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Current issue : #54 | Release date : 1998-12-25 | Editor : route
IntroductionPhrack Staff
Phrack LoopbackPhrack Staff
Phrack Line Noisevarious
Phrack Prophile on the parmasterPhrack Staff
Linux and Random Source Bleachingphunda mental
Hardening OpenBSD for Multiuser Environmentsroute
Scavenging Connections On Dynamic-IP NetworksSeth McGann
NT Web Technology Vulnerabilitiesrfp
Remote OS detection via TCP/IP Stack FingerprintingFyodor
Defeating Sniffers and Intrusion Detection Systemshorizon
Phrack World Newsdisorder
extract.cPhrack Staff
Title : Phrack Prophile on the parmaster
Author : Phrack Staff
----[  Phrack Magazine  Volume 8, Issue 54 Dec 25th, 1998, article 04 of 12

-------------------------[  P H R A C K     5 4     P R O P H I L E

-----------------[  Personal

              Handle: ParMaster
            Call him: Ishmael?  SHALL WE PLAY A GAME?
           Reach him: Through the grapevine
        Past handles: Trouble Verify, Immediate Lee, Bad Karma, Thoth,
                      Optomystic, (The) Omicron
       Handle origin: (Quote from Underground page #104) "Par had got his full
                      name  -The Parmaster- in his earliest hacking days.
                      Back then, he belonged to a group of teenagers involved
                      in breaking the copy protections on software programs
                      for Apple IIe's, particularly games.  Par had a
                      special gift for working out the copy protection
                      parameters, which was a first step in bypassing the
                      manufacturers' protection schemes.  The ringleader
                      [sc0tch] of the group [Jedi Hackers] began calling
                      him 'the master of parameters' -The ParMaster- Par,
                      for short.  As he moved into serious hacking and
                      developed his expertise in X.25 networks, he kept the
                      name because it fitted nicely in his new environment.
                      'Par' was a common command on an X.25 pad, the modem
                      gateway to an X.25 network."
       Date of birth: NOT January 15th!
 Age at current date: 27
              Height: 5'11"
              Weight: 202 lbs
           Eye color: Brown
          Hair color: Brown (Blonde highlights)
           Computers: Dell 320n 386 laptop, Walkabout vt100 terminal with
                      built-in 2400 baud modem.
   Sysop/Co-Sysop of: DarkF0RCE  
            Admin of: [Withheld]
                URLs: http://altavista.digital.com  - search - "parmaster" - 
                      - submit - read.

----------------[  Favorite things 

               Women: Blondes with blue / green eyes.  Chicks in skimpy clothes 
                      with accents.
                Cars: Ferrari and Porsche clubs :-), anything with a jet 
                      engine on it.
               Foods: Chinese, got to have my chinese food. Calamari, Duck, 
                      Quail, most seafood. 
             Alcohol: Now, we're talkin'. Jim Beam, Jack Daniels, Crown Royal, 
                      Jose Cuervo / Dos Realis, and last but certainly not
                      least Finlandia!
               Music: The The, The Dickies, Underworld, Kraftwerk, Chemical
                      Brothers, Crystal Method, El Dubarge, CCCP.
              Movies: They Live, A fish called wanda, 13 Monkees, Little
                      Trouble in Big China, 5th Elemental, True Lies,
                      Killer Klowns from Outer Space, Eraser, Under
                      Siege, Tetsuo Ironman, WarGames, and Sneakers.  
             Authors: Immanuel Velikovsky, Piers Anthony, Terry Brooks, James
                      Gardner, J.R.R. Tolkien and please forgive me for
                      anyone i'm missing.  
            Turn Ons: Traveling in my mind with someone i love.
            Turn Offs: Pain, agony, hurting and torture.

----------------[  Passions

I enjoy scrying the future and doing the great work.  This is a very difficult
thing to describe in itself.  Some of you who know me well enough can see it
every once in a while.  I'm no artist, but i attempt to do it and sometimes it
expresses itself in artistic ways.

I love hanging out with my friends, sometimes i need to be alone, but time
i spend with my friends is always special.

----------------[  Memorable experiences

When the US Secret Service raided me in 1991 and took all my stuff (the 3rd
time) including the credit reports of the President (iffie) and Vice President
(definitely) of the United States of America.  I was in jail in New York
waiting for transport, and was never really threatened or hurt, except once
and it was a major incident for me but i don't think it was influenced by

When i did an interview for Coast Weekly Magazine in Monterey County in
1993, after this issue came out things really fell apart for me, people
started being really mean and really dangerous people started doing really
harmful things around me.  This article was my one 'play article'.  I
mentioned a lot of stuff that was currently going on, including the Clinton
Administration's use and promotion of the new Clipper Chip device.. I wonder
why the guys who did a play article for the San Jose Mercury News didn't
receive the same treatment.  My relatives always told me life isn't fair,
until this time i had plenty of reasons to beleieve that but never did.
Incidents following this made me really question how the United States was
changing.  It especially made me question who is running the world nowadays
and who they made a decision to hire under them to work in various agencies.
Everything just seemed to have more style before.  However, there are also a
lot of cool things with style brought about by this, which may be worth the
hardships in their value.

Using sprite to send an out of bounds packet to port 139 of trv-psitech.com,
the server was down for a little bit, a day or two.  The error it responded
with, "Parameter not found".

Creating IRAQ-DEFENSE password PARMASTERG0TTHEM! on tymnet while i was "in".
I'm not sure what effect this had during the time i had set it up during
Operation Desert Shield.  I put it out into the computer underground globally
promoting it as an iraqi system i had found.  What effect this may have had
during that time i still do not know.  Logically all i can assume is that it
managed to put a lot of hackers who tried it, in one place at the time when
they connected to it.  As well as promote and possibly move them toward being
aware of any enemy computers they may have hacked.  Indeed, on the boards
i was confronted about it... Specifically by Crimson Death who stated in the
posts that it was, in fact, not an iraqi system at all.  Interestingly enough
in following posts people responded *WITH* actual network addresses and
hosts of iraqi systems.  Too bad at the time all communications were cut.
Most certainly, their access to the outside worlds computers was at least
partially if not totally through Bahrain.  Every once in a while i would
periodically check on tymnet's bahrain gateway and monitor traffic there.
For those of you who wonder why i did this, i don't know... I can honestly say
I wasn't in conscious control of what i was doing.  I have some theories about
why, some include a higher power others include some pretty crazy stuff like
mind control.  I'm leaning somewhat towards the latter because i had some
severe memory problems.  I could not remember anything about this until I
was on a phone interview with Joshua Quittner for the Masters of Deception
book, why at that time I recalled it i do not know.  I do know that prior
to this time in searching through my memory fervently that I had not
previously at any other time after 1990 thought about or recollected my
actions then.  The only thing i remembered was creating ParMasterX75 nui
Password par=tymnet gawd! and that was because the account I had used to
make IRAQ-DEFENSE had mysteriously changed its properties and now was
connected to place calls on the global data network.  Prior to that it had
only been able to connect to the select hosts of the WEFA group, its rightful
owner.  I only became aware of this because of Corrupt [MOD] pointing out that
I should list out what accounts were active. .. i then saw that he had created
an account which could be used to place data calls.  John apparently did
not know that the properties of the account's access had changed and that
it did not have access to do things like that before, if he did he was not
offering that knowledge, or even better he may have changed it :-).


----------------[  Boards to mention

The board that Mr. Zod set up on the 202 sprintnet system owned by AFOSI and
used to train them on how to catch computer hackers *GUFFAW*, my I wonder
if they ever found out?  Weren't we why they called it that?  ROFLMFAO

DarkF0RCE, I wonder whatever happened to Derek..  One Man Army..  Hmm, like
people are posting these PC Pursuit codes on our board, i wonder where
they came from?  Phear P0STMASTER's ACOS skills.  ROFLMFAO

Pegasus, this BBS run on a VAX in switzerland ended up turning out to be part
of a sting operation involving law enforcement in europe....  Why do all these
k-k00l codes still work tho?

Unphamiliar Territories, invalid media's board.  Managed to collect together
quite a few people with talent as well as some really stupid asshole narks.
Can anyone say PMF?

Bullet, wherever it is...  There you are.

BlackNET, so much has been said about this one in circles its not funny.  No
one knows where it is or how to connect to it? I wonder why...  I'm confused.

Fuck QSD Channel.

Sectec, this board was always an old stand-by for me when the internet was
taking off..  Now boards with discussions on packet switched nets like it
aren't around.  Or, if they are they are hidden and not openly promoting
themselves.  Most likely, they are somewhere on the internet...It's probably
just me... but i don't trust the internet...  at all.

ALTGER, altos computer systems munich.... i know far too many people from this
board in real life now.  12 years ago I never would have thought that this
would occur or feasibly see how this would happen.  It's still mind-boggling
to me.  Old skool Apple warez crew: Blue Adept [213], Ubiquitous Hacker,
Hollywood, Vampire, Pirette.  Others: Piper, Dr. Who, Shatter, Theorem, Nora,
and Nasa Pilot.

ALTHH, altos computer systems hamburg (later Markt and Technic... tchh), same
as altger but I spent MUCH MUCH more time here.  I think this is where I got
the magic.  THE crew: Floyd, TTM, Necrovore-Skyhook-backlash-LineShadow-
TouchTone [Xtension], jumpingjackflash, Lutz Pelikan, camelot, pad-gandalf-
fusion-power-etc [8LGM], Force-Phoenix-Nom-etc [The Realm], anthrax, there
are too many people to list here forgive me if I left you out.  You know
who you are. 

The Phoenix Project, what a cool place, where else could I tease Sandy
Sandquist about FTS.

Illuminati BBS, my account was short lived and i logged in maybe twice.  But
where else could i see the latest on AD&D games with, The Mentor, Erik
Bloodaxe, etc.

The initial r00t homepage, boy was this a funny joke.  Wait, i'm at a con
and now its all real and there's like 40 people here.  These people are
smart and make lots of money. Hosaka and T3...  You could not have known it
would turn into this.  r00t people who kick ass: Number one for all time -
glyph a.k.a necrovore, alhambra, oghost, redragon [tacobell.com], and daemon9.
Ripco, well I wasn't on here a lot but it played such an important part in the
computer underground over the years i have to at least mention it.  It must
have also been my first exposure to l0ck.  Tons of other people here, this
place kept lots of Text files circulating in the underground that might
have otherwise been lost.

----------------[  Quotes

"I didn't mean for your daddy to spooge all over the minnie mouse pillow on
your bed, it wasn't my fault, i told him he could cum in my ass" -- Vamprella

"No." -- Agent Steal
"Remember when i did that class change for you?" -- U4EA

"How did you know i was gonna say that about butter?" -- Nirva

 "I got approval from Uli to start Chaos Computer Club West, want to be in
it?" -- Doc Holiday

"Bilbo Baggins, how are youuuuuu" -- Torquemada

----------------[  The future of the computer underground

The future?  Hmm.  Am I the guy to ask?  Maybe.  Things have changed a lot,
the only thing constant is change.  It seems there is less chivalry nowadays.
The government and corporations painted a picture of us.  That picture is
not a pretty one.  They even have a general psychiatric profile we are all
supposed to fall into.  Movies, like "Hackers" portray us a certain way
also.  Kids just starting out, see this and immediately it becomes the way
the underground is.  The Masters of Deception also promoted this image of
the Computer Underground.  We end up fighting ourselves more than working
together to accomplish goals.  I remember a time when things weren't like
that.  There was very little confrontation between hackers, and information
flowed freely.  If you ask me, its all a big conspiracy :-).  A big conspiracy
to keep hackers seperated and fighting among themselves.  People like to talk
to me about the good old days.  Thats all well and good, but those days are
over.  There can still be another golden age in the Computer Underground.
The only thing stopping it, is you.

----[  EOF
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