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Current issue : #58 | Release date : 2001-12-28 | Editor : Phrack Staff
IntroductionPhrack Staff
Phrack LoopbackPhrack Staff
Phrack SignalnoisePhrack Staff
Advanced return-into-lib(c) exploits (PaX case study)nergal
Runtime binary encryptionscut & grugq
Advances in kernel hackingpalmers
Linux on-the-fly kernel patching without LKMdevik & sd
Linux x86 kernel function hooking emulationmayhem
RPC without bordersstealth
Developing StrongARM/Linux shellcodefunkysh
HP-UX (PA-RISC 1.1) OverflowsZhodiac
The Security of Vita Vuova's Inferno OSdalai
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Phrack magazine extraction utilityPhrack Staff
Title : Phrack Loopback
Author : Phrack Staff
                             ==Phrack Inc.==

               Volume 0x0b, Issue 0x3a, Phile #0x02 of 0x0e

|=------------------------=[ L O O P B A C K ]=--------------------------=|
|=--------------------------=[ phrackstaff ]=----------------------------=|

  Our mailboxes were flooded by replies....99% of them should have gone to
/dev/null - 1% of these 99% are published below. Let's start with some logs
of hack attempts we experienced on our own server and from logs sent to us
by other readers (sorted in descending order, most stupid hacker first...).

* PHRACK58/#phrack will not be released until the 29th, sorry everyone!
<#phrack:zknown_> are you serious?
<#phrack:PHRACK58> You'll have to wait for me to retype everything from
                   the hardcopy edition.
<#phrack:PHRACK58> someone, release phrack now...
<#phrack:tknown> who releases phrack
<#phrack:PHRACK58> we'd like to gather a crowd to witness that historic
-:- PHRACK58 was kicked off #phrack by rknown (please work out your issues)

  [ From time to time people pretend or try to impersonate 'phrack'
    and spread false informations :> Phrack will be released on schedule..]

|=[ 0x00 ]=--------------------------------------------------------------=|

<timelog, some phrackstaff host>
[08:34] - Just another scan from a.b.c.d (nothing unusual, our host is the
          first choice and a 'must-scan' for every script kiddie).
[08:38] - next scan...again from ip a.b.c.d, same port range (doh!).
[08:41] - AGAIN!...(same src ip, same port range, ...man nmap ?).
[09:07] - "last message repeated 5 times"
[09:08] - boredom took over and someone decided to take a closer look at
          the host and the kid who needs some training lessons in nmap...
staff@phrack.org $ telnet a.b.c.d 1524
Connected to a.b.c.d.
Escape character is '^]'.

                     Backdoor Server

                            FUCK OFF!!
                          By : krunch

Backdoor Authorized Code: you_are_an_idiot
Screw you dude !!!

|=[ 0x01 ]=--------------------------------------------------------------=|

  [ found on some .edu host - shared by students and teachers ]

haxor #1 (/root/.bash_history):

  find /users/teach -name test
  find /users/teach -name exam

haxor #2 (/.sh_history, already root...)

  pico /etc/passwd
  whereis pico
  vi /etc/passwd
  cat /etc/passwd
  vi /etc/passwd
  passwd dre
  whereis adduser
  vi /etc/shadow
  su dre

haxor #3

  cd exams
  cd /var/adm
  rm -Rf lastlog messages utmp utmpx wtmp wtmpx

haxor #4

  telnet localhost 60606
  cd /var/adm
  rm messages utmp utmpx wtmp wtmpx lastlog -Rf

haxor #6:
  cd /var/log
  grep <evil haxor ip> *
  cd ..
  find /var | grep <evil haxor ip>
  cd adm
  rm messages wtmp -Rf

haxor #7:
  mv in.telonetd sh
  ./sh example.conf
  mv in.telnetd sh
  ./sh example.conf

|=[ 0x02 ]=--------------------------------------------------------------=|
  [ ..while grep'ing through the filtered mails from phrackstaff@phrack.org
    we found someone flirting with our mailman-mailinglist-manager... ]

From: Per1805@aol.com
Subject: Re: Your message to phrackstaff awaits moderator approval

thank u   very  much

  [ np ]

|=[ 0x03 ]=--------------------------------------------------------------=|

From: blitz <blitz@macronet.net>

Good to read a fresh Phrack. I go back quite a way (he says as he scratches
his grey beard) with you guyz. Best of luck to the new staph...er staff,
keep on kickin ass.

  [ ...fresher than an androids ass, spicier than uncle joey's
    pizza, hotter than a smoking FBI gun...GO GET PHRACK58 !%$!#$^... ]

|=[ 0x04 ]=--------------------------------------------------------------=|

From: Poisonoak55@aol.com
Date: Sat, 1 Dec 2001 17:36:57 EST
Subject: ????????????
To: webmaster@phrack.org

What is this all about?

  [ It's about sex drugs and rock'n'roll, pure violence and brutal
    rapings. It's about building bombs, penetrating military protected
    buildings and taking over the world. The same thing we do every
    night pinkey. ]

|=[ 0x05 ]=--------------------------------------------------------------=|

  [ comments by an anonymous user on the webpage: ]

Umm..the loopback 0x16 and 0x0f are the same...

  [ ...and the Jedi Knight _again_ replied with a strong tongue:
   "They are not!" ...and _again_ swang his hand from the left to
   the right with a slight hope to bluff the audience a second time... ]

|=[ 0x06 ]=--------------------------------------------------------------=|

  From: "Vergoz Michael" <descript@subk.org>
  a test image for phrack for futur and current paper

  [ yeah! Mr. super kewlio you are. And by the way: the name of the
    magazine is 'PHRACK' not 'PHREAK' - fix the grfx |@$#@#$^%!$%... ]

|=[ 0x07 ]=--------------------------------------------------------------=|

From: Delta-Master <Falinra@yahoo.com>
Subject: [phrackstaff] Any old school?

Just curious if this is run by newbies, or if there are any old-school
people who might remember Delta-Master.  

  [ ...some are new, others contributed to earlier phrack issues
    and the rest leeched their first phrack over a 1200baud line... ]

Any contact info for Bill from RNOC or any other LOD/H people still around?
What ever happened to Craig&Randy?  Makes me want to have a giant
"Where are they now" list.


|=[ 0x08 ]=--------------------------------------------------------------=|

From: jennifer hansen <littlemisspatriot@yahoo.com>
To: jericho@attrition.org, dover@dis.org, emmanuel@2600.com,
  cmeinel@techbroker.com, veggie@cultdeadcow.com, loopback@phrack.org,

I got your email addresses from "The Notorious B.O.O.G.". 

  [ Yeah babe, he is a very close friend of all of us! ]

I've been stuck in the past few days with
what an effective strategic & tactical position the
hacker community inhabits in war time.

  [ Woah. Here we go. Uncle Sam unlock your weapon, target your enemy
    and wait for further instructions. Side by side 
    littlemisspartrior@yahoo.com we will fight for the right until a
    silver bullet hits the eye and lets us die. ]

The following is an email that I sent to "The
Notorious B.O.O.G." and that he posted (with his
response) on www.guerrillanews.org on 9.19.2001.

  [ Y0. I've got some 30,000 warriors gathering at Norad. Let's unite
    your Mao Tse Tung guerilla's with my troops and prepare a full blown
    first strike nuclear offense against..whatever...who cares. BOOM BOOM. ]

I am engaged in independant research of terrorist
organizations.  I would love to discuss these ideas
further with you if you have interest.

  [ RIGHT ON! y0 mrs.LittleMissPatriot, we already have all this stuff
    about building bombs and blowing away things in phrack1..7. I can
    forward you some never published articles about how to build
    nuclear warheads and biochemical warfare! ]

|=[ 0x09 ]=--------------------------------------------------------------=|

From: Phosgene  <phosgene@setec.org>

United Future Underground
By Iconoclast

This is the long distance call,
Telephoning one and all,
Hackers and Phreakers Unite!
Organize and join the fight!

To those who play with phones,
And those who record the tones,
To those who hack the code,
And those who change the mode,
To those who scan the waves,
And those who encrypt their saves,
To those who build with chips,
And those who program MIPS.

Each passing day brings new laws
Perceived crimes without a cause,
Your freedoms and liberties
Are outlawed this day you see,
Fear, uncertainty and doubt
Feed Big Brother's deadly route.

Will they demand your crypto key?
Stand up and save your liberty!
Will they take your frequencies?
Or sell them at the highest fee?

Will they impose a modem tax,
And crank it up high to the max?
Will they tap your telephone line?
Since the FBI thinks its fine!

Illegal information?
Surveillance of a nation!
Censorship of silent truth?
We have the encrypted proof!

Its long past time we undertook
Steps to prove we're not evil crooks.
Educate the public today
On the path of the true hacker way.

  [ ... ]

|=[ 0x0a ]=---------------------------------------------------------------=|

From: "Shai Hulud"

is there a way I can get an issue of phrack sent to me, I'll mail for
shipping or whatever, just give me an address or something for me to send
the money.
Thanks for your time

  [ You think you can miss HAL? think you can miss the release party?
    think you can kiss a little bit of the phrackstaff's shiny metal ass 
    and beg for a hardcover? NO FUCKING WAY! ]

i like photo sex


|=[ 0x0b ]=---------------------------------------------------------------=|

From: Junk-B.-FF@ifrance.com

You may think I'm just a pseudo anarchist, a "fight club" fan, but
it's true : one day or the other, we'll all end up as slaves of larges

  [ NO! You are serious, and only serious people make it into Loopback. ]

You are all making effort to avoid this. thank You.

  [ Our secret mission is to form phrack & Co. to control the slavery. ]

We need to go further, and this is the point of this mail :
we need to transpose hacking to the offline world:


we need to get falsified medical prescription and put Valium in coffee
machines. We need to spread false rumours harming corporations, like there
is arsenic in procter & gamble soap, things like that, u see?

  [ http://www.phrack.org/howto - we do not publish information which
    is already known to the public. ]

we need to glue the locks of offices, police stations, luxuous cars, maybe
even schools!

  [ maybe your ass ? or maybe you should stop sniffing glue ? ]

nothing is static, everything is falling apart.
Thanks. (and sorry...I think I've wrote crap, but you got the idea....)

|=[ 0x0c ]=---------------------------------------------------------------=|

From: Kubas Mail <kuba9999@yahoo.com>

  [ ...nonsense here...]


unsolicted mail is against federal law.

  [ You've just been charged by Phrack Inc. with 100$ for unsolicted mail. ]

|=[ 0x0d ]=---------------------------------------------------------------=|

From: "Bandler, James" <James.Bandler@wsj.com>

greetings, i'm a reporter with the wall street journal looking for a primer
on cable tv signal scrambling.

  [ greetings, i'm the editor in chief of the phrack street journal. ]

I'm trying to find a Carl Corey, or perhaps, other experts on the subject.

  [ WHAAAAAAAAAT? I'm not directory assistance.  How long have you been at 
  WSJ? You should know it's a big 'no no' to ask stupid questions for 
  answers that can be found at http://www.yellowpages.com. ].

James Bandler
Phone: 617-654-6864

  [ dont call us, we'll call you. ]

|=[ 0x0e ]=---------------------------------------------------------------=|

im so happy that you have the website up again i love the nostalgia

  [ we're so happy we were able to do it ]
and plus phrack 57 is quite new

  [ are you going to say previous volumes weren't?! ]

|=[ 0x0f ]=---------------------------------------------------------------=|

sorry for soo lamer question ....
i am very newbie ....

i am interested in phreaking ....
and i heard on irc , you have new magazine ...

   [ Yeah! we have *new* magazine ]

but i read something ...
and i dont understand anything ....

   [ i bet you don't feel so good with this
     i can remember how i felt when i didn't understand
     what i read on some chinese box                    ]

where can i start ??

   [ you can start everywhere ]

... i dont wanna old things (red boxing is no more usefull in my country :)

   [ WHAT?! it is not?! DAMN! ]

.. can you help me ??

   [ i will try my the best ]

maybee some links ??

   [ www.google.com ]

and please ... dont give my mail in some loopback :)

   [ OK.. hmmm Wait! Why not??? ]

see ya, peter

|=[ 0x10 ]=---------------------------------------------------------------=|

From: Socrates <socrates@lorettotel.net>
X-Mailer: Microsoft Outlook Express 5.50.4522.1200

This message is to all members of the Legion Of Doom (professional):

  [ phrack != LOD (we already had this topic during operation sundevil
    11 years ago) ]

I would like to know how i can become a member of the LOD.Please post

  [ Try to fill out the red application form, take an envelope and send it
    to the LOD HQ. If you are a lucky guy someone will reply to you.
    Otherwise, someone will come and punch your head against the wall for
    being the most stupid human on planet phrack^H^H^H^H^H^Hworld. ]

the information,so i can become a member.I'm a professional Hacker and
my expertise is also in making homemade Fireworks and


|=[ EOF ]=---------------------------------------------------------------=|

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