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Current issue : #53 | Release date : 1998-08-07 | Editor : route
IntroductionPhrack Staff
Phrack LoopbackPhrack Staff
Line Noisevarious
Phrack Prophile on GlyphPhrack Staff
An Overview of Internet Routingkrnl
T/TCP Vulnerabilitiesroute
A Stealthy Windows Keyloggermarkj8
Linux Trusted Path Execution reduxK. Baranowski
Hacking in Forthmudge
Interface Promiscuity Obscurityapk
Watcher, NIDS for the masseshacklab
The Crumbling TunnelAleph1
Port Scan Detection ToolsSolar Designer
Phrack World Newsdisorder
extract.cPhrack Staff
Title : Phrack Loopback
Author : Phrack Staff
---[  Phrack Magazine   Volume 8, Issue 53 July 8, 1998, article 02 of 15

-------------------------[  P H R A C K     53     L O O P B A C K

--------[  Phrack Staff

[ Ed. note:  The letters are perhaps editted for format, but generally not for
  grammar and/or spelling.  I try not to correct the vernacular, as it often
  adds a colorful perspective to the letter in question. ]


[ P52-02@0xd: ... Something you've mailed to a whiley bunch... ]
I couldn't help but notice your use of "whiley" rather than the more common
English word "wily" in the above-quoted paragraph. In the future, take the
time to grammar and spell check your replies to minimize the emotional
damage you are bound to suffer.                                       
    --Bob Stratton

    [ WHOA!  My bad.  Strat has caught me with my proverbial pants around my
      proverbial ankles.  Further evidence towards me - not - being
      omnisicient argument (although I still believe this to be conjecture). ]

P.S. Thanks for the sensible code-formatting discussion. Your style sounds
a lot like that which kept me sane back when I earned my living writing
code.  The enlightened person's answer, of course, is to use an Emacs minor
mode, and to let the editor do the work while one types. Emacs is also the
answer to the Windoze 95 junkie looking for something with which to read
Phrack. Works for me.

    [ Amen.  Except for the emacs part.  pico with regexp or vim 5.0 with
      syntax highlighting is the way to go. ]


[ P52-09: On the Morality of Phreaking ]

Dear Phrack,

I am not a hacker nor a hacker wannabe, so I had only the most passing
acquaintance with your publication.  However, today by chance I came across
this article in your January 26 issue.

I am impressed. I did my MA in philosophy, and I was quite nonplussed to see
such a lucid and philosophical point of view in what is, to my understanding,
a very specialized publication not typically devoted to philosophy.  Though my
areas of interest were mainly Nietzsche and Deleuze, I found your summary of
both Mill and Kant to be accurate and well-applied.  Kudos, you obviously have
some very intelligent people on staff, whose talents are not limited to your
own area of expertise.

Yours respectfully,
Sean Saraq

    [ High praise indeed!  Thank you for the compliments.  It's good to see
      we're read in communities other then that of our target demographic. ]


I can't believe you included article 12 in Phrack 50.  Is Phrack really
getting so sad? Have you really got nothing better to publish than
regurgitated crypto babble?

    [ Despite what you may think, we are not sad.  The phrack compound is
      imbibed with much conviviality and festivity.  Why, every Friday is
      `punch a mime day`.  We hire a mime to come down to the office and we
      all take turns punching him in the face. ]

Cheers, Chris (XORed that's Fghyud)    

    [ That's not a very good XOR implementation you have there.  It appears
      an extraneous character has been inserted.  Check your pad or the stream
      cipher.  Or perhaps check your other regurgitated crypto babble for more
      info. ]


For those readers interested in "Piercing Firewalls" (Phrack Issue 52)
take a look at datapipe.c available at www.rootshell.com. I can't think
of any way to make it work with X, like tunnel/portal, but it works fine
with telnet and nothing needs to be running outside the firewall.

ziro antagonist

    [ Noted. ]


Okay, enough nagging about the Milla pics!

The one thing everyone reading Phrack wants to know is:
When will you publish nude pictures of dangergrl ???

    [ When your mom gives them back. ]

Yours Sincerely,
-anonymous. (i get kicked from #hack enuf as it is already :)  

    [ What a suprise. ]


While the Juggernaut program is interesting, I've found that its model for
session stealing is a tad limited.  There are two issues, one of which I've
dealt with.  First issue is the one packet read, one packet written paradigm.
It really should allow separate threads for read/write to avoid getting
easily out of synch.  This I've not dealt with, but it is understandable given
the second, the ACK storms it creates.

    [ Juggernaut 1.x is very primitive in many ways.  Juggernaut++, the next
      generation juggernaut,  has been mostly redesigned from the ground up
      with a 90% new code base.  It has many things the previous versions
      lacked, including: a much better interface, threading for concurency,
      portability, effcicieny mods, and many bugfixes. ]

The ACK storms can be avoided with an ARP attack (or possibly an ICMP
redirect).  Send an ARP message to the source of the connection you're
stealing (an ARP reply) which tells it that the ethernet address of the
machine it's talking to (the destination machine, which you want to talk to
instead) is something "off in space" like 2:3:4:5:6:7 instead of the real
address.  This needs to be done fairly often, should be started immediately
before you start your hijack attack.

    [ Indeed.  As long the host will accept and cache unsolicited ARP
      responses, this will work. ]

The result is that the machine you are intercepting becomes unable to talk to
the destination and won't desynch the session, and traffic goes to practically
nothing.  After you stop, the ARP table will shortly expire and be updated
with correct information, so the attack will either appear as a network
glitch, or you'll get alerted (NT will alert) that an IP address conflict
exists (but tell nothing about what the conflict is with).  Moreover, an ARP
reply will escape the notice of many network monitoring programs.

    [ Something like this has in fact been implemented in juggernaut++...
      And, just to answer the burning question I get asked so often, NO, J++
      is NOT publically available. ]

I have sent the code to the original author of Juggernaut (being inclined to
share knowledge) and wanted to alert you.

    [ The original author of juggernaut and I are pretty close.  I'll be shure
      to check with him. ]

Hi!  My name is StiN.  

    [ Mine's route. ]

I'm from Russia.
    [ I'm from the U.S. ]

Sorry for my bad English.

    [ Sorry for my bad russian, comrade. ]

I Have a friend His name is Armany.

    [ I have a friend named Gilgamesh. ]

Where do you live?

    [ I live in a small one bedroom aprartment with four cats. ]

How old are you?

    [ 19. ]

What's yore name?

    [ We already went over this. ]

What's yore Hobby?

    [ Volunteering for free medical tests of any variety. ]

Do you knew Russia?

    [ I KNEW RUSSIA BACK IN THE GOOD OLE' DAYS!  Back before the collapse. ]

Good Bay.

    [ Bad Bay:  Bay of Pigs.  Good bay: Bay of jello. ]


Hola, soy Omar

Soy un fantico de su revista, la sigo desde la phrack 48.
No soy un hacker, phreaker, o cualquier cosa, soy ms un fantico de las
malditas mquinas.
Muy buenos artculos; gracias por las cosas de LINUX (me fueron de mucha

Suerte y sigan as.
Saludos de Uruguay. South Amrica.

    [ Yo quiero taco bell. ]



where can i find the source code for the legendary internet worm by
morris (1988) ?

thanx (i hope u dudez can help me :( )

    [ ftp://idea.sec.dsi.unimi.it/pub/crypt/code/worm_src.tar.gz ]


My friends were going to a basketball game at their gay school (Grades

    [ Wow, they have gay schools now?  Do they videotape you jerking off
      and looking completely gay and stupid?  (http://www.leisuretown.com) ]

pre-school through 8th grade). They were wearing their wallet chains,
not causing any harm with them. (It was an after school activity) the

    [ As opposed to those people who have the wallet-chain/morning-stars.
      They are the ones who cause all that wallet-chain inflicted harm. ]

teachers made them take them off. My friend, Krazy K, asked if he could

    [ Krazy K?  Any relation to Daft D? ]

take off the chain and keep the wallet, but they made him give them the
whole thing. He thought it was funny, though, especially since he had
condomes in it (It is a "christian" school). Not that he was going to

    [ Condomes!  The condom that's a tent! ]

use them. They of course being the nosy bastards that they are, rummaged
around in it to their liking and found them. (We know because they
talked to him about it. 

    [ Good detective work. ]

He told them it was a joke he was going to do to his friend. "I was going to
put it in his locker" He said.)      

    [ Now *that's* good humor. ]

I was wondering about the legality of this whole thing. Is it legal

    [ Perhaps you should wonder about the stupidity of the whole thing first,
      then work your way towards relevance, and then back to stupidity again. ]

to take someones wallet and chain (Which I consider personal property)
when it is an after school activity and then look through it? They gave

    [ *shrug*  Sure is fun though, isn't it?  Actually, I don't know the laws
      and regulations of gay schools.  It just might be allowed. ]

him no alternative (but to go home, and, "Oh by the way, you can't use
the phone"). Then to search through the wallet without permission of the
owner? I am asking because, I would like to get them in trouble, In
retaliation to the many times I've been screwed there (I go to high

    [ Been screwed at the gay school?  Hmm.  Did you have any condomes? ]

school now, thank God). If you could tell me, or know of someone who
knows, then that would help us.   


Abs0lute Zer0
    [ You can say that again. ]


Dear Editor,

I would like to take a chance to give my most sincere thanks for
resurrecting my uttermost respect to the humanity (so often shattered by
politicians and other freaks) by providing me a unique opportunity to
immerse myself into the deep wisdom and magic of written word found in the
Line Noise section.  This is truly the place where one can look for (with a
sense of deep confidence) a genuine proof that every person is a genius on
the inside.

    [ Well thank you very much.  Although I think you are refering to
      loopback. ]

Driven by this wonderful feeling of replenished hope and respect, I'd like
to answer a cry for help from a young but talented Hacker Demonhawk, who
expressed a wish to "blow shit up!!".  I used to be a chemist, and I would

    [ Ummm... ]

like to share, in the spirit of the magazine, my knowledge and provide easy,
quick instructions for young fighting souls that would assist them in the
aforementioned noble cause.  In other words, how to build a bomb.

    [ Whoops.  You just lost me there. ]

    { rest of message truncated due to overwhelming levels of inanity ... }


where would one go to get "private" hacker help?

    [ In the back where they give the lapdances. ]


sorry to bother ya...
i was hoping maybe you could give me some info.  don't take me for a complete

    [ Uh oh. ]

i just don't know much about this kind of stuff.
maybe u could get me started... give a few tips???

    [ Sure.  Never kiss on the first date.  Always pack an extra pair of
      socks AND underwear.  Never put electrity in your mouth 'just to see
      what would happen'.  Also, if you happen to find yourself in the
      position, always at least *ask* to give someone the reach-around; it's
      common courtesy. ]


My name is Robert  I guess you could call me a beginner hacker I I was
wondering if you could please help me out I need some hacking numbers and

    [ Ok.  7, 9, 11, 43, and 834. ]

passwords just so I can  play around on them and get good. Also if you have

    [ Sure.  Try `password`, `hacker12`, `pickle`, and  `love`. ]

any files or anything that you think that would be helpful to me please attach
    [ Alright, /dev/random is a good one to start with. ]

or tell me where I can get them. I just bought the book Secerts Of A Super
Hacker  By Knightmare is that any good if there is any books I should get

    [ Ah yes, the book of the truly desperate and depraved.  As was said once
      before by Voayger, Knightmare's biggest hack was getting that book
      actually published. ]

please tell me or if you have any text please send. I am running windows 95

    [ Can you put Windows 95 in your mouth?  NO!  Such is Mango! ]

Thanks For Ur Time


Dear Sir
I like you hacker people because you made life easy
to a lot of people

    [ Especially the makers of fine Bavarian shoe-horns. ]

I want to ask you an important question to me
When connecting to Internet, I found that some sites inform me with my ISP IP#

So if they're any possibility that any site can track me
and identify the following
1-what country I came from?

    [ Well; if you're dialing up to your ISP, and connecting to 'sites' from
      there, that would be a one hop jump out to the world.  And yes; they
      could find out what country you're coming from, unless you're dialed
      into a provider in another country.  In which case; it might be a little
      more difficult.  The other tipoff is when you scan in your birth
      certificate and put it up on your webpage along side your current
      address and a head shot.

      That's a 'no-no'. ]

2-what is my phone number?  

    [ Are you asking us if we know your number?  Or if someone can find your
      number when you connect to their machine and they know your IP address?
      I'm confused, so I'll answer the question both ways.

      A-1: No. We don't know your number, and we don't want it.  While we're
      at it. We don't want to make out with you either. Quit sending us the
      flowers. It's over this time once and for all.

      A-2: If you did something that would incite someone to try to find your
      phone number; odds are if it was an illegal action your ISP would gladly
      hand your information to the first law enforcement person who walked
      through the door.  Or for that matter, anyone who asks nicely.  ISPs
      aren't exactly known for being well guarded vaults of information. ]

Globally can any site by coordination with my ISP track me and catch me?

     [ Ever hear of Kevin Mitnick? ]

Please provide me with a full answer quickly.

    [ Do people not realize this is a quarterly magazine?  Quick for us is
      3 months.  If you've done something stupid and gotten busted; our
      sincerest apologies for being late. Next time we'll drop what we're
      doing and get right to it. ]


I am a Indiana University student currently studying Criminal Justice.  I am
trying to gather data and find information concerning computer hacking and
governmental and/or corporate involvement.  The twist that I am persuing
concerns a rumor that I had heard.  I was told that when some computer
hackers were caught, they were recruited by the government and/or
corporations to work in their security department. Usually where there is a
rumor, there is some truth to the matter, especially when concerning the
department of defense.  I don't know if you could help me find information
concerning this issue.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

                                                        Jason Sturgeon

    [ Well...  We at Phrack haven't heard anything about the DoD hiring
      'hackers', it's been our understanding that the government at least
      prefers straight laced guys with military background to handle their
      stuff.  Although it's not out of the realms of possibility that they've
      hired 'hackers', if it's happened it's of rare occurance, and those
      individuals who fit the title of 'hacker' probably don't conform to your
      definition of what a 'hacker' really is..

     Corporations and The Government for the most part tend to shy away from
     'hackers', if merely for the stigma of being a 'hacker'.  But as a
     stereotype, hackers conjur up all sorts of bad mental images for
     respectable management types.  We're sure it's happened to some capacity,
     but we have no witty anticdotes concerning it. ]


Hello there

I have heard there are some risks using callback modems.
Can you give me some more info on this, or info where to look

    [ Risks of callback modems are fairly simple.  The problems involved with
      them are a little bit more complex.  We'll discuss both in an effort to
      best cover this subject.  The overall fundamental flaw of callback
      modems is the idea that you could 'fake' a hang-up on your end, or play
      a dialtone in an effort to fool the modem into thinking it hung up.  Then
      you wait for it to dial the number, and once it's done, 'ATA' your modem
      and pick up the carrier.

      We ourselves have tested this a couple times with moderate success, it's
      not 100% accurate, and it also depends on the hardware on the remote

      If the call-back information is based of ANI, that could provide more
      problems, since the Phrack staff has heard the rumor that you can fake
      ANI with certian types of ISDN set-ups.

      The two types of callback modem configurations, one being a program that
      acts as a frontend to the dialing mechanism, the other being hardware

      Such as, you dial in to the modem, the program asks you to authenticate
      yourself by some means, you do so; it hangs up and calls the number
      that's paired with your authenication information.  This isn't so bad,
      but if anyone remembers back when certian BBSs had callback that you
      could enter, you could make them call arbitrary phone numbers by putting
      in a fake number if their door was misconfigured.

      As far as hardware based call-back, whence you program the passwords and
      numbers into the modem and it deals with the whole transaction,
      introduces a scalability issue as well as the fact that the modem has no
      means to log on it's own, etc.. etc.. etc.

      If any readers wish to write an article based on this subject you are
      urged to write it and send it in.  It'd be nice to see some more solid
      information on this subject.

      As well; if any companies wish to send us modems, we urge you to send us
      some modems so we can put them up against a battery of hacker tested and
      hacker approved tests. ]


I would like to know about cellular phones....how to find out secret
pin, how to listen to calls etc....

    [ I would like to know more about marshmellows. How they're planted, the
      way they're picked in the spring time as they blossom from the little
      tiny buds you get in 'Swiss Miss Hot Coco', to the fat chewey vessles of
      taste and excitment that they are at full maturity.

      I would like to find out the secrets of gravity, as well as a good solid
      reason why the universe keeps 'expanding' -- without any of that "just
      because" rhetoric that seems to dominate the subject. ]

If You need the cellular make I'll be obliged to give it to you....       

    [ Wow.  You'll give us your phone just so we can look at it?  Send us your
      home address and we'll send you a S.A.S.E to mail it back to us in. ]

Thanks. Anthony.

    [ No. Thank _you_ your generosity Anthony! ]


Not wishing to sound like a playboy forum article but I have read phrack for

    [ Already my interest is waning... ]

quite a while and have only seen cause to write now.
I commend you on your editorial on C programming style.  The sooner we get out

    [ And I commend you on your commendation.  +100 points. ]

there and club to death those people that use single space indentation the

I do however have three main points to disagree with you on.

1. Write as many comments as you can.  You may need to remember what it
was you where coding AFTER copious amounts of recriational drugs.

    [ Nah.  You don't want to get out of hand with the commenting.  You end
      up commenting needlessly and redundancy abounds.  And if you can't read
      your own code, kill yourself.  -100 points. ]

2. Put your own varaibles with uppercase first letters (to distinguish them 
from sys vars)

    [ `sys vars`?  What like argc, argv or errno?  This is a ridiculous
      suggestion.  It makes your code ugly and harder to parse.  I award you
      no points. ]

3. In reference to your comment

    "In the grand scheme of things, none are really
     any more correct than any others, except mine."

It must be said that this is completely wrong.  The only point that counts
is in fact mine.

    [ Not when it's in my magazine.  With a final score of 0, you lose. ]

andrewm at quicknet dot com dot au

    [ Cute. ]


Dear Guys,

First off, I'd like to say that I am ever more impressed with the quality
of each successive issue of Phrack.

    [ Danke. ]

The reason for this mail it to respond to the request made by N0_eCH0 in
Ireland in issue 52. Myself and a few friends are happy to help this guy
out if we can. I'm afraid that we're no great sources of knowledge, but
are willing to have a crack at most things.

Anyway, if you can pass this on, as there was no e-mail address for
N0_eCH0, I'd be much obliged. Keep up the excellent work, I look forward
to issue 53 !


    [ There you go. ]


To whom it may concern:

I was wonder how I can read someone dir and take over their
account the kernal is 2.0.0. How could I hack into the system
without having a passwd!!

    [ I assume you mean Linux.  `LILO: linux init=/bin/sh`.  Oh, and you need
      console access.  Good luck. ]




[ P52-19@0x2: Statement of Louis J. Freeh, Director F.B.I... ]


    I would like to say that the article, published as P52-19 is without
a doubt one of the most frightening threats to our freedom that man has
ever seen.

the article is:
"The Impact of Encryption
                                                 on Public Safety

                              Statement of Louis J. Freeh, Director
                                Federal Bureau of Investigation"

    This article basically states that Americans should have now
personal communication rights whatsoever.  The Director of the FBI
practically states that strong encryption should be banned from the
public, because he wants law enforcement officers to be able to read all
of our mail.  He says that this would be for reasons of terrorists and
criminals, but fails to state that the security of the average American
would be compromised. Due to his proposal that  you would have to
forfeit your key to government officials, and that these keys would only
be used "for the immediate decryption of criminal-related encrypted
communications or electronic information.".  Or maybe this way the
government can just intrecept all of your communications.
    My main objection to this is the irrelevancy that this would have to
the general public.  According to US law, the US Postal Service is the
ultimate form of private security.  The average American should be able
to send a letter to anywhere in the world, and it should be completely
safe.  And what more can you send with encrypted email? A program, but
you can do that with a disk in a letter.  So whats stopping these
terrorists from hopping on down to the Post Office?
    Another problem with this proposal is that encrypted information is
more used to protect your information from other parties then the
government.  I can guarantee that the average Joe living down the street
is encrypting his love letter to his mistress Jane so that his wife
doesn't see int, not so that some lazy, fat, government "official"
doesn't see it.  Most people use this technology for much more practical
usage than the deception of the government.  We use it because of the
millions of people on the Net, and perhapse we don't want those millions
to see every little thing about our personal lives.
    And finally, why should the government be able to restrict our right
to gather peacefully?  With technology moving so fast, i think that it
is reasonable to assume that the Internet is a gathering place? We have
all of the means of normal communication and more.  Chat rooms, email,
and programs like Mirabilis's ICQ allow us to communicate on a whole new
    In light of all of this, i hope you share my opinions now about the
loss of freedom that this would represent.  Thank you.



I am a little sysadm on a little Linux-Server on the net.

    [ I have little interest in those details. ]

I am searching for documents about System Security under Linux/UNIX
just to be up-to-date :) Thank you for your help.

    [ http://www.redhat.com/linux-info/security/linux-security/ ]

And btw...I have parts of the /etc/shadow file from my ISP...what
can I do with this? Can I just run crack over it?

    [ Well now, that all depends on what parts you have, doesn't it...?
      If you have the encrypted hashes, then you're in business. ]

And, btw: Not all germans hate americans...I am german and I
don't hate americans... and my generation has nothing to do with
the WWII...

    [ Oh, I think you do.  I am relatively certian that, somewhere deep
      down, you dislike us.  You couldn't take a shellacking like you did
      in WWII (not to mention spaetzle) and *not* feel some sort of
      resentment.  It's ok.  Embrace your malevolent feelings.  Hug them.
      C'mon!  Once you've done that, you can dissolve them.  I admonish you to
      TURN THAT FROWN UPSIDE-DOWN!  Cmon!  Bodyslam yourself into gayness! ]



     Hello there, good to talk to you. 

    [ Likewise. ]

I am just this "Thinker" with this thought why don't we the Hackers and you
the one of the major contributing Hacker commune (2600,Phrack,ect) make a Full
Strong "live" Cryto network for the Hacker and by the Hacker.

    [ I have a thought.  Get a speak n' spell. ]

     I can't belive I am sending this from hotmail bought out by
microshit blah blah no this thing must be really insecure.

    [ Well, maybe it just needs love and attention and for someone to say nice
      things to it. ]

     Well I have a whole line of ideas and no one ever listens to me
netscape ect... but if your intrested e-mail me back and I'll give you
my POP adress. The benifit of this system is 1) we can piss off the FBI

    [ Yes, let's piss off the F.B.I.  And, while we're at it, let's piss off
      the IRS and let's annoy the CIA..  We can poke fun at the retarded
      wrestlers association.  And lastly, let's aggravate an enraged bull. ]

and 2) final we hackers can have a place to loyter and idile , lurk at

    [ loyter and idile?  Hey, aren't they those two Jewish film critics?  I
      love them! ]

where we can say what ever the Hell such as Full deatails on how to
enter a sys,ect...of corse we will have to screen ppl for trust ect...

    [ And screen them for stupidity. ]

But I reall belive we can werk this.
If you want to here the rest of my ground shaking ideas just ask, or
full deatials on the Crypto.net .

    [ Pass. ]


First off, I'd like to say that I love the mag...but you really get some
nutjobs that post to it..(myself included) I'm not an elite hacker, a unix
guru or anything like that(duh), but I am amazed at the effort you put into
Phrack...anyways, keep up the good work

    [ Thanks, nutjob. ]



Who was the first hacker in history?

    [ God. ]

thanks for your time,



i'm a Swedish kid and i just wonders

    [ Now the Swedes I like.  Beautiful women.  Amazing accents.  I *think*
      they like me.  Although this one particularly hot Swedish girl I know
      doesn't seem to like me much.  I think maybe it's because I try too hard
      around her.  She'll come around and I'll be like bouncing off the walls
      trying to impress her..  I remember one time I got so excited I almost
      set sail for gaiety.  I know.  I know.  I should "just relax" and
      everything will fall into place.  I dunno tho.  She's so pretty.  And
      ahm just so awkward... ]

if you might know a good haking, freaking and craking
site. I've checked everywhere but i have not any.

    [ Huh? ]


Hey sup, I'm makin an essay site similar to Slackers Inc. but with more
essays. The only problem is I need sponsors to get my page up, can you pay me
a small fee monthly for displayin a banner for your site. I know almost

    [ O.k.  Sure, how does nothing/month sound? ]

everybody knows about Phrack Magazine but I heard you do some sponsoring, E-
mail me back if you are interested.

    [ Yah, we are *so* reknown for our advertising budget.  And now I'd like to
      make Phrack reknown for sponsoring a gay fucking highschool/college paper
      stealing webpage.  Sure.  I'll get right on that after we do our 'kick
      a baby harp seal campaign'. ]


     You need to write an Interactive tutorial to simulate hacking into a
private college or a company. You should make it realistic and hard to access.

    [ Someone already did.  They're called *.edu and *.com.  Although sometimes
      they're not too realistic. ]


[ P52-14: International Crime Syndicate Association ]

Dorathea Demming,

You remark that the ICSA doesn't guarantee their certification against

"In plain English, they are saying that if you get sued, you are on your

Do you know of any security company, consultant, or consortia that will
commit to helping a customer legally if they've been attacked?



In skateboarding you are a "poseur" if you don't know shit.
In the computers culture you are a "lamer" if you don't know shit.

The term that bugs me is "elite" or "eleet" or "3l33t3".
Are you elite?

I just don't like the term.
I really like the term "HI-FI" ,as in high-fidelity, or high-fidelity

An outdate term that orginally meant "I've got the best gear".
But now it just means "late 70's marketing scheme".

Are you hi-fi?
It has a ring to it.
You may be elite right now but in time you'll be hi-fi.


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