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Current issue : #40 | Release date : 1992-08-01 | Editor : Dispater
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SummerCon 1992Knight Lightning & Dispater
PWN/Part 1Datastream Cowboy
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PWN/Part 3Datastream Cowboy
Title : SummerCon 1992
Author : Knight Lightning & Dispater
                                ==Phrack Inc.==

                    Volume Four, Issue Forty, File 11 of 14

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   \______\ |_____| |_|\/|_||_|\/|_||____\ |_|    \________/ \_____/ |_|\_|

                           1       9       9       2

                   "Told ya...Should a killed me last year!"

                          by Knight Lightning & Dispater

       Special Thanks: Dr. Williams, Holistic Hacker, Nihil, and The Pope
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ ___ ____________ ___ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

                                 SummerCon '92
                                June 26-28, 1992
                         Executive International Hotel

    "SummerCon... What is it?  In many ways, SummerCon is much more than
     just a convention that attracts America's greatest phreaking and
     hacking personalities.  SummerCon is a state of mind.

     Hackers by nature are urged on by a hidden sense of adventure to
     explore the unknown, to challenge the unchallenged, to reach out and
     experiment with anything and everything.  The realization that we are
     not alone in our quest sometimes comes as a great gift and the
     opportunity to meet one's heroes, partners, and idols can be the most
     awe-inspiring aspect of the hacker community -- this is what SummerCon
     is all about.

     On the surface, SummerCon looks like a handful of youths hanging out at
     a hotel in St. Louis, Missouri.  To me, it is more like one of those
     madcap movies you see on late night Home Box Office or something.  No
     real point or direction, rebels without cause, all in the name of
     frantic fun and games.  The atmosphere surrounding SummerCon is that of
     a dream world where once a year you can escape to a fantasy where
     ingenuity is king and you have friends around you at every moment.
     SummerCon itself may only last a weekend, but the friendships last a

          -- Knight Lightning, Phrack 28, File 8 (PWN Special on SummerCon '89)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

SummerCon!  At last, a return to the original idea behind the event.  It was
great!  It was crazy!  It was a party!  It was everything it should have been
and more.

When Taran King, Forest Ranger, and Knight Lightning first conceived the idea
of SummerCon in late 1986, they probably never imagined that they would all
three still be involved six years later or just how popular their high-school
dream would become.

It seemed as though nothing could top SummerCon '89.  It was a great turnout
of 23 people, there was a serious conference, there was also sorts of mischief
and mayhem, and all in all, everyone had a great time.  In 1990, SummerCon
coincidentally took place on the same weekend on which the United States
government dropped charges on Knight Lightning.  The turnout was less than ten
people and the conference was anything, but a success.

In 1991, SummerCon tried something new.  The theme that year was CyberView and
it had a special focus on civil liberties issues.  The turnout was average,
but something was missing.  Finally, in 1992, the spirit of SummerCon was
reborn anew.

 Setting Up For SummerCon '92
Setting up SummerCon this year was a tricky situation.  Knight Lightning had
moved to Washington, D.C., Dispater didn't live in St. Louis, Taran King was
working full time, and Forest Ranger was nowhere to be found.  Luckily, there
was Rambone.  With help from Taran King, Rambone set forth to make sure that
the hotel accommodations and the conference room arrangements were taken care
of and without his help, SummerCon might possibly not have happened.

All sorts of other arrangements had to be made as well.  We wanted this year's
conference to be very special and so for the first time ever, we decided to
embark on the risky enterprise of designing and selling Phrack/SummerCon
t-shirts.  Knight Lightning and Dispater worked together on the design work
and Dispater took care of the art and manufacturing.  For those who haven't
seen or heard about these shirts before, a brief description is in order.

 Phrack/SummerCon '92 T-Shirts
There were only a very limited number of shirts made for the conference and
they were sold out.  A re-order was issued, mostly for people who attended the
conference (but didn't get a shirt because of the small supply).  A few shirts
were reserved for people that were unable to attend.  Unlike the Legion of
Doom, Internet World Tour shirts, Phrack has no plans at this time to sell
shirts to the general public.  If there is a change in policy, we will let the
readers know immediately.

The shirts are standard white, short-sleeved t-shirts with no pockets.

Front:  On the left breast there is a picture resembling Oliver Wendall Jones
        (the computer hacker from the comic strip Bloom County).  He is
        swinging his sword while standing at ground zero inside the cross hairs
        of a rifle.  Circling above him are the words, "SummerCon '92" and
        below him, "June 26-28 St. Louis, MO."

Back:                                PHRACK
                                M a g a z i n e

                              When You Care Enough
                            To Indict The Very Best

                        PHRACK: 1     Secret Service: 0

                                 911's A JOKE!

                           The information contained
                         herein should not be disclosed
                        to unauthorized persons.  It is
                       meant solely for use by authorized
                     employees of the BELLSOUTH Corporation
                          or any of its subsidiaries.

 Executive International Hotel... Not A Best Western Anymore?
All parties concerned decided that we should return to the site where our best
conferences had been held, the Executive International Best Western Hotel, but
we had a surprise waiting for us when we arrived for the conference.  It turned
out that the Executive International was no longer a Best Western, in fact
they had gone bankrupt.  To make matters worse, the bank that foreclosed on the
property failed as well -- in other words, the Executive International was now
owned by the United States Government!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

 SummerCon Begins
There was so much going on and there were so many people at the conference,
that there is no possible way to give a play-by-play of events at SummerCon.

Knight Lightning arrived the Thursday before and Dispater flew in in the wee
hours of the morning on Friday.  When KL arrived with TK at the hotel around
1 PM, the conference was already in full swing with groups of guys from Texas
and Boston congregated outside the hotel wearing Phrack t-shirts and already
trading war stories.  Perhaps the biggest surprise was the arrival of Doc
Holiday, who no one had been able to contact to invite -- of course the
surprise was more on Erik Bloodaxe than anyone else.

More and more people arrived during the day, and as they did, a strange
sensation was shared among the alumni from SummerCon's past.  True, Tuc and
Lex Luthor weren't here, but outside of that, this was already looking like a
reunion of all the people from all the SummerCons that had been before.

Lucifer 666 was running around with Control C, The Disk Jockey was seen
cruising the downtown bar scene with Forest Ranger and Tom Brokaw, Erik
Bloodaxe and Doc Holiday called some of the girls they had met from the
previous year's convention.  Everything was happening so fast, it was hard to
keep track of, so we didn't try.  We just had fun.

About 1/3 of the people at SummerCon went to see "Batman Returns."  In light of
the trip at the SummerCon of 1989, it seemed like a good idea.  Others hung out
poolside, roaming the hotel and its adjoining office complex, and still others
raided the free buffet at the Radison Hotel down the street.

The Washington, D.C. contingent of SummerCon guests were content to sit in
their room most the evening and explore Internet sites in the St. Louis area.
Some went trashing, some hit the bars looking for women, and some sat in the
room occupied by Restricted Data Transmissions (RDT) for some good information

Meanwhile, an underage hacker named Pyro (gee that's an original name) was the
first to meet the pride and joy of Springfield, Illinois.  Both of these young
women claimed to be age 16 and Pyro was the first to experience some of their
womanhood.  One of "girls" was named Dena and she was in the mood for some
action as well.  Clawing at almost every guy at the hotel, she refused to
leave.  She finally disappeared into a room and was not heard from again until
the next morning.

 SummerCon: The Conference
The previous evening's activates had taken their toll.  When 12 noon came
around, most of the hackers weren't even awake yet, let alone prepared for the
conference session.  The meeting was re-scheduled to 1 PM, but in the meantime
Knight Lightning passed out copies of Security Insider Report (from Interpact),
information about InterTek, a ComputerWorld article by Chris 'Erik Bloodaxe'
Goggans (this article also appears in PWN 40/1), while Mr. Icom did the same
with back issues of Cybertek.  Emmanuel Goldstein was busy selling the new
black 2600 t-shirts and passing out back issues of 2600 Magazine.  Copies of a
recent article about hackers doing computer security from the Boston Business
Journal were also to be found compliments of RDT.  RDT was also responsible for
making this year's SummerCon buttons.  Holistic Hacker made some as well.
Thanks to all parties concerned for your great work and efforts.

Although it wasn't exactly made available for everyone to take a close look at,
Knight Lightning proudly showed off his pre-release copy of THE HACKER
CRACKDOWN by Bruce Sterling.  This book, which will be available in hardback to
the public on October 15, 1992, looks to be one of the most popular literary
works on the world of hackers ever.  It focuses on the raids in the Atlanta-LOD
/Phrack/E911 case and Operation Sun Devil.  It is believed that Knight
Lightning himself appears on the cover of the book.

With the gavel-like banging of a lineman test set, Knight Lightning formally
called the meeting to order at about 1:15 PM.  He expressed his appreciation
for the massive attendance (there were at least 60 people actually at the
SummerCon meeting).  Rambone made a quick note about the activities of the
previous night as laughter and jokes about the "cyber-nymphs" erupted from all
around the room.

Dispater took the floor for a moment to welcome everyone as well and then
expressed his gratitude to the members of RDT for all of their help in
producing Phrack issues during the past year.  A discussion about who owned the
hotel began briefly and then the first conference speaker was called to the

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

1. The Gatsby

"I'm sure you're all familiar by now with the media stories of the '1000-member
ring of hackers' that supposedly have been invading the credit bureaus of CBI/
Equifax, but the story isn't true and there is a lot more going on."

Gatsby explained that a hacker named The Prisoner (aka Multiplexor) from
Indianapolis (and apparently also to some extent from Long Island) flew to San
Diego to see a girl, supposedly on a carded ticket.

While in San Diego, he allegedly broke into computers at Zale's Jewlery store
and pulled credit card info from their point-of-sales system.  After he vacated
the rented room he had been staying in, he foolishly left behind the credit
card printouts and his former landlord (whom he owed money to) discovered them
and called the San Diego Police Department.

Sometime later, Multiplexor was met at his new accommodations at the Sleepy
Time Motel in San Diego by the police.  The FBI was brought into the case and
he was kept at the Marriott Hotel for two weeks, all expenses paid!  While
under government supervision, Multiplexor logged into several systems,
including Scantronics BBS.

During the course of the investigation, a hacker known as The Crypt Keeper came
forward to tell what he knew about the hacker underground.  He eventually
would give the police access to Scantronics BBS logs he had in his possession
after using The Gatsby's password to login to the system.

These logs were used by the police to gain search warrants for Scantronics BBS
and its now unhappy former sysop, Kludge.

[The full details, police reports, warrants, and an interview with The Crypt
keeper appears in Phrack World News 40/1.]

2. Agent Steal

Agent Steal gave a very informative talk about his dealings with Kevin Poulson,
know to some as Dark Dante.  AS related some of the experiences and adventures
that the two of them had been through several years ago and talked about how
Kevin used to break into central offices on a daily bases.  Poulsen even had
special equipment set up in his apartment to prevent him from being traced.
Poulsen of course was the subject of a federal indictment and appeared on an
episode of Unsolved Mysteries.  He has since been taken into custody and is
awaiting trial.

Agent Steal himself had spent a short time in prison on some bogus charges that
were brought against him to elicit his help in prosecuting Poulsen.  He refused
to assist, but he eventually was released anyway.  He said that he was looking
forward to something different now, but he may have been referring to the Ozzy
Osbourne concert later that night in St. Louis.  Agent Steal is working on a
book about his adventures with Poulsen called "Data Thief" and he expects it to
be published in the near future.

3. Emmanuel Goldstein, 2600 Magazine, Editor

"Many people mistrust the government and big business, and they want to know
how to fight back."

Emmanuel Goldstein spoke about the First Amendment and why 2600 Magazine has
been able to exist and grow over the years despite the events that haunted
Phrack in 1990.  During 2600's eight years in existence, the magazine has never
once been directly harassed by the government.  The main reason he believes
that Phrack was hit and 2600 left alone is because 2600 is a printed (hardcopy)

However, 2600 is in need of good writers and will print anything, leaked or
sent to them, it doesn't matter.  2600 has never been sued, although they are
often threatened with legal action [See PWN 40/3 for the latest threats against
2600 from Bellcore].  2600 has a subscription list of 1500 and a newstand
of 3000.

He also spoke about some of their press releases that were issued in order to
alert people about insecure systems, but that the information is never acted
upon until something happens.  People always like to blame the magazine for
giving the details on how to do something (such as opening Fed Ex drop boxes),
but never take action to correct the problems the magazine exposes.

A few people had questions for Emmanuel.  For example, he was asked, "How do
you morally justify hacking and the type of information published in 2600?"  He
responded by pointing out that 2600 only prints information about security
flaws which need to be addressed and fixed.

Emmanuel was also asked if there was any fallout from the Simplex lock hacking
article which described how to hack Simplex locks with out any tools and in
less than 20 minutes (often less than 3 minutes).  Given that Simplex locks are
widely used at universities and Federal Express drop boxes, one would expect
some sort of action.  Emmanuel replied that he was surprised that there hadn't
been much of a response or any action taken against 2600 because of the
article.  However, based on what many readers have told him, it seems that
nobody has even changed the default combinations!

4. Control C [Legion of Doom]

Control C has been a hacker surrounded by a lot of controversy over the years,
from his days with the Legion of Doom through his employment and termination
from Michigan Bell security.

He addressed the circumstances that led to his finding work with Michigan Bell.
In 1987, Control C had started to log into Michigan Bell computers almost on a
daily basis for the purpose of becoming better acquainted with C programming.
During one 4 hour session, Michigan Bell Security traced his call back to
Chicago (where he had been in school at the time).  The next day, ^C had moved
back to Detroit and he received a call from some gentlemen who wanted to invite
him to lunch.

When he showed up, he was greeted by Michigan Bell Security personnel and the
country sheriff's department.  The result was a job where his main
responsibility was to find flaws in their computer security by any means
necessary.  Over the years, Control C found well over 100 different holes and
other weaknesses in their systems.

As time went on and key people left and were replaced by staff with more
conservative attitudes, a new vice president (and former police officer) came
in and decided it was no longer fashionable to employ a hacker.  Control C was
informed that he must leave despite the need for his services.

Shortly after Control C agreed to depart, the Secret Service became involved.
They wanted to bring charges on ^C for the original break-ins at Michigan Bell
that led to his employment.  It didn't matter that Michigan Bell had signed
documents that they would not bring charges.  It didn't prevent the Secret
Service from coming after him in 1990 (right during the same time as the E911
Phrack case and LOD-Atlanta cases began).

Control C was requested to take a polygraph.  However, the timing was not good
and ^C's lawyer request a new time.  Now more than a year and a half since the
request was made, ^C has not heard back from the Secret Service.  Today ^C has
moved on to a new vocation.

5. Signal Surfer

Signal Surfer voiced his concerns about the bad reputation hackers have in the
computer industry when in reality, most people in the industry are hackers in
the first place.  He expressed an interest in trying to get people together to
work on changing the stereotype of the modern hacker and helping hackers find
legitimate jobs in the computer field.

6. Predat0r, TAP Magazine, Editor; Blitzkrieg BBS, Sysop

Predat0r gave a short update on the current status of TAP and tried to explain
why he hadn't produced an issue in over a year.  Legal problems (something
about being accused of stealing a laptop computer) that were taking up his time
and resources were at fault.  However, he says that those issues have been
resolved and that TAP will start publishing again with issue #106 sometime this

He gave his promise that he would not just fold the magazine and rip everyone
off who had sent him money.

7. Mr. Icom, Cybertek, Editor

Similar to Predat0r, Mr. Icom expressed his apologies for having been somewhat
delinquent in getting new issues of his magazine out.  He claimed that issue #7
would be released in the near future. 

8. Erik Bloodaxe (Chris Goggans)[Legion of Doom][Comsec Data Security, Inc.]

It was only a year ago at SummerCon '91 that Erik Bloodaxe, Doc Holiday, and
Malefactor proudly announced the formation of Comsec.  Now, the following year,
it seemed that events had come full circle.  What had happened to Comsec?  Why
did it go out of business?  What is the deal?  That's what everyone wanted to
know and what Goggans was prepared to discuss.

One of the factors that contributed to the failure of Comsec was operating
costs associated with creating the company in the first place.  Unfulfilled
promises of investment in the company from people like Kenyon "Malefactor"
Shulman and a whisper campaign against them by others in the computer security
industry and a criminally negligent press hurt them badly, so much in fact they
could not recover.

Goggans continued his tale of corruption and unfair play in the security
community.  For example, there was an agreement between Goggans and ISPNews
about Goggans writing a regular column in their bi-monthly publication.
However, after he submitted his first article, the newly formed editorial board
decided against allowing it to be published.  They said it was common for the
editorial board to not allow sensitive articles in their magazine.  But when
ISPNews was asked what other contributors had their articles reviewed like
this, they could produce no names.  It should also be pointed out that among
the members of the editorial board is one William J. Cook, formally an
assistant United States Attorney in Chicago -- the same prosecutor who is
responsible for the cases against Phrack co-founder Craig Neidorf (Knight
Lightning), Shadow Hawk, Steve Jackson Games, Len Rose, The Mentor, and Chris
Goggans himself!

But it didn't end there!  Someone on the editorial advisory board (without
permission from Goggans) forwarded his article to the head of security for
SprintNet.  Goggans received a threatening letter from SprintNet that called
his article potentially libelous and claimed that it contained inaccuracies
and proprietary company information.

But waitasec if the article contains confidential information then how could it
be innaccurate?  And if it's inaccurate then how could it divulge useful
security flaws in their security?

Most recently, Goggans wrote an article for ComputerWorld (see PWN 40/1) about
hackers and computer security.  It addresses Tymnet and Telenet security
issues.  He discussed how hackers exploit these networks and how they can be
stopped.  He read the article aloud in full.  It was typical of most security
articles -- detailed, technically rounded, and somewhat dry.  There were no big
security revelations or tips.

He then went on to read some of the editorial replies of people responding to
his article in subsequent issues of ComputerWorld.  The audience did not
approve of their negative response.

Finally, the discussion turned to the situation with MOD.  Goggans talked about
the persistent harassment he had been subjected to by Phiber Optik and other
members of his alleged New York based organization.

Goggans said that in addition to the usual childish prank calls he would often
receive, MOD obtained his credit information including his credit card numbers
and posted them on bulletin boards and IRC.  They were also responsible for
changing his residential home telephone long distance service from U.S. Sprint
to AT&T so they could more easily obtain his long distance calling records.

He was not alone -- other partners at Comsec and Doc Holiday's (Scott Chasin)
mother were also harassed.  Harassing a hacker is one thing, but going after a
man's family and livelihood is clearly stepping beyond the bounds of a hacker's
code of ethics.  Something had to be done aboutthe problem, so Comsec decided
to end MOD's reign of criminal obnoxiousness by any means necessary.

There was a debate as to the proper way to handle this situation.  Goggans
revealed that he eventually turned to the FBI for assistance, who were
surprising helpful.  Some people at SummerCon were critical of his admission.

Emmanuel Goldstein was the most outspoken of those who responded.  "If we start
resorting to asking the FBI to resolve our problems, then that is a worse
violation than what MOD did to you.  The more appropriate response would be to
use the same tricks to get back at them."

Emmanuel also gave an example of what he meant.  One day, his office starting
receiving lots of calls from people who wanted trips to Europe.  It turned out
that an answering machine at a travel agency had been left with an outgoing
message that told callers to contact both John Maxfield and Emmanuel Goldstein
and gave out both their numbers.  Maxfield solved the problem by called the
feds... 2600 hacked the answering machine and changed the message to something
more innocuous.

However clever Emmanuel's ideas might be, Goggans stated that, "legitimate
business people cannot resort to illegal means to correct such a situation.  We
had no other alternatives."

The debate continued for 30 minutes until, eventually, Knight Lightning stepped
in, pointed out that this discussion could go on forever, and that it was time
to start closing up shop.

9. DrunkFux, HoHoCon, Director

Before the meeting was officially concluded, dFx had a few things to discuss
concerning how the guests had been conducting themselves in the hotel and he
wanted to relate an experience he had at HoHoCon '91.

"The rowdiness at HoHoCon made last night at SummerCon look like a daycamp."

Drunkfux explained that the managers at the hotel for HoHoCon blamed the
conferences guests for all sorts of damage, and threatened to hold dFx
financially responsible.  The manager even threatened to bill his credit card
for the damage.  dFx responded by calling his credit card company and they
informed him that what the hotel had threatened to do was illegal and they
would be more than happy to prosecute the Hilton Hotel if they attempted to
bill dFx for such charges.

The Hilton staff claimed that some conference guests set fire to part of a
hallway, but refused to show dFx the damage when asked.  dFx's attorney (a
relative who had gotten involved at this point) asked if any fire alarms had
gone off.  The reply was no.  The attorney then informed the Hilton staff that
he would be happy to sue them on behalf of the conference guests for
endangering their lives by placing them in accommodations with defective fire
alarms.  The Hilton staff changed their story.

Another claim against the HoHo'ers was that they had engaged in and allowed
underage drinking.  The attorney pointed out that the hotel's own bartenders
were responsible for serving many of them and if Hilton's claim was true, he
would be forced to call the state and have the hotel's liquor license revoked.
The Hilton staff changed their story.

This sequence of point/counter-point repeated itself a few times until all
claims were dropped.

A few days later, the two hotel managers who had previously accused dFx of
damage went to his house to personally apologize.  They gave him coupons for
free nights the next time he stays at one of their hotels.  dFx recorded the
meeting on videotape and he joked around about putting the scene into gifs and
distributing it to a BBS near you!

After the official meeting, many guests left the hotel to eat, trash, and
explore the city.  Frosty and some of the other GCMS-MechWarriors started a
game of Hacker (Steve Jackson Games) in the conference room.  Many people soon
wandered over to Northwest Plaza Mall; where the trouble began.

 Rule #4
About 10 or more people (including Emmanuel Goldstein, The Conflict, Erik
Bloodaxe, Doc Holiday, and Signal Surfer) had entered the Northwest Plaza mall
and a couple of them had baseball caps on... backwards.

A few minutes later, they were approached by mall security who told them that
wearing their hats backwards was a violation of Rule #4 and was not allowed.
Specifically the security guard said, "All clothing must be worn in the way it
was meant to be worn."  Go figure, aren't hats supposed to be worn on your
head?  This was more than Emmanuel and the others would take.  They marched
right into Sears and Emmanuel bought everyone (who didn't already have a hat) a
bright red St. Louis Cardinals baseball cap.

Now all of them had their hats on backwards and they started strolling around
the mall soon catching the eye of another always-alert rent-a-cop, mall
security guard.  After telling them to turn their hats around (and dropping his
walkie-talkie in his attempt to call for backup), the security guard was
approached by Emmanuel who wanted to discuss this Rule #4.

Another guard mumbled something about how a case on the matter had already gone
to the appellate court, but he neglected to mention the outcome and we have
been unable to find any details about case.

The security guards (now in full force) told Emmanuel this policy was in fact
posted at all entrances and then they threw everyone out of the mall.  Emmanuel
says that he circled the mall noting that the rule was actually only posted at
2 of the 12 entrances.  Another interesting rule was #6, which made it illegal
to have a cellular phone, beeper, or any other device capable of making sounds
in the mall.  Erik Bloodaxe had broken this rule when he had played "Mary Had A
Little Lamb" on Signal Surfers cellular phone.

Towards the late afternoon about half of the Con ventured to the St. Louis
waterfront on the Mississippi (Laclede's Landing) where the riverboats, bars
and the Arch is found.

Holistic Hacker showed videos in his room including:

"ESS Phun"                         - A humorous raid of a Bell Central Office
                                     by three hackers.
"Unsolved Mysteries"               - The Kevin Poulsen episode.
"Rudolph the Heavy-Metal Reindeer" - No explanation.
"Good Morning America"             - See Doc Holiday EAT his own hand!
"Now It Can Be Told"               - Phiber Optik, Emmanuel Goldstein, and
                                     Knight Lightning on Geraldo.
"SummerCon '89"                    - Highlights of SummerCon '89.
"SummerCon '91"                    - Highlights of SummerCon '91.

Later in the evening, things just went out of control.  Smoke bombs were going
off, power outages were occurring, rooms were filling up with trash found in
dumpsters at major computer and telecommunications office buildings.  Dena was
back stalking new prey (and found it).

Agent Steal and DrunkFux went to the Ozzy Osbourne concert while Erik Bloodaxe
and Doc Holiday went out with the girls from last year's conference.  They
didn't make it back to the hotel until the next morning <wink wink>.

Security guards were running around threatening to send people to jail for no
specific reason other than being disruptive.

The only serious discussions that night took place in the RDT room.

The guests slowly began waking up just before mandatory checkout time from the
hotel.  As they gathered in the lobby and outside for last minute discussions
and group photos, the group began to slowly dwindle in size.  A few had to catch
flights right away, a few would be staying until Monday morning, but everyone
promised to return next year.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

           PWN ^*^ PWN ^*^ PWN { SummerCon '92 } PWN ^*^ PWN ^*^ PWN
           PWN ^*^ PWN ^*^ PWN {  Guest List!  } PWN ^*^ PWN ^*^ PWN

     Agent Steal                 Erik Bloodaxe             The Not
     Albatross                   Father Crime              Omega
     Apollo Phoebus              Forest Ranger             OPii
     Aragorn                     Frosty                    Phaedrus
     Black Phoenix               Gateway                   Phantom Phreaker
     Brian Oblivion              The Gatsby                The Pope
     Bucky                       Golgo 13                  Predat0r
     The Butler                  Holistic Hacker           The Public
     Coder Decoder               Hunter                    Pyro
     Colin                       Junkmaster                Rambone
     The Conflict                Just Dave                 Sarlo
     Control C                   Knight Lightning          Scooter
     Count Zero                  Krynn                     The Serpent
     Cray-Z Phreaker             Lord MacDuff              Signal Surfer
     Crimson Death               Louis Cypher              Slack Master
     Dark Angel                  Lucifer 666               Slave Driver
     Dark Creaper                Magic Man                 Taran King
     Disk Jockey                 Minor Threat              Tom Brokaw
     Dispater                    Mr. Icom                  Video Vance
     Doc Holiday                 Mucho Maas                Voyager
     Dr. Cypher                  Mudge                     Weapons
     Dr. Williams                Nat X                     White Knight
     Drab Jester                 Night Ranger              Wind Runner
     Drunkfux                    Nihil
     Emmanuel Goldstein          Norris

A total of 73 people and they are what made it worth remembering!

 A Few Things We Learned At SummerCon
 By The Pope and Nihil

- Don't try to buy beer at stores that have gas pumps.
- How correctly wear a baseball hat.
- "Playing" cellular phones is illegal.
- All mall security officers are imported from Mississippi.
- The showers at the Executive Internation only have two temperatures:
  freeze and scald.
- Frosty bought a lifetime supply knee-high tube socks before they went out of
  style in the 1970's.
- How to pick up underage girls.
- Control C should have chosen the alias "No Control C."
- After being awake for 43 hours (and drinking for 30), OPii's accent
- Hanging out with Crimson Death and Phantom Phreaker means worrying about
  being drug tested at work Monday morning.
- Hanging out with Crimson Death, Phantom Phreaker, and Erik Bloodaxe will
  teach you how to defeat Moday morning's drug test.
- Erik Bloodaxe and The Pope are the Siskel and Ebert of pornographic films.
- Agent Steal has big hair.
- Taran King has perfect hair.
- DO NOT get into a car with Voyager and The Public.
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