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Current issue : #7 | Release date : 1986-09-25 | Editor : Taran King
Intro/IndexTaran King
Phrack Pro-Phile of Scan ManTaran King
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Hacking Chilton's CredimaticRyche
Hacking RSTS Part 1The Seker
How to Make TNTThe Radical Rocker
Trojan Horses in UnixShooting Shark
Phrack World News VI Part 1Knight Lightning
Phrack World News VI Part 2Knight Lightning
Phrack World News VI Part 3Knight Lightning
Title : Phrack World News VI Part 1
Author : Knight Lightning
                               ==Phrack Inc.==

                    Volume One, Issue 7, Phile 8 of 10

PWN                                                                         PWN
PWN                      *^=-> Phrack World News <-=^*                      PWN
PWN                                                                         PWN
PWN                             Issue VI/Part 1                             PWN
PWN                                                                         PWN
PWN                         Compiled and Written by                         PWN
PWN                                                                         PWN
PWN                            Knight Lightning                             PWN
PWN                                                                         PWN

Oryan QUEST Vs. Dan Pasquale                                      June 21, 1986
Yes, our buddy from the west coast is back in action, this time against Oryan
QUEST.  Oryan QUEST was busted on April 6, 1986 (See PWN Issue IV Part 2), for
hacking AT&T Mail, by the San Mateo Police Department and the FBI.  Because of
legal technicalities, the charges were dropped but, Oryan's computer was
confiscated and never returned.  He has since bought a new computer (IBM AT)
and is now back among us.

It is believed that someone (Dan Pasquale?) must have found Oryan's notebook
which contained his passwords on to bulletin boards around the country.  One
example of this is "The Radio Station Incident" (See PWN Issue IV Part 3) where
a fake Oryan QUEST wandered the BBS and when questioned as to his legitimacy
quickly dropped carrier.

Most recently Oryan QUEST has been getting job offers in computer security.  He
hasn't accepted any at this time.  Also he has been getting several calls from
Dan Pasquale.  Dan wants Oryan's help to bust any and all hackers/phreaks.  Dan
is very pissed these days because someone charged $1100.00 worth of Alliance
Teleconferences to his phone bill and now he wants revenge.  He has stated that
one of his main projects is to bust P-80, sysoped by Scan Man.  Dan Pasquale
says that Scan Man works for a long distance communications carrier.  I
personally think he has as much of a chance of busting P-80 Systems as a
snowball staying frozen in a microwave.

Lets face it, if John Maxfield and the other investigators haven't busted P-80
yet, they never will...let alone some little police sergeant in California.
Dan also added that he is going to "hose" Speed Demon Elite.  He claims that he
is already a member of SDE and that its only a matter of time before he takes
it down forever.  He also mentioned that he has placed a Dialed Number Recorder
(DNR) on Radical Rocker's phone lines.   Furthermore, it was learned that Dan
Pasquale managed to get an account on to The Underground, sysoped by Night
Stalker.  It is unknown as to if Dan has anything to do with Night Stalker's

Dan Pasquale also said, "I will bust these hackers any way I can!"  To really
understand what that statement means you would probably have to live in
California.  What Pasquale was referring to was moving violations.  If you (a
driver under 21) receive any type of moving violation, both your insurance
company and your parents are notified.  This raises your insurance rates and
gets you into trouble.  If you get two moving violations, kiss your license
goodbye for at least 2 years.

Radical Rocker having heard about Dan Pasquale's plans to destroy Speed Demon
Elite, went on a user purge and has destroyed any and all accounts that were
held by those that he did not know personally.   Speed Demon Elite is now a
private BBS and supposedly Radical Rocker has now cleared things up with Dan
            Information provided by Oryan QUEST and Radical Rocker

Marx and Tabas: The Full Story                                     July 1,1986
It all started with Cory Andrew Lindsly aka Mark Tabas, age 19.  He worked for
the Colorado Plastic Card Company and had access to the plastic cards that
credit cards were made with.  He had taken 1350 and stashed them away for later

His plan would have went perfectly if not for Steve Dahl.  He was busted in
Miami by the US Secret Service for whatever reasons.  They gave him a chance to
play ball.  Dahl had heard about Mark Tabas and Karl Marx's scheme and after
informing the Secret Service about this he was given an embossing machine.
Steve Dahl then flew to Denver and set up the meeting.  Mark Tabas lived in
Denver and wanted his friend James Price Salsman aka Karl Marx, age 18, to join
in on the fun.  So Marx flew down on a carded plane ticket that Tabas had
signed for.

The meeting took place in a room at the Denver Inn.  The room was bugged and 19
cards (Visa, MasterCard, and some blanks) were made from a possible 140 that
they had brought.  They decided to celebrate by ordering champagne on the card
of Cecil R. Downing.

A member of the Secret Service actually delivered the champagne to the room
disguised as a waiter.  Tabas signed for the drinks and the twosome were
nailed.  To make matters worse the SS also matched Tabas's signature with the
signature used to buy the carded plane ticket.
The sentencing goes like this:  Maximum: 10,000 dollars   (Local Law)
                                Maximum: 250,000          (Federal Law)
                                Maximum: 10 years in jail (both)

                       Or any combination of the three.

Both Tabas and Marx were let out on bail of five thousand dollars each.  The
actually charge is:  The manufacturing and possession of unauthorized access
devices.  The U.S. Magistrate Hilbert Schauer will be overhearing the case.

There is a rumor that charges on Salsman were dropped and that he is in no
trouble at all since he didn't actually buy the plane ticket, he was given it,
he didn't steal the cards, and he didn't emboss them.  So supposedly the Secret
Service let Marx go because he didn't know about the cards, he was just there
at the wrong time.

     Information Provided By The Denver Post and Sally Ride:::Space Cadet

The Saga Of Mad Hacker                                            July 15, 1986
Mad Hacker of 616 NPA 616 wrote a random Compuserve hacker because he was bored
and wanted something to do.  It ran constantly for about a week and was he
surprised when it came up with an account.  However he made the mistake of not
checking to see whose account it was, he used the SIG's (Special Interest
Group's) and ran up a bill slightly under $300.

About a month later he was living over at a friend's house and the owner of the
account showed up, who just happened to be a family friend of the people that
MH was staying with.  He asked both of them (the teenagers that is) if they
were using his account (they all had Compuserve accounts and the family knew
they were computer buddies).  Mad Hacker said no and truthfully meant it.

Now around July 1, 1986 the account owner turned the matter over to the
Kalamazoo Police Department since CIS (Compuserve) could not find anything out
beyond the dialup used to access the account.  The police called around to
everyone in the area ("everyone" meaning all the "real" hacks and phreaks, not
rodents who think they're bad because they use handles) including Thomas
Covenant and Double Helix.  Most of everyone instantly forgot that Mad Hacker
ever existed, but somehow they got a hold of the phone number where he was
staying (at the time he was staying at his girlfriend's house, he was not
living there before) and contacted the owner of the account and put out a
warrant for Mad Hacker's arrest.

As of now, Mad Hacker faces *FELONY* charges because of the large amount of the
bill.  The warrant for his arrest has been suspended, letting the account owner
to handle things in his own way.  The owner has confiscated all of Mad Hacker's
computer equipment (3 computers and hardware etc.) until the bill is completely
paid back.

Mad Hacker has progressed from merely delivering clever obscenities over the
fone to his adversary to actual vengeance.  One example in the planning stages
will be in the form of camping out in said account owner backyard (in a rural
area), hooking up to a junction box, and running the account owner's Long
Distance phone bill out of sight.

Mad Hacker is supposed to have a file on Junction Box Modeming coming soon, he
is currently borrowing a computer from a friend.

                    Information Provided by Thomas Covenant

Lock Lifter *Busted*                                               July 2, 1986
Lock Lifter was busted for hacking an MCI Vax.  he had downloaded a list of MCI
Calling Cards that he later abused and in return he received a *free* DNR on
his line for about 3 months.  He was also given a scare from MCI Investigations
(for unknown reasons) previous to his visit from law enforcement officers and
as such his BBS, The Black Chamber, was deleted and the userfiles were
destroyed, so there really isn't much to worry about from the user's

Lock Lifter had been making plans to take his board down anyway, so being
without The Black Chamber is just an adjustment we would have had to make
eventually regardless of Lock Lifters bust.

                            Information Provided By
                 Arthur Dent/Cyclone II/Kerrang Khan/The Seker
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Some notes from Cheap Shades:

"I was told by Arthur Dent that Lock Lifter did not have his computer anymore,
but someone using LL's password called my AE, Metal Shop AE (for which he had
lost his AE access but could still log on), and left me feedback in all caps
(not like LL would do) that said something like  PLEASE GIVE ME ACCESS TO THE
GO AE FUNCTION."  Arthur Dent has now confirmed that Lock Lifter did not make
the call in question and that there is definitely a fed or someone with Lock
Lifter's BBS passwords.  Sysops be warned.

Daniel Zigmond:  The Plot Thickens                                July 13, 1986
Daniel Zigmond appeared, for a short time, on Pirate-80.  Scan Man let him on
to make a statement and then shut him off the board.  It is now left to the
users to decide whether or not he should be allowed back on.

                    Information by Sally Ride:::Space Cadet

Some sources say that we are seeing "Whacko Cracko" syndrome, where the story
gets more and more bizarre as versions get modified.  Like TWCB, Zigmond
supposedly says one thing to one person and something different to the next,
depending on what he thinks they may want to hear.

The following information was found under in an anonymous post on an unspecific
bulletin board.  It would appear that someone performed a credit check on
Daniel Zigmond (with TRW) and came up with some very interesting results.

As many of you should know, TRW keeps records of all major transactions you
make, credit cards you have, house or car payments, bank accounts you own, your
job, and many other things.  Daniel Zigmond's TRW account is a little
different, it has been flagged and the information is not there.   What it does
show is that Daniel Zigmond holds the position of Staff Programmer at Carnegie
Mellon University, a technical school in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  It also
shows that he was born in 1959 and although it would appear that he is 27,
Daniel claims to be 26.  TRW lists his only bank account as being at the
Pittsburgh National Bank.

What this would mean is that Zigmond has never owned a car, never rented a car,
never owned or rented a house, never had a credit card, never made any major
transactions, and has only one bank account.

During teleconferences on July 15th and 16th, several members of the PhoneLine
Phantoms and myself questioned Zigmond about his TRW account and several other
things.  Zigmond claims to know nothing about why his account is like this and
up till we brought up the fact that he worked at CMU, he had been telling
people that he was a reporter only.

As far as his reasons for needing codes, passwords, etc...  He says its so his
boss (whomever it will be) will believe the story.  Why shouldn't he believe
it?  Haven't there been enough articles on hackers and phreakers in the past?
Its been in the news very often and I'm sure that everyone remembers the
Richard Sandza articles, "Night of The Hackers" and "Revenge of The Hackers"
from Newsweek Magazine.

Most recently Daniel Zigmond has been speaking with several members of the Neon
Knights and he has obtained an account on the BBS World's Grave Elite, which is
sysoped by Sir Gamelord, the Vice-President of the P.H.I.R.M.

All hackers and phreaks are welcome to call him to be interviewed, although I
advise against it.  Please do not call up to rag on him because it is
pointless.  One example happened during the 2nd conference when someone called
on Danny's other line.  They said "did we wake you up?"  Danny said "no" and
then they hung up.

                    Information Provided By Daniel Zigmond

TeleComputist; Subscribe Now!                                     July 25, 1986
From:  Forest Ranger and TeleComputist staff,
To:  You!

TeleComputist has had a very positive response up to this time and we have
received many requests for the free sample issue and now it is time to

For the sample free issue please self addressed stamped envelope with 39 cents
postage to: TeleComputist Newsletter P.O. Box 2003 Florissant, Mo. 63032

Also, please send subscriptions to the same address.  The subscription fee for
the newsletter will be twelve dollars a year, fifty cents for back issues.
This is a monthly circulation and we encourage letters.

                  Information Provided by Telecomputist Staff

                  Telecomputist Newsletter/BBS (314)921-7938

[KL's notes:  Both Taran King and I have seen the first issue and it is damn
good.  This is NOT a scam, we know the TeleComputist Staff personally and they
will NOT rip you off.  The newsletter itself is of fine quality both in its
print and content.  The sample issue was merely a shadow of the upcoming issues
and it will continue to get better as time goes on. It is definitely worth the
twelve dollars for the year subscription.]
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