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Current issue : #8 | Release date : 1986-11-01 | Editor : Taran King
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Phrack World News VII Part IKnight Lightning
Phrack World News VII Part IIKnight Lightning
Title : Phrack World News VII Part I
Author : Knight Lightning
                                ==Phrack Inc.==

                    Volume One, Issue Eight, Phile #8 of 9

PWN                                                                         PWN
PWN                            Phrack World News                            PWN
PWN                                                                         PWN
PWN                          Issue Seven/Part One                           PWN
PWN                                                                         PWN
PWN                Compiled and Written by Knight Lightning                 PWN
PWN                                                                         PWN

On The Home Front
Well lots of things have been happening around here in the past few weeks.
For starters, I received a call from Ralph Meola.  Apparently someone had left
his secretary with a message that I had called.  Prior to this, someone named
Steve had left a message as well which Ralph had assumed was Slave Driver.   He
called Steve first, mainly to discuss the letter that was sent to him via PWN
issue V.  Well eventually he got around to calling me.  Not too much was said,
but he wanted to clear up some misconceptions about his encounter with Sigmund
Fraud.  Meola claims that he never threatened Sigmund Fraud about getting his
account to Stronghold East.   Futhermore, he claims only to have called him
because SF had posted several AT&T Calling Cards on an unnamed west coast bbs.
Sigmund Fraud still publicly claims that what he said originally was true,
but privately admitted that he was lying.

Some other developments would include an imposter of myself who is running
around on bulletin boards.  Two of the boards that he is on include Elite
Connection (303) and Green Galaxy (714).  I have never called these boards and
I advise the sysops to remove "my" accounts as this is not me.

On the lighter side, Metal Shop Private now has 20 Megs of online storage.  The
G-phile library has been re-installed including most of the files from Metal
Shop AE and Metal Shop Private is once again the official Phrack distribution

Metal Shop AE is down for the time being because Cheap Shades has left for
college, but he has since brought forth a new system known as the Quick Shop.
All former MS AE members have been entered into QS's bbs log.  Metal Shop
Brewery has lost its modem and its hard drive is fried, so it will be gone for
a while.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
>From TeleComputist Staff:

We apologize for the unoriginality of the free issue.  The free issue was put
out with the intentions of gaining the trust of the public and in doing so we
neglected to come up with completely original material.   However, future
issues will be much shorter and contain only original information from the
editor's themselves.

TeleComputist no longer consists of set writers and anyone may submit articles.
Please note that if you submit an article, make sure that it has not been
distributed or seen by anyone else, otherwise we will not accept it.

For subscription information and submission of articles;

                            TeleComputist Newsletter
                                 P.O. Box 2003
                          Florissant, Missouri 63032

Boston Busts                                                     August 9, 1986
A couple of weeks prior to the above date, Dr. Who came to visit Recent Change
and The Clashmaster. Well, he apparently had cashed roughly 16 checks belonging
to one John Martino (a man who lives down the street from him).  Around August
4, 1986, Dr. Who and Telenet Bob were picked up in a store in North Adams,
Massachusetts.  They were trying to pass off another check.

The police were on the scene very shortly and they were taken in.  Dr. Who told
the police inspector about a PDP-11/23 when asked about it.  He had frauded
this at Harvard University and told them that RC Modeler (also known as Recent
Change) had it.  They converged on a sleeping RC who confessed everything.

Dr. Who is being charged with 16 counts of theft.
RC Modeler is being charged with larceny & possibly as an accomplice to theft.
Telenet Bob is being charged with 1 count of attempted theft.

Dr. Who and RC Modeler are reportedly out of the scene permanently and Dr. Who
may be serving some prison time.  Also, RC Modeler, when being questioned, was
asked about Legion of Doom.  This is VERY strange since we cannot figure out
quite WHY this was asked.

Sysops are asked to clear their accounts form any bbs they were on.
The following is the interpretation of the same events as described by the
Concord Journal.  The real names of the phreaks involved have been censored.

Computer Theft Charge
An 18-year-old Concord man was charged on August 5, 1986 with stealing a $3,300
computer [PDP-11/23 with Venix software] from Harvard University and a portable
stereo from an unknown store by using checks, police allege he knew to be
forged, to pay for the items, police said.

RC Modeler, was charged with two counts of larceny over $100, police said.
[Also, accessory to the crime, RC says.]

Police issued a warrant for RC's arrest after being tipped-off by the North
Adam's police that he had allegedly made purchases with checks they alleged to
be stolen and forged.

North Adam's police, according to reports, arrested Doctor Who, of Lenox, MA.
[and Telenet Bob], and charged him with using stolen and forged checks earlier
this month.  Police said Who told them about RC's purchases.  They said Who
wrote checks for the purchase of the computer equipment and the stereo for RC.
Well, RC might get off with 3 years of probation (including possible drug
testing according to RC.).  Dr. Who's court set is set for August 25, 1986.
He will most likely be doing some prison time unfortunately.  Please address
all further questions to The Clashmaster.

                    Information Provided By The Clashmaster

Portrait Of The Typical Computer Criminal                       August 11, 1986
from PC Week Magazine

In studying the typical computer criminal, the National Center for Computer
Crime Data, in L.A., may have recently shattered some common myths.

Rather than being some genius computer programmer, according to the center's
recently published report, the typical computer criminal is just that: quite
typical. He's most often a male, with an average age of 22, and if not, he's
next likely to be 19. Chances are he's a programmer, but if that job
description doesn't fit, he's most likely a student or an input clerk.

Less than 5% of the time, this criminal will be either unskilled or unemployed,
and less than 2%  of the time will he be a computer executive.

In more than 40% of the cases that the center studied, criminals stole money,
and if cash wasn't their style, they split between stealing information or
programs and damaging software.

For these crimes, 4/5ths of those caught had to pay a fine or do community
service or both, or serve less than 6 months in jail.  In close to 1/5th of the
cases, the criminal's only punishment was to make restitution.

Some notes from Sally Ride:::Space Cadet
Pisses me off! How dare they suggest we are not GENIUS computer programmers! Oh
wait a minute, I know why they screwed up the statistics! They haven't caught
the geniuses, so we throw off the statistical skew since we're still free.

Also I think it's high time computer executives start accounting for their fair
share of computer crime! They probably don't get in the statistics either since
they pull off the really big money rip-offs and it doesn't get published by the
high power companies they work for so the public keeps faith in them.

               Information Provided By Sally Ride:::Space Cadet

Dan Pasquale:  Still Hostile or Ancient History?              September 8, 1986
Some updated information on Sergeant Dan Pasquale (Fremont, CA Police
Department) aka The Revenger here.  Supposedly he has been calling Oryan QUEST
on several occasions and filling in Oryan as to his plans on whom to bust.
However, an investigation into the truth of this matter shows otherwise.

Most recently, Oryan QUEST informed me that Dan Pasquale was  trying to gain
information on The Yakuza.  I told The Yakuza about this and had him call Dan
himself to find out what was going on.

Apparently he had no idea of who he was and had no idea of what he was talking
about. He just said he'd no idea what I was talking about.  He also said that
he'd heard about a Shooting Shark incident much like this one. The Rocker of
Speed Demon Elite also has called him claiming a similar story.  The weird
thing is, he also claims to not have talked to Oryan QUEST since around the
beginning of summer.  [Please note that Shooting Shark and The Rocker have been
disliked by Oryan QUEST for some time and that situation has not changed].

Dan seemed pretty lax, didn't get excited, and seemed like a decent person all
around.  He said he hadn't been on a board for at least 3 months and that board
was a legit one at that.  He concluded by saying he didn't know who or why
these rumors were starting up.

Some last things to add, Dan said that he isn't into busting phreaks/hackers
and all that stuff anymore.  He just proved his point with Phoenix Phortress,
took his raise, and got out of the deal.  He is now teaching at the academy and
is doing patrols.  But, aside from that, he claims to have nothing at all to do
with the modem world.

                  Information Provided By [%] The Yakuza [%]

           Please refer to past issues of Phrack World News for more
             information on Dan Pasquale and/or Phoenix Phortress

Zigmond Exposed                                               September 1, 1986
Finally after months of confusion and question, the truth about Daniel Zigmond
is out.  It would appear that Zigmond is not an on-staff programmer at Carnegie
Mellon University after all, but instead was a sort of part time worker there.
Indeed, Daniel just graduated high school with the class of 1986 and currently
attends the University of Pittsburgh this fall.  He started part time work at
CMU on April 1, 1984 (April Fools? Not this time).

He does have a book coming out on Lisp programming which is what he did at
Carnegie Mellon.  All of this information came from his boss at CMU.  As for
Amiga World, Daniel has submitted a few articles, but he isn't "on staff."
This came from his Amiga World editor.

The reason there is nothing listed in his TRW account now is obvious since he
is not old enough to have obtained credit cards, bought a car/house, or much of
anything else.

Zigmond says he lied about his age because he thought he would get more
respect.  He thought that people would think he was a rodent if they knew he
was only 17 years old.

Daniel Zigmond received(s) quite a lot of prank phone calls, including a bomb
threat that brought the police to his house, and I ask everyone to stop.  He
tried to screw around with the phreak/hack community, but no damage was done.
Its time to leave him alone because ragging serves no purpose.

As for his article...only time will tell, but the general idea is that he made
that up too just so he could become involved with the phreak/hack community.

              Information Provided and Researched by Lucifer 666

Maxfield Strikes Again                                          August 20, 1986
----------------------                                          ---------------
Many of you probably remember a system known as "THE BOARD" in the Detroit 313
NPA.  The number was 313-592-4143 and the newuser password was
"HEL-N555,ELITE,3" (then return).  It was kind of unique because it was run off
of an HP2000 computer.

On the Private Sector BBS (Sponsored by 2600 Magazine), Bill From RNOC had
posted a list of numbers that were related to John Maxfield and while none of
the numbers were anything close to the bbs number listed above, Bill reminded
us that Maxfield was the proud owner of an HP2000 computer.

This started started several people (including Sally Ride:::Space Cadet and
myself) thinking that there might be a connection.  Using resources that I
cannot reveal, I was able to prove that "THE BOARD" was indeed a
Maxfield/BoardScan operation.  I also had learned that the BBS number itself
really had call forwarding to one of Maxfield's own numbers.  On August 15,
1986 I made this knowledge semi-public and warned Sally Ride:::Space Cadet and
Ax Murderer (who lives locally to Maxfield).  Unfortunately these warnings were
in vain because on August 20, 1986 the following messages were found and sent
to me by Sally Ride.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

                Welcome to MIKE WENDLAND'S I-TEAM sting board!
                   (Computer Services Provided By BOARDSCAN)
                             66 Megabytes Strong

                           300/1200 baud - 24 hours.

                      Three (3) lines = no busy signals!
                        Rotary hunting on 313-534-0400.

Board:   General Information & BBS's
Message: 41
Title:   YOU'VE BEEN HAD!!!
To:      ALL
From:    HIGH TECH
Posted:   8/20/86 @ 12.08 hours


You are now on THE BOARD, a "sting" BBS operated by MIKE WENDLAND of the
WDIV-TV I-Team.  The purpose?  To demonstrate and document the extent of
criminal and potentially illegal hacking and telephone fraud activity by the
so-called "hacking community."

Thanks for your cooperation.  In the past month and a half, we've received all
sorts of information from you implicating many of you to credit card fraud,
telephone billing fraud, vandalism, and possible break-ins to government or
public safety computers.  And the beauty of this is we have your posts, your
E-Mail and--- most importantly ---your REAL names and addresses.

What are we going to do with it?  Stay tuned to News 4.  I plan a special
series of reports about our experiences with THE BOARD, which saw users check
in from coast-to-coast and Canada, users ranging in age from 12 to 48.  For our
regular users, I have been known as High Tech, among other ID's.  John Maxfield
of Boardscan served as our consultant and provided the HP2000 that this "sting"
ran on.  Through call forwarding and other conveniences made possible by
telephone technology, the BBS operated remotely here in the Detroit area.

When will our reports be ready?  In a few weeks.  We now will be contacting
many of you directly, talking with law enforcement and security agents from
credit card companies and the telephone services.

It should be a hell of a series.  Thanks for your help.  And don't bother
trying any harassment.  Remember, we've got YOUR real names.

Mike Wendland
The I-team
WDIV, Detroit, MI.

Board:   General Information & BBS's
Message: 42
To:      ALL
Posted:   8/20/86 @ 12.54 hours

This is John Maxfield of Boardscan.  Welcome!  Please address all letter bombs
to Mike Wendland at WDIV-TV Detroit.  This board was his idea.

The Reaper (a.k.a. Cable Pair)

Board:   General Information & BBS's
Message: 43
To:      ALL
Posted:   8/20/86 @ 13.30 hours

Hey guys, he really had us for awhile.  For any of you who posted illegal shit,
I feel sorry for you.  I just can't wait to see his little news article.  Cable
Pair, do you have some sort of problem?  If you've noticed, just about
*everything* posted on this board is *legal*!!!  So fuck off!  You wanna get
nasty?  Well go ahead, call my house!  Threaten me!  HaHaHa, so what are you
gonna do, take me to court for calling a bbs?  Freedom of speech.  YOU lose!

Ax Murderer
Your guess is as good as mine as to what happens next.  For those of you who
are interested, Mike Wendland can be reached at WDIV-TV, 313-222-0444,
313-222-0540, 313-222-5000, 313-222-0532.

                            Information Provided by

      Ax Murderer/John Maxfield/Sally Ride:::Space Cadet/Knight Lightning
                    and the PWN Special Investigation Team
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Maxfield is in general pretty proud of his efforts with THE BOARD.  He says
that a lot of the people that he voice verified should have known it was him.
However, it is believed that he had a kid helping him do some of the

According to John F. Maxfield the only reason this sting board was done was to
show "What is currently happening in the phreak/hack community."   He said no
legal action will be taken at all, and besides, its fattened his "dossiers" on
a lot of people!

PWN Quicknotes
There is a bulletin board called Alpha Center in the 514 NPA (Canada) that is
being run by a guy named Mike Holmes who is writing a book on the personalities
of phreakers and hackers.  Mike will ask for your real name, address, phone
number and other things, but it is not completely required.   The board is 300
baud only.

The name of the book is reported to be "Phreak me out!" and it is supposed to
be "not about how to phreak or hack, but about hackers lives and their trials
and tribulations."   If you would like to find out more about this board or the
book before calling, either contact Attila the Hun or leave Mike Holmes a
message at his voice mailbox (214)733-5283.   For the general password contact
anyone of the below contributors, myself or Taran King.

                       Information Provided By (8/1/86)

                 Attila The Hun/Ryche/Sticky Fingers/The Pyro
People in foreign countries will soon be able to have the benefits of our
famous 800 (toll free) numbers.  In place of the 800 number, foreign callers
will dial 196. This will be followed by a unique prefix and the line number
from the company's domestic 800 service.

It would work like this: 196-NXX-XXXX.  AT&T will bill and record all these
calls.  This will give our overseas (and maybe Canada too) friends the
opportunity to take advantage of the US toll network.

            Information Provided By Sally Ride:::Space Cadet (8/1/86)
Mountain States Telephone and Pacific North West Bell are trialing work
stations to be used to allow operators to work from home via the personal
computer.  Mountain States Telephone has over 100 people in various occupations
working from home now, while Pacific North West has just built one entire
operating office equipped with IBMs and have several employees working remotely
using the same technology.

           Information Provided By Sally Ride:::Space Cadet (8/8/86)
Supposedly, Bug Byter, Soft Jock, Street Urchin, the Bandit, the Gray Elf,
Sea-Saw, and Quick Zipper have all were busted on August 5, 1986.  It has also
been reported that Street Urchin has to pay $7000 in restitution.

                Information Provided By Silent Assault (8/8/86)
A Commodore Hacker, Hackin Hank was busted for abusing MCI codes and had to pay
a $2000 phone bill.  He was caught after a person he called was called by MCI
Investigations.  This person got scared and told them everything he knew.

                   Information Provided By Red Baron (8/8/86)
The following two phreaks were sentenced about 2 months prior to the date.

MOB RULES, who was busted for MF Scanning that he had done 2 years previous,
got 90 days in jail, 360 hours of community service, and 5 years probation.

Video Vance has been given a flat 90 days in jail for being caught with 11
cases of dynamite.

            Information Provided By <S><C><A><N><M><A><N> (8/8/86)
There is a bulletin board in Australia with many users interested in learning
to phreak and hack.  They need experienced people to converse with.  Tell the
sysop that you are calling from America.  The number is 61-3-509-9611.

                  Information Provided By Mad Madness (8/14/86)
Shadow Hawk 1 was busted for hacking two RSTSs in Chicago.  They acquired all
of his printouts and disks with information on it. Info by Shadow Hawk 1.
The Prophet, formally of the PhoneLine Phantoms, was recently contacted by
authorities for as yet unknown reasons.  He has had his computer equipment
confiscated, but as of this writing he has not been formally charged.  And to
clear up the rumor, I did not have anything to do with it.

                Information Provided By Solid State (8/23/86)
Some notes about Night Stalker's bust here, I haven't really talked much to him
because his phone line is bugged, I could tell that much from all of the clicks
that I heard after he had hung up while I was still on the line.

Some of the reasons that he may have been busted were that credit Card numbers
were frequently posted on The Underground and two months ago a member of the
Underground called the White House with a bomb threat and was later visited by
the U.S. Secret Service.  They knew this person had used illegal extenders and
codes to make the call.  They inquired to where he obtained them and he told
them all about The Underground.

He is currently under surveillance, the Secret Service thinks he is
transferring funds and have been following him and taking pictures, especially
when he visited his bank.   That's about all I know...end of the investigation.

                     Information Provided By Night Stalker
In the last week of July, Cyclone II mistakenly was playing with a local VAX
and became a bit careless with his methods.  He was caught.  You may have
noticed that he hasn't been calling around for quite awhile.  He won't be until
this mess is cleared up, which should be in the near future.

His computer was confiscated, as well as all of his files, papers, notes, and
anything else the authorities could find that was illegal.  He is laying low
and would prefer not to receive too many calls.

                 Information Provided by Cyclone II (8/4/86)
For those of us that subscribe to Home Box Office (HBO), did any of you see the
HBO movie, Apology?   Well the movie was based on fact and being that Apology
can be accessed from a phone line I feel that it could be considered as
possibly having something to do with phreaking.   This Apology differs a little
from the movie, because with this one you can hear other people's Apology's as
well including the statements made from two phreaks in the Southern Bell area.

These two phone phreaks/hackers/credit carders/anarchists as they described
themselves apologized for all sorts of crimes including $200,000 phone bills to
their phone company, bomb threats to their school, and prank calls to Hong
Kong, Egypt, and London.   One of the phreaks identified themselves as "The
Cop."  Just thought you might be interested to know about it...-KL
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