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Current issue : #23 | Release date : 1989-01-25 | Editor : Knight Lightning
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Phrack Prophile XXIII Featuring The MentorTaran King
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Title : Phrack Prophile XXIII Featuring The Mentor
Author : Taran King
                                ==Phrack Inc.==

                      Volume Two, Issue 23, File 2 of 12

                          ==Phrack Pro-Phile XXIII==

                       Created and Written by Taran King

                           Done on January 18, 1989

         Welcome to Phrack Pro-Phile XXII.  Phrack Pro-Phile was created to
bring information to you, the community, about retired or highly important/
controversial people.  This issue, we bring you a user and sysop having great
contributions through his boards, articles published, and general phreak/hack

                                  The Mentor

       Handle: The Mentor
     Call Him: Loyd
 Past Handles: An article for Phrack written as The Neuromancer for (then
               present) security reasons.
Handle Origin: The Grey Lensman series by E.E. 'Doc' Smith
Date Of Birth: 1965
  Current Age: 23
       Height: 5' 10"
       Weight: 200 lbs.
    Eye Color: Brown
   Hair Color: Brown
    Computers: (In order of owning...)  TRS-80, Apple //e, Amiga 1000, PC/AT
        Sysop: The Phoenix Project (512-441-3088)

Origins in Phreak/Hack World:  When he was 13, a friend's father who was a
professor at a local university gave him accounts to use on one of the PDP
11/70s at the school.  This was his first introduction to mainframes, and
he was hooked.  He continued to use the University's equipment through junior
high and high school, upgrading to a DEC-10 and then finally a VAX 8600.

Needless to say, since he wasn't a student, acquiring accounts to use was
sometimes tricky, so he began to write fake front ends, trojan horses, and
other hacker utilities.  Loyd's interest in hacking grew from this to the point
where he wanted to get into *everything* instead of just his local systems.

Origins in Phreak/Hack BBSes:  He was involved in the pirate boards from about
1982 on, during which time many of them doubled as phreak boards.  From some
of these, he got the number for Sherwood Forest and P-80, at which point he
started calling out.

People in the Phreak/Hack World Met:  ANI Failure, Android Pope, Bad Subscript,
Control C, Crimson Death, The Dictator, Doom Prophet, Erik Bloodaxe, Ferrod
Sensor, Forest Ranger, Hatchet Molly, Knight Lightning, The Leftist, Lone
Wolf, Lucifer 666, Phantom Phreaker, Phase Jitter, Phlash Gordon, Phrozen
Ghost, The Protestor, Surfer Bob, Taran King, Terminal Technocrat, Tuc,
The Ubiquitous Hacker, The Urvile/Necron 99.

Experience Gained in the Following Ways:  Hacking.  You can read all the gfiles
in the world, but unless you actually go out and hack, you're going to remain
a novice.  Getting in systems snowballs.  It may take you a while to get in
that first one, but after that it becomes easier and easier.

Knowledge Attributed To:  All the people who were willing to help him when he
was starting out plus actual hands-on experience.

Memorable Phreak/Hack BBSes:  Sherwood Forest, The Protestor's Shack, Metal
Shop (when it first went private), Stalag-13, Catch-22, Hacker's Hideout,
Arisia, The Phoenix Project, Tuc's Board - RACS III (LOGONIT)

Work/Schooling (Major):  BS in Computer Science, work as a graphics programmer.

Conventions/Involvements Outside of Phone Calls:  Nationally ranked saber
fencer in 1985 & 1986, serious science-fiction collector & role-playing gamer,
play guitar, bass, and keys in various bands.

Accomplishments (Newsletters/Files/Etc.):  He's written at least half a dozen
files for Phrack, and has had articles in the LOD/H Technical Journal, P/HUN
newsletter, and has written the always-popular Hackin' Off column in Thrasher
on a few occasions.

Phreak/Hack Groups:  Currently an active member of the Legion of Doom/Legion
of Hackers, formerly a member of the PhoneLine Phantoms, The Racketeers,
and Extasyy Elite (gag.)

Busts:  Being busted led to his retirement for around one year.  He thinks
everyone ought to take some time off:  It helps put all this in perspective.

Interests:  VAX computers, packet switched nets, and computer graphics.

Favorite Things:  His wife, my cat, Chinese food, the blues, jazz, high-prived
UUCP accounts, unpassworded accounts, DCL, Modula-2, double-buffering, Stevie
Ray Vaughn

Most Memorable Experiences:  Getting married (6 months now!), getting pulled
out of a political science class and dragged down to jail, dragging Control C
away from drawing LMOS diagrams for a bunch of drunk high school girls,
SummerCon in general, Knight Lightning jumping up on a bed and yelling
"Teletrial!," carrying on a 45 minute conversation on blue boxing & phreaking
in general with a guy at the gym where he works out, then finding out he's in
charge of security for my local telco, trojaning the Star Trek program on his
college's DEC-10 so that everyone who ran it executed my fake front end program
next time they logged in...

Some People to Mention:  Android Pope-   He's got to have *someone* to get into
                                         trouble with!
                         Erik Bloodaxe-  see above.
                         Compuphreak-    For helping him get started &
                                         answering a lot of dumb questions (ok,
                                         explain this diverter thingy to me
                         The Maelstrom-  see above.
                         The Urvile-     d00d.

INSIDE JOKES:  "Do you think it's a good idea to do this before we get on the
plane?", "Gosh, I wish people would find somewhere else to dispose of their
phlegm.", "Hi, you must be Dan.  Take these.", "If I get busted, I'm going to
burn down your house with you and your entire family inside.", "Trust me. You
need another beer.", "This hall seems like it goes on forever!", "It was nice
of them to box this stuff up for us!", "All of you!  Out!  Now!", "Surely you
aren't going to touch that girl?", "If they stop us, we shoot them and drive to
New York and change identities.  It's foolproof.", "You really want to talk
phones?", "I can't believe you made him cry.  That's sad.", "Mr. Letterman?",
"Do you speak DCL?", "No you idiot, GERMANY!!!!", "Now see, you do this, then
type this, and boom!  Codes for days.", "Ma'm, I'm sorry to tell you this, but
your son is a computer criminal.", "How much for the rocket launcher?  Is that
with or without ammo?",  "By now you've guessed, you've been had.", "Well, if
you're going to be working at the jail, maybe you can help them out with their
computers.", "No, she really wants us both!", "What's in the briefcase?", "It's
my older brother's gun, officer.", "Bell Communications Research presents...",
"I'll pay you $500 for the last four digits of his phone number.  Just give me
a hint."

Are Phreaks/Hackers you've met generally computer geeks?  Strangely enough,
the better ones he's met aren't, but a lot of the posers are.

Thanks for your time Loyd...

          TARAN KING
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