and dissociatives... just about any
	          substance featured on Erowid or T-Nation... especially 
                  modafinil, ayahuasca, ketamine, dinitrophenol, epic 
                  stanozololz (Winstrofl), nandrolone, Epi-Pens
	   Music: Revolutionary/violent/mysognist/apocalyptic hip-hop
		  Ex: Jedi Mind Tricks, Necro, Circle of Tyrants, Non
		  Phixion, Leak Bros, Immortal Technique, Q-Unique, 
                  Cage, Celph Titled Plastikman
	 Alcohol: Like my women - 15-18 years old, single (malt) and on
	          the fucking rocks
	    Cars: blue dodge viper (vroom vroom!)
	   Foods: Whey protein hydrolysate, Vitargo CGL, BCAA's,
	          l-glutamine, Carlson's Fish Oil Liquid Omega-3
	  I like: Andrei Chikatilo, 2girls1[cup/finger], Puma Swede,
	          thinspiration, violent sporting (WEC,UFC,Pride), 
                  solving intractable problems with violence,
		  achieving EPIC LULZ of unprecedented magnitude
       I dislike: Fat goths, CISSPs, fat people (in general), women with
                  a BMI over 18, women whose thighs touch when they stand,
		  miniature dogs, people who tailgate or drink beer out 
                  of red plastic cups, Basshunter

|=---=[ Your current life in a paragraph

         I'll give you a hint... it doesn't involve getting paid to do
	 computer security research. The only reason I would even 
         consider using a computer anymore would be to meet women of 
         loose moral standards on myspace, or to engage in the wholesale
         piracy of music and video content, preferrably violent 
         pornography. Or maybe to get directions to a strip club on 
         mapquest... or order various scheduled substances from corrupt
         Eastern European pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities... In 
         fact, if you're reading my prophile because you just happened 
         still to be reading Phrack in 2008 and stumbled upon it, then 
         I pity you... you fucking closet homosexual.

|=---=[ First contact with computers

	 Studying the mysteries of gorillas.bas and nibbles.bas,

|=---=[ Youth

	 I was 300 lbs, bespectacled, and acne-stricken. I used to read
	 copies of Dr. Dobb's Journal in P.E. Everybody hated me. Then I
	 underwent an emergency negroplasty and decided to enact my 
         revenge upon the world by inflicting massive verbal trauma 
         through a medium where personal interaction is impossible and 
         everybody feels tougher than they really are. So I installed 
         BitchX and went on EFNET, and the rest, my friend, is history.

|=---=[ Passions : What makes you tick

	 I'm distinguished by an acutely defined and unparalleled sense
	 of schadenfreude. Technology is pretty fun too (or at least it 
         was for a while), but what really drove me harder and further 
         was the exciting possibility of using computers to turn the 
         life of a particular fellow human being into a living hell.
	 So no, I wasn't that kid that used to hang out at Radio Shack
	 pulling apart electronic equipment and reassembling it to "see 
         how it works." Shit like that doesn't make you a "hacker" - it 
         makes you a wannabe EE undergrad. Driving people over the 
         precipices of depair and frustration is a great way to
	 pass one's time, but definitely falls short of the pleasure of
	 discrediting or humiliating or otherwise defaming and 
         slandering the ill-earned reputations of the various charlatans 
         and hypocrites in the scene. Publishing the mail spoolz of
	 the wicked, archiving the hard drives of the lame, and rm'ing
	 the weak are all activities I find inspirational. Particularly, 
         I choose to self-medicate my anomie by proving myself smarter 
         and stronger than others. This is the sort of thing with which 
         we'll have to make do until we can one day stalk elk around the
	 ruins of the Rockefeller Center or strip venison in the empty
	 carpool lanes of some abandoned superhighway. For further 
         information about what makes me "tick," please consult Dr. Neal
	 Krawetz's remarkable and highly academic psychological exegesis,
	 fully annotated to official APA formatting standards.

|=---=[ Entrance in the underground

	 It all began on EFNET, some time around 1998 (long before they
	 had CHANFIX like dalnet!) in lame and lamer channels like #b4b0 
         and #feed-the-goats. Historical note: Several incredibly 
         diabolical and motivated individuals from b4b0 would come to 
         rule the virtual entirety of the Interweb with an iron fist for 
         the following decade. Yeah, I started hacking shit virtually 
         exclusively on TCP/IP networks, and started writing exploits 
         long after techniques like heap overflows and return-into-libc 
         were published, so fuck you if you have a problem with the fact 
         that I never scanned shit with toneloc or bruteforced SPRINTNET 
|=---=[ Which research have you done or which one gave you the most fun?

	 Writing any one of several reliable exploits for intelligently
	 brute-forcing complex remote vulnerabilities, which all made me 
         feel like a hacker from THE MATRIX. Especially writing a 
         universal blind exploit for the Wu-FTPD globbing vuln for 
         versions 2.5.x-2.6.1 (cmdtab power!), and porting the remote
	 client for CORE-SDI's ingenious crc32 deattack backdoor to more
	 exotic operating systems such as Solaris and IRIX (possibly the 
         world's slowest exploit). Also, writing an LKM for dynamically 
         loadable stack/heap execution protection on Linux.
|=---=[ How started low-level ?

	 Like most other "underground" groups out there, this one started
	 from the flawed notion that it would somehow be cool to get a 
         group of people together with a webpage and domain name and IRC 
         channel and write a bunch of POC code and publish it to the 
         public and post on sec lists for attention. It was a stupid 

|=---=[ Personal general opinion about the underground

	 Well, the underground is pretty much dead, but I guess you
	 mostly have the security researchers out there to thank for that
         one. However, as a delicious proof of the old adage "be careful 
         what you wish for," security professionals have made their own 
         demand scarce. With vulnerabilities so much harder to find,
	 it means that random idiots out there aren't likely to find
	 anything remotely useful by grep'ing for overflows in unsafe C 
         functions. The first sign that things were about to dry out 
         occurred during the format bug craze in 2000, which resulted in 
         the systematic scanning of all varargs style functions that were
	 incorrectly used - the first time an entire class of 
         vulnerabilities has been nearly perfectly eradicated in a body 
         of open source code. Slowly over time, the same thing has 
         happened to most other memory and integer overflows, and casting
         bugs. What happens as a result? 0day becomes a highly valued 
         commodity. The chance of leakage decreases dramatically because:
         1. 0day is much more valuable
         2. Few people can find useful vulns, which decreases the amount
	 of sharing. Additionally, smarter people usually find an 
         intrinsically higher value in their own work than people that 
         can't understand the exploits they're using.
         3. "When guns are outlawed only outlaws will have guns" -
	 Praise be to Allah and the fact that the divine mathematics of
         exploit creation are now made sacred by entities like WIPO and 
         the DMCA. For nearly a decade, security companies relied on FUD
         and fearmongering, heralding the imminent spread of global 
         cyber-warfare and e-terror. A particularly salient example of 
         this idiocy would be the infamous Aris Threatcon, second in its
	 contemptibility only to the Homeland Security Advisory meter. 
         These scare tactics worked for a while, as sec. companies 
         boosted sales of products such as firewalls, packet filters, 
         network scanners, and other useless trash by relentlessly
	 trumpeting the seriousness of various "hacker" threats and by
	 strategically scaring the public with their own original 
         (mostly stolen) advisories. Ironically, they ended up scaring 
         legislators more than the commercial sector, and now people 
         like Dmitry Skylarov are arrested for publishing their
	 "astonishing!" findings. Note to security companies: you're 
         attempting to be both the cause and the cure and we've got 
         use for neither.
         4. 0day auctions: Blackhats finally realize that it's a lot
	 more lucrative to sell exploit information to shadowy interest 
         groups. Such sales have the added benefit of preventing 
         information dissemination, because it works against the 
         interests of all parties involved. iDEFENSE, the first and
	 largest name in hacking middlemanry, was forced to purchase 
         exploits from the underground when they realized they lacked 
         the technical skills in their meager R&D labs to find any 
         exploits on their own. But who in their right mind would 
         consider auctioning off vulns at Argentinian prices to a 
         whitehat sweatshop that will just pawn their findings off as 
         their own, and then publish them to Bugtraq - when they can make
         the same sale to somebody in the underground for 5-10x the cost 
         and rest assured that the vuln will stay alive?

	 Nowadays, it is claimed that the Chinese and even WOMEN are
	 hacking things. Man, am I ever glad I got a chance to experience 
         "the scene" before it degenerated completely. And remember, kids,
         knowing how to program or wanting really badly to figure out how 
         things work inside doesn't make you a hacker! Hacking boxes
	 makes you a "hacker" ! That's right! Write your local
         representatives at Wikipedia/urbandictionary/OED and let them 
         know that hackers are people that gain unauthorized 
         access/privileges to computerized systems! Linus Torvalds
	 isn't a hacker! Richard Stallman isn't a hacker! Niels Provos
	 isn't a hacker! Fat/ugly, maybe! Hackers, no! And what is up with
         the use of the term "cracker"? As far as I'm concerned, that term
         applies to people that bypass copyright protection mechanisms. 
         Vladimir Levin? HACKER. phiber optik? HACKER. Kevin Mitnick? OK, 
         maybe a gay/bad one, but still WAS a "hacker." Hope that's clear.

|=---=[ Memorable Experiences

	 First box I ever owned (dropstat'd son)
	 Watching widespread panic and hysteria grip IRC and various
	 security mailing lists after the publication of ~el8, esp. #2 
         and #3.
	 The PHC Music & Film Festival, notably Joost Pol rms freebsd.cn
	 The multi-homed attack/rm'ing of efnet irc operator "seiki,"
	 which resulted in PHC primacy and alpha male hegemony over 
	 Preparing the memorable vitriolic speech "Wolves Among Us"
	 from scratch, in less than 30 minutes... then attempting to 
         deliver it without inducing fatal hilarity
	 Becoming the Freddy Krueger of the Internet/IRC
	 Celebrating Kwanzaa online in #darknet with assorted South
	 African infosec luminaries
	 Civil rights champions worldwide cheer when a Polish transsexual
	 becomes the most recognizable expert on the vanguard of kernel 
         rootkit (un)detection research
	 Having my first proposed Phrack prophile rejected by humorless
	 German staff
	 The suceessful social engineering of hacker "dvdman" - which
	 resulted in the retrieval of an explicit masturbatory video of 
         aforementioned individual
	 iDEFENSE contributors and their laughably low sell-out prices
	 are revealed in "fake" Phrack
	 Vomiting in my mouth (just a little bit) the first time I walked
	 into the Alexis Park Hotel
	 The communal rm'ing of w00w0's jobe, which became the only
	 known time in history where the same individual was rm'ed 
         concurrently by multiple intruders, who, up until the time
	 of the attack, had no knowledge of each other's presences
	 Logging into my computer, relying only on muscle memory to type,
	 after forgetting the alphabet and being too fucked up to read 
         the letters on my keyboard
	 The look of surprise on the Cheshire Catalyst's face after his
	 password was shouted at him repeatedly, at approximately 80 
         decibels, while he was entertaining fans
         stringz attempts to replicate ~el8, fails, and is shamed offline
	 securityfocus.com adds thumbnail pictures to its original
	 columns - I finally find out infosec rockstars such as Don 
         Parker, Scott Granneman, and Dr. Neal rawetz really look like!
	 Slackware founder Patrick Volkerding sends an open SOS to the
	 world after forgetting to brush his teeth nearly results in 
         fatal halitosis.
	 Watching the IRC suicide/accidental deaths of rippah/electrosk0t
	 Marty Roesch reaches midlife crisis; denies own obesity and
	 the owning of snort.org
|=---=[ Memorable people you have met
	 The Blue Boar, at the very first Phrack High Council Ethics
	 The Rain Forest Puppy (sounds like an adorable stuffed animal
	 from Mattel(C) but dresses in shiny reflective raver clothing)
	 Captain Crunch (No thanks du0d I don't want you to open up my
	 chakras with a special "energy massage")
	 Ofir Arkin, world's leading ICMP fingerprinting technologist
	 Honey Dew Moore, child hacker prodigy and world's leading
	 exploit cataloguer
	 Shok, world's foremost Mormon hacker
	 Surprisingly, some actual hackers (various members of MoD),
	 while attending HOPE, the worst con I've ever been to
	 The Death Vegetable, largest carbon footprint of any netizen
	 Packet Fairy

|=---=[ Memorable places you have been

	 spaf's mail spool (although I'd give it back in a heartbeat
	 for a chance to take a joyride in his electric wheelchair 
	 s1's famous "Studio 31337" HACKING FORT
	 Rloxley's child porn archive

|=---=[ How started PR0J3KT M4YH3M ?

	 The idea obviously isn't something entirely new or original. 
         The earliest known historical precursor to Project Mayhem was
         Erostratus, who set fire to the Temple of Artemis at Ephesus,
	 one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Though his
	 motives were questionable (he achieved the act merely because 
         he had no other way of immortalizing his name), the base concept
         was there: destroying something beautiful just for the hell of
	 it. Note: destruction and vandalism out of ignorance and fear 
         are decidedly less noble in nature. Obviously, there was some
	 inspiration from the novel, Fight Club. As far as scene-related
	 influences, there were some early precursors... the venerable 
         e-zine "CITADEL" and some of the better work of BOW (Brotherhood
         of Warez). ~el8 was probably the single biggest source of 
         creative energy fueling PR0J3KT M4YH3M, and is still 
         remembered to this day as the greatest, most revolutionary
	 blackhat publication of all time. But what really kick-started
	 PR0J3KT M4YH3M was the apparent lack of success of 
         anti.security.is, a formal anti-disclosure movement constructed
         from a lucid and cogent document illustrating why it would be 
         better for all parties in the infosec community to stop 
         publishing exploit code. But as the US government is fond of 
         saying of the Taliban, it soon occurred to many of us that 
         these whitehats, like their white-turbaned friends in 
         Afghanistan, "respond only to violence." Enter PR0J3KT M4YH3M,
	 a spawn off PHC's Fight Club division. All in all, PR0J3KT 
         M4YH3M had an impressive run, resulting in the ownage of high
	 profile whitehats including Theo de Raadt, Kevin Mitnick,
	 and Marty Roesch. IRC servers were conquered and their 
         operators were vanquished. Prominent "hacker" magazines were 
         stolen and leaked prematurely. Hard drives were dd'ed, 
         tar'ed, gzipped', gpg'ed, and shipped off to snu.ac.kr.
	 Codes of whitehats were backdoored and published
	 unexpectedly. Violent/offensive/sacrilegious blackhat 
	 ASCII art was created. Heap exploitation tutorials were
	 rebranded. Hitlists of the whitehat community were 
         compiled. Info-security professionals were fired. Whitehat 
         books & movies were leaked. g4yh1tl3r lived, died, and was born 
         again. And we all had a lot of fun. 

|=---=[ Things you are proud of

	 Closing Captains of Crush #2 (multiple times, with finesse)
	 Coining several catch phrases which framed the zeitgeist of
	 the blackhat movement of the early 21st century, including 
         "w00w00 is p00p00"
	 Becoming the first "hacker (over 5 ft. tall) on steroids"
	 Transcending the blood-brain barrier
	 Reading the last 5 issues of Phrack without learning anything new
	 Stealthily avoiding all hidden toilet/shower cams at HAL 2001
	 Becoming the first hacker to write exploit headers in ebonics
	 Proud author of an exploit that appears bundled with O'Reilly's
	 "Network Security Assessment" book, after infosec genius Chris 
         McNab deletes comments/headers and submits it for inclusion
	 Becoming the first person to rm a box from a cellular device
	 (while at a nightclub ala "Swordfish")
	 Coming from a family free of mental retardation/physical birth
	 Demonstrating to the world repeatedly how stupid it is to be
	 a whitehat
	 Triumphing over hackers such as mosthated, missnglnk, gov-boi,
	 ben-z, ytcracker, kf, and joewee to earn the title of "blackest
         man on efnet"
	 Learning how to krump proficiently after watching only 15
	 minutes of Rize
	 Serving for several years as the High Chancellor of *.ac.kr
	 and *.ac.jp
	 Ordering the world's only team ~el8 tank top from cafepress.com
	 World's fastest typer on sub-anaesthetic doses of special k
	 Successfully masking my bipolar disorder in order to become a
	 fully integrated and respected member of 'society'
	 Rotating planes of polarized light counterclockwise around
	 various enantiomers

|=---=[ Things you are not proud of

	 Ever having released code to the public
	 Ever having posted to a security mailing list in which the
	 intention of my correspondence was less than utter sarcasm, 
         mockery, or malice
	 Failed attempt at rm'ing def-con.org while at Defcon, due to
	 network problems
	 How underappreciated this prophile will inevitably be
	 Not also ordering the "Countdown to rm" ~el8 wall clock from
	 Unknowingly losing an underground ytalk speed typing competition
	 to a rogue TIOCSTI program

|=---=[ Opinion about security conferences

	 There are any number of flawed reasons why people attend/speak
	 at security conferences. If you're looking for recognition or 
         publicity, you're probably better off committing suicide
	 on Youtube (see "Budd Dwyer" Wikipedia for ideas).
	 If you're looking for repulsive female companionship or fellow
	 loser friends to socialize with "IRL," you'll probably save 
         some time and airfare by checking your local Craigslist first.
	 Otherwise, the proof is in the pudding. 10 years ago it would
	 been inconceivable that there would one day be "security 
         conferences" in retard 3rd world shitpile countries like Mexico,
         Malaysia, and Pakistan. Countries whose only contributions to 
         the progression of the digital age
	 have been the vigorous repeated typing of "jajaja" and "kekeke"
	 and "gf0rce pakistan!!!" in
	 various IRC channels and online message boards. Apparently,
	 high tech vocations have taken
	 over! My suggestion is to stock up on sombreros, Nikes, and
	 taxi cab medallions now before
	 they become relics of the past.

|=---=[ Opinion on Phrack Magazine 1985' ? 1995' ? 2005' ? '2007 ?
         I've always thought this magazine sucked, but in regards to
	 the specifics of the question at hand, it's probably gotten 
         steadily worse over time. OK OK... I'm sure the editorial staff
	 would like me to say something positive here so here's my best
	 attempt: "PHRACK MAGAZINE - Hey, at least it's not 2600!"
	 This will probably be the worst issue yet, but that's fine -
	 I'm just using this prophile as a mouthpiece for my dogma of 
         physical anabolism and moral decay.

|=---=[ What you would like to see published in Phrack ?

	 An article on phones! (Not VOIP!)
	 Definitely more mail spools... a renewed focus on homemade
	 improvised explosive devices... maybe even some tutorials on
         drug trafficking for newbies
|=---=[ Shoutouts to specific (group of) peoples

	 Doing (R.I.P.), tr4shc4n m4n, krad, odaymaztr, Funny Bunny,
	 module of rhino9, g4yh1tl3r, drater, the crazy Turk, Rocky 
         the virgin hacker Jesus, zilvio, all my Icelandic friends, 
         sk8, j & r, Hans Reiser (everybody on IRC talks about murder, 
         but nobody actually goes through with it), everybody on asylum 
         & its admin, my old friends from #!!ADM and #!hax, the 
         zoroastrian insomniac prophet & his partner in crime
|=---=[ Flames to specific (group of) peoples

	 pm/gaius (hey did you know there's a facebook group for
	 HERT now?!?), hd moore & his ersatzsploit project (we
	 commend you on your entrepreneurial vision of turning your
	 look-mom-i-just-got-owned tcpdump logs into exploits with your
	 own name on them), Richard "Dick Theft" Johnson (1500+ on his
	 SAT; abject failure at real life), The Condor, THE WAREZ D00D 
         (your next ten bag of heroin will be cut with ricin), jobe, 
         Philip Emeagwali (father of the supercomputer/Internet), 
         slashdot, Valdis Kletnieks (if I can't pronounce your name, 
         it's time to kill yourself or go back to dragging a plow in 
         Latvia), "Dr." Neal Krawetz, Stefan Esser (currently being 
         hunted down by European PROJECT MAYHEM operatives with 
         instructions to sever the right hand in accordance with holy 
         e-jihad Shariah), Eric S. Raymond (still piecing back together
         his ~ from backups after the brutal desecration of his OSI bazaar
         via CVS 0day), Electronic Souls, hack.co.za, xfocus, nsfocus, 
         Souljah Boy, "Tiger Team", GNU, Jose Nazario, Luigi Auriemma, 
         tsao[IC], divineint (I'm sure the Singaporian government would 
         have had you caned by now for trading IRIX/VMS/DGUX/AIX/HPUX/
         Windows src code if you weren't already in their employment), 
         Raven (congratulations on having a vagina... it's not even a 
         good one, but it's still better than your brain so you should 
         probably try hooking instead of thinking for a living), Don 
         "Beetle" Bailey, Ron Dufresne, Gadi Evron, lcamtuf, Ulf 
         H?rnhammar, jeff moss, pete shipley & other vampire hackers, 
         jericho, marcus ranum, chesswick & bellovin, lamo, 
         markoff/shimomura/mitnick, theo, knuth, dijkstra & other
	 CS theory fags, HACKER CRACKER

|=---=[ Quotes			 

	 "WTF SAID I WAS A TRADER?" - The Warez Dude
	 "eye dont wipe logz" - Kareless KaRL
	 "I'm proud to say I have committed every sin in the Decalogue." -
	 Sir Richard Burton
	 "irc warfare isnt very fun when u can just vanquish your f0ez...
	 i feel like i go thru life with IDDQD on...walking thru firewalls
         like IDSPISPOPD" - the_uT
	 "I hate to think that all the whitehats in the world are
	 concerned that phc members are busy hacking their home machines 
         when people are really playing ninja gaiden and hocking off their
         computers to buy $1000 dogs." - gayh1tler
	 "While you were sleeping we helped ourselves" - Canaan Banana
	 "I'm on the Zoloft to keep from killing y'all" - Mike Tyson
	 "I've got 5 words for you: drugs smuggled in presidential
	 baggage" - lu1g1
	 "I guess I'm gonna fade into Bolivian" - Mike Tyson
	 "I just want to conquer people and their souls" - Mike Tyson
	 "My power is so discombobulatingly devastating I could feel
	 his muscle tissues collapse under my force. It's ludicrous 
         these mortals even attempt to enter my realm." - Mike Tyson
	 "step in2 my e-z bake oven!" - gayh1tler
	 "I think my mask of sanity is about to slip." - Patrick Bateman
	 "its not nice to treat other people's boxes like toys-r-us" -
	 "With a gun barrel between your teeth, you speak only in
	 vowels." - Fight Club
	 "Fuck damnation, man! Fuck redemption! We are God's unwanted
	 children? So be it!" - Tyler Durden
	 "Eat your lima beans!" - Pavel "Papa" Sandrak
	 "A race condition is how fast you can hit the reset button when
	 you start hearing your hdd whine" - unknown
	 "We will achieve samadhi while meditating over s1's studio
	 31337 MOTD" - the_uT
	 "Like our great leader, this kernel module selects a child and
	 touches him in a very special way." - warez mullah, THE EMMANUEL
	 "Cuz if you can take a fucking dick, you can take a joke" -
	 Immortal Technique
	 "The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the
	 world he doesn't exist" - The Usual Suspects / Baudelaire
	 "So I'm rapelling down Mt. Vesuvius, and my rope breaks and I
	 begin to fall and im falling, falling. Ahhhh, I'll never forget
	 the terror! Then I thought to myself, hey Hansel. Haven't you
	 been smoking peyote for 6 straight days and couldn't some of
	 this maybe in your head? " - Zoolander
	 "Shit! If I'd known it was going to be this kind of party I'd
	 have stuck my dick in the mashed potatoes!"
	 WITH IT" - facialabuse.com
	 "So don't ever talk shit. And remember something nigga, while
	 you rave and rant - a roach can live for nine days without its
	 head, but you can't" - Immortal Technique
	 "d00d thats not a LADY OF THE PEN, thats ___ from CUMFIESTA!" -
	 "Can somebody please tell me what the fuck A RED MAP is???"
	 "i did it 4 the lulz" - ANONYMOUS
	 "we dish out rm's like petri" - the_uT
	 "There he goes. One of God's own prototypes. A high-powered
	 mutant of some kind never even considered for mass production.
         Too weird to live, and too rare to die." - HST UNF UNF
	 "Behold I am become death, the destroyer of worlds" - Robert
	 "It is better to find 10 dead babies in 1 trash can than to
	 find 1 dead baby in 10 trash cans." - Unknown
	 "WTF SAID I WAS A TRADER?" - The Warez Dude
	 "For personal reasons, I do not browse the web from my computer.
	 (I also have not net connection much of the time.)  To look
	 at page I send mail to a demon which runs wget and mails the
	 page back to me. It is very efficient use of my time, but it
	 is slow in real time." - Richard Stallman
	 "and it shows that you are a complete dork. you are disconnected
         from reality. how can we take you for serious?" -
	 mbalmer@openbsd.org in response to Stallman, officially winning
	 at irony... FOREVERER
	 "2 FAST 2 FURIOUS 4 U" - the_uT, upon winning an underground irc
         speed typing competition
|=---=[ Anything more you want to say 

	 Looking back on my involvement in computers, I am very happy
	 that the peak of my activity occurred right during the turn 
         of the 20th century. Hacking was no longer as simple as manual 
         labor (wardialing etc.) but finding vulnerabilities and writing 
         exploits and tools was not exactly as tedious and prohibitively 
         time-consuming as it is currently. To say that I would rather 
         commit seppuku than adapt to the challenges of a changing world 
         by auditing code for SQL injection vulnerabilities and 
         client-side browser exploits is not an exaggeration. On the 
         upside of things, hardcore pornography is now far better and 
         more widely and freely available than ever, and productive
	 programming like UFC can be seen on channels like Spike TV for
	 free. Every day, more and more youngsters are born who are many
         times more likely to contribute articles to socially useful 
         publications such as Encyclopedia Dramatica instead of 2600. 
         Spreading terror and wreaking havoc for "epic lulz" have been 
         established as viable alternatives to contributing to open 
         source software projects. If you're a kid reading this zine for
	 the first time because you're interested in becoming a hacker,
	 fucking forget it. You're better off starting a collection of 
         poached adult website passwords, or hanging out on 4chan. At 
         least trash like this has some modicum of entertainment value,
         whereas the hacking/security scene had become some kind of 
         fetid sinkhole for all the worst kinds of recycled academic 
         masturbation imaginable. In summary, the end is fucking nigh, 
         and don't tell me I didn't warn you... even though there's 
         nothing you can do about it. 
         Good night and good luck,
         - the UNIX TERRORIST

|=[ EOF ]=|	
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