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Current issue : #60 | Release date : 2002-12-28 | Editor : Phrack Staff
IntroductionPhrack Staff
LoopbackPhrack Staff
LinenoisePhrack Staff
Toolz ArmoryPacket Storm
Phrack Prophile on horizonPhrack Staff
Smashing The Kernel Stack For Fun And Profitnoir
Burning the bridge: Cisco IOS exploitsFX
Static Kernel Patchingjbtzhm
Big Loop Integer ProtectionOded Horovitz
Basic Integer Overflowsblexim
SMB/CIFS By The Rootledin
Firewall Spotting with broken CRCEd3f
Low Cost and Portable GPS Jammeranonymous author
Traffic Lightsplunkett
Phrack World NewsPhrack Staff
Phrack magazine extraction utilityPhrack Staff
Title : Loopback
Author : Phrack Staff
phrack.org:~# cat /dev/random

                           ==Phrack Inc.==

               Volume 0x0b, Issue 0x3c, Phile #0x02 of 0x10

|=----------------------=[ L O O P B A C K ]=----------------------------=|
|=------------------------=[ phrackstaff ]=------------------------------=|

----| QUOTE of the month

    [ Once upon a time in #phrack ]

<OUAH:#phrack> *** PHRACK #60 SCHEDULED FOR 2002-12-27 ***
<chmod_:#phrack> i know
<chmod_:#phrack> its already 2 hours late
<phrack_webmaster_undercover:#phrack> is it already the 27th?
<chmod_:#phrack> yes
<chmod_:#phrack> in some parts of the world
<bajkero:#phrack> Fri Dec 27 02:01:13 CET 2002

    [ Meanwhile: phrack_webmaster_undercover doing the
      s/27th/28th/g thingie on index.php ]

<phrack_webmaster_undercover:#phrack> hmm. strange, it reads 28th here.
<chmod_:#phrack> they changed recently
<chmod_:#phrack> it was 27th just one hour ago
<phrack_webmaster_undercover:#phrack> mysterious...

----| Statistics of the month

root@phrack.org:/var/log > grep '\.mil' httpd_access.log | uniq | wc -l
root@phrack.org:/var/log > grep '\.gov' httpd_access.log | uniq | wc -l

|=[ 0x01 ]=--------------------------------------------------------------=|

Editor in Chief!!!!

[ Nope, sorry I'm just the phrackstaff's slave answering the emails. ]

I have been trying to get the phrack magazine but upto date I have not
succeeded.. I come from an African country called "kenya" and it seems they
dont bring them there!!!!!! Please send me the subscription and the
magazines if it posssible and bill me later,.....

[ Kenya, 1.00North, 38.00East, 582,650sq, higest point you can read
  phrack: Mount Kenya 5,199m, lowest point: Indian Ocen (0m hehe.).
  Potential number of phrack readers: 31,138,735. Hacker growth rate: 1.15%,
  hackers life expactancy at birth: 47.02 years, Literacy: age 15 and over
  can read phrack. 78.1% of the total population can read phrack.
  http://www.cia.giv/cia/publications/factbook/geos/ke.html ]
My address is fredie@kikuyu.com

Yours truly


[ Phrack is free. Nice to know that phrack read in all parts of the world,
  we definitely want to hear from you more often ]

|=[ 0x02 ]=--------------------------------------------------------------=|

From: Omar Tarabay <omar_tarabay@yahoo.com>
Subject: a real newbie

Hey guys,

    [ Hello dude ]

I read your last edition and it was just great, i visited the site daily
to see if the new edition is down or not.

    [ oh, so that's you in the weblogs? Hi :> ]
I realy liked the files on your last edition (lockpicking was the greatest)
i won't ask questions that you expect me to ask like 'please tell me how to
hack into hotmail or the pentagon'.

    [ Oh man, you missed it, I had some 0day for you ]

put i read myself and learn things myself but as a newbie i don't find
most of your articles understandable,its only for experts and pros so
if you can write articles for newbies like me and many others who want to
learn please do, and about myself i amTURBOWEST(i am sure that u can know
my real name easily but please don't say it)

    [ Your real name is: TURBOEAST! ]

I am 12 y/o

   [ Nothing to be ashamed of. We will be at the same age in 13 years. ]

I program in python . I am trying to install linux on my PC but i face
some problems which i am trying to solve(i read a lot of books about

    [ You read these linux books? What did they teach you? How to format
      your harddrive, install a webcam and masturbate with 13 years old 
      girls on netmeetings? ]

finaly i would like to say thanks for all the phrack staff and ask them to
reply to me.


   [ Nothing. Hope you wont get any problems with the pedophile child
     molesters who get back to you now... ]

|=[ 0x03 ]=--------------------------------------------------------------=|

From: George escobar <dierwolf2@yahoo.com>
Subject: thanks

i found your site informative. thanks  

    [ at your service! We dont take money donation, however you can send
      female shaped human beings. ]

|=[ 0x04 ]=--------------------------------------------------------------=|

From: "Anthony Webb" <a_gentle_man@hotmail.com>
Subject: OK..I'm stupid, but help me anyway

OK, I admit it...I love the website, but I can't find my way around in it.
Yeah, I know, I'm dumber than a bag of rusty hammers.  But I need help.

    [ It is a good start to admit it, let's look at your case ]

I am looking for a simple program to keep track of my companies phone calls
without the company knowing I'm doing it.

    [ Oh man ... that's not good at all ... ]

No, I am NOT paranoid, they ARE out to get me.

    [ Honestly, you are not! Be prepared for the worst! Watch Jackie Chan
      and Akira movies on a daily base to train your ninja-style to be
      prepared to whatever there might come. Huh? Did you hear that?

I don't have $1100 to $2500 to spend on Call Accounting Software and I
don't need all those bells and whistles anyway. I just need to keep track
of who the people are talking to, what time, what extension, whether its
outbound or inbound, etc. The company has an Avaya (Lucent) Merlin Magix
PBX system. By tracking who they call I can establish that they are indeed
guilty of harrassment against my paranoid little butt.

Got any ideas? gentle....but pissed at the organization.

    [ Are you sure that noone of your coworkers watched this email? ]

|=[ 0x05 ]=--------------------------------------------------------------=|

From: domino@hush.com

can I please get those zines in zip format, they are interesting, but I use
windows. If not, can you complete the articles? I was reading one, and it
was in txt and it said 9 of 10. there was no link to the 10th article. this
happened many times with different ones. Yeah anyways, I would be nice to
have those as zip files for those who don't have linux as would many others,
or at least fix the links. (not much of a problem just missing a page)
Great magazine, I just wish that I could complete it. thanx.

[ (man winzip) || (man google) || (man brain) || (man life) || (man gun) ]

|=[ 0x06 ]=--------------------------------------------------------------=|

From: "melissa royer" <melissa.royer@verizon.net>


I am having some trouble compiling the code extracted from your site. I
have the code on linux RH 7.3 Is this the problem??

[root@lenny Loki]# make linux

make[1]: *** [surplus.o] Error 1
make[1]: Leaving directory `/loki/loki2/Loki'
make: *** [linux] Error 2

[ I swear this dood^H^H^H^H Melissa really tried to compile that 7 years old
  source from p49. Unless we turn into a red-hat-gcc-problems-support-center
  will we not give any hints. Rumours about any fusion on the latter topic
  can not be confirmed or denied at this point. ]

|=[ 0x07 ]=--------------------------------------------------------------=|

[ someone with a 'new' and 'unbreakable' crytpo idea of his own ]

[ blah blah ] ...didn't know Applied Cryptography, thanks for the link.
[ blah blah ] ...one time pad are maybe not very usefull but they are for
hackers ...[ blah blah ]. When a friend of mine rooted NASA i used one-time
pads to tell my other friends [ blah blah blah ].

[ So what's your general recommendation then? That we should banish
  blowfish and use one-time-pad's because they are..err..better when
  we want to tell our...err..friends that we ..err..hacked NASA? hu? ]

|=[ 0x08 ]=--------------------------------------------------------------=|

From: "Bowman, Michael" <Michael.Bowman@ed.gov>


    [ Dear Government Of Education, you failed to subscribe where your
      our schoolars already succeeded. Please ask your classmate if you
      have any further problems. We are awaiting your second trial until
      next monday or we are urget to inform the director about your lack
      of success. ]

|=[ 0x09 ]=--------------------------------------------------------------=|

[ from web comments to phrack 3-9, 2002-11-07
FromL laipie@ms14.url.com.tw

I want to download some material from your website.

    [ Our links are protected by some kind of intelligent checker. You
      have to press ALT-Q while clicking on the link (quickly!). ]

|=[ 0x0a ]=--------------------------------------------------------------=|

From: "Dustin Smith" <dustinsmith01@hotmail.com>
Subject: The unfortunate life...

Well you may know me as the "script kiddy" but lately i ma having 
illusions of Grandure and am aspiring to be...I dont dare say it
cuz I am stillso far off but yet so close.  So a subsription to your Holy 
grail will be just peaches...In all humbleness of the greatness
that is possed by few I bid you adue...

    [ THIS IS NOT MADE UP! We really get these kind of emails! ]

Broadband? Dial-up? Get reliable MSN Internet Access. 

    [ Get a brain first! ]

|=[ 0x0b ]=--------------------------------------------------------------=|

From: "Princess Of Darkness" <broken_flowers@hotmail.com>
Subject: symantec

uhh... hello.


My name's Rosie. hi.  I really actually know very little to nothing about 
hacking..  and it'd like to know more.  I know links, websites, etc. etc.  

    [ That's a beginning!
      Lesson2: "How do I read the website".
      Lesson3: "How do I understand the website"
      Lesson4: "How do I utilize the website"
      Lesson5: "How do I hire for a lawyer"
      Lesson6: "How do I escape the feds" ]

but when you can't even write html it makes things a little difficult.  God 
I feel so retarded. don't laugh. I'm a lam0r, i know.

    [ The real reason why phrack comes as .txt is because noone knows
      this < > -thingie either. ]

anyway, thanks a lot for like.. reading this...

    [ thanks a lot for like.. writing this... ]

and uh..  don't find out where i live..  cos that's.. scary..  O.o;;


|=[ 0x0c ]=--------------------------------------------------------------=|

From: anthony charles <bemoeasy@yahoo.com>

Dear editor,

i was directed by somebody i met online that i should
contact your mag about being a hacker.I'm resident in
Nigeria,West Africa. i would be very grateful if you
can assist me because it has been my dream to be a

The users in the hackers lounge in yahoo chat are too
fast for me. i need to learn the rudiments of becoming
a hacker.Every start's somewhere...this is where i
start if you would honor me by imparting knwledge to
an eager student.

Awaiting your reply.
yours sincerely
Anthony Charles

    [ no comment ]

|=[ EOF ]=---------------------------------------------------------------=|

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