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Current issue : #48 | Release date : 1996-01-09 | Editor : voyager
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Phrack Loopback / EditorialPhrack Staff
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Title : Phrack Loopback / Editorial
Author : Phrack Staff
                              ==Phrack Magazine==

                   Volume Seven, Issue Forty-Eight, File 2 of 18

                                Phrack Loopback


        This is a response to the letter from KoV included in "Line Noise
Part I" from Phrack #47.  After reading this open letter, I nearly died of
laughter.  The inaccuracies of KoV's story were numerous and comical.
However, from the way KoV presented themselves, they are acting as if
it was their BBS network and a government conspiracy that has gotten
them into trouble.  As a result, they will appear to many as a
wrongfully persecuted group of computer users.

        Apparently, KoV likes to fancy themselves as a group that
spread "open-minded" and "sociopolitical" beliefs through their BBS
network, KoVNet.  They claim that they "questioned [the] authority" of
those who "tried to oppress [their] free-thinking minds."  They then
state that this caused the "AmeriKKKan" government to monitor their
actions, "stalk [them] in public places", and and attempt to destroy
them "from the moment of KoV's conception."  

        This is ridiculous.  First off, their BBS network was not
enough to cause the government to stalk them in public.  If a BBS
network that contains disdain for the American government justifies
the stalking of its users, then NUMEROUS people in this country are
currently being followed in public.  Therefore, KoV's claim about
their threatening BBS network is an attempt to make 
themselves look bigger and more important than they were.

        Now, let us look at the real reason they are facing legal
actions.  KoV is blaming "false accusations from a local university"
for their troubles.  However, the accusations are not false and
after you read what led them to be caught, you will reallize that KoV
was never a threat to the government.

        I do not know exactly how many universities they hacked.
However, if it is one local university as they claim, it is Skidmore 
in Saratoga Springs NY, the university which I attend.  I myself have played
around with Skidmore's computers and do not feel any loyalty or
patriotism to my school.  Therefore, it is not a grudge I am harboring
against KoV for hacking Skidmore's system that is causing me to write
this.  It is merely the fact that KoV is distorting the truth in an
attempt to turn themselves into martyrs. 

        Personally, I cannot blame anyone for breaking into Skidmore's
system.  Since Skidmore was relatively new to the Internet, their
security was very lax making it very easy to explore and play around
with the system.  If KoV had any knowledge whatsoever, they would not have
been caught or even detected by Skidmore.  It was their egos and lack
of knowledge that led to their investigation.  I myself saw with my
own eyes how they were detected.

        The system that was hacked by KoV was wopr.skidmore.edu.
Well, one day I took a look at the system logs for WOPR and saw "root
login from [some out of domain ip address]" standing out quite well.
If KoV was really so Knowledgable and dangerous, wouldn't they know how to
edit system logs?  However, they did not which shows KoV is another
example of people who managed to obtain root access and did not know
what to do with it.

        Some people would think, "Big deal! Just because they didn't
edit the system logs does not mean that they could ever be linked to
the crime."  This is very true.  However, this would have required KoV
to keep their mouths shut about the incident.  Yet, they did not.
Apparently, Lord Valgamon made a post to some of the BBS networks he
frequented where he showed off about hacking Skidmore and told
everyone how he did it.  

        This hurt KoV greatly.  As a result, a narc on the BBS network
alerted CERT about Lord Valgamon's claims who, in turn, reported the
incident to Skidmore.  This caused Skidmore to now have a name, though
anonymous, to apply to the break in.  Consequently, the proper
authorities became involved and they began to track down Lord Valgamon
on the BBS networks.

        From the above facts, you can probably guess that the
"AmeriKKKan" government would never have a special interest in KoV
because they are the typical stereotype of an "ELiTE M0DeM d00d."  If
Lord Valgamon and KoV had kept their mouths shut about the incident,
they never would have been caught.  However, KoV needed to tell their
ELiTE BBS scene how bad-ass they were and, as a result, their
bad-asses are getting spanked hard.  

        KoV had not done any crime or brought up any controversy
against the government.  Their only crime was that they were stupid.
I understand that KoV is now asking for the support of the h/p and
political groups in the scene.  However, I would not recomend anyone
to give them support.  There was no government conspiracy against KoV
and everything that has happened to them was brought on by their own
stupidity.  Do not turn a bunch of egotistical and immature criminals
into martyrs.  I will end this with the same words KoV started their
letter with: "Don't believe the hype." - Public Enemy.

Mr. Sandman

[ Wow.  Well, we always like to hear all sides to any story, and each
  time something gets published that gets under someone else's skin, we
  inevitably do.  Thanks for writing! ]



Let me tell some words about myself. Computers and
telecommunications take quite important place in my life. In
past I worked as a programmer, system administrator and finally
I ran my own business selling computer hardware (now I have
closed this business because I have lost my interest for trade
and due to some financial reasons). I owned my own BBS for
several years but now I have it shut down because I do not want
support lamers leeching files 2-3 years old and having no ideas
what email is. Now almost every day I spent many hours reading
Internet newsgroups, mainly dedicated to phreaking/hacking.

A friend of mine, gave me some Phrack issues (newest was #42 of 1993).
I have read them and like them very much.

If it is possible, please drop me a line how could I subscribe
to Phrack magazine. If you do, please encrypt your reply and
send it via anonymous remailer, because now Russian government
begun to control email messages very thoroughtly.

I have private information from friend Internet provider about
the FAPSI (Federal Agency of Government Communications and
Information -- some form of Russian NSA/FCC hybrid formed from
ex-KGB agents) actions aimed to control data passed through
Internet channels in Russia. FAPSI ordered all Internet
providers in St.Petersburg to install software which task will
be to copy all messages addressed to/from persons which FAPSI
interested in and to scan for some keywords specified by FAPSI.

Providers will get their licences for providing communication
service only after installing such spy software. There is a
rumour that FAPSI has installed hidden microphones (bugs) in
providers' offices to control any "illegal" activity (free
information exchange always was illegal in USSR/Russia). I say
"rumour" because I have heared it only from one trusted source,
other information came from several trusted sources

BTW, using a PGP is illegal in Russia too, because FAPSI can not
break the PGP-encrypted messages.

If you find information written above meaningful, you may use it
in your own discretion but with some precautions -- remember
that country I live in have barbaric laws and Russian
Police/Security Services have _absolute_ power to put in jail
anyone they want without any court or warrant.

[ Normally I strip out all anonymous remailers, because they
 interfere with the bulk mailing process, bounce mail, and generally
 screw things up...however, there are always exceptions.

 The FAPSI requirements are extremely interesting to hear about.  It
 certainly makes sense, and I fear that our country is likewise heading
 towards that goal.

 If you get the chance, you ought to write more about being a hacker
 in your country, since I am sure the rest of the world would be
 fascinated by it. ]



I looking for just a nibble of information...

When one logs into a remote system and gets login and passwords questions 
how does one write a program to crack a password...

I'm sure that is not an easy question or even a nibble perhaps a byte...

Seeking Info,

[ Well, I can't tell you how to write a program to crack passwords
  without knowing what kind of system you want to crack passwords for.

  I can't tell you how to say "Where is the bathroom" in a foreign
  language without first knowing what language you want to say it in.

  If you are talking about UNIX passwords, there are already numerous
  programs written to "crack" passwords.  I would suggest you go poke around
  and look for programs like "crack" or "killer cracker."  If you
  can't find reference to either of these on the net, then you really
  ought to consider finding a new hobby. ]


Wuzup! I have a pager that I don't use anymore because I can't afford the
bill.  So I was wondering if there is anyway I can hook-up my pager for free
without going through a paging service.

[ Depending upon the pager, you can possibly change or add capcodes through
  special programming software.  Almost all Motorola pagers allow you to do

  This won't allow you to "really" get free service, but you can piggy back
  on top of some known person's pager service (or just intercept their pages.)

  The only way to get "free" service is to reactivate the pager's current
  capcode in the paging system from the local provider who owns the frequency
  the pager is crystaled for. ]


I was browsing through Issue 47, and saw something that had caught 
my eye.

This t-shirt chronicles the infamous "Hacker War" between rival
groups The Legion of Doom and  The Masters of Destruction.  The front
of the shirt displays a flight map of the various battle-sites
hit by MOD and tracked by LOD.  The back of the shirt
has a detailed timeline of the key dates in the conflict, and
a rather ironic quote from an MOD member."

A few weeks ago, I read the book Masters of Deception, a book about
the "war".  Wasn't the name of the rival group Masters of Deception?  
I assume that Erik would know, he appeared to be the main "villain" in 
this version of the story.  Any response would be appreciated.

[ I was the villain?  Well corn my pone.

  In any case, you should always take everything you read with a grain of
  salt.  In my opinion, the book was a piece of shit.  Since many of the
  MOD members decided to viciously attack the author, Josh Quittner, posing
  as the ILF, I can only assume that they felt likewise.

  So you decide for yourself about all that.  Oh, and buy the damn
  t-shirt.  http://www.fc.net/phrack/shirts.html ]


Hi Can you teach me to be a hacker i think that that would be cool so what do
you think can you teach me to be a hacker and to be cool you are one of the
biggest hackers in the world

[ No, I'm afraid as one of the biggest hackers in the world, I'm far too
  important to expend any energy on the likes of you.

  Now go back to your PlayStation and get better at Toshinden. ]


Where culd i find some zipped red box tones? Or blue box.

[ Make your own tones with the Blue Beep program.

  Follow some of the links from the Phrack Home page, and you should
  find this program on any number of sites. ]


Hallo, din Gamle rn!!
(Norwegian for: Hello, you Old Eagle!!(direct.translated.)
(rn(Eagle) is pronounced like: earn ) End of Norw. lesson.

This is a question from one viking to another; I am a newbie in the H/P
division so I spend my days(and nights!) dwnloading all i can find about the
subject. But I do have some problems with the cellular phone system over
here, NMT 900. Which your system AMPS have stolen all the good parts from!
Untill last year i could program my cellular phone, Ericsson NH 99, by
programming and switching the 27c512 prom. But now the norwegian
telecompany Telenor Mobil has inserted pin codes, i.e. if my cellular phone
number used to be 12 34 56 78 (we have 8 digits), then my phone number now
has changed to 12 34 56 78 XX X. Where the 3 last digits are unknown to the
owner of the phone.

I do have programs and cables for programming the phone with all 8+3 digits,
but then I have to know the 3 digits, the pin code, and I do NOT know how
to download them from the cellular traffic going around my place. Can you
help me beat the system? How do I dwnload the pin code???? I read that they
are going to use the same system i the N.Y. area within this year, so someone
is going to ask you these qst. sooner or later. Be prepared! Or is my qst.
old news? Maybe everyone knows how to do this? Exept the norwegian newbie....

Vennlig hilsen
(thats:Best regards)

Stian(Mr.Phonee) Engerud

[ I'm not sure I understand how the last 3 digits can be unknown to the
  owner of the phone.  If your number changes, then obviously you have to
  know the new number.  Are you sure this isn't just a touch-tone PIN
  entered in when you use phone, like systems over here in the states?

  If it is, then you'll still need some kind of ESN reader, or other means
  to decode the reverse channel, and a 900 mhz-capable radio and a touch-tone
  decoder to grab the PINS as well.  It's incredibly annoying.

  On another note, I thought Telenor Mobil had AMPS, ETACS and GSM systems
  in place.  Have they upgraded their ETACS systems as well?  If not,
  use those. ]


From: zadox@mindspring.com (Ron Zalkind)
Subject: Phrack Magazine: Strategic Marketing Partnership

I'm one of the principals of a new Internet-based, second-generation,
Information Technology service. This new Internet service debuted last week
at the Culpepper Forum in Atlanta. I'd like to propose a strategic marketing
partnership with Phrack Magazine. This proposal will spell out what it is
our service does (including a product demo), how we think a partnership with
Phrack Magazine might work, and how we can all increase profits by doing so.
Please reply to this E-mail with the name and E-mail address of the
'director of online strategy', or the 'circulation director', for Phrack
Magazine. Thank you.

Ron Zalkind, President
R.E. Zalkind & Co. Inc.
Voice: 770-518-1600
Fax: 770-642-0802
E-mail: zadox@mindspring.com (Ron Zalkind)
Ron Zalkind

[ WOW!  I can't wait to hook up with THESE incredibly savvy people
  so Phrack can dramatically increase our profits.  Let's see, if we
  make any money, we'll see a 100% increase!  It's a no-lose

  Man, I hate Internet mass-mailers.  Don't these people attempt to qualify
  their leads even a LITTLE?  Strategic Marketing Opportunities with
  free computer hacker magazines?  Ron? Hello? ]


   First of all, great work on the 'zine all these years, hope to see 48
   I have an article from "Airman" magazine (I believe it was the April
1996 issue), the US Air Force magazine given to military members.  It
details the efforts of AFOSI (Air Force Office of Special Investigations)
to prevent hackers from breaking in to military computers.  Considering
it's coming from the military, it's not too badly written (the author
actually knew the difference between "crackers" and "hackers").  I don't
have a scanner, but I'd be more than willing to snail mail it to you.  I
just wanted to check and see if you guys already had it of not.  If you
don't, let me know, and I'll get it to you ASAP. 
   Keep up the good work....

[ We would definately like to see the text from this article.  Please
  forward it!

  In fact, if any of you readers ever come across ANYTHING you think is cool,
  email it to us, or snail mail it.  We love getting mail.
  We will print anything cool.  (And a lot of lame things too!)

  Just stop sending us credit histories and password files.  :)  ]


need access to w.gov xxx now

[ w.gov?   Uh, ok, let's see:

  Reserved Domain (W-GOV-DOM)

     Domain Name: W.GOV

     Administrative Contact, Technical Contact, Zone Contact:
           Internet Assigned Numbers Authority  (IANA)  iana@isi.edu
                 (310) 822-1511

     Record last updated on 02-Dec-93.
        Record created on 01-Dec-93.

  Do you know what this means?  Duh. ]


From: health@moneyworld.com
Subject: Scientific Discoveries Minimize Aging (DHEA)


Take advantage of the amazing benefits of DHEA. In the search for the 
FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH, DHEA is a must README. People, age 70, feeling and 
acting 25.

Read the medical research  at  http://dhea.natureplus.com .A quote from 
an article published by the New York Academy of Science written by Dr. 
  "DHEA in appropriate replacement doses appears to have remedial effects 
   with respect to its ability to induce an anabolic growth factor, increase 
   muscle strength and lean body mass, activate immune function, and enhance 
   quality of life in aging men and women, with no significant adverse effects."

Regain the eye of the tiger! Don't wait ! Click on:  http://dhea.natureplus.com

To terminate from the Health Catalog, Reply to health@moneyworld.com with
"remove" in the subject field. Bob Williams 206-269-0846

P.S.  You will find a full line of Vitamin, Supplements and OTC Health 
Catalog at http://natureplus.com.

[ Yet another Mass mailing!  How many lame mailing lists are we on?
  You have to wonder about these things.

  But how angry can one get, knowing that DHEA is the FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH!
  I need to get me some of that.  A little DHEA, a little GHB, a little
  DMT, and you'll look younger, feel younger, and have the brain of
  a two year old.

  And besides, Jesus loves acronyms. ]


Do you listen to 2nur radio?  If so have you ever heard a band named
SOYLENT GREEN or GOITER on any of their shows?
please email me back

[ Nick, I hate to break it to you, but:

  IT'S PEOPLE!!!!! ]


From: Pete Shipley <shipley@dis.org>
To: best-of-security@suburbia.org, cert@cert.org, cudigest@sun.soci.niu.edu,
        daddict@l5.com, dc-stuff@fc.net, dtangent@defcon.org,
        emmanuel@2600.com, grayarea@gti.gti.net, letters@2600.com,
        mycroft@fish.com, phrack@freeside.fc.net, phrack@well.sf.ca.us,
        proff@suburbia.org, root@iss.net, root@l0pht.com, root@lod.com,
        root@newhackcity.com, spaf@cs.purdue.edu, strat@uu.net,
        will@command.com.inter.net, zen@fish.com
Subject: Shipley owned, hacked and thrashed

Please distribute this letter freely:

This posting is being made from dis.org, and this is not forged e-mail.
Even though this mail is coming from Peter Shipley's account, I am not him.

Who am I?

That is unimportant except to say that I cannot take anymore of the
"DoC" crowd's BULLSHIT.  I would like to raise an issue with them, mostly
(but not all related to the incident at defcon).

To you drunken losers at defcon who had to fuck with Netta's speech (DoC
on hold here for a second, it wasn't just them):  If you didn't want to hear
Netta's speech (though in your opinion it may be monotone, boring or even
wrong) you DIDN'T HAVE TO STAY AND LISTEN TO IT.  There were some people that
WANTED to listen to the speech, but you all had to act like POMPOUS ELITIST
ASSES.  How different are you now from a government that would like to 
enforce censorship upon it's own people?

All I can say is "getbacks are a bitch".  A few things to consider:

1.	Shipley is an utter tool.  His whole appearance is a front.  If he's
such an awesome security specialist then why was he so easily owned?  Also
I bring into question some of the motives he has for harassing Netta Gilboa.
Her boyfriend (who is currenlty in jail) was known for continually hacking
(yes CONTINUALLY hacking) Peter Shipley.  I know this because I spoke with
Chris (n00gz) many times and was aware of this fact.

In my opinion Petey, anyone that is foolish enough to hire you to secure their
systems are idiots; whether it's the military, government, industry, a
business -- they should all just ask for their money back. You are a discredit
to your profession.

2.	Shipley is a coward.  Only cowards attack people weaker than them
but back away from a confrontation with someone of equal size or power.
Careful Peter -- next time don't piss off Bootleg, he might hurt that pretty
boy face of yours (though I admit, I would like to see it)

3.	Hackman was a gob of shit.  Peter Shipley has come to know his true
calling in life now (to wit: Webmaster).

4. 	The fangs make you look like a homo.  Maybe you are (nothing against
them actually, just stating a fact).

Shipley, se7en, (ayoung, where's your piglet account?).  Get a fucking life.
Maybe instead of contstantly going around "Searching for intelligent life"
perhaps you should stay home and secure your own systems.  You are all owned,
now don't you feel stupid?  You should.  You are.


-- galf@upt

[ This is almost funny.

  Notice I said, almost.

  You have to admit though, Shipley always comes with some damn fine
  women in tow.  Oh the things I did in my mind to that blonde...

  Something tells me that the author of this forged message could use a lot
  of Shipley hand-me-downs:  Women, contracts, references, etc... ]


Hey, I just watched the movie Hackers, and I was just curious to know if They
used you and the LOD to models the characters in the movie after? Alot of the
handles, and choice phrases they used  sounded awfully Farmiliar with what
went on, or at least what the book said went on. 


[ Actually, meds, the screenwriter hung around with "MOD" and other people from
  the New York hack scene and picked up some pointers, and then used
  people like Dead Lord and Emmanuel Goldstein as technical assistants.

  Or something like that.

  Please, don't ever associate "LOD" with this piece of shit again.  :) ]


A lot of people have read the article about Joe Engressia and his time in
Memphis where he was arrested by the police and banned from his dream of
working on phone lines.  Well, at the time when he was living on Union
avenue, my mother was in charge of payroll, hiring and the like at a local
switchboard. This was back in 1972 when the phone system was less of the
fuqup it is today.  Well, a friend of my mother's taught Mr. Engressia how to
cook and other related houshold things despite his handicap.  Shortly after
or before this, (I am unsure) he was arrested by the police.  I think this
was also about the time the interview was made.  Anyway, the local phone
companies would not touch him, not even to give him service.  My mother,
after talking with him decided to hire him as a phone consultant. (Her
opinion of his was that "He was so brilliant, it was scary, I mean REALLY
scary.")  She though he was a great "kid" (22 at the time) and was the best
consultant that they had.  He worked there for three years before moving.

 The last my mother heard was that he was living in a Denver high rise
working as a consultant to a corporation or something out there.  I only just
started talking with my parents about this today, but I am sure that they
will tell me more of him. 

   Oh, and my father was good friends of Joe too, he and Joe were Ham Radio
operators here in Memphis and my father still phreaks on them so I am sure
that Mr. Engressia does too.  Anyway, my father is teaching me how to hack,
and my mother is teaching me how to phreak, but she only knows a little of
outdated info and wants to get in touch with Joe.  If anyone, ANYONE has any
information about Joe, or if somehow this article gets to Joe, please let me
know at the following e-mail address:

[ We used to call Joe on conferences a long time ago.  I could probably
  dig his contact information up, but I really doubt he'd appreciate his
  number being published in Phrack.

  Hell, if your parents are teaching you how to hack & phreak, then certainly
  they can find Joe.  He was always listed in Directory Assistance when
  we tracked him down years back.

  Have you even really looked for him?  ]


quick question For Bloodaxe.

Ok, I know you probably get this Alot,but I just have to ask?...

Did you Really Date Christina Applegate?

had to ask,

[ Man, now that is a rumor that I would love to have started myself.
  No.  Never dated her, never met her, never talked to her, never
  had any contact whatsoever.  Spent some time holding up some of her
  posters with one hand, but that's about it. ]


do you have any info on stealing magic cookies ??

[ No, but I can trade you these magic beans for your cow.  If you plant
  them they will grow high into the sky, towards the castle in the clouds
  where the giant lives with the talking harp and the goose that lays the
  golden eggs.

  Go read some of the WWW Security Lists, if you're talking about what
  I think you are.  There are also javascript routines that collect
  navigator cookies from clients hitting your page.  After briefly looking
  around, I can't find the specific sites to snarf them from.  Go do a
  webcrawler search for WWW security or javascript security. ]


Dear Phracks - I'm a Free Journalist from Germany and I'm going to write
an articel about ISDN and the possible danger which might happen to a 
company etc. getting hacked by some agnets, spies etc. from other 
countries. So I'm looking for indos about ISDN-Viruses, Hackers and
background infos.

Can you help me?

[ Wow, a "Free Journalist."  I thought that pesky national socialist party
  imprisoned all you guys.

  ISDN Viruses are quite possibly the worst thing to happen to computing
  since the creation of the Cellular Trojan Horse.  Basically, these viruses
  travel over the wires using the X.224 transport protocol, and seize the
  D channel using Q.931.  All SS7 data sent over the D channel is quickly
  compromized and re-routed to different signal transfer points, causing
  massive ANI Failure over the entire routing mesh.

  Rumor has it that the Internet Liberation Front was behind these viruses
  with heavy investement coming from the German Bundesnachrichtendienst's
  Project Rahab.  These hackers were paid with AT&T calling cards encoded
  with a polymorphic encryption scheme, and cocaine.

  You can quote me on this. ]


Well, i wanna make an offer, and a nice deal.
i am n editor in an H/P/C magazine of HFA ( universal H/P/C 
well, what i wanna offer is a joining both of the papers 
2gether, OR! u want more subscribes, we'll publish ya,
but adding 1 article from ya'r paper, saying from where it is.
so, if we can make this deal, contact me asap!

[ Let me see if I understand this, your "universal H/P/C group" has
  a magazine, and wants to do "Phrack" the great honor of merging
  with us, or printing our articles?  Wow.  What a deal.  You mean
  by linking up with you guys, we will hit a greater audience

  So, merging our roughly 10,000 direct email subscribers, and a roughly
  75,000 more WWW or misc. readers, adding in your readers, that should
  bring us up to 85,001 readers!  Universally!  FAN-FUCKING-TASTIC!

  Are there so many rocks for you people to crawl out from under?
  Sheesh! ]



I have a need for a network sniffer.  Specifically, one that will
sniff IEEE-802.3 packets and TCP/IP packets.  Any leads?

[ Well, gee, are there network sniffers that won't?

  Go do an archie search for tcpdump. ]


I was just strolling by you page: http://freeside.com/phrack.html,
and found my link "Showgirl Video" (link to vegaslive.com).

I am the creator and webmaster for the site. If I can ever be
of assistance to you let me know.

We are one of the few sites in the world that has a live stage and
live 1 on 1 conferencing in one place.


[ Ya know, every time I'm in Vegas I make it out to Showgirl Video with
  a bucket of quarters and a healthy dose of bad intent.  I have to
  congratulate you guys for going on-line.  I love it when two of
  my favorite things come together (smut and computers).

  Unfortunately, The Vegaslive site is kind of pricey.  You guys seriously
  need a flat fee.  I suggest you look at a SUPURB site:

  That place has a flat fee, all you can eat pricing structure, the way
  God meant it to be.  Take note, and follow suit. ]


I have a Mitsubishi MT9 (MT-1097FOR6A) ..I program the NAM with the 
passw: 2697435 ...I need the passw to have access to SCAN or TAC 
function ...please, help me!



[ I'm not familiar with that phone, but I'd start off looking through
  Dr. Who's archive of cellular info at:


  If what you are looking for isn't there, there might be a link to
  somewhere that has it. ]


my name is azreal! I am also known as the angel of death.  why did you sell
out to the feds back when you running comsec.  i think phiber optick was a
great guy and i would have been glad to work with a legend.  do you know his
e-mail adress

[ Azrael?  The Angel of Death?  I thought Azrael was Gargamel's annoying cat.

  But to answer your question, I sold out to the man ages ago for money.
  Pure and simple.  Once you hit puberty, you might have a need for cash.
  Once mommie sends you off to college, you might need it even more.  And
  in the distant future, when you get out on your own, you will really

  Yes, phiber is swell.  There have been good pictures of him in many
  national magazines.  Try not to get the pages stuck together.

  And, yes, I do know his email address.  Thanks for asking! ]


From: prodigy.com (MR MARK P DOLESH)

How do you hack?

[ Very carefully. ]


Did you ever write a edition that deals with breaking the screensavers
code?  If so which one?  How about breking the Win95 password.  You know
the one that allows you into Win95?

[ We pass all articles about breaking Windows Screen Savers on to
  the more technical forum at 2600 magazine.

  To disable the Win95 password, install Linux. ]


A phriend of mine showed me your sight a few days ago at his house...I 
thought it was pretty cool.  I dloaded a few issues and stuff to check 
out...I haven't been on the internet to long so I'm still trying to phined 
more stuff that interest me,  and I would like to set up my own page like 
that but my account is thru the school...Is there anyway around that?  So 
it can be like border line legal?  How underground can one go???  If you 
still have the file on where the line is please send them...Thanks.

[ Your account is through your school, but you are looking for a way around
  that?  Hmmm...let me see.  I'm just going to throw out something wild
  and crazy, but, what the hell:  Maybe, get another account through
  another Internet provider?  I know, it's just too outlandish.  Forgive
  me for being so zany.

  How underground can you really go?  I used to have that file you are looking
  for, but I was so underground at the time, it got soiled with mud and
  disintegrated, eventually polluting the water table, and was ultimately
  drank by the city of Pasadena, Texas. ]


In regards to volume one ,issue four , Phile #8 of 11 ...
This shit has got to be a joke , I tryed to make some and 
Was a great dissapointment ????

[ The meth recipe works just fine.  Obviously you DIDN'T try to make it.
  If you feel like a REAL MORON, look at the cat recipe in the line noise
  section of this issue.  Stay up for a week, go into deep amphetamine
  psychosis and die!  Woo Woo! ]


I ve tried to locate these guys who have Black book for cracking 
passwords in major software and some games as well.They go by the Names 
of Jolly Reaper and Maugan Ra aka Manix.Iam doc X from London (not a 
pig!!!) if U happpen to know these doodez let us know.TA from GB

[ Perhaps you have Phrack confused with something having to do with
  pirated software.  I'd ask that question in a posting to the USENET
  group alt.warez or on the IRC #warez channels. ]


   i have been searching the internet for some kind of script that
will subscribe a certain email address to a shitload of
mailing lists...i have heard of such a thing.
what im lacking is that keyword to search for such as:


what is the technical term for this kind of attack?
or better yet, do you know where to get a hold of such a script.
im not familiar with mailing lists and id rather not spend the time
researching the topic...but i need vengeance quickly :-)

any help appreciated,

[ The name for this type of attack?  Uh, an email bomb?

  But let's take a closer look at your mail:

  "id rather not spend the time researching the topic...but I need vengeance

  I'm not going to be your fucking research assistant, or your accomplice.
  If you can't figure out how to look through our back issues to find any of
  the tons of fake mailers we've printed, or figure out how to automate them
  using shell script, then you don't deserve to live, much less
  get your speedy vengeance.

  Couldn't you even come up with a NON-LAME way to get back at someone?  Hell,
  even rewriting their .login to say "exit" or something silly like that is
  more clever, and less cliche, than flooding their inbox. ]


    The art of " information manipulation " has possessed my virgin soul ! I
turned into a fuckin' 2-year old (drool and all) when experiencing the free
local call system involving a paperclip . All I've been thinking is hack,
haCK, HACK ! I'm still drenched behind the ears but I'm a patient, turbo
learner (whatever the hell that means) !

     Here's the problem: I possess some info that could make you smile so
big, that your sphinctor would unwrinkle. I would like to experiment, if you
will . Perhaps, dabble with this stuff , but I am very uneducated in raping
mainframes. This could be a major wood producer 
because my EX works at this establishment .

     I need a trustworthy pro who possesses a plethora of tasty tactics . Whic
h way to the Dagobah System.....I seek YODA !!
[ Drooling 2-year old.

  Very uneducated in raping mainframes.

  Major wood producer.

  Well, gee, I'm sure your info would make my "sphinctor" unwrinkle, but I'm
  wearing a new pair of jeans, so I guess I'll have to take a rain check.

  God bless AOL for bringing the internet to the masses! ]


i want to be added to your list. and could you send me unziped hacking 
software or can you tell me how to unzip softwarre nd a beginners guide 
to hacking. i would appreciate it i want to begin fun new field of 
hacking thank you

[ You want to learn all about hacking, but you don't know how to unzip

  Crawl before you run, Kwai Chang. ]



Anh Ta'm ddi du li.ch xa, ngu? ta.i mo^.t kha'ch sa.n.  DDa~ ma^'y 
tie^'ng ddo^`ng ho^` ro^`i anh ngu? kho^ng ddu*o*.c vi` tie^'ng cu*o*`i 
no'i huye^n na'o tu*` pho`ng be^n ca.nh vo.ng sang.  Ro~ ra`ng la` ho. 
ddang dda'nh ba`i, sa't pha.t nhau a(n thua lo*'n.

Ra'ng nhi.n cho to*'i 3 gio*` sa'ng va^~n cu*' tra(`n tro.c hoa`i, anh 
Ta'm chi.u he^'t no^?i, be`n go~ nhe. va`o va'ch dde^? nha('c khe'o 
pho`ng be^n ca.nh.

Anh Ta'm vu*`a go~ xong la^.p tu*'c anh nghe mo^.t gio.ng tenor he't le^n 
tu*` pho`ng be^n:

-  Tro*`i o*i!  Co' bie^'t ba^y gio*` la` ma^'y gio*` sa'ng ro^`i 
   kho^ng?  O*? ddo' ma` ddo'ng ddinh treo hi`nh!

-  ?!?!?

[Uh, let's see...No Boom Boom with soul brother.  Soul Brother too beaucoup.

 Ddi Ma'o.]


Hola me gustaria tener mucha informacion de lo que ustedes hacen sobre 
todo de como lo hacen. Es decir que me manden informacion de los secretos 
de los sistemas operativos de internet  de todo lo que me puedan mandar.
  yo soy universitario, y me gusta todo lo relacionado con redes.

Muchos saludos.

[ What is this, International Day?

  !Si quieras mucha informacion, LEA MUCHOS LIBROS!  !DIOS MIO!  !No estoy
  el maestro del mundo!  Ehehe, esta fue solomente una chiste.  No esta
  nunca libros en espanol sobre <<computer security>>.  Que lastima.

  If you want to learn, start with english...then go buy the entire O'Reilly
  Yellow series and Blue series.  That will get you started learning
  "los secretos de los sistemas operativos de internet." ]


From: "Erik K. Escobar"
Subject: Apology

This letter is to be forwared to the newsgroup io.general by madmagic, in 
care of Mr. Escobar. 

I would like to send a public apology to Internex Online for the 
treatment I have given the staff and users of this system.  I threw 
around some threats and words that can incriminate me, and realized that 
it was a stupid idea on my behalf.  In the last week or so with the 
negative attention I have gotten, I got to know the IO/ICAN staff a bit 
better and everything in good standing. Me and Internex Online are now 
even and there will be no retaliation or sour words from me. I just want 
everything to go back to the norm.


[ * AND THEN * ]

From: "Erik K. Escobar"
Subject: Shit

As my understanding, A letter of apology under my name was redistributed 
around within my mailing list and whatever.  As some of you know, myself 
and Zencor have been having problems with Internex in the past and near 
the middle of this week, I got into a large battle with was ACC, ICAN, 
and Internex Online -vs- Me.  It is stupid to get into an argument with 
that many corporations, and a few words and threats were thrown, they 
locked my account.  I wrote a letter in response of that and they 
proceded to lock other Zencor staff accounts and hack our web site. Also 
they posted the letter in the news groups and whatever.  They eventually 
decided to charge me and whatever, and to save me time outta the courts 
and crap like that I made an apology for the threats, seeing that they 
could incriminate me.  Internex has done wrong and I probably won't be 
seeing alot of apologies coming my way. If they didn't have certain info 
about me..they could have me very well laughing at them but that is not 
the case.

Lord Kaotik

[ Can you say, LAME? ]


Been trying to locate for some time the file, plusmap.txt that used to be on
the phrack bbs (716-871-1915).  This file outlined information regarding the
videopal in the videocipher II plus satellite decoder module.  Any idea where
I might find this file?

[ I didn't know there was a "phrack" bbs.  <Sigh>

  In any case, I would look for information regarding this on the following


  Satellite Watch BBS : 517-685-2451

  This ought to get you in the right direction. ]



Just a quick note to tell you about the Hawaii Education Literacy Project -
a non-profit organization - and our efforts to promote literacy by making
electronic text easier and more enjoyable to read.  Given that we're both in
the reading biz, I thought you might be interested.

ReadToMe, our first program, reads aloud any form of electronic text,
including Web pages, and is free to anyone who wishes to use it.  

The "Web Designers" section of our home page tells you how your pages can
literally speak to your audience.  Actually, all you need to do to make your
pages audible is to add the following html code:

<P><A HREF="http://www.pixi.com/~reader1/readweb.bok">Hear
This Page!</A> Requires ReadToMe Software... Don't got it? <A
HREF="http://www.pixi.com/~reader1">GET IT FREE!</A>

A beta test version of the program can be obtained from
http://www.pixi.com/~reader1.  I encourage you and your readers to download
a copy and take it for a spin.  

Thank you for your time,

Rob Hanson
Hawaii Education Literacy Project

[ Honestly, I don't know if this is a spam to a list of magazine people, or
  really a phrack reader.  I have this thing about jumk email, and the joy of
  offering that info to our thousands of bored hacker readers looking for
  an excuse to fuck with some system.

  I'll let them decide if this was a spam.  Thanks, Rob. ]


SYNTHETIC PLEASURES  opens in the US theaters
save the date, spread the word. forgive us if you got this before.

eerily memorable is SYNTHETIC PLEASURES, a trippy, provocative tour through
the perfectly artificial worlds of cyberspace, plastic surgery,
mind-altering chemicals and controlled, man-made environments that
questions whether the natural world is redundant, or even necessary. those
who see it will want to pinch themselves when it's over.
(janet maslin- The New York Times)

for further info contact:

first opening dates:

Aug 29 Los Angeles, CA- Nuart Theatre
Aug 30 San Francisco, CA- Castro Theatre
Aug 30 Berkeley, CA- UC Theatre
Aug 30 San Jose, CA- Towne Theatre
Aug 30 Palo Alto, CA- Aquarius Theatre
Aug 30 Portland, OR- Cinema 21
Sept 13 San Diego, CA- Ken Theatre
Sept 13 NYC, NY- Cinema Village
Sept 13 NYC, NY- City Cinemas
Sept 13 Larkspur, CA- Larkspur Theatre
Sept 20 Boston, MA- Kendall Square Theater
Sept 20 Cleveland, OH- Cedar Lee
Sept 20 Philadelphia, PA- Ritz
Sept 22 Vorheess, NJ- Ritz 12
Sept 27 Austin, TX- Dobie Theater
Sept 27 New Haven, CT- York Theatre
Sept 27 Pittsburgh,PA- Rex
Oct 4 Washington, DC- Key Cinema
Oct 11 Providence, RI- Avon Theater
Oct 11 Kansas City, MO- Tivoli
Oct 11  Baltimore,MD - Charles Theatre
Oct 18  Waterville MA- Railroad Square
Oct 18  Durham,NC - Carolina Theater
Oct 18 Raleigh, NC - Colony Theater
Oct 18 Chapel Hill,NC -The Chelsea Theatre
Oct 25 Seattle, WA- Varsity
Nov 8 Ft Lauderdale FL- Fox Sunrise
Nov 15 Gainesville,FL - Plaza Theater
Nov 16 Hanover, NH- Dartmouth Theater
Nov 22 Miami, FL- Alliance
Nov 25,29,30 Tampa FL - Tampa Theatre
Dec 13 Chicago, IL - Music Box


  I wonder what lovely cgi-bin holes that WWW site is sporting.

  But wait, maybe they just want some k-rad cyber-press like
  MGM got for the "Hackers" WWW page.  Oh man, what a dilemma.
  To hack, or not to hack.  Assholes. ]


                              ==Phrack Magazine==

                   Volume Seven, Issue Forty-Eight, File 2a of 18

                                Phrack Editorial
                                  Erik Bloodaxe

This may very well be my last Phrack editorial, since I'm no longer going to
fill the day-to-day role of editor, so I figure I ought to close out my
crusade to piss everyone off.

I don't like most of you people.  The hacking subculture has become a
mockery of its past self.  People might argue that the community has
"evolved" or "grown" somehow, but that is utter crap.  The community
has degenerated.  It has become a media-fueled farce.  The act of intellectual
discovery that hacking once represented has now been replaced by one of
greed, self-aggrandization and misplaced post-adolescent angst.

DefCon IV epitomized this change in such amazing detail, that I can only hope
to find words to describe it adequately.  Imagine the bastard offspring
of Lollapalooza and a Star Trek convention.  Imagine 300+ people out of their
homes, and away from Mother's watchful eye for the first time in their
pathetic lives.  Imagine those same people with the ego of Rush Limbaugh and
the social skills of Jeffrey Dahmer, armed with laptops loaded with programs
they can't use, and talking at length to reporters about techniques they
don't understand.  Welcome to DefCon.

If I were to judge the health of the community by the turnout of this
conference, my prognosis would be "terminally ill."

It would seem that "hacking" has become the next logical step for many people
looking for an outlet to strike back at "something."  "Well, gee, I've already
pierced every available piece of skin on my body and dyed my hair blue...what
on earth can I do now to shock my parents?  I know!  I'll break some federal
laws, and maybe get my name in the paper!  THAT WOULD BE COOL!  It'll be
just like that movie!"

I hate to burst everyone's bubble, but you are so fucked up.

In this day and age, you really don't have to do anything illegal to be
a hacker.  It is well within the reach of everyone to learn more, and use
more powerful computers legally than any of us from the late 70's and early
80's ever dreamed.  Way back then, it was ALL about learning how to use these
crazy things called computers.  There were hundreds of different types of
systems, hundreds of different networks, and everyone was starting from ground
zero.  There were no public means of access; there were no books in stores or
library shelves espousing arcane command syntaxes; there were no classes
available to the layperson.  We were locked out.

Faced with these obstacles, normal, intelligent, law-abiding adolescents from
around the globe found themselves attempting to gain access to these
fascinating machines through whatever means possible.  There simply was
no other way.  There were no laws, and yet everyone knew it wasn't strictly
kosher behavior.  This fact added a cheap rush to the actual break-in, but
the main drive was still simply to learn.

Now, with the majority of operating systems being UNIX-based, and the majority
of networks being TCP/IP-based the amount of knowledge to be gathered has
shrunk considerably.  With the incredibly low prices of powerful personal
computers, and the free availablity of complex operating systems, the need
to break into remote systems in order to learn has been removed.  The only
possible needs being met by remote intrusions would be a means to gather
specific information to be sold, or that base psychological rush from doing
something forbidden and getting away with it.  Chasing any high only leads
to a serious crash, and in the case of breaking into computers, that
only leads to jail.

There is absolutely nothing cool about going to jail.  I know too many
people who are currently in jail, who have been in jail, and some who are
on their way to jail.  Trust me on this, people.  You will not be
respected by anyone if you act rashly, do something careless and
end up being convicted of several felonies.  In fact, all of your "friends,"
(those who didn't get busted along with you, and turn state's evidence against
you) will just think you were a moron for being so sloppy...until they also
get nailed.

Get raided and you will almost certainly spend time in jail.  Even once you
are released, you will lose your passport and your ability to travel freely,
you will lose your ability to do business in classified environments, you
will become unemployable by most companies, you may even lose your rights to
use computer or networking equipment for years.  Is is still worth it?

I break into computers for a living, and I love my job.  However, I don't
kid myself about just how lucky I really am.  Don't fool yourselves into
thinking that it was easy for me to achieve this, or that anyone else can
easily slip into such a role.  Staking out a claim in the information security
industry is a continual battle for a hacker.  Your past will constantly
stand in your way, especially if you try to hide it and lie to everyone.
(Read the recent Forbes ASAP article and spot the hacker from Garrison
Associates lying about his past, although he was raided for running
the Scantronics Publications BBS in San Deigo just a few short years ago.
Shame on you Kludge.)

I've never lied about anything, so that can't be held over my head.  I've
never been convicted of anything either, although I came closer to jail
than hopefully any of you will ever experience.  The ONLY reason I avoided
prison was the fact that law enforcement was not prepared to deal with
that type of crime.  Now, I've taught many of those same law enforcement
agencies about the nature of computer crimes.  They are all learning and
not making the same mistakes any more.

At the same time, the technology to protect against intrusions has increased
dramatically.  Technology now exists that will not only stop attacks, but
identify the attack methodology, the location of the attacker, and take
appropriate countermeasures all in real-time.  The company I work for makes it.
I've always said that anything that can stop me will stop almost anyone,
even through I'm not anywhere close to the world's best.  There simply
aren't that many things to monitor, once you know what to look for.

The rewards have diminished and the risks have increased.

Hacking is not about crime.  You don't need to be a criminal to be a hacker.
Hanging out with hackers doen't make you a hacker any more than hanging
out in a hospital makes you a doctor.  Wearing the t-shirt doesn't
increase your intelligence or social standing.  Being cool doesn't mean
treating everyone like shit, or pretending that you know more than everyone
around you.

Of course, I'm just a bitter old sell-out living in the past, so
what do I know?

Well, what I do know, is that even though I'm one of the few screaming about
how fucked up and un-fun everything has become, I'm not alone in my disgust.
There are a bunch of us who have reached the conclusion that the "scene"
is not worth supporting; that the cons are not worth attending; that the
new influx of would-be hackers is not worth mentoring.  Maybe a lot of us
have finally grown up.

In response, expect a great many to suddenly disappear from the cons.  We'll be
doing our own thing, drinking a few cool drinks someplace warm, and reflecting
on the collective pasts we've all drawn from, and how the lack of that
developmental stage has ruined the newer generations.  So those of us
with that shared frame of reference will continue to meet, enjoy each
other's company, swap stock tips in the same breath as operating system
flaws, and dream about the future of security.

You're probably not invited.

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