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Current issue : #36 | Release date : 1991-12-31 | Editor : Dispater
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Elite World NewsDr. Dude
Title : Searching for speciAl acceSs agentS
Author : Dr. Dude
                                ==Diet Phrack==

                Volume Three, Issue Thirty-six, File 7 of 11

                  @                                       @
                  @  Searching for SpeciAl accesS agentS  @
                  @                                       @
                  @             by: Dr. Dude              @
                  @                                       @

     This is a true story of how United States Secret Service Agent Tim Foley
discovered three of his freinds and later recruted them as speciAl accesS
agentS into the hacker world.  After seeing how well his recruits performed,
Tim Foley recruted Barbera Spinelli (AT&T Security) and Toni Ames (a/k/a Pink
Death of Pacific Northwest Security) and Dale Drew (a/k/a The Dictator) as
speciAl accesS agentS for the purpose of undermining the computer underground.
After this little incident Toni was nicknamed "Pink Death."

     Our story is narrated by Pink Death!

@@@@@@@  Toni Ames              plays:  herself
The      Dale Drew              plays:  YOU'LL SEE!
Players  Tim Foley              plays:  with himself
@@@@@@@  Barbera Spinelli       plays:  with everyone

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

   I was  reading a  story in  an adult  magazine about  this girl that was
   eaten out and fucked by a German Shepherd dog.  Now to some of you, this
   probably sounds gross.  However, I was turned on by the story and wanted
   to read more stories like it.  Well I never found any.  While I am  sure
   that there is  a mag out  there that has  lots of stories  like it, just
   haven't found it yet.

   Anyway, one day I was talking to my  friend Barbera Spinelli and brought
   the subject up.  Barbera Spinelli  had never  read such  a story before.
   Since we were at my house, I got the  magazine out and let  her read it.
   She  didn't get as turned on as  I did, but said that  she would like to
   watch someone get licked  and fucked by a dog.  I told  Barbera Spinelli
   the story  made  me very  very  horney.  Barbera Spinelli said  that she
   doubted that  she could get horney  enough to  do it with  an animal.  I
   told her that it made me very horney  and that I didn't think I could do
   it, but I  did want to read  about other  people doing it  with animals.

   Well, that subject was dropped, we continued to talk about other  things
   while drinking wine.   After two bottles  we got very  tipsy and started
   talking about sex.   The next thing  we knew, we  were naked and  in the
   pool, having a great time.  Well, I have had sex with women before,  but
   never with  Barbera Spinelli.  I didn't know how she  felt about  making
   love to women, and never asked.  Well I noticed her staring at my 38-26-
   36 body.  I got out of the pool and posed.  I said, "What do you think"?
   She said that I had a  great body and a  nice pair of tits.  I spread my
   legs  and opened up my pussy with my fingers showing Barbera Spinelli my
   pink inner lips and now extended clit.  Squeezing my  erect clit while I
   shoved  two fingers  up my soaking cunt I  told Barbera Spinelli I would
   like  to do it with her.   With that, I jumped into the pool grabbed her
   head and shoved it  between my tits as I probed  her tight cunt with  my
   fingers  and said,  well if you  like them  so much  why don't  you suck
   them.  I  was ready  for her to protest, but  instead she said okay, and
   sucked  my tits gently as I continued to ream her tight pussy.  She said
   to me, I have wanted you for the longest time but didn't think you would
   want to make  love with me.

   We dried off and went into my bedroom I had Barbera Spinelli lie back on
   my bed and crawled up between her  legs and began to suck her stiff pink
   nipples  as I massaged her  hot  slippery  slit.   In no time  I had her
   moaning with  pleasure and moved down  to her sweet tasting cunt probing
   her tight pink  hole  with my  tongue.  Barbera Spinelli  quickly  had a
   strong climax and flooded  my mouth with  her sweet  juices.  I  got off
   her and  went to  my dresser  getting out two of  my favorite toys, a 12
   inch vibrator and a long  thin anal probe.   Barbera Spinelli gasped  at
   the  sight of  me armed  with  my toys  and begged me  to fuck  her with
   them.  I  moved back to  Barbera Spinelli  and straddled  her  face as I
   massaged her  firm young tits.  Giving  Barbera Spinelli  the anal probe
   I instructed her to  fuck my asshole while  she ate my pussy.   I slowly
   lowered my  soaking  snatch to her  lips and tongue  as Barbera Spinelli
   pushed  the long dildo firmly up my taught asshole.  The feeling of that
   long  shaft  penetrating  my  ass  made  me  quiver as  Barbera Spinelli
   repeatedly  thrust her long tongue up my cunt  and licked and sucked  my
   clit.  We had  hardly begun when I  had my  first orgasm wetting Barbera
   Spinelli's  face with  my thick pussy juice.  Barbera Spinelli begged me
   to fuck her cunt  with  the  vibrator and  I bent  willingly to  my work
   spreading her  swollen  cunt  lips and  probing her  tight twat with the
   vibrator as I licked her  swollen distended clit  and fingered her tight
   little  anus.   Barbera Spinelli  came  long  and hard  as she continued
   her  assault on  my pussy  and  anus  reaming my  cunt with  her fingers
   as she  licked my  clit and pounded the probe up my anus  bringing me to
   on one orgasm after another.

   In our lust we had not noticed Tim Foley my  lover come  in, the first I
   knew of his presence was when  Barbera Spinelli  squealed and I felt her
   fingers withdraw from my steaming twat only to be replaced by Tim Foleys
   two inches  of hard thick cock.  Looking back I saw the familiar look of
   lust in my lovers face as he  reamed my pussy  with his  tiny thin prick
   and rammed the  anal probe  in  and out of  my  well lubricated asshole.
   Barbera Spinelli  resumed  her assault  on my swollen  clit and I on her
   twitching cunt and asshole.   In no time I  felt Tim Foley's  thick load
   shoot up my cunt as he pounded out  his passion.  I came quickly  as did
   Barbera Spinelli licking  up her juices as she swallowed the overflow of
   my lovers sperm  from my cunt  and clit. At last I thought our secret is
   out, Tim Foley and I had been fucking for  about a year and I had always
   wanted to have him and  a woman together.   Barbera Spinelli was begging
   for Tim Foley's  stiff cock  and I  had her get up in the doggy position
   as Tim Foley licked her tight puckered anus and slowly inserted the anal
   probe up her twitching rectum.   I sucked his still stiff cock  into  my
   mouth  and  rammed  it deep  in  my  throat  until  it grew  to enormous
   proportions. Barbera Spinelli in the meantime had renewed her assault on
   my cunt clit and anus forcing the rampaging vibrator up my steaming slit
   as  she licked my hard clit and finger fucked my juicy asshole.  Sensing
   Barbera Spinelli's  need  I  pulled  Tim Foley's  prick  from  my  mouth
   and pushed the head into Barbera Spinelli's pink pussy.  Tim Foley  took
   it from there  and rammed his hard  cock  deep into her twitching vagina
   until his balls slapped her cunt lips.  I continued to suck and lick her
   clit  until Barbera Spinelli  had two  orgasms  and Tim Foley filled her
   tight slit  with gallons of cum.  The sight of his sticky sperm dripping
   from her slit made me climax again and I licked her cum slickened snatch
   until I had sucked down all of my lovers sweet cream.

   Barbera Spinelli and I  moved to a  side by side  position and continued
   to tongue fuck each others cunts as Tim Foley sat an rested watching our
   pleasure. In no time his cock was renewed and he began to finger Barbera
   Spinelli's  tight back  door.  Seeing  his lust  for my  friends asshole
   and having denied this pleasure to him in our private sessions I decided
   to let Tim Foley fuck  me in the ass.  I called him over and told him to
   fuck my butt while Barbera Spinelli ate my pussy. Tim Foley was overcome
   with desire as  he moved in behind  me  and gently spread  my ass cheeks
   lowering  his  face between  the cheeks of  my ass and  probing my tight
   asshole with his tongue.  I begged him to ream my anus with his big dick
   and he had Barbera Spinelli guide his rock like cock up my asshole while
   he pounded me to orgasm.  I continued to  lick Barbera Spinelli and made
   her cum just as Tim Foley shot  his load up my ass.  The feeling  of his
   hot sperm filling my  anus made me climax  and nearly pass out.   When I
   regained my senses I  could feel Barbera  Spinelli's tongue  swirling in
   and out of my anus as she collected his sperm from my asshole. Tim Foley
   was great and  he had moved  to Barbera Spinelli's asshole and  begun to
   lick her  tight pink  puckered asshole as I tongue  fucked her hot cunt.
   I could tell Tim Foley  was ready again and  heard Barbera Spinelli  beg
   him  to ram  his big  thick dick up her ass. Tim Foley got into position
   and I  guided his  throbbing  meet  up her  sweet  tight little  asshole
   watching  as  Tim Foley pressed it  into her until only his  balls  were
   visible.   I  continued  my  tongue  fucking of her cunt and licking her
   clit  as I felt  her convulse time and time again in sweet orgasm.  Soon
   I to climaxed from her  tongue and fingering of my cunt and anus and Tim
   Foley came filling  her tight butt with his sperm which I  gladly licked
   up.   Tim Foley was  happy  but  drained  and  left us  to continue  our
   games.  All in all  we made love for  three hours.  When she  left to go
   home,  she invited me  over the next  day  to  "Play  around some more".

   Saturday afternoon I went over to Barbera Spinelli's house to play.  She
   invited me in. She was wearing a black leather mini, black blouse, black
   fish net stockings and garters, and high heels. She was hot.  I was also
   wearing a mini, I also  had on a halter top, and  heels. She  told me to
   get on my knees and  look under her shirt.   What I saw was a beautiful,
   clean shaven cunt.  I reached  up to touch her but she stopped me.   She
   said that I would first have to touch  my own shaved cunt.  She said she
   would  shave  me  like she  did herself  this morning.  We  went to  the
   bathroom and she undressed  me.  What  I great  sensation it was to have
   her shave.  When she was done she cleaned me off, grabbed me by the hand
   and led  me to her room.  She told  me to lay on  the bed  and play with
   my new cunt.

   As I laid there, I began to  rub my cunt, what a feeling.  I  went wild.
   It felt so good.  No pubic hair, just skin, sensitive skin.  She watched
   me as she  got undressed.  She  got into the  bed with me  and moved her
   cunt to where I could eat her.  She was, and still is, so sweet tasting.
   As I ate her she played with my cunt, sticking in a finger then  rubbing
   my clit.  She would stop  as I got to excited.   I ate her and she  came
   twice, yet she wouldn't let me cum.  She then got up and left the  room.
   She came back with some nylon straps and said that if I wanted to cum  I
   would have to let her  tie me to the bed.   She said she would not  hurt
   me.  I agreed.

   She tied my  wrists and ankles  to the bed  so that I  was spread eagle.
   She then got out a vibrator and began to work on my sensitive clit.  The
   vibrator made me so horney, but she  would not leave it on my clit  long
   enough to make me cum.  I tried to thrust my hips to meet the dong,  but
   to no avail.  She would then stick the dildo in and slowly pull it  out,
   then repeat the treatment on my  clit.  I was begging to cum.   She bent
   between my legs and tasted my juice hole and said that I was wet  enough
   to get my SURPRISE.  Again she left the room.  When she returned she was
   followed by my SURPRISE.   It was her Great  Dane, Dale Drew!  She asked
   how horney was I and I knew what she meant.  I shook my head yes.

   She patted the bed and Dale Drew jumped up.  She then took the dogs nose
   and stuck  it between my legs.  I must have  been twice  as wet  by now.
   The dog knew exactly what to do.  He began  to lick my hole.  I couldn't
   stand it and I came twice, right away.  This made him lick even  faster.
   I could not  believe the feeling.  There was no  strong  probing like  a
   humans tongue, just enough pressure and entry to do the job.  As the dog
   continued  to eat me  out Barbera Spinelli  unfastened me  from the bed.
   Barbera Spinelli began to play with Dale Drew's cock and I watched as it
   began to grow stiffening in her hand until it had grown to about 8inches
   in length.  Dale Drew was in  a frenzy by now and his hot wet tongue was
   lapping hard and fast on my exposed cunt. Dale Drew's cock was long,thin
   and stiff as a board as Barbera Spinelli continued to massage it and his
   balls.  Barbera Spinelli said that she thought the  dog's cock  was hard
   enough to  start.  She grabbed a couple of small pillows and placed them
   under my ass.  Then guided the Dale Drew on top of me. His face was next
   to mine, I could feel his hot breath on my face.  His hairy body resting
   on my  stomach.  Barbera Spinelli  put her hand on  his cock  and gently
   guided it  toward  my fuck hole.   As soon as the  dog felt  my wetness,
   nature took  over.  He fucked me fast and very deep.  I  came again, and
   again.  Then I felt him tense and squirt inside me.   He slipped out and
   shot some cum  on my stomach.  Dale Drew then reversed  his position and
   began to lap my cunt again with his long wide tongue.  With Dale Drew in
   this  position I could  see his long  thin cock still  exposed and still
   fairly stiff.  Not wanting the experience to end I reached up  and began
   to  massage his  cock and balls.  The  dog  responded  at once and began
   to fuck my  hand as he licked my hot pussy to  another orgasm.  I  asked
   Barbera Spinelli to help me and rolled over on my stomach  spreading  my
   legs and ass cheeks making my anus open and available to Dale Drewes wet
   tongue. Seeing my waiting asshole Dale Drew began to lick me there while
   Barbera  Spinelli  took  over  my  handwork  on her dogs  cock.  Barbera
   Spinelli  moved Dale Drew around and he mounted me doggy style and began
   to dry hump my ass.  Barbera Spinelli spread my ass further  and  guided
   Dale Drewes long thin cock into my asshole. The tightness of my ass sent
   Dale Drew in to ecstasy and he rammed his long thin dick  in  and out of
   my asshole with long fast strokes.  All I can remember is the feeling of
   his long dick probing my rectum and  driving  me to orgasm  after orgasm
   until he filled my ass with his sticky dog cum.

   As I laid there,I thanked Barbera Spinelli for what she did and told her
   that it  was great.  Since then I  have fucked her dog twice.  He is not
   always in the  mood and  sometimes  it  takes a  lot  of  hand  work  to
   get him interested. I have fucked Barbera Spinelli so many times I can't
   count them  and she I and my  lover  Tim Foley get together after school
   almost three times a week. Barbera Spinelli now says that she thinks she
   will try Dale Drew the next time he is ready.

   I can't wait.

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