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Current issue : #49 | Release date : 1996-11-08 | Editor : daemon9
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Title : Telephone Company Customer Applications
Author : voyager
                              .oO Phrack 49 Oo.

                          Volume Seven, Issue Forty-Nine

                                    13 of 16

                | Telephone Company Customer Applications |
                |            Voyager[TNO]                 |

Telco's use many types of software.  In addition to the run-of-the-mill
employee applications such as OfficeVisions, PROFS, and the usual trashy
selection of DOS/Win applications, telco's use two types of much more
interesting software:

	. Customer applications
	. Provisioning applications

Customer applications are used by telco personnel to deal with customer
issues, such as billing and service orders.  Provisioning applications are
used to deal with the actual phone network itself.

Customer applications include BOSS, CARS, CORD, SOLAR, SOPAD, OSCAR, and
PREMIS.  Provisioning applications include FACS, March, April, COSMOS,
Switch and FOMS/FUSA.

Most of what has been written regarding telco software covered provisioning
applications.  While much can be done with provisioning applications, you
will soon see the incredible opportunities offered by Customer
Applications.  Within the family of Customer Applications you will find the
ability to locate personal information, look up addresses by telephone
number, and modify customer bills.

Experienced dumpster divers will recognize many of the screens shown in
this article.

                | Part I: Billing Applications |

BOSS (Billing and Order Support System) contains bill and credit
information, equipment information, carrier billing information, customer
contact notes and payment history.  BOSS is used in the Central and Eastern
Territories of U.S. West.  To login to BOSS, you must enter your a ID, a
two character alphanumeric office code, and a five character password.
BOSS passwords expire after 30 days and cannot be re-used.

BOSS is operated largely with PF keys:

	PF1  = ENTRY	(Entry Screen)
	PF2  = BILL	(Entity and Summary Bill)
	PF3  = IC	(Itemized Calls)
	PF4  = OCC	(Other Charges and Credits)
	PF5  = CSR	(Customer Service Record)
	PF6  = PREV	(Previous Months Bill)
	PF7  = NEXT	(Next)
	PF8  = Note	(Notations)
	PF9  = ASUM	(Adjustments Summary)
	PF10 = COMPUTE	(Compute)
	PF11 = F/B	(Forward/Back)

PF2 will bring up the Billing Screen, which will show you the contact names
and telephone numbers for the account you are looking at.  The CSBL screen
is completely covered with information, and it is impossible to get
everything out of it without careful study.  There are at least two
versions of BOSS in use, this screen is a mix of the two that I am familiar

|CMD                                    MSG COMMAND COMPLETED (I210)          | 
|(a)303 265 8545 (b)153 (c)NP (d)JAN 16 93 *CSBL (e)LIVE       (f)DNV (g)1FR  |
|(h)DARIN STOREY         (i)PB 0205 (m)RT     (q)AC D-00 (t)DEP 0 CN  (x)BD N |
|515-D GIRARD BLVD S E   (j)R1 0126 (n)ES     (r)CT      (u)DOI 030492 (y)LCU |
|BOULDER CO        80301 (k)R2 0216 (o)NT C A (s)NOB     (v)TAX FSLCF- (z)LCR |
|                        (l)R3 0224 (p)PPD               (w)TAR AJ     (A)LAL |
|                       (B)CI   SEARS  SUPVSR 2426767 MS  SANDI SM POE NLR    |
|DAD MICHAEL STOREY 2755595                        (C)CBR                     |
|        (D)SSN           (E)VL (F)TRT HIST 059511111111      (G)CIV 0290     |
|                               (H)RCK HIST 000000000000  (I)PAH              |
|                            PREV BL    168.55       CUR BL      116.24       |
|                             PAY & ADJ PREV BILL    PAY AND ADJ CURR BILL    |
|                            DATE  T     AMOUNT     DATE  T       AMOUNT      |
|                             1223 01   101.15                                |
| (J)010        30.42                                                         |
|    221         9.03                                                         |
|    300         9.39                                                         |
| (K)CCG        48.84                                                         |
| (L)BAL        67.40                                                         |
| (M)TOT       116.24                            (N)CUR DUE    116.24         |
| (O)RP  (P)NOTATION                    (Q)TYPE  (R)PN  (S)ACT  (T)FU  (U)BD  |
|                                                                   0193 (V)+ |

        (a) Telephone number
	(b) Customer code
	(c) Listing Type		(See below)
	(d) Most current bill date
	(e) Account Status Code		(See below)
	(f) Alpha code for the serving exchange
	(g) Class of service		(See below)
	(h) Billing name
	(i) Pay-By-Date, month and day payment is due
	(j) Previous months denial date
	(k) Date first collection notice is sent out
	(l) Date account will be denied and referred to CMC
	(m) Remove from treatment amount
	(n) Entity Status		(See below)
	(o) No Treatment Indicator	(See below)
	(p) Preferred Payment Date
	(q) Account Classification (credit classification)
	(r) Carryover Treat History (unimplemented)
	(s) Number of bills the customer receives
	(t) Total deposit held on the account 
	(u) Date of Installation
	(v) Tax Code
	(w) Tax Area Code
        (x) Bank Draft
	(y) Local Units Used (unimplemented)
	(z) Local Usage Units Credited (unimplemented)
	(A) Local Usage Units Allowed (unimplemented)
	(B) Credit Information
	(C) Can Be Reached 
	(D) Social Security Number
	(E) Central Office is Voice Link capable
	(F) Treatment History (read right to left)
	(G) Credit Information Verified (date CI was last verified)
	(H) Returned Check History (read right to left)
	(I) Previous Account History
	(J) Charges by Entity (charges from AT&T, MCI, etc...)
	(K) Current Charges
	(L) Balance from the previous bill
	(M) Total 
	(N) Current Due
	(O) Responsible Party
	(P) Notation
	(Q) Type code
	(R) Position Number (BOSS user position number)
	(S) The action to be taken
	(T) Follow-up date
	(U) Bill Date
        (V) Notation Indicator (+ means there are display pages of notations)
                               (P means there are permanent notations)

Listing types include:

	NP		Non-Published
	NL or NLIST 	Non-Listed
	<null>		Published

Account Status Codes are shown in order of priority.  SNP, SUSP, DISC,
OCAx, LEGX and W-OFF codes are highlighted on the screen.  Account Service
Codes include:

	OCAx	Account has been referred to an outside collection agency
	LEGX	Account has been referred to legal
	FIN-R	Revised final bill
	FIN-I	Initial Final Bill
	DISC	Service has been disconnected
	SNP	Service has been interrupted for non-payment
	SUSP	Service has been temporarily suspended at customer request
	INIT	Initial bill
	LIVE	Live bill
	SCD	Select Carrier Denial

Class of Service Codes include:

	1FR	One Flat Rate
	1MR	One Measured Rate
	1PC	One Pay Phone
	PBX	Private Branch Exchange (Direct Inward Dialing ext.)
	CFD	Coinless ANI7 Charge-a-Call
	PMB	LTG = 1 HO/MO Regular ANI6

Entity Status is used to restrict access to toll services.  The three digit
carrier code is listed, followed by the letters S, C or F.

If the NT (No Treatment Indicator) is C, the computer sends out a late
notice on the R2 date.  If the NT is T, there is a temporary reprieve and
the computer will not sent out a late notice this month.  If the NT is M or
P, late notices are never sent.

PF11 from this screen will take you through the entity CSBL's.

PF5 will show you the customers Current Service Record.  The CSR screen
will look something like this:

|CMD                                           MSG                            |
|(a)303 864 2475 (b)298 NP (c)NOV 10 99    *CSR        (d)P  1  2    DNV 1FR  |
|(e)BARBARA ANDERSON FOR                                                      |
|XSBN 2-864-2475                                                              |
|        (f)---LIST                                                           |
|                  NP   (NP) ANDERSON, DARRYL B                               |
|                  LA   5425 ROWLAND CT                                       |
|        (g)---BILL                                                           |
|                  BN1  BARBARA	ANDERSON FOR                                  |
|                  BN2  DARRYL B ANDERSON                                     |
|                  BA1  5425 ROWLAND CT                                       |
|                  PO   80301 /TAR GQ                                         |
|        (h)---S&E                                                            |
|                                   (i)ORIG SERV ESTAB 8-17-78                |
|(j)     (k)                    (l)                    (m)       (n)          |
|20182   1825                   NPU   /1000            1.31      1.31         |
|41481   7001                   TTR   /1000            1.12      1.12         |
|82585   3793                   1FR   /1000/PICX288    5.60      5.60         |
|41481   2140                   KH9   /1000            .00        .00         |
|22782   5106                   WMR   /1000/D          .56        .56         |
|41481   7001                   RJ11C /1000/D          .00        .00         |
|                                                                             |
|RP      NOTATION               TYPE   PN              ACT FU BD              |
|                                                                  1299       |

        (a) Telephone number
	(b) Customer code
	(c) Most current bill date
	(d) Page number
	(e) Billing name
	(f) LIST section containing listed name and address
	(g) BILL section containing billing name and address
	(h) S&E section containing products and service
	(i) Date original service was established
	(j) Date each service was installed
	(k) Last 4 digits of order number that put service online
	(l) USOC's representing the products and services on the account
	    (See below)
	(m) Monthly rate for each USOC
	(n) Amount billed for USOC total

USOC Codes include:

	ESC	Three Way Calling
	ESF	Speed Calling
        ESL     Speed Calling 8 Code
	ESM	Call Forwarding
	ESX	Call Waiting
	EVB	Busy Call Forward
	EVC	Busy Call Forward Extended
	EVD	Delayed Call Forwarding
	HM1	Intercom Plus
	HMP	Intercom Plus
	MVCCW	Commstar II Call Waiting

PF8 allows you to view the notes the telco is keeping on the customer. This
is not a free-form notes screen, but is instead very structured. Notes are
automatically deleted after two months unless the type code PERM is used.

|CMD                                           MSG                            |
|303 864 2475 2298 NP 3NOV 10 99    *CSR        P  1  2    DNV 1FR            |
|                                                                             |
|BARBARA ANDERSON FOR                                                         |
|                                                                             |
|DATE  RP     NOTATION                                 USR  TYPE  PN  ACT  FU |
|1209  1988   ESTAB FREE 976 BLOCK 12-9-88             LTR  PERM              |
|0324  BARB   SLD CCS DD 3-1                           SKJ  PSOC              |
|0213  NONE                                            NBV  CHK               |
|             TDA. VRFY BL ADDR                                               |
|                                                                             |
|RP           NOTATION                                 TYPE PN  ACT  FU BD    |
|                                                                      1299   |

Valid type codes include: 

	MISC	Miscellaneous
	CHK	Account review or pulled up wrong account 
	PERM 	Permanent
	PASS 	Contact Passed Intra Company
	MORE	More data follows on an additional screen
	OTHM	Carrier toll and inquiry
	OHTD	Carrier toll and inquiry
        OTHB    Non-specific billing question
	PSON	New connect, order negotiation
        CPN     New connect, order canceled
	QPON	New connect, order inquiry

CARS (Customer Access and Retrieval System) is used in the Western
Territories of U.S. West.  CARS stores bill and credit information,
equipment information, carrier billing information, customer contact notes
and payment history.  CARS user id's are six characters and normally begin
with a 'B' for business.  CARS passwords (lockwords, in U.S. West parlance)
are from 4 to either characters and must contain at least one alpha and one
numeric character.  CARS passwords expire after 30 days.  You will also be
asked for a Project Code (use 'M'), a Group Code (use 'G') and a Position
#.  The Position # consists of a pair of two character fields.  The first
two characters are the office code and the second two characters identify
the individual employee.  The CARS interface is quite similar to the BOSS
interface.  The function keys for CARS are:

	PF1  = LDD 	(Long Distance Detail)
	PF2  = CSBL 	(Current Status Bill)
	PF3  = BILL 	(Bill Detail)
	PF4  = QTFU 	(Query/Treatment Follow-Up)
	PF5  = CCSR	(Current Customer Service Record)
	PF6  = PREV	(Previous Month's Information)
	PF7  = PADJ	(Payment and Adjustments)
	PF8  = NOTE	(Notations)
	PF9  = ABIL	(Adjustment Bill)
	PF10 = COMPUTE	(Compute)
	PF11 = F/B	(Forward/Back)
	PF12 = BESS	(Billed Entry Status Screen)

PF2 will bring up the CSBL (Current Service Bill) screen, which shows you
the "can be reached" numbers and names for the account you are looking at.

PF5 will bring up the Current Service Record (CSR).  A CARS CSR screen
resembles a BOSS CSR screen:

|CMD___________________________________________    Q:                         |
|(a)303 864 2475 (b)2298 72W (c)NOV 10 99  *CCSR* LIVE (d)P00001     COS      |
|(e)BARBARA ANDERSON FOR        SEA 1FB         TAX FSL                       |
|        (f)---LIST                                                           |
|                  NP   (NP) ANDERSON, DARRYL B                               |
|                  LA   5425 ROWLAND CT                                       |
|        (g)---BILL                                                           |
|                  TAR  1700                                                  |
|                  MCN  NXWAC                                                 |
|                  COS  852-9200S                                             |
|                  BN1  BARBARA	ANDERSON FOR                                  |
|                  BN2  DARRYL B ANDERSON                                     |
|                  BA1  5425 ROWLAND CT                                       |
|        (h)---S&E                                                            |
|                  ENT  000                                                   |
|(i)        (j)       (qty)   (k)                         (l)    (tax codes)  |
|02/18/92   05/18/90    1     FB/TN 621-2475/PIC XXX/LPS  42.10     &#        |
|02/16/90   05/18/90    1     HSO/TN 621-2475/SLS          2.00     &#        |
|                             377000                                          |
|02/16/90   02/16/90    1     TTB/TN 621-2475/SLS          0.00     &         |
|                             377000                                          |
|02/16/90   02/16/90    1     9ZR/TN 621-2475/SLS          4.22               |
|                             377000                                          |
|RP-___________NOTE_________________________________________________________  |
|____________________________TYPE_____FLUP_____PN_____ACT_____BD_____USR_____ |

        (a) Telephone number
	(b) Customer code
	(c) Most current bill date
	(d) Page number
	(e) Billing name
	(f) LIST section containing listed name and address
	(g) BILL section containing billing name and address
	(h) S&E section containing products and service
	(i) Date original service was established
	(j) Date each service was installed
	(k) USOC's representing the products and services on the account
	(l) Monthly rate for each USOC

Just as with BOSS, PF8 brings up the NOTE screen.  The CARS NOTE screen
differs slightly from the BOSS NOTE screen:

|CMD__________________________________________________________           O:   |
|303 864 2475  298 NP  NOV 10 99    *NOTES*        L00001                     |
|BARBARA ANDERSON FOR          SEA 1FB            LC     00     TAX   FSLC    |
|                                                                             |
|DATE  RP     NOTATION                            USR  OFC  TYPE  PN  ACT  FU |
|1209  1991   DISCUSS BILL ONLY WITH BARBARA      LTR  TS1  PERM              |
|0324  BARB   C015364  DD  030199                                             |
|             SLD CCS                             SKJ  D18  PSOC              |
|0213  NONE                                       NBV  TS1  CHK               |
|0213  BARB   LOST BL ND DUPT SNT ASAP. AGRD                                  |
|             ML COPY TDA. VRFY BL ADDR           NBV  TS1  MISC              |
|                                                                             |
|RP           NOTATION                            TYPE  PN  ACT   FU    BD    |
|                                                                      1299   |

Valid type codes include: MISC, CHK, PERM and PASS.

                | Part II: Service Order Applications |

CORD (Customer Order Retrieval and Display) is used in the 206, 503 and 509
NPA's.  CORD has three functions:

        . Accessing service orders by order number
        . Locating order numbers by telephone number
        . Locating order numbers by telephone prefix

Let's say you know that an attractive young lady is moving into your
apartment complex but you don't know her apartment number or her telephone
number.  Connect to CORD and pull up all of the service orders for the
apartment complex's prefix and scan them until you find one in the
apartment complex on or near the date she moved in.  It's much easier if
you have at least a first name.

To use CORD, you will need to know the code for your NPA.  206 is 0, 503 is
5 and 509 is 6.

SOLAR (Service Order Logistics and Reference) is used in Southern 308, 319,
402, 515, 605 and 712.  In addition, SOLAR is used in Northern 218, 507,
612 and 701.  I do not know of an NPA where SOLAR is used exclusively.
SOLAR has two capabilities:

        . Accessing service orders by order number
        . Accessing service orders by telephone number

SOPAD (Service Order Provisioning and Distribution) is used in 208, 303
(TNOland), 307, 406, 505, 602, 719 and 801.  SOPAD has two capabilities:

        . Accessing service orders by order number
        . Accessing service orders by telephone numbers

                | Part III: Miscellaneous Applications |

PREMIS (Premises Information System) is a geographical database designed by
BellCore and used by various telco's across the country.  Using Premis, an
employee can do customer lookups by telephone number (CNA), check for
multiple subscribers at an address (upstairs/downstairs), and view account
status.  PREMIS can be used directly, but it is also used by applications
such as SONAR (Service Order Negotiation and Retrieval).

To do successful PREMIS lookups, you will need to be able to encode your
requests in the proper format.  This is very difficult unless to do this on
a regular basis. To make matters more difficult, "proper format" differs
from area to area, even within the same RBOC! Particularly difficult are
trailer parks, nursing homes, military bases and indian reservations.

The PREMIS input screen looks like this:
|REQ PREM (a)                                                                 |
|SAGA (b)                                                                     |
|ADDR (c)                                                                     |
|LOC APT (d)                    FLR             BLDG                          |
|AHN (e)                RT      BOX (h)                                       |
|COM (f)        TN (i)            LN (j)                STATUS (k)            |
|                                                                             |
|DAC (g)                                                                      |

        (a) Screen name (Request PREMIS)
        (b) Street Address Guide Area (see below)
        (c) Address
        (d) Location or apartment
        (e) Assigned House Number
        (f) Community
        (g) Destination Address Code
        (h) Route and Box
        (i) Telephone Number
        (j) Line Number
        (k) Status

Valid SAGA codes include:

        CHY     Northern Wyoming
        CPR     Southern Wyoming
        DNV     Denver, Colorado
        IDO     Idaho
        MTA     Montana
        NCO     Northern Colorado
        SCO     Southern Colorado
        NMX     New Mexico
        PNX     Phoenix
        TSN     Tucson
        UTA     Utah
        NE      Nebraska

If the PREMIS database was able to understand your query and find the
address information, you will see an output screen that looks like this:

|REQ PREM TCAT (a)                 L# 1 BD (b)                                |
|SAGA MN (c)    EMP                   NMX                                     |
|ADDR 7821 LYNDALE AV S                                                       |
|LOC APT 11                     FLR             BLDG                          |
|AHN               RT           BOX                                           |
|COM***BLMGTN                              ST MN                              |
|         TN                       LN                           STATUS        |
|                                                                             |
|DES (d)                                                                      |
|DESCRIP (e) LYNDALE LODGE                                                    |
|    ZIP    55420    EX(f) MPLS  WC(g)  612881  NPA(h) 612   RZ(i)   00  RE(j)|
|     BO             DIR         RTZ(k) 2       CO(l)  881   LCL(m)  1ESS     |
|     PC(n) FDT,SAT  TELF(o)1ES  TAR(p) OTHR    PD(q)                         |
| (r)RMK                                                                      |
|                                                                             |
| (s)RMKT SCD: NPS ATX                                                        |
|                                                                             |
| (t)RMKB LCC IS LCT #                               (v)   (w)   (x)   (y)    |
|    (u)STAT NON-WORK      06-23-96 TN 612 505-1942  CT Y  CNF N DIP N CS 1FR |
|LN JORGENSEN,ROBERT C & DIANE                         MWS NONE               |
|                                                                             |
|DAC (z)                         +PIC          +PIC          +PIC             |
        (a) Screen name (Request PREMIS Telephone Category)
        (b) Line ID number (Customer's 1st line, 2nd line, etc...)
        (c) Street Address Guide Area
        (d) Descriptive field
        (e) Descriptive address
        (f) Exchange
        (g) Wire Center
        (h) Numbering Plan Area
        (i) Resistance Zone
        (j) Ringer Equivalence
        (k) Rate Zone
        (l) Central Office
        (m) Local (switch type)
        (n) SAT means flow through orders can be negotiated.
            ASAT in this field means Saturday installer visits
            can be negotiated.
        (o) Telephone Features (switch type)
        (p) Tax Code
        (q) Plant District Code
        (r) Remark
        (s) Remark Basic
        (t) Remark Telephone
        (u) Status (see below)
        (v) Connect Through
        (w) Connected Facilities (service uninterrupted from previous tenant)
        (x) Dedicated Inside Plant
        (y) Class of Service
        (z) Destination Address Code

Valid statuses are:

        NON-WORKING     Non-working
        WORKING         Working
        PEND-OUT        Pre-completion disconnect
        SUSPEND         Temporary denial for nonpayment
        UNKNOWN         Unknown

OSCAR (Optical Storage COM Application Replacement) is a application for
archival and retrieval of microfiche files used in customer service. OSCAR
will store the data from BOSS or CARS for up to 30 years.  OSCAR is
operated with these PF keys:

        PF1  = Main Menu
        PF2  = Bill
        PF3  = Print Verification Screen (and duplicate bill printing)
        PF6  = Previous Bill
        PF7  = Next Bill
        PF11 = Forward/Backward

The OSCAR Main Menu will look something like this:
|CMD  (a)                                       MSG (e)                       |
|                                                                             |
|                              OSCAR/ONLINE                                   |
|                                  MENU                                       |
|                                                                             |
|       TN: (b)                    CUS:         SUF:                          |
|       DATE: (c)                  PRINT RANGE: (f)     FINAL: (g)            |
|       ACCT CENTER: (d)           SUBPEONA: (h)                              |
|                                                                             |
|                                                                             |
| F1=MENU     F2=BILL     F3=PRINT     F4=N/A       F5=N/A       F6=PREV      |
| F7=NEXT     F8=N/A      F9=N/A       F10=N/A      F11=F/B      F12=N/A      |

        (a) Command section
        (b) Customer telephone number
        (c) Date (MMYY)
        (d) Account center              (see below)
        (e) Message section
        (f) Print Range (number of months to print bills for)
        (g) Final (Y for final, blank for not final)
        (h) Reserved for the Subpeona Compliance Group

Account Center codes are:

        CO      Colorado and Wyoming
        NM      New Mexico and Arizona
        NO      North Dakota and Minnesota
        OR      Oregon
        SO      South Dakota, Nebraska, and Iowa
        UT      Utah, Idaho, and Montana
        WA      Washington

PF2 will bring you to the first OSCAR Bill screen, which will look
something like this:

|CMD                             MSG                                          |
|                          BILL                             P     1   S   1   |
|                                   BILL DATE:  JUNE 23, 1996                 |
|                                   ACCOUNT NUMBER:                           |
|                                                                             |
|                                        PAYMENT DUE        JUL 12,     1996  |
|    866 W. TNO Ave                                                           |
|    MERIDIAN CO 80301-0869                                                   |
|                                        AMOUNT DUE               $102.88     |
|                                                                             |
|51 03208172009708711   1227021296  000000000000   000000051409               |
|                                                                             |
|PAY U S WEST COMMUNICATIONS                                                  |
|TOTAL DUE                                                                    |
|          *836229150!                                                        |

PF11 will take you to the next screen of the bill.  'P' will take you to
the next page of the bill.  'P' followed by a number will take you to that
numbered page.  PF2 will return you to the first screen of the bill.

Here is a sample of the second screen of a bill:

|CMD                             MSG                                          |
|                          BILL                             P     1   S   2   |
|                                                           PAGE          1   |
|                                               BILL DATE:  JUN 23, 1996      |
|       MERIDIAN, CO 80301-0869                 ACCOUNT NUMBER:               |
|                                                                             |
|PREVIOUS BILL       PAYMENTS     ADJUSTMENTS  PASTDUE                        |
|      $30.06        $30.06             $0.00  DISREGARD IF PAID  $0.00       |
|                                                                             |
|THANK YOU FOR YOUR PAYMENT             CURRENT CHARGES           $102.88     |
|                                                                             |
|                                       PAYMENT DUE         JUL 12,     1996  |
|                                                                             |
|                                       AMOUNT DUE               $102.88      |
|                                                                             |
|SUMMARY OF CURRENT CHARGES                                                   |
|                                                                             |
|     AT&T..............................................................      |

PF3 will bring you to the Print Verification Screen:

|CMD                             MSG   PRINT SUCCESSFUL, ENTER NEXT COMMAND   |
|                              PRINT                                          |
|                                                                             |
|303   343   4053   871(a) B DATE:   0696 (b)        FORWARD RANGE: (c)       |
|                                                                             |
|NAME:       KEVIN MITNICK                           NO. OF BILLS: (d)        |
|                                                                             |
|     ADDRESS VERIFICATION                                                    |
|L1:  10288 E. 6TH (e)
|ZIP: 80010 3612

        (a) Customer telephone number and account code
        (b) Bill date
        (c) Number of months to print bills for
        (d) Number of copies to print
        (e) Customer address

Press PF1 to return to the Main Menu or PF3 to print duplicate bills for
mailing to the customer address.

Other useful commands within OSCAR are 'F' for finding strings and 'R'
to repeat a find.  Use the LOFF command to log off.

                | Part IV: Relevant Acronyms and Abbreviations |

ABIL		Adjustment Bill
AC		Account Classification
ANI             Automatic Number Identification
ARBL            As Rendered Bill
ASUM		Adjustments Summary
BD		Bank Draft
BD		Bill Date
BDPP		Bank Draft Payment Plan
BEAR		Billed Entity As Rendered
BESS		Billed Entry Status Screen
BLF             Blocking Failure
BO              Business Office
BOSS		Billing and Order Support System
BP		Bill Period
BSC		Business Service Center
CAMC            Corporate Address Maintenance Center
CARS            Customer Access and Retrieval System
CAS		Customer Approval System
CBR		Can Be Reached
CC		Credit Class
CCH		Calling Cards Held
CCG		Current Charges
CCSR		Current Customer Service Record
CI		Credit Information
CIF		Communications Impaired Fund
CIV		Credit Information Verified
CMC		Credit Management Center
CN		Concession Service
CNA             Customer Name and Address
CNC             Call Not Completed
CNL             Customer Name and Locality
CORD            Customer Order Retrieval and Display
COS		Customer's Other Service
COSMOS		Computer System for Mainframe Operations
CRIS		Customer Record Information System
CSBL		Current Status Bill Screen
CSR		Customer Service Record
CT		Carryover Treat History
CTO             Cut-Off
DAC             Directory Assistance Charges
DAK             Denies All Knowledge
DCK             Dishonored Check History
DDD             Direct Distance Dialing
DEP             Deposit
DN		Denial Notice
DOI		Date Of Installation
DUP             Duplicate Billing
ES              Entity Status
FACS		Facility Administration Control System
FCE             Federal Access Charge
FOMS		Frame Operations Management System
FRN		Franchise Fee
FU		Follow-up
FUSA		Frame User assignment System Access
HB		Held Bill
IC		Itemized Calls
INR             Incorrect Rate
LAL             Local Usage Units Allowed
LCR		Local Usage Units Credited
LCU		Local Units Used
LDD		Long Distance Detail
LDT		Legislative Deaf Tax
LPC		Late Payment Charge
LPC             Loop Provisioning Center
LU              Local Usage
MIG		Message Investigation Center
MIS             Miscellaneous
NOB             Number of Bills
NTN		New Telephone Number
OCC		Other Charges and Credits
OCP		Optional Calling Plan
ONI             Operator Number Identification
OSCAR           Optical Storage COM Application Replacement
OSP             Operator Service Provider
OTN             Old Telephone Number
MPS             Message Processing Service
PADJ            Payments and Adjustments
PB		Pay By Date
PDN		Past Due Notice
PN		Position Number
PPD		Preferred Payment Date
PREMIS		Premisis Information System
PTR             Poor Transmission
QTF             Query Treatment Follow-up
QTFU		Query Treatment Follow-up
RCK		Returned Check History
REB             Rebill
REF             Refuse to Pay
RMKS            Remarks
RP		Responsible Party
RSB		Repair Service Bureau
RSC		Repair Service Center
RT		Remove from Treatment
RTA		Remove from Treatment Amount
S&E		Service & Equipment
SAG             Street Address Guide
SAGA            Street Address Guide Area
TAF             Telephone Assistance Fund
TAP		Telephone Assistance Plan
TAR		Tax Area Code
TCAT            Telephone Category
TIM             Timing
TOPS            Traffic Operator Position System
TRFU            Treatment and Follow-Up
TRMT		Treatment
UBIC		Unbilled Itemized Call
USOC		Universal Service Order Code
PAH		Previous Account History
PIC/PICX	Presubscribed Interexchange Carrier
SCD		Selective Carrier Denial
SI		Supplemental Input
SOLAR		Service Order Logistics and Reference  
SONAR		Service Order Negotiation and Retrieval 
SOPAD		Service Order Provisioning and Distribution 
USF		Universal Service Fund
USOC		Universal Service Order Code
UWM		Unregulated Wire Maintenance
VL		Voice Link
VMS		Voice Messaging Service
WC              Wire Center
WMC             Wire Maintenance Contract
WNO             Wrong Number Reached

                | Part V: Credits |

Thanks to Crimson Flash for the USOC and Line Class Codes which were taken
from his article "The Fine Art of Telephony" in Phrack 40.

Thanks to Major for his dedication to gathering information.

Thanks to DisordeR for his technical assistance in writing this article.

But most of all... thanks to U.S. West for making this all possible.

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