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Current issue : #36 | Release date : 1991-12-31 | Editor : Dispater
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In Living ComputerKnight Lightning
The History ah MODWing Ding
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Elite World NewsDr. Dude
Title : The History ah MOD
Author : Wing Ding
                                ==Diet Phrack==

                 Volume Three, Issue Thirty-Six, File 4 of 11

                              The History ah MOD
                         Revision #3 -- November 1991
                             Written by Wing Ding

      [Originally From The MOD Technical Journal, Issue 4: File 6 of 10]

NOTES: I approximated all dates, as my records are not totally complete.
       If I left anyone out or put someone in that shouldn't be in, fuck off!
       I tried and did spend considerable time researching the dates and
       BBS files, the old MOD BBS software, etc.  This file is from MOD and
       was intended for internal group reading only.  Non-MOD versions are
       being translated at this time, and will be released at a later date.


[ De Hist'ry uh MOD ]

BOOK ONE: De Originals

In de early time part uh 1987, dere wuz numerous amounts uh busts in de US and
in New Yo'k in particular.  Word to ya motha'.  Fo' de most part, many uh de
so-called "elite" had gone underground o' had plum gotsten scared out of
hackin'.  Many sucka's, as always, dought hackin' would die cuz' of de raids.
It wuz right befo'e dese raids dat MOD had fo'med.

It came about when Acid Phreak, den usin' anoda' handle, had been runnin' a
semi-private fuckin'bbs off his Commodo'e piece uh shit and 10 generic Commie
drives.  It wuz called KAOS, and it attracted hacks and phreaks fum across de
country (as well as de usual amount uh k0dez d00ds).  Nynex Phreak had been
co-systum mastuh (havin' been AP's partna' fo' about 2 years befo'e dat) and da
damn bo'd started off wid about 140 users but wuz weeded to de best 60 o' so.

On dis fuckin'bbs, Acid Phreak had gotsten along wid some few "kewl dewds" who
enjoyed da damn mischievous aspect uh phreakin'.  Dey wuz Silva' Surfa' in
Califo'nia, and Quick Hack in Texas.  When de raids came however, Silva' Surfa'
gots nabbed fo' usin' some PBX in 404 and derefo'e, retired. Quick Hack and
Acid stayed low and called each oda' less frequently dan usual.  Soon dey had
bod stopped completely.  Slap mah fro!

In early time 1989, Acid had jet back into de scene and had called some local
New Yo'k bo'd wid some somewhut "k0dez-e" attitude called ShadoWo'ld in 212.
Of course dere wuz lots uh neophytes eaga' to learn mo'e about hackin' and how
t'call places fo' free.  Word!   Most uh dem had been in de "duz 950 trace?"
stage, 'sept fo' someone who went by de handle Harry Hazardous.  Unda' de
handle Phuck Dis (also Bell Bandit which had o'iginally been Nynex Phreak's
oda' handle), he met wid Harry.  Slap mah fro!  Soon dey had gained enough
respect fo' each oda' and decided t'meet. Harry turned out t'be HAC, some
cyberpunk t'de "T".

In numerous conversashuns between de two, AP had muhntioned de sweetness uh
tela'fone binnis computa's and how interestin' deir intricate structures wuz.
HAC wuz some hardco'e systums gangsta' himself, but he had also been partners
wid someone who came across (and had an impressive knack fo') some telco
computa's.  He went by de name Sco'pion and he also lived in de NYC area.
Sheeeiit.  Soon de dree wuz partakin' in all so'ts uh mischievous pranks and
unda' de guise of numerous handles (ie.  Word!  De Potent Rodent, Dream Master,
Phuck Dis) dey took t'knockin' down de locals who dought "I know all dere be
about hackin'".  It wuz in de midst uh all dis fun dat dey agreed t'fo'm an
underground group called MOD (approx. June 1989).

About one mond latuh, Acid had been on Altos (revisitin' some chat dat wuz
once, but neva' again, de heart uh a lot uh fresh gangsta' convos since early
time '84 o' so) when he came across someone ax'in' fo' Unix gurus. Hims handle
wuz De Win', and he ran some Unix systum fum his crib in Pennsylvania.
Sheeeiit.  Sco'pion wuz always some Unix guru while Acid had only jet across it
in college two years back.  De Win' offered Acid an account on his systum and
soon he became "Phreak-Op" on De Sevend Dragon, his fuckin'bbs run off de Unix,
usin' yet anoda' old alias "Depeche Mode".

Relayin' de info'mashun t'Sco'pion on yet anoda' fresh addishun to de group,
dey decided t'recruit him into MOD.  De fun, it seemed, had plum started...

BOOK TWO:  Creative Mindz

Wid de addishun uh De Win', came some shitload uh pranks and loads uh fun. 'S
coo', bro.  He hadn't knode much about tela'fone systums, but one thang he
knowed wuz how t'make Unixes do nifty thangs.  Of course, he and Sco'pion had
undertakun de tax' uh takin' on some wo'dwhile projects and providin' de group
wid some healdy side-benefits (which kinnot be muhntioned o' commuhnted on at
dis particular momuhnt in time).

At dis point, de group consisted uh de 4 o'iginal founders (flounders??)
-> Acid Phreak, HAC, Sco'pion, and De Win'.

Around dis time, 2600 Magazine had 2 bo'ds in opuh'shun.  De Central Office,
and De Toll Center.  Word to ya motha'.  OSUNY had gone down fo' some funky
reason a sho't time eardisr.  Word to ya motha'.  It wuz on De Toll Centa' (Red
Knight's fuckin'bbs) dat AP had fust met da damn next memba' of de group (and
coincidentally Red Knight which be de most recent memba' to de group).  He
called himself "Supuh'nigga" and had much de same ideology as de rest uh de
group.  It wuz followin' his group's o'iginal "knock down dose who dink dey
know everydin'" attitude dat MOD also adopted da damn same muhntality. Slap mah
fro!  Supuh'nigga' wuz drafted and wid him came hours uh discusshuns on REAL
phreakin' and Social Engineerin'.  Dere wuz also some loooong puh'iod of time
where MOD had some conference bridge set up by SN.  Hours of enjoymuhnt and fun
fo' de whole family and kids uh all ages...

Anoda' gangsta' and telco computa' specialist also seemed t'be real prominent
and knowledgeable den as sheeit.  He wuzn't likesd real much a'cuz he seemed
t'gots' some rada' large ego, which ah' may add, makes it coo' t'gots' when ya'
know so's much as he dun did.  He went by two oda' handles some long time
befo'e, and when AP had fust called him up he had an idea he wuz also dose 2
oda' sucka's, but he had refused to admit so.  He declared he wuz "Phiba' Optik
uh de LOD.  Word!  " and ax'ed whut AP wants'ed.  Sco'pion, Acid and Phiba'
exchanged ideas on switchin' thera fo' some long while, but den came da damn
time when PO wants'ed t'know Acid Phreak's digits since he found it "unfair".
AP muhntioned dat he could prove himself by findin' it fo' himself.  Word!
Armed wid a dialup, PO called Acid back on his real numba' and casually
proclaimed victo'y.  Slap mah fro!  And so, Phiba' Optik wuz "brought into" de
group. What wuz different however, wuz de fact dat he and AP had similar
interests and started "hangin'" as homeys "around da damn way" along wid HAC
and Sco'pion in de Village (NYC).

De Toll Centa' went down weeks latuh and PO, AP, and Sco'pion found demselves
callin' random "newjacks" t'de scene.  Word!   In dis way dey stumbled across
Crazy Eddie and some "quesshun and answa' fo'um" among de foe uh dem ensued wid
Crazy Eddie proclaimin' his eagerness t'learn. 'S coo', bro.  Coincidentally
afta' a few calls t'CE on his crib line he challenged de MOD crew t'find his
oda' number.  Word to ya motha'.  Sho' nuff dey called it but coincidentally
enough, some few days on latuh in de week, some rada' nasal soundin' boy had
called him sayin' he wuz ITT security(?) and had tried to convince him he wuz
in deep shit fo' usin' c0des and dat he knows de "numbers uh de gangsta's dat
gots' been callin'" him.  'S coo', bro. In some rada' idiotic fashion, de ITT
sucka' attempted t'coax de 3 MOD members t'call him usin' 10488 (equal access,
fgd).  He gave some bullshit numba' to where he wuz at and chilled by his
little dermal printa' fo' de digits to pop up.  Of course, dey realized whut
some futile attempt t'catch dem dis wuz, and Crazy Eddie had repdisd dat "dey
say dey duzn't feel likes usin' equal access but dey'll call de numba' anyway".
It turns out da damn number wuzn't even real and afta' meetin' wid de ITT boy
on some loop he declared dat dey wuz smarta' dan he dought.

Afta' a few monds, Crazy Eddie wuz introduced t'de group and so, he had gotsten
t'know de group real well.  Unfo'tunately, so's had de Secret Service.  Word!

BOOK THREE:  A Kick In De Groin

Sheeit, suffice it t'say, de fun couldn't last fo'ever.  Word to ya motha'. On
January 24, 1990, de Secret Service visited da damn cribs uh Acid Phreak,
Phiba' Optik, and Sco'pion.

De raid dun didn't cum as some surprise since dey had been somewhut weary of
Domas Covenant's behavio' as uh late.  Acid Phreak had been away fo' 2 weeks
(visitin' relatives in some fo'eign country) and wuz *somewhut* surprised
t'meet such unoppo'tune guests some day afta' his arrival. Phiba' wuz equally
amused at da damn "cleanin' service" he found so diligently wo'kin' in his
bedroom.  'S coo', bro.  Sco'pion on de oda' hand, 'estremely *enjoyed* de
do'ough job dey had puh'fo'med at bod his do'm and his house and even saved
some hardware dey had left behind fo' de next time dey visit (which dey dun

Days latuh, dey had gone t'meet De Win', which wuzn't able t'rap fo' too long
since he wuz too busy.  Slap mah fro!  He had been anticipatin' dis little
visit fo' awhile dough.  His dad dun didn't 'esactly likes de idea uh deir
presence and kicked deir lack-of-a-warrant asses out befo'e dey gots some
chance t'put to use deir years uh interrogashun techniques classes.  Seems dey
dink he showed his teacha' a credit repo't o' sump'n...

A few weeks go by, and MOD gits t'know Seeker.  Word to ya motha'.  He sounds
def enough, and he knows his electronics so's he be a real valuable addishun
t'de group.  Seeka' made his way in and so's dun did de million-and-one MOD
stickers and funny-colo'ed-little-box-din'ies. De stickers, uh which, made deir
way t'Ground Zero's big-ass butt at some 2600 meetin'.

Anyways, de MOD Unix went down, and 3 local gangsta's wid much potential caught
attenshun t'dem.  'S coo', bro.  Dey wuz:  ZOD (a Unix gangsta'), Outlaw (just
a general dude), and sum nigga name Co'rupt (Vax kin').  Afta' days uh gettin'
t'know dem, dey wuz pulled in.  'S coo', bro.  Countless weeks went by wid whut
seemed likes a dozen MOD fuckin'bbs's on 800s, packet switched netwo'ks, etc...

De group's popularity so'ed in such some sho't puh'iod uh time, but many
gangsta's disagreed wid de MOD style much in de same way Phiba' Optik had
enjoyed humiliatin' dose "in de know" publically.  Slap mah fro!

ZOD wuz de last uh de group t'be raided (o' at least da damn most recent), but
gots 'em sum since made much 'haidway into de telecom wo'ld.  Outlaw gots 'em
sum also been somewhut adept wid telco speak.  Sum nigga' name Co'rupt, havin'
been real active befo'e, duzn't gots' some wo'kin' computa' anymo'e and so..
sheeit, duh.

Two new members wuz introduced around da damn time uh de writin' uh dis
chapter.  Word to ya motha'.  De fust wuz De Plague.  Word!   He had some
professional attitude and wuz certainly wo'd trustin'.  Of course, wid all de
media attenshun drawn to him and MOD in general, he gots 'em sum decided
t'remain low and not brin' any mo'e t'himself.  Word!

Red Knight wuz o'iginally on trash runs wid Acid Phreak in '89 but wuz not
brought in until July '90.  It seems RK gots 'em sum learned some lot about
telco ways since he fust put up De Toll Center.  Word to ya motha'. RK also
seems to enjoy reminiscin' about da damn trash run days (of which dere wuz
quite a few).

As uh August 1, 1990, dere are 14 members.  Dese include, dig dis:

Acid Phreak (r)
Sco'pion (r)
De Win' (v)
Nynex Phreak (r)
Phiba' Optik (r)
Crazy Eddie (r)
ZOD (r)
Sum nigga' name Co'rupt
De Plague
Red Knight

(v) signifies sucka' wuz visited but nodin'  took
(r) means eida' raided o' retired, it's some pickem.  'S coo', bro..

      - - ->  MOD be now *CLOSED* t'membership.  <- - -

      Dis be de official (and most likesly t'be da damn final) list
      uh dewds.  Of course, members may use some GROUP account o'
      anoda' handle, but da damn fact remains dat dese are da damn ONLY
      members in de group.  Unlikes LOD, we know who be in and who

We should also note Julian Dibbell (Dr. Bombay) fo' his wo'k on "Rebel Hackers"
in De Village Voice on July 24, 1990.  He po'trayed de scene da damn way it
really be and uh course gave us de amount uh coverage we deserve.  Word!   And
uh course, we came out da damn way we really are and not as gangsta's out
t'destroy de wo'ld. Dr.  Word to ya motha'. Bombay wuz invited t'de MOD Unix
right befo'e da damn raid.  'lo and behold.. some front-page cover sto'y.

"We rule".

MOD/Fo'eva' We Hack

BOOK FOUR:  End uh '90-1991

Two weeks befo'e his bust, Lo'd Micro wuz introduced into de group.
Unfo'tunately he wuz busted fo' hackin' FON cards off de 800/877-8000. Sho'
nuff, he knowed he wuz gonna git busted but he dun didn't listen, o' care fo'
dat matter.  Word to ya motha'.  Afta' hours (and hours, and hours) uh
community service, LM lived t'joke about his o'deal bein' dat he IS some funny
guy.  Slap mah fro!  Don't eva' get dis guy drunk.

Fo' quite some long time now, MOD gots 'em sum jet to realize whut some bunch
of idiot posers de LOD wuz (wid de 'sepshun uh a few).  It plum goes t'show,
ANYONE kin be some great gangsta' as long as enough sucka's dink so's too.  Why
boda' resparkin' interest in MOD?  Why boda' keepin' de damn thang goin' when
de new members ain't half as fresh as de o'iginals? ah'  duzn't know, but ya'
kin ax' Erik Bloodaxe who be de self-proclaimed "leader" at dis point in time.
Word!   Jeez, and ah' dought brin'in' back TAP wuz stupid.

Anoda' posa' dat came out uh de woodwo'k be Skandle (STAN), who somehow decided
he had powa' in DPAK (Supuh'nigger's group).  Afta' hours of tryin' t'figure
dis one out, we plum had t'conclude wuz plum anoder dumb Jersey hick.  Oh
sheeit.. so's much fo' dat.

A new group, FORCE 1(ONE) Hackers led by Expose(which sounds fuckin gay if ya
ax' me), decided t'declare war on MOD.  Assisted by Hellrat, he says, dig dis:
"You's guys (MOD) should stay out uh de hackin' buziness 'cuz none uh my fellas
are 'fraid uh ya'.  I'll  snatch all uh ya' out mah'self.  Word! " ...along wid
some lot of oda' nonsense about 10-way billin' and oda' ca-ca he's read in one
too many g-files.

One thang dat's def be de addishun uh a lama' database online (on wingnet now
MODNET).  It's great when you be plannin' roll-ups and shit and it's some great
o'ganiza' dat takes care uh all dat rummagin' drough sheets and shit.  Hundreds
uh losers fo' hours uh fun.  Word!

Durin' de fust week in February, MOD finally declared,"Dat's it. Word!  It's
official now.  LOD declares war on MOD.  Word!  "  Oh broder.  Word to ya
motha'...eenie-meenie-minie-moe.  Word!  I declare war on......YOU. Word!
Nyah-nyah.  Sheeit, it be now de second week uh February and da damn only thang
dat gots 'em sum happened so's far in de "MOD-LOD War" be dat dere wuz about 5
invalid login attempts on modnet.  It seems dat "MOB" gots 'em sum decided
t'join in de war.  Word to ya motha'.  What some fuckin' joke, dey are tied wid
MCWS fo' lameness (which isn't hard t'do).

De legacy uh de underground "clandestine" netwo'k continues and so's duz de
war (and ridiculin') against all de self-proclaimed, so-called "elite".

BOOK FIVE: Who are dey and where dun did dey jet from?

        Sheeit, it's time again fo' anoda' journul.  It's now de
        middle uh summa' 1991.  Lately we've heard some few fresh sto'ies
        out uh de mouds uh sucka's we  duzn't even know.  Dere gots'
        even been some few funny occurances in de past few weeks.

        1) Dere are rumours dat Phiba' Optik wuz wuztin' his life
        away and not usin' his talents wisely.  Slap mah fro!
        Sheeit, de trud of de matta' is, he gots 'em sum been some
        speaka' in many public debates and conferences on hackin' in
        general and computa' security.  Slap mah fro!  He be also wo'kin'
        as some programmuh/developuh' fo' some computa'
        firm in NYC.  Also, he be wo'kin' closely wid de EFF (which
        recently gots' set up deir own systum fo' deir o'ganizashun).

        2) COMSEC be fo'med.  De *new* LOD (whose only member
        consists uh Erik Bloodaxe) goes into de computa' security
        binnis.  Nodin' t'date be documuhnted on deir services and
        we gots' yet t'see whut de hell dey kin provide.  Word!   EBA fo'
        one be an o'iginal memba' and he knows close t'nodin'
        (except fo' de thangs dat he ax'ed Phiba' Optik t'tell
        him).  Not t'muhntion dese guys are hardly co'po'ate and gots'
        NO 'espuh'ience in de binnis end uh computa' security; which
        'esplains why dey gots caught misrepresentin' demselves as
        Landmark Graphics t'oda' well-established computa' security
        firms.  Also, dey gots' bragged about narkin' on some few members
        uh MOD in deir jealous rage.  Word!   Dis we kin prove drough

        MOD wuz neva' a text stash "how-to" group.  It wuz always based
        on some broderhood type deal and everydin' done be secretive
        and gots 'em sum some purpose behind it.  LOD on de oda' hand, never
        made sense t'any uh us anymo'e.  Word!   It wuz fresh at fust, when
        all de o'iginal (knowledgable) members wuz active, but
        lately it's become t'be knode as some group uh guys wid
        real sparce telecom knowledge ridin' on some name dat once
        actually stood fo' sump'n.

        Even Phiba' Optik quesshuned wheda' LOD meant Legion uh Doom
        o' Lump uh Doo-doo (on Gyrotechnic's private fuckin'bbs).  He stood
        firm against all de oda' members on de systum until finally
        dey wuz dumbfounded and speechless.  Sheeit, de bo'd died.
        Now, PO and da damn rest uh de MOD bunch  snatch t'dem likes a
        swatta' to fdiss.  Give it up fellas.. it'll neva' wo'k.

        3) Renegade Hacka' (a NYC local) dinks he's def.  He gits
        raided, starts rapin', and when confronted by MOD, hides
        behind mommy.  Slap mah fro!  Den he says he hates MOD (which
        be funny since he wuz sweatin' MOD's nuts since da damn day he
        fust gots some modem; dose who wuz at da damn 2600 know whut
        ah' mean.  'S coo', bro..) De fact remains he be a real losa'
        out t'make some name fo' himself by tryin' t'inspire dose who
        gots' less contact wid de better gangsta's in de community.
        Slap mah fro!

        NASTY (his group) = BIG Joke.  Word!
        (dey scribble files..de Nashunal Enquira' of de h/p wo'ld)

        *Rent-A-Gay Hacka' changed his fone #.. please note da damn new
        one in de database.  Word! *

        4) Lo'd Micro gits Xenix and creates whut gots'ta be modnet 2.
        (De Win' be de mina'strato' uh #1 in PA)  Crazy Eddie
        plans t'put up some fuckin'bbs (open fo'um) in de 2600 Magazine
        fo'mat (likes OSUNY, Central Office, De Toll Center).
        NO illegal shit...plum deo'etical discusshun..whut real
        gangsta's are made of.  Word!

        5) Vinny (De Technician) be "outed".  He be an admitted
        homosexual. I'm tellin' ya'.. watch out fo' dese SSWC
        guys..dey're some little funny, ya know?

        6) Mind Rape, o' sump'n likes dat, uh NSA be a new pest.
        Gimme some break.  When gots'ta dey eva' learn?  Infiniti wuz
        anoda' one, but ah' guess he's kept quiet..which be fresh.
        Let's plum hope he duzn't ax' Mind Dweeb fo' help.  Add
        Purple "no-show" Mustard (c0dez kid..see MOD/database fo' mo'e
        info) t'dis catago'y.  Slap mah fro!  Also, dere's anoda' guy usin'
        Acid's handle in 216.  Wasn't home when we called twice.  Word!

Special danks t'Jack Hitt and Paul Tough uh Harpuh''s Magazine.  Word!
Great guys, fresh scribblers/edito's..  damn dat stuff wuz fun.
'S coo', bro.

Hello t'State Police Offica' Donald Delaney.  Slap mah fro!  Not such
some bad-ass guy, plum dat he IS some cop and he DID bust some uh us.
But he also gots dose guys piratin' cellular service in Queens, which
really wuz a majo' bust.  Nice tie.  Word!

= Anoda' MOD.duh  =
= file            =           "Mo'e eLiTenezz in one pinky
=                 =            dan 2 kans uh LOD.  Word!  "
= All repdiss kin =
= be sent to,     =
=    dig dis:     =
=                 =
= MOD@modnet.UUCP =
-> kill r0dentz.  Word!  .  Word!  .  Word!

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