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Current issue : #55 | Release date : 1999-09-09 | Editor : route
IntroductionPhrack Staff
Phrack LoopbackPhrack Staff
Phrack Line Noisevarious
Phrack Tribute to W. Richard StevensPhrack Staff
A Real NT RootkitGreg Hoglund
The Libnet Reference Manualroute
PERL CGI Problemsrfp
Frame Pointer Overwritingklog
Distributed Information Gatheringhybrid
Building Bastion Routers with IOSVariable K & Brett
Stego HashoConehead
Building Into The Linux Network Layerlifeline & kossak
The Black Book of AFSnicnoc
A Global Positioning System Primere5
Win32 Buffer Overflows...dark spyrit
Distributed Metastasis...Andrew J. Stewart
H.323 Firewall Security IssuesDan Moniz
Phrack World Newsdisorder
Phrack Magazine Extraction UtilityPhrack Staff
Title : Phrack Loopback
Author : Phrack Staff
-------[  Phrack Magazine --- Vol. 9 | Issue 55 --- 09.09.99 --- 02 of 19  ]

-------------------------[  P H R A C K     5 5     L O O P B A C K  ]

--------[  Phrack Staff  ]

Phrack Loopback is your chance to write to the Phrack staff with your
comments, questions, or whatever.  The responses are generally written by
the editor, except where noted.  The actual letters are perhaps edited
for format, but generally not for grammar and/or spelling.  We try not to
correct the vernacular, as it often adds a colorful perspective to the
letter in question.

Thanks to kamee and loadammo for their help.


route, you suck--all you phrack people do.

    [ Extra double dumb-ass on us! ]

you would think 8 months is enough time to put out phrack 55, but NO.

    [ You *would* think so, wouldn't you?  I *knew* I should have quit my
      job.  Well, I'm certain you spent the downtime working on your
      world-renown top-notch freely distributed highly-technical ezine
      right?  How many issues did you pump out?  2?  3?  Where can we get
      it? ]

You say it will be out on August 31, now it is September 9?

    [ 09.09.99 is so much more of an elite date than 08.31.99.  In fact,
      09.09.99 is the most elite date of our lifetime. ]


    [ Is uh..  Is that a proposition?  Are you looking for some action or
      something? ]

- grez@vulgar.net

    [ Thanks man!  Now everyone knows where to send the love! ]


I'm a San Francisco criminal defense attorney, and, because I believe curiosity
should not be a crime and information wants to be free, I hereby volunteer my
legal services to Phrack readers.  For a free legal consultation, contact me,
Omar Figueroa, Esq. at omar@alumni.stanford.org or (415) 986-5591.

    [ Very cool.  I'm sure many readers if nothing else will at least have
      questions regarding the law and how it impacts their rarified
      profession...  Keep in mind Omar that many 'hacker'-types requiring
      legal services are prone to idiocy and therefore not likely to have
      money.  Hope you're up for some good ole-fashioned pro bono work! ]


Hey, glad to see your site back up, I was beginning to wonder what

    [ Alhambra tripped over the power cord.  We didn't notice for a few
      months.  Our bad. ]

While you were down, an item came up on my Zen calendar that I thought
you might enjoy:

    [ The `Zen Calander`?   Does it have pictures of Shakyamuni Buddha in
      a bikini? ]

"The shell must be cracked apart if what is in it is to come out, for
if you want the kernel you must break the shell.  And therefore, if
you want to discover nature's nakedness, you must destroy its symbols,
and the farther you get in, the nearer you come to its essence.  When
you come to the One that gathers all things up into itself, there your
soul must stay."  -Meister Eckhart


    [ Man that's just great.  I'm going to go dunk my head in a pot of
      boiling water now.  Be right back... ]

Anyway, Phrack is a *great* mag, keep up the good work.

    [ Agreed.  Thanks. ]

- ped xing


I don't have a computer yet because I don't know to much about it??

    [ Are you asking me or telling me?  And if you're sans computer, how
      the hell are you writing me this email?   OMG!  Are we communicating
      through your mind?!?@!  Are you using the /shining/?  Ok.  You can
      use yer shining to call me when you need my help...  But don't be
      reading my mind between 4 and 5.  That's _route's_ time.  STAY OUT! ]

but the basic things but i been trying to get to some underground site
which willput me in the write direction,into hacking...

    [ I'm suggesting you spend that computer money on some at-home ESL
      classes. ]

in your site is off the hook,it has infor that i can use thanx

    [ Yes, when I'm watching a movie or I don't want to be bothered, I
      take www.phrack.com off the hook. ]

I  know i may not be answered back but can you send me some site that may
help me into starting my long journey of hacking 

    [ http://owl.english.purdue.edu/esl/ESL-student.html ]

...thank you...in my email is weeddreams@yahoo.com


I am a wannabe hacker.

    [ I'm a wannabe rockstar.  Wanna hang out? ]

I have access to all the equipment. modems, routers, even my own pbx.

    [ Well that's a start!  I suggest the next step should be actually 
      getting a computer of some sort so all that networking hardware
      doesn't go to waste! ]

Where will i find material describing typical methods to test the systems
for security. (TCP- SYN attack, ip-spoofing)

    [ Phrack Magazine, issues 48 - 53. ]

I am especially interested in DOS attacks.

    [ And why not?  You seem like a highly intelligent guy.  I'll give you
      a heads up on a particularly nasty one (as yet unreleased) certain to
      take down even the most resilient hosts: Send the following 4 packets to
      the target host:
            1 - TCP SYN|RST with ISN == (2^32 - 0x12A3) to a LISTENing port
            2 - TCP ACK with SEQ_ACK == (0x12A4) to same port
            3 - ICMP_PORT_UNREACH (IP header inside is irrelevant)
            4 - UDP to same port
      Next, quickly douse your computer in lighter fluid, and set it on fire.
      Wait a few minutes, then try and reach that host.  You'll find that you
      can't.  Thank me later. ]

Any pointers will be appreciated.

    [ void *you = NULL; ]

- LordKrishna


I know quite a bit about computers and started learning to program (or trying
at least - I had trouble figuring out what the hell a variable  was) when
I was like seven.

    [ Yah, variables are tricky -- don't use them.  Stick to symbolic
      constants. ]

Now, I'm kinda' interested in hacking and phreaking, but I have seen many
files out there from the 80's and early 90's that probably have little or
no significance know.

    [ As useless as 1950's porn. ]

I have seen plans for blue boxes and red boxes everywhere, but I am assuming
that this does not work anymore, since as stupid as phone companies are often
depicted, I'm sure they have managed to fix these problems by now.

    [ I have seen plans for world domination everywhere, and not even those
      work.  Personally, I want my money back. ]

However, I'm sure that there's still lots to do as far as phreaking goes,
and definately hacking, because I hear about that all the time.

    [ I don't think anyone's ever hacked a tic-tac before.  You could
      start there! ]

Anyway, I was wondering if you or someone else you know would care to write a
file describing what works and doesn't in the modern world.  I love to read
Phrack, but a lot of the older issues are either over my head

    [ Me too!  I especially have problems with P25-05, P27-08, P28-06. 
      I don't understand the need for wild turkeys when hacking.  Maybe
      it was a fad 10 years ago. ]

or seem more or less irrelevant.  As you, and most other hackers/phreaks,
probably grew up when computers were still in earlier stages,

    [ Yep.  My first computer was a rock and some dirt. ]

you probably know a lot more about how they work than newer programmers.

    [ Oh hell yes!  Think of a computer as a tiny, super complex street
      hooker.  The more you put in..  Wait.  No.  That's not a good
      analogy...   Um...  A computer is like a piece of paper.  Er.  No.
      Um.  I really have no idea how they work. ]

I can tell this just by reading this ASM book I got.  I had no idea what
kinda' stuff happened with the actual hardware and its fun to learn.

    [ Hrm.  Do you think maybe we could get together one night and
      you could read to me?  Softly? ]

Basically, I just want a modern beginner's guide so I can go out and get my
feet wet.

    [ Well jump right in!  The idiot pool has plenty of space and I'm
      told the new spa has a diving board. ]   

Most of the literature I have seen on phreaking/basic hacking is really old,
so if you know of anything modern I could look at, or would like to write
something yourself, I'd appreciate this quite a bit.

    [ Have you tried searching for "hack +modern" on altavista? ]

Thanks a lot, man.

- Cyber Guy

    [ Great handle man! ]


hia chief

    [ Heya dorko. ]

my nick is spider

    [ How creative.  Chalk has more flavor. ]

i'm a future hacker to be for now i need info about a free server

    [ That's nice.  I need info on how to make girls like me.  I think we
      can probably help each other. ]

- spider.

    [ Great handle man! ]


phreaks, i have recently discovered your site.

    [ Congratulations.  I've recently discovered how to love. ]

i must say i was impressed by the contents.

    [ Well thank you very much!  Sounds good so far... ]

i live in japan, the drug trade here is good but very expensive.

    [ Hrm.  Have you tried switching to generics?  I know acetylsalicylic
      acid is sold in many generic forms. ]

so i import cid and x from the states...one problem....they have a police 

    [ Japan has to import Caller ID? ]

dog to sniff every item before it is mailed. i have found a way to by pass
this. first get a new unopened peanut butter jar....take the seal off very

    [ Hrm.  Skippy or Jiff?  Glass Jar or Plastic?  Crunchy or smooth?
      And how big?  What about peanut butter cookies?  Will they work?
      Please people...  Before you send in some half-cocked scheme, take
      2 minutes and do some research. ]

carefully dont rip it....scoop out a good amout of pb from the center..
carfully place "the stuff" inside a plastic bag and place into the jar...
recover with the pb.....

    [ What do I do with the extra peanut butter?  Can I use it to make a
      samich?  Or should I hold on to it for safe keeping? ]

place the seal back ontop and iron on....this gives back its unopened
look...next place lid back on top and your ready to be inspected.

- Sloshkin

    [ Well nice going Sloshkin!  You've managed to ruined this completely
      lame drug trafficking technique for moronic drug smugglers!  All FBI
      agents please contact your DEA pals!  Tell them to be on the lookout
      for peanut butter. ]

Due to the slow net,I have diffculty to download your excellent articles.
    [ Yep.  It's all the porn trafficking going on. ] 

Can you do me the favor to send it to me by email?

    [ Not a problem, expect them in 6 - 8 weeks. ]

I will not do harm to anyone,I swear.

    [ Better not.  Phrack is equipped with explosive dye packs.  If you
      do something illicit they will explode all over your hands and face
      and the authorities will be alerted. ]


I sing and play guitair in a fairly unique punk band called "The gods
Hate Kansas".

    [ Really?  That's coincidental because I hate Kansas. ]

Our lyrics and beleifs tend to revolve around corporate and governmental

    [ Excellent idea.  Let's collapse our economy and destroy the
      government.  Better yet, let's beat terrorist extremists (like
      Osama Bin Ladin) to the punch and blow ourselves up.  Do you have
      any idea how much they hate Americans?  Oh wait, they're just
      `Wag The Dog` inventions, right? ]

Right now, we're gearing up to record in June.  The new CD will only be
about 5 songs so we decided to make it a "multi-media" CD and include a
couple videos, our website, and some misc. files on lockping, redboxing,
and hacking.

    [ Those free AOL CDs sound better.  Must miss! ]

I was wondering if you might have anything that you might specificly want
to contribute to this effort.

    [ Just my unending sarcasm.  Oh, BTW I was being sarcastic. ]

The punk scene is a wonderfull breeding ground of discontent and has a lot
of paralels to hacker culture

    [ Hackers are discontent?  Hrm.  Larry Wall seems pretty happy.  And I
      don't think he likes punk. ]

and this CD has the potential to reach a lot of people..

    [ Like all the 15 year old disgruntled suburban kids in Kansas who think
      they `have it rough at home` and `no one understands their shit` so 
      they get their noses pierced along with lame haircuts and hang out
      at seedy hardcore clubs! ]

- Rion   



    [ How preciously retarded! ]

I found my schools dial-up and I want you guys to try and hack it if you can.
ITS: xxx-7035 St. Francis Jr. High.  Fuck it up as much as possible please!

    [ Dude, somehow I don't think it would right for us to hack into a
      `special` education school.  I think you should just get back to your
      room, back into your restraints, and back on the meds. ]

They have an entire network of macs and ibm's.

    [ All hooked up to machines to keep you guys from drooling. ]


Sup, I am interested in hacking. I do not know much about how to hack and
want to learn more. I want to try and get a password from a certain somebody to
read their mail.

    [ Well, genius, TRY ASKING. ]

I opened up an account at wowmail to check it out.  I found out that once
you are in your own account that if u view source...it actually shows you
your password!


So...is there a way to write a program where when a user tries to open
their mail...somehow u can view source and send it back to your e-mail
account without the user ever finding out?

    [ Jesus, let her go man and mind that restraining order. ]

Or is there another way u could tell me how I could obtain the password
and how to go about it?

    [ Spy for love.  Pattern yourself after the Stasi Super-Romeo Roland G.
      He won the affections of a lovely young woman named Margarete, an
      interpreter at NATO's SHAPE (Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe).
      She divulged all kinds of secrets regarding Allied military manuvers
      and whatnot. ]



Just wondering if i can be a part of Phrack.com ?

    [ Short answer: No.  Long answer:  Hell no. ]

Personal Information
Handle:       Action Man
Call me:      Steve
Past Handle:  Virtual Son, Renegade

    [ Oooh!  Lorenzo Lamas reads Phrack!  I am torn between killing myself with
      a shovel or with the garbage disposal. ]

Handle Origin:  You know when some phat name that pops into your head
                when you need a handle....well there you go./ "Action Man"
                from the movie "MasterMinds"

    [ Master?  Man head?  Action?  "Handle"?  That's just too many homo-erotic
      masturbation-related words to be a conincidence.   Less jerking, more
      schoolin' I say. ]

Height:  5'8"   
Weight:  175lbs

    [ Whoa.  A bit heavy aren't we?  You know it's never *too* early to NOT
      eat bear claws 2 at a time. ]

Eyes:  Brown  
Hair:  Brown  
Computers:  IBM/Pentium TE(Technology Edge)

When i was in the 5-6th grade i had an interest in computers and how they

    [ Hey great.  Let try and find a homeless person that cares. ]

So my first comp was a ibm aptiva.

    [ My first comp was a room upgrade in Vegas. ]

Not very fast but enough to get me through the day.

    [ Man, it usually takes me 3 or 4 ketel-1/tonics to get through the day. ]

I started to have the interest in hacking/phreaking when i was about in
the 7th so that the computer stuff came easy to me..

    [ c:\dos> vol

       Volume in drive C is DOS
       Volume Serial Number is 12A1-1C20

      c:\dos> label
      Volume in drive C is DOS
      Volume Serial Number is 12A1-1C20
      Volume label (11 characters, ENTER for none)? 3L1T3H4CK3R

      c:\dos> vol

       Volume in drive C is 3L1T3H4CK3R
       Volume Serial Number is 12A1-1C20

      c:\dos> damn i rool
      Bad command or file name

         Keep the faith buddy... ]

at this point in time i am still crawling through the maze of hacking..

    [ Me too!  Well, kinda.  I'm at the bottom of a vodka bottle.  Same
      difference though. ]

reading books...looking through the articles at your site and spending
endless nights on the comp throwing commands at computers i get in to and
dont know what i am in for.

    [ c:\dos> root
      Bad command or file name

      c:\dos> give actionman root
      Bad command or file name

      c:\dos> password root actionman
      Bad command or file name

      Bad command or file name

      c:\dos> whyamisolameohgodpleasesomeonekillme
      Bad command or file name

      c:\dos> ohgodimafourstarloser
      Bad command or file name ]

So far in my boring ass town from where i dwell.

    [ Huh? ]

Noone around here does what us Elite personnel do and it bothers me.

    [ By `us` I am going to assume you mean anyone but myself and Phrack staff.
      Actually, I am going to demand it. ]

It bothers me that i cant hang with someone.

    [ Maybe you should try to make some friends Action Man!  Your life can't
      be all hacking and saving the world and riding around on a Harley! ]

I have to do it the hard way and that way is alone.

    [ Get use to it. ]

Hopefully you can recrute me into the world of Phrack.com

    [ I think it's time for an intervention.  Get yourself a sponsor. ]

Thank you
- Action Man 


I Started my search today for revenge.

    [ Did you look under the bed?  Whenever I'm trying to find something,
      like the T.V. remote, it's usually under the bed. ]

My goal to learn to hack or talk a bored halker into helping me hack my
ex's computer.

    [ Check out action man, I hear he's pretty damned good. ]

After reviewing sites that you have made of 'how to hack' I see that what
you do isn't as easy as one might first mistaken.

    [ It takes many many many hours to get this good.  I'm talking dozens. ]

As far as my goal I now see it wouldn't do any good or accomplish shit. So
thanx for making all this info available to a peon such as myself.

- Z-taj

    [ Wow, that was easy.  I wish everyone gave up that quickly. ]


How to make a Drano Bomb
by the Fellow Felon
WARNING!!!!!!:  This Article is Intended for Educational Use Only!!


The Unabomber Staff is NOT responsible for any misuse of this information!!

    [ Cretin.  How do you misuse bomb creation plans?  Isn't the intention
      to blow something up? ]

Setting these off within city limits is a crime and you Probably will get  

    [ Not to mention the idiocy factor. ]

Enough of that.

A Drano Bomb is a simple way to scare the hell out of anyone.
It sounds like a Shotgun Blast.

    [ How about a real shotgun?  When fired, it sounds more like a shotgun
      blast and will scare more people. ]

First however, you must obtain some aluminum foil, 

    [ Foil, as we all know, can be tricky to track down.  I've found that it
      usually runs in herds, and on a hot day foil herds tend to gather near
      lakes or rivers.  One well placed head shot will bring your foil down.
      Course, then you gotta clean it...  If you can't obtain this foil,
      do the next best thing and use your mom's best china. ]

"The Works"-a toilet bowl cleaner, and a 20 ounce Pop bottle.  You can
use any toilet bowl cleaner as long as it says somewhere on ther bottle,

    [ Ok.  Enough of this crap.  Had I left this entire letter in, some
      retard would probably blow his dick off and somehow, I'd be liable. ]


hey, u got some real nice info here.

    [ Hey man I've got some real nice *everything* here.  Take only pictures, 
      leave only footprints. ]

i used a few of the ideas for revenge and thanks alot for posting it.

    [ People like you make people like me want to own guns.  Well, _more_
      guns...  more ammunition anyway... ]

it really sucks that the punk ass govt. wants to take all this shit off the

    [ The `punk ass` government rounds people like you up by the truckload
      and sticks them in pens to barter with the aliens who frequent our
      planet.  "Ok, how many do you want this time to NOT enslave our entire
      race...?"  Just remember to lift at the knees. ]

u know it all stems from fear that the public will finally rise up and take

    [ Or that retards like you will try to build a draino bomb and blow off
      his dick.  I say go for it. ]

anyway, i'd really appreciate it if u come across anything having to do
with phuckin up cars or things that go "kaboom" let me send them my way.


hey, don't send the files here please.  i phucked up on the address.
send it master23@collegeclub.com.  thanks.  the other site is open to a
few other people.  it would be best for me if they didn't see it.

    [ DON'T BE A PUPPET TO THE MAN!  Stand up for yourself! ]

- master23

    [ Hey, any relation to master22?  He was in my shop class. ]


Hi there !
I read, that you are good informated in hacking stuff, IP's...

    [ I know a thing or two about a thing or two. ]

My question is:
I made a bet with a friend, that I'll hack to his computer.

    [ A rousing game of cat and mouse! You rogue! ]

But there fore I need his IP.

    [ What do you mean my horse is out of gas? ]

I have already tried much things but all did fail, do you  
know a procedure to get his IP, he has got while he is online without     
NetBus or IRC ? I thought of finding out his DNS, or are there other ways 
to reach my aim ?

CU & olease write back !

- Kerstin

    [ Kerstin..  That's a cute name.  Hrm..  I bet you're cute.  In fact,
      I think we might have a lot in common...  Although..  Hrm..  Now that I
      think about it, your spelling and broken English are just queer enough
      that you're probably from a country where Kerstin is a guy's name...
      In which case, I'm going to have to ask you to leave. ] 





    [ Don't tell anyone, but I heard it was television and radio.  And
      the rap music. ]


    [ I'm willing to bet that you're one of those people who gets dismissed in
      shame because that "ability to differentiate fantasy from reality" part
      of your brain doesn't work quite right. ]


    [ Well then!  Even though you're an asshole, apparently your friends
      aren't. ]


    [ You're talking about proof reading your email before sending it, right?
      Or maybe your broken caps lock key? ]

I AM SICK AT MY STOMACH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    [ Let's say this Twinkie represents the normal amount of psychokinetic
      energy in the New York area.  According to this morning's PKE sample,
      the current level in the city would be a Twinkie 35 feet long weighing
      approximately six hundred pounds.  That's a big Twinkie. ]

REASON. JUST SICK...........

    [ I think you have the wrong number.  What number were you trying to
      dial? ]

- Tracy.


Please help me.
I tested neptune program in linux kernel 1.2.8.
Target host's OS is Redhat 5.2.
But!! TCP SYN flooding cannot!!
Unreachable host address was
Target port was 23
SYN number was 100 ~ 10000000000.
After runningBut!! Connection established!!

    [ Yoda needs to lay off the DOS attacks. ]


i need help hacking into the university of texas' system.  any information at
all would be helpful.  i need to change my grades before the report cards
come out.  thanks.

- christina

i really need some help changing my grades.  i got ot the university of texas
at austin.  if i fail i'll get kicked out of ut and my house.  any information
would be very very helpful!  thanks.

    [ Did you just stutter or was that a double-dose of stupidity? ]

- christina 

    [ Hrm...  Well muh dear, let's talk trade.  Why don't you come on over
      Friday night, at say, 9ish?  I'm sure we'll be able to work something
      out...  And if you DO end up getting kicked out of your house...  You
      can always stay at the Phrack Compound.. ]


I am looking for a very simple and easy to follow recipe for the synthesis
of amphetamine.... Anytype.....  As long as it is relatively easy to
follow..... Many thanx in advance

    [ Ah yes.  The lame legacy of Phrack past.  Drug creation.  Whoo.  Dude.
      Get a fucking job and move out of your parent's basement before you
      blow it up with your ghetto drug lab attempt. ]

- Blonk  


I was wondering if you would be able to place more articles about
Australia. I am Aussie and would like to learn more about the systems in
place over here.

    [ HEY!  DO YOU KNOW STEVE IRWIN?  I heard once he got eaten by a crocodile
      and then, 2 weeks later, he climbed out of the croc's mouth and conked 
      him on the head and then took him to a wildlife preserve! ]

Thanks for your time,
- King Kon


Editor's of Phrack..
Hey, I was wondering if you would publish a lil information on my BBS..

    [ YOU GOT IT LAD!  Hey, if I telnet over there, is there a pot of
      gold waitin' for me? ]

I've been running my BBS since 10/30/99 without Too many users and with only
a few daily callers..  and I'm looking for a way to get my BBS out in the   
public, as well as the underground public..  I read Phrack, and know that   
Alot of other ppl do as well.  So I thought I would ask.  Anyhow I need to  
run, if your intrested in helping me out, contact me at this Email address  
or you can telnet to my BBS.

The Leprechauns Lair BBS    

Telnet: tllbbs.dyns.cx  port23/ANSI
Dialin: (540) 636-6417  28.8, 1-N-8/ANSI

-Leprechaun Boy/SysOp of TLL BBS


selling cds to their owner:
part 1: record store

1: start by pealing off all stickers (including magnettic strip) from the most
expensive cds you can find. 

    [ Like `Yanni's Greatest Hits` and `The Carrot Top Collection vol. 11`? ]

1; the more cds the more money-
2; the bigger the record store the better.

    [ Note: _more_ money is good because money can be exchanged for goods
      and services.  Also note: shoes are good because they protect and
      cover your feet. ]

2: get a friend to get a bag from the store that you are scaming. have your
friend stand infront of you. pretend to look at cds wile sliping the ones in
the bag.
1; beware of all the cameras around you.
2; dont get cought.

    [ Note: getting "caught" would be bad because you would go to jail and
      not be able to 

3: go up to the counter and say- "my mom bought thease cds for my birthday
but I can't use them, can I get any refund for them?"

1; accept any half price and/or voucher offers-the less conversation,
the less they will know you the next time.

    [ Plus, since you don't know that many words, it helps to keep the
      jabber to a minimum. ]

2; this rarely happens but if you get caught, signal your friend to run up
and say "excuse me, don't accept those cds- I just saw some guy trick
him into returning those for him. I think that they were not paid for. if
anything you should bust that guy over there because HE'S the real criminal".

    [ Ah!  The old switch-aroo!  How elegant!  The only problem is that
      trick only works in cartoons and sketch comedy.  Your sources have
      betrayed you. ]

4: most times they will only give vouchers. sell the vouchers to someone in
the store who's buying cds. say- "excuse me, are you buying any cds?" not
all the time will they say yes to this text part-
"I have some vouchers that I can't use because I am going on vacation
are you willing to trade money for some of them?"

    [ Because you're going on vacation?  They're CD's, not milk dumbass. 
      They're not going to spoil. ]

now you have free money!!!

    [ With which to buy more cases of Pabst Blue Ribbon and more blocks
      upon which to put your car. ]

con: tricking the store to give you money for their cds.

    [ SO THAT'S YOUR GAME!  I suspected..  But you kept it so cleverly hidden
      up until now. ]

goodside: this con is untraceable!!! they notice that they are loosing
money. --they have not been robbed--they still have the same amount af

    [ Try telling that to judge. ]

cds--they think that they are gaining money by returning cds--you have got
nothing to loose!!!!!!!

    [ In your case, that might be true.  Rock bottom IS rock bottom. ]

badside: getting cought-this happens when you peeloff stickers and
slip the cds into the bag-if you don't get cought, then you will be

    [ It's "C-A-U-G-H-T" you cantankerously dimwitted Carolyn meinel-esque
      ...  uh..  Tool. ]

the earnings: I got $50.00 to $80.00 a day!!!

    [ Yes, but this money is income from the insurance settlement (never let
      your children drink bleach and ammonia and then jump up and down). ]

if you do it 2 or 3 times a day (or more) at different stores, you could
get $100.00 to $200.00 easily!!!

    [ Or you could get a real job. ]

- con-x


hi there!


Can you say to me what type of language have you used to make your counter

    [ Hrm.  I dunno.  My counters are all made out of little tiles. ]

Better, can you send to me this code for my experiements...

    [ Not really.  I have my computer hooked up to an abacus.  Don't ask.
      It's complicated. ]

Thanks for all

Hello, friends, I want to congratulate you and tell you gon on, your stuff
is the best.


I need some direccions of www where I can find information about phreaking
in spanish, so I can read it more easily.

    [ Well...  Let's see..  There's the Lambada, the forbidden dance...
      It's pretty freaky and scandalous..  Of course you can't go wrong
      with some Ricky Martin!  I hear the Latin women go bonkers for this
      guy!  Positively nutso freaky jiggy! ]

Thanks you very much, continue with your job!!




Storm# fake -s xxx.254.160.11 'echo /etc/inetd.conf >> 510 stream tcp
nowait root /bin/bash /bin/bash -i -s'
Starting the remote shell exploit ...

Storm# fake -s xxx.254.160.11 'echo killall -HUP inetd'
Starting the remote shell exploit ...

Storm# telnet xxx.254.160.11 510

    [ Hey.  Great.  Fake logs of someone not breaking into a false machine.


hey there in one of your first articles in issue 2 or 3 you mentioned blow
guns well i have a few improvements that can be used to make them more
durable/lethal.  such as easy to make poisons (numbing/sleeping/etc.) made
from everyday herbs (tried and true) farther range and ease of use.

    [ OOOOOk.   Rite.  Just where do you people come from?  Seriously.
      Are you bred in some underground laboratory, run _by_ retards, _for_
      retards? ]

them implication are easy to see such as annoying dogs being put to sleep etc 
etc... :-) write back if you want some directions

    [ `them implication`?  Ah, let me guess.  You're from the South, you
      never went to school because you were `educated` at home by your
      cousin-mother.  If the natural selection club doesn't weed you out
      first, I'm sure you'll do it on your own somehow. ]


I have been reading phrack for some time now and am completely pissed
off with the total lack of good hacking suggestions.

    [ This isn't a fucking craft store.  Don't expect us to assemble the thing
      just so you can paint it and say it's yours. ]

I have tried to implement a number of these ideas, and they just dont work
against my web site (http://www.XXX.govt.nz) even though it is on NT and is
protected with a minimal amount of security behind a borderware 5 firewall.

    [ "Hi.  I'm coyly trying to get a site targeted that isn't my own". ]

perhaps you can try and hack my web site and prove me wrong!

    [ Perhaps I can try and dig for oil in my backyard!  Not likely. ]

yours in frustration

    [ Mine in ambivalence. ]

- Brian A. Scott
Internet Security Consultant

    [ No you're not. ]


Alright, a device I thought up that I have never seen plans for online
(save my own shitty pages)  is called the airhorn grenade.  Basically,
all that it is is an ordinary airhorn with some tape over the trigger so
that it can be thrown into someone's yard, preferably at night, and wake
up the whole goddamn neighborhood while giving you ample time to
run/drive/bike a long distance away from the whole scene. Dogs will bark,
police will be called.  Try to toss it into some bushes or other
inaccessable area.  This may not be the most interesting and complex
text, but I have faith that it is the first to document the simple as
hell airhorn grenade.  I'm sure many people could have thought this up
themselves, but then I guess someone would have written about it.  Oh
well. Have fun, and orcae ita.

    [ MY GOD THAT'S BRILLIANT!  Take a cut out of petty cash and buy
      yourself something special!  Tape!  Who would have ever thought
      of something so elegantly absurd!  GENIUS!  The simplicity is
      absolutely amazing and at the same time subtly obtuse!  Yes!  WAIT!
      It's more than that!  It's actually less like genius and more like
      the idea and/or sensation of slamming your penis in a dictionary or
      some other large manual. ]


not really sure how to address you...

    [ The Sultan of love. ]

I have made a big mistake.

    [ If you're here, you must have done something wrong! ]

I crashed my computer with out having any information on how to bring it back

    [ Did you try an encyclopedia?  They have lots of good information! ]

My computer doesn't want to access the cmos or anything but the a-drive.

    [ Well, you need to show it who's boss!  This is the `break-in` process
      where you make it your bitch.  Just keeping slappin until it learns. ]

I have contacted zenith data systems and they don't have the disks anymore.

    [ BASTARDS! ]

If you or anyone you know has some type of disk or file or any
information on how I can bring this computer back up.  I would really
like to do it myself. You know to see if I can.???

    [ Yes, let me consult my vast database of CMOS burning utilities.
      Give me some time, it's kept over at my mansion in the Hamptons. ]

Thank you for you time and expertise.


- Mitch Rhymer

    [ Dude, is that your hip-hop name, or your real name? ]


Hi, I recently visited your site and was amazed at the information and
articles you had archived.  I am a man of curiosity and am in search of
information that the government would rather an "average" citizen not have.
I am not a Fed or any type of law officer or such, I am truly just
interested in obtaining "security" of my liberty.  Most the stuff on your
site is Greek to me, (hacking systems, etc.).  Do you know of any great
sites that are controversial that inform the average Joe.  I found your page
by searching "anarchy."  Let me give you an example of what I am looking for
and maybe that will help you since my request is so broad.  The government
would rather all of the citizens no own guns, bombs, etc., (in fact, I
believe the whole David Karresh/Waco, Texas thing was because Big Brother
was uneasy with the arms they were storing).  I don't need conspiracy
groups, but I want as much info as I can get before the Government starts
regulating us over the internet - and you know it will soon come to that!

Thanks if you can help!

- Darryl 

    [  Ok.  Darryl.  I want to talk to you for a minute.  Yes, it's ok..
       Cmon out from under the bed.  Put down the flashlight and take the
       pot of your head.  It's time you come to terms with the delusional
       episodes that tear through your life.  They're ruining your otherwise
       mundane life.  Your father and I are going to get you back on your
       program.  Yes.  I know.  The shots hurt, the medicine tastes horrible
       and the shock therapy is rough.  But it IS for your own good.  We
       just don't want another breakdown like the time you held Ms. Lancaster
       hostage for 3 days because you thought she was 'stealing your
       thoughts'. ]


if you have can you send me illegal credit card number ?

    [ Try: 8921-129-123939-989450-129586-98489-129094-09102-03209-3.
      Expires 05/03. ]
- jeremy15


hi..i wonder if you could take time to answer a question for me,it would be
most appreciated..I was contacted by a girl on ICQ and she asked if she
could send me a picture..after the picture had been sent,this girl proceeded
to tell me what i had on my desktop, which sites i had visited,what files i
had on my computer,then she started deleting files from my hard drive...can
you tell me how she got access to my computer and how i can stop this in

    [ Jesus H. Christ.  This just goes to show you...  If I've said it
      once, I've said it 1000 times: STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM GIRLS ON
      IRC/ICQ/AOL CHATROOMS.  Lord knows I've learned MY lesson. ]

many thanks
- A.Bramley


Will you help me?

    [ In all likelihood, no. ]

E-mail back and I will give the info you need to assist me.

    [ I have all the info I need right here --> > . <. ]

It is crucial that I get help. My schooling depends on it.

    [ This sounds like a job for "SHOULD HAVE FUCKING STUDIED". ]


    [ You're so going to be on welfare when you get older. ]


    [ Elite handle `cos it's true! ]


i'm sorry if i have written to the wrong person.

    [ Hey man, if you've made it here, you're definitely talking to the
      right guy. ]

but i really need help hacking into someones personal computer.they have
some info in their icq programme and their e-mail about me that will
eventually screw me over.

    [ Well, that's what you get when you netsex little boys and girls.
      Shame on you Richard. ]

i just need to know how i can access their comp to either wipe out the entire
hard drive or just the desired info.... i have the e-mail address of the
person mentioned and their ip number..that is it...please help if you can....

- richard 

you know your phrack archive article no.2, p2-4? (the one on blowguns by
the pyro.) i have no idea on how to make the darts right. i read the phile
over, and over, but i can't get a picture in my mind on what to do next,
can you please tell me where i can get some pictures

    [ Ok.  How about this:  >oo--   Or this one: }==> ]

or something that can tell me better?

    [ Do you mean like a priest? ]

or if not, can u help me? i would really appreciate it...thanx for your time!


congrats on the great page, (as if you dont hear that enough) i read you made
it to tv,  will that highten security on your page? most places have
disclaimers saying if you dont meet the standards dont enter, 

    [ We have one saying `you must be this tall to hack this site`.  And
      then there's a jpeg of a midget holding a pickle. ]

i find yours doesnt, i was wondering if you being on tv, could risk you losing
the page, 

    [ Well, I kept it throughout my 18 month stint on `The Facts of Life`
      so I don't why see this should be any different (I played Tootie's
      boyfriend who had a secret life as a gay circus animal trainer.
      Towards the end of the last season though, ratings dropped so they
      had me eaten by a bitchy llama). ]

try not to make me look like a total ass

    [ I can only do so much, Ben. ]

- ben


hi my name is Zero X9. I am in desperate need of help.

    [ Bro, go to a doctor.  Rashes 'down there' are nothing to fool around
      with.  You'll know better to 'look not touch' next time you see a dead
      animal. ]

i have a computer swiped from a local school that has At Ease on it.  i
either need a place to get an overwrite password or Dis Ease 1.0.

    [ My advice is to return the computer you fucking vandal. ]

Thank you for your time.
- Zero X9


I wonder if you guys can help me.  I'm trying to hack into a certain
individual's e-mail --I have everything I need -- except the password
and unfortunately I Don't know an easy way to generate the correct one
Is it possible to get in through the web?-- I do not have direct access
to the server--only a dial up connection.

      we wouldn't be making the millions we do and sexing up super models.

Can you help me.

    [ Get a job. ]


this is how to make a flame thrower out of a squirt gun

    [ This is how to set yourself, your sister and your shanty on fire. ]

super soker (doesn't matter just use what you have or wanna get)

    [ Huh?  What I have or wanna get?  That's a pretty vague instruction.
      I want my money back, this kit is bunk. ]

gas/or flamable liquid
a lighter (the grill ones that have the red handle and the long black thing at
the end)

    [ Hrm.  I thought the long black thing with the red handle was something
      else.  Maybe I'm thinking of some other prod-like instrument. ]

how to make:
its easy!!! tape the lighter to the barrel part of the squirt gun (where ever
it fits best) fill the squrit gun with the flamableliquid of your choice
and its done

how to use:
pump it up press the button on the lighter(so it turns on   thats a givin)
then point shoot

tip: use oil to make it thicker (not too thick or it won't come out) and
will stick better to where you shoot it


Hi I love your magazine, and hacking a lot, so instead of calling myself a
hacker I call my self a Phracker may i have the permission to do that, please?

    [ No.  Go rm yourself. ]


Goog morning!

    [ Goog afternoog! ]

Sorry for my very-bad-english: that's because I'm mailing from Spain,

    [ That's still no excuse.  Even that Spaniard from the Princess Bride
      spoke pretty good English, and he spent his whole life sword-fighting. ]

where people speak a strange language called Spanish.

    [ Other people's cultures are funny! ]

OK, now I've learned some new words, appart from fuck, shit, ass, snot,
and milk twice,

    [ I see they're pretty up to date there in European schools! ]

so I think in this moment I'm able to send you this apocalyptic mail.

    [ Oops!  Moment's passed.  Email is now slightly less than dire, and
      maybe a tiny bit foreboding. ]

Well, i'm searching some revolutionary method to produce a substance
called speed (metamphetamine)

    [ Dude, didn't you see that movie "Go"?  All you need is to sell aspirin
      and cold tablets to thick-headed suburban kids. ]

beggining from a nose inhalator (Vicks in my country), and I've listened
somewhere that is explained in a magazine called "Prhack".

    [ Prhack is our marketing arm.  They take care of all of the t-shirts
      mugs, mouse-pads, feeted pajamas, muzzles, and garrote wire. ]

I haven't found this name in a magazine so I guess that should be the
incredible "Phrack" Magazine. Is it true?

    [ No, no, no, Phrack is widely touted as `inedible`. ]

If the answer is afirmative, please tell me in what number appears, or
directly the explanation.

    [ Magic 8-ball says `0`. ]

Thank you very much!!!


Exactly who is this loser who has nothing better to do than screw with people
trying to earn a living??

    [ Initially, I had no idea what the F you were talking about.  So, in
      the interest of time-wasting, I dug a bit.  The article you refer
      to, but conveniently don't quote or mention, is P45-19.  Next time,
      at least drop a URL to the article in question.  I now have no choice
      now but to ridicule you.  Granted, I probably would have done it either
      way, but now I feel justified. ]

I realize that this is an old, archived article, but come on. 

    [ Well then maybe you should have quoted or referenced it in some way
      so people would know what the hell you are talking about. ]

This stuff is asinine, petulant, childish, 

    [ You forgot fatuous, fractious and puerile!  And smackdab-u-licious! ]

"I'm pissed off at the world because my daddy didn't buy me a BMW" shit!

    [ I'm pissed at the world because no one has taken my idea for using
      hair as currency seriously.  I mean, think about it..  We could
      all grow our way into financial independence!  Of course the alopecians
      among us would be a bit impoverished...  We could make them our
      slaves! ]

And the part in the last paragraph about "molesting kids in the playland"
reveals his pedophilic nature.

    [ Maybe he meant `bolstering kids in the playland`.  So, in actuality
      he was completely supportive of their whimsical nature.  That's what
      I think he meant. ]

Maybe he should be placed in the local "pen" and have "Bubba" teach him
all about the birds and the bees.

    [ FOUL!  Unnecessary use of excessive quotation.  100 yard penalty. ]

Oh, and nice disclaimer, by the way.

    [ Thanks man.  I worked on it myself. ]

Releasing yourself from legal ramifications does nothing for the moral side
of the issue.

    [ Morals are subjective and vary from person to person. ]

Are you pedophiles??

    [ I'm an audiophile.  Is that the same thing? ]

Is John Wayne Gacy on your staff??

    [ John Wayne Gacy is dead, moron.  Furthermore, I do believe Gacy was a
      bit more than a pedophile.  He murdered 33 people.  Phrack staff
      collectively have only about 7 under their belts. ]

Entertainment purposes?? Who the hell are you trying to entertain??

    [ Ourselves first.  Everyone else, second. ]

Cybergeeks whacking off to pictures of six year olds??

    [ Hey man, what you do on your own time is your own thing.  We at Phrack
      subscribe to the `don't ask and for the love of god don't tell` policy.
      You sick, sick man. ]

Claim no responsibility??

    [ With Freedom comes responsibility. ]

Then why the hell post the article?

    [ *shrug*  I didn't.  Look at the date.  It's more than 5 years old.
      Who the hell are you ranting to?  Certainly no one that cares.
      I wasn't even at the helm back then.  Cry someone else a river. ]

Draw the line. There is no comedic value in telling people to "molest"
children just to piss off McDonald's restaurant. If he doesn't like the
place, DON'T FUCKING GO THERE!!!!! And don't publish articles of this
nature if you don't want to be grouped with the author as an advocate of
twisted behavior.

    [ If YOU don't like the magazine or its contents, DON'T FUCKING READ IT. ]


----[  EOF
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