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Current issue : #14 | Release date : 1987-07-28 | Editor : Knight Lightning
IntroductionKnight Lightning
Phrack Pro-Phile X Featuring TerminusTaran King
The Conscience of a Hacker {Reprint}The Mentor
The Reality of The Myth [REMOBS]Taran King
Understanding DMS Part IIControl C
TRW Business TerminologyControl C
Phrack World News Special Edition #1Knight Lightning
Phrack World News Issue XIV/1Knight Lightning
Phrack World News Issue XIV/2Knight Lightning
Title : Phrack World News Issue XIV/1
Author : Knight Lightning
     PWN ^*^ PWN ^*^ PWN ^*^ PWN ^*^ PWN ^*^ PWN ^*^ PWN ^*^ PWN ^*^ PWN
     ^*^                                                             ^*^
     PWN                 ^*^ Phrack World News ^*^                   PWN
     ^*^                          Issue XIV                          ^*^
     PWN                                                             PWN
     ^*^            ^*^ Compiled, Written, and Edited ^*^            ^*^
     PWN                     by Knight Lightning                     PWN
     ^*^                                                             ^*^
     PWN ^*^ PWN ^*^ PWN ^*^ PWN ^*^ PWN ^*^ PWN ^*^ PWN ^*^ PWN ^*^ PWN

On the Home Front/SummerCon '87                                 April 22, 1987
Well I'd like to start off this issue with an apology to my readers.  Although
I had suspected it for quite some time, I never had any real reason to doubt
the validity of some of the past events detailed in PWN.  Please disregard and
ignore these previous stories relating to Oryan QUEST.

       Oryan QUEST Busted/415 Gets Hit Again              PWN Issue 4-2
       Dan Pasquale Seeks New Entertainment               PWN Issue 4-3
       Oryan QUEST Vs. Dan Pasquale                       PWN Issue 6-1
       Dan Pasquale:  Still Hostile Or Ancient History?   PWN Issue 7-1

The events regarding Oryan QUEST getting busted or having anything to do with
Dan Pasquale (of the Fremont Police Department) were fictional propaganda
devised and given to me under false pretenses by Oryan QUEST in an attempt to
make himself look like a more experienced phreak and to give him more
publicity and fame in the phreak/hack world.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Re-Announcing SummerCon!  The biggest and best phreak/hack convention ever!
Scheduled for June 19,20 1987 in St. Louis, Missouri and sponsored by
TeleComputist Newsletter, Phrack Inc., and Metal Shop Private.

The festivities will take place at the Executive International Best Western.
There will be two adjoining rooms for guests to sack out in, but you are
welcome to grab your own for space and privacy reasons.  The phone number at
the hotel is (314) 731-3800.  The name being used to rent the rooms and the
room numbers will remain unannounced until June 19, 1987 where this
information will be placed on the Phrack Inc./Metal Shop Private VMS and the
TeleComputist Information Line.  This is to prevent any individuals from
spoiling our fun at the Conference.

We have received quite a few confirmations about people going and have heard
from dozens more who plan to attend.  Just based on who we know for sure, this
will be an event to remember for the rest of your lives.

The schedule works sort of like this;

Friday Night       - Party and introductions
Saturday Afternoon - The conference will commence in the hotel's banquet hall.
Saturday Night     - More partying
Sunday Morning     - Everyone cruises home

Guests are asked to please bring some extra cash to help pay for the expense
of this weekend.  The front money will be supplied by the sponsors, but any
help will be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.

Remember, everyone is welcome to show up.  We only ask that you inform us
(myself, Taran King, and/or Forest Ranger) of your plans.  This also applies
for speaking at the conference.  Please inform us of the topic and how long
you plan to talk.

If you have any further questions please contact Knight Lightning, Taran King,
or Forest Ranger on any bulletin board you can find us, the Phrack Inc./Metal
Shop Private VMS, or call the TeleComputist Information Line at 314-921-7938.

Hope to see you there.

:Knight Lightning


                          *** Special Newsflash ***

                             ^*^ Free Seminar ^*^

When:         June 19, 1987 (Morning and Evening)
Where:        Sheraton Plaza
              900 West Port Plaza
              St. Louis, Missouri [Good timing isn't it]

Topics:       Advanced Tolls For Protocol Analysis
              Using the OSI 7-layer model

              Special operator interfaces for:  - entry level operators
                                                - protocol technicians
                                                - software engineers

              Test T1, SNA, X.25, ISDN, SS#7 with the same tester

Presented by:  Atlantic Resource Corporation
Featuring:     The INTERVIEW 7000 (R) Series Protocol Analyzers
Discussion:    T1 Testing
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Call to register:

Tell them you are (pick one):

- A manger responsible for protocol testing and certification
- An engineer developing OSI 7-layer protocols
- A network manager
- Tech control supervisors

Seating is limited so act quickly.

                  RSVP Atlantic Research Corp.  800-368-3261

Voice Numbers; The Road To Retirement                            April 5, 1987
A rebuttal by Kerrang Khan (Edited for PWN)

Contrary to popular opinion, I actually have a reason for not giving out my
phone number.  There has been enough bullshit about this "incident," and I
guess it's time I gave my side of the story.

I don't want anyone to have my phone number.  Nobody in the phreak/hack world
needs it.  I'm easily reached via boards etc., and if it is that important to
speak with me voice, loops and bridges do exist.  It may be more convenient
for you to have my voice number, but I don't think its really worth the risk.
Face it, security people are getting serious about tracking people down.

Unless you move around the country on a monthly basis, you might as well
retire when your phone number gets 'out'.  This is not to say everyone whose
number isn't secure is due to be busted but consider the following:

If I have your phone number I also have:

1) Your full name
2) Age
3) Address
4) Criminal record (its public knowledge)

As well as just about anything else that comes to mind.  If I can do that,
just think what an investigator can do.  As far as Psychic Warlord's policy of
no number, no access goes, well I think it sucks.  Anyone here remember "The
Board" in 313?  [See Phrack World News Issues 7-1 and 9-1 for information
concerning "THE BOARD" and its aftermath.]

I don't know much about Psychic Warlord and he doesn't need to know much about
me.  Its his system, and he can do what he likes with it, but I hope this
isn't the wave of the future.  Its a good policy not to leave phone numbers
when calling boards for the first time, and after that, you'll have to use
common sense.  That is what it all comes down to, common sense.  It seems to
be in short supply these days.

                      Post Taken From Metal Shop Private

Metalland South:  Phreak BBS or MetalliFEDS Inc.?                 June 2, 1987
Metalland South BBS, at 404-327-2327, was once a fairly well known bulletin
board, where many respected members of the hack/phreak community resided.  It
was originally operated by two guys from Metal Communications, Inc., but it
wasn't an MCI club board.  The sysop was Iron Man and the co-sysop was Black
Lord.  Recently, it has come to the writer's attention, that MS has come under
new management, new policies, and possibly a new idea; Sting.

Somewhere around September-October 1986, Iron Man removed all of the hack/
phreak related subboards as well as all G-philes from the system.  He was
apparently worried about getting busted.  The last time this reporter spoke
with him, Iron Man said he intended to put the hack/phreak subs back up. Then,
not long after this conversation, the number was changed (The original number
was 404-576-5166).

A person using the alias of The Caretaker was made co-sysop and Iron Man would
not reply to feedback.  Everything was handled by The Caretaker [TC from now
on].  TC did not allow any hack/phreak subs, but said he would put them up if
the users would follow STRICT validation procedures.

Strict validation on MS includes:

^*^  Your Real Name
^*^  Your Address
^*^  Your Voice Phone Number
^*^  A Self-Addressed Envelope (in which he will send back with your account
     number and password.)

It is obvious to see the ramifications here.  A board or sysop gets busted and
then makes a deal to turn over the board to some company or agency.  To make
sure that they get who they want, you have to give them all this info, and the
only you can get a password is to let them mail it to you, thus guaranteeing
that if something illegal is posted under that account, you are responsible,
no ifs, ands, or buts.

Now, with the always helpful use of CN/A and various other special procedures,
this reporter and several others have contacted the home of The Caretaker.  TC
will not admit to being or to not being The Caretaker.  He says he "may be."
Also, while speaking with to Taran King, TC tried to engineer Taran's phone
number three times, using trickery like "let's be friends, what is your phone
number?"  TK gave the guy the MSP number, figuring everyone has it.  Also TC
is older than 18 (estimated at age 30), and he has three phone lines in his
house.  When called, he will not admit to who he is, who runs MS, or who is
the sysop of it.  Also, besides begging for you phone number (or demanding he
call you).  TC tries to trap you into admitting that you are/have committed
toll fraud.  In TK's case, TC tried to get Taran to admit to using other
person's LD service PINs.

The whole aura of mystery around Metalland South seems enough to make it not
worth calling.  I urge you never to call this system and never send in
information like that to any system.

Recently I have spoken with Iron Man, and he says "I gave the board to some
guy cause I was sick of running it."  Well, he is lying as you will see in the
following transcript:

ME:  So, gave it away.  To who?
IM:  I really don't know him that well.  I can give you his first name.
ME:  No, that is okay.  How old is he?
IM:  I don't know.  We only talked once and I sent him the software.
ME:  Is his name XXXXX, XXXXX (TC's real name)?
IM:  I really don't know.
ME:  So why did you give the board to someone you don't know?
IM:  That was the only chance of keeping it up.

Now, IM do you know him or not?  Do you just go throwing the board around?  I
thought you said you knew his first name?

^*^  How the heck could he send him the software and not know his name?
     (Yeah, I suppose he AE'd a 30 sub system.  I can see it now, "To whom
     these disks concern."

^*^  Didn't IM seem to know much too little about The Caretaker?  I could
     understand him not having the guy's last name or address, but not even
     knowing his age or where he lives..?

Here are some other things to think about.  There is an entire subboard
dedicated to law enforcement and the local police even have an account on the
system under the name CRIMESTOPPERS.  I wonder what they would have to say
about codes on the bulletin board.  Keep in mind that Metalland South has no
affiliation with Metallibashers, Inc. or Metal Communications, Inc.

Please do not harass the board or its sysop(s), for it serves no purpose.  Now
understand that this article is not definitely stating that this board is
directly connected to any law enforcement agency, you can decide this for

                      Article Written By >UNKNOWN USER<
                     (An Anonymous Phrack Field Reporter)
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Editorial Comments...
I just wanted to make a few comments about the above article.  >UNKNOWN USER<
is the official handle that shall be used by anyone supplying an article, but
wishes for his name not to be mentioned.  Its symbolic of the "anonymous user"
function on Metal Shop Private, but it has no direct connection.

We, the editors of Phrack, do not necessarily agree with any of the above
statements and we do encourage those with opposite viewpoints to voice them.
PWN can be used as the forum for those viewpoints, in which I shall voice no
opinion.  One more thing, for the record, I did edit the article (with the
author's consent) and will continue to do so to ensure that the original
author's style will not revel their identity.

:Knight Lightning

Toll Fraud Trial Sets New Tone                                    June 5, 1987
>From Network World
by Josh Gonze (Staff Writer)

                    "May be first jury finding for abuse"

Dallas - The recent jury conviction of a Texas man for the theft and sale of
long-distance access codes may make it easier for long-haul carriers to stem
the tide of toll fraud, which costs the industry an estimated 500 million
dollars a year.

On May 11, 1987, a U.S. District Court jury here [in Dallas] found Dallas
resident Jack Brewer guilty on two counts each of trafficking and possession
of telephone access codes stolen from Texas National Telecommunications Inc.
(TNT), a Texas long-distance carrier.  Brewer was charged under a section of

Sources close to the case said Brewer may be the first person to be convicted
by a jury for toll fraud in the United States.  The case is also seen as
important because it indicates growing recognition of toll fraud as a serious

Brewer was selling the stolen codes, which telephone callers use to access
long-distance circuits of carriers other than AT&T and which those carriers
use for billing, says Terry K. Ray, the Assistant U.S. Attorney who prosecuted
Brewer.  TNT officials said use of the stolen codes cost the company $30,000.
Ray said he met with representatives of MCI Communications Corp. last week to
discuss the investigative techniques used to apprehend Brewer and legal
methods used to win the conviction.  Brewer will be sentenced by a judge on
June 4 [Yeah the story is a little old, so what], and faces a maximum sentence
of 50 years imprisonment and a $1 million fine.

Toll fraud places a heavy financial burden on MCI and other carriers.  Neither
MCI or AT&T would divulge what toll fraud costs them, but U.S. Sprint
Communications Co. said fraudulent use of access codes lowered its
first-quarter 1987 revenue by $19 million.

Brewer was apprehended through a sting operation conducted with the help of
TNT, Southwestern Bell Corp., and the U.S. Secret Service.  Southwestern Bell
monitored Brewer's private telephone as he dialed numbers sequentially in a
trial-and-error attempt to obtain active access numbers.  The Regional Bell
Holding Company kept a list of the working access codes obtained by Brewer.
Secret Service agents then contacted Brewer, posing as buyers of access
numbers.  For $3,000, Brewer sold them a list of 15 numbers, which matched the
list, made by the RBC [Just a tad greedy wasn't he?].

MCI has joined with AT&T, U.S. Sprint and some smaller carriers to form the
Communications Fraud Control Association (CFCA).  Rami Abuhamdeh, executive
director of Tysons Corner, a Virginia based group, said there have been
several convictions for toll fraud to date, but those cases were decided by
judges, not juries.

A number of federal and state statues apply in stolen code cases, depending on
how and when the offender defrauds the carrier, Abuhamdeh said.  Gaston Sigur,
a lawyer for exchanges, they will faze out code numbers as a way of accessing
long-distance circuits and the level of toll fraud will decline.

                           Thanks to Jester Sluggo
                      Typed for PWN by Knight Lightning

PWN Quicknotes
A guy who was involved in the California area phreak/pirate organization,
known as The Duplicator, was reported as being killed in a plane crash.
                     Info by Sir Francis Drake (3/31/87)
Doc Holiday was busted for hacking a COSMOS system that was local to him.
Apparently, he dialed direct and the CO most likely had CLID.         (4/2/87)
KEN is working on version 3.0 of Forum-PC, and there are rumors that it may be
public domain.
The Broadway Show BBS, once known as The Radio Station, will be returning to
the 212 NPA.  Please contact Broadway Hacker for details.
                  Information From Broadway Hacker (4/16/87)
The rumor going around on Pirate-80 (P-80) that The Lineman is a fed should be
disregarded as The Lineman in question lives in the western part of the nation
and not the famous sysop of Atlantis.   Information From The Lineman (4/20/87)
Special Notice:  As of Phrack XVI, Lucifer 666 will become the author of
Phrack World News.  Please send any news, stories or articles to him.  I will
be mildly active, but only for special reports or editing.

                     Knight Lightning   -   June 5, 1987
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